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Software-Pakete in »quantal-backports«, Unterbereich libs

libboinc-app7 (7.0.65+dfsg-3~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
libraries for BOINC's scientific applications
libboinc7 (7.0.65+dfsg-3~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
libraries of BOINC the client depends on
libclamav6 (0.98.1+dfsg-4ubuntu1~ubuntu12.10.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - library
libopendbx1 (1.4.6-3~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
Lightweight database access abstraction layer
libopendbx1-firebird (1.4.6-3~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
Firebird backend for OpenDBX
libopendbx1-mssql (1.4.6-3~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
MSSQL backend for OpenDBX
libopendbx1-mysql (1.4.6-3~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
MySQL backend for OpenDBX
libopendbx1-odbc (1.4.6-3~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
ODBC backend for OpenDBX
libopendbx1-pgsql (1.4.6-3~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
PostgreSQL backend for OpenDBX
libopendbx1-sqlite (1.4.6-3~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
SQLite backend for OpenDBX
libopendbx1-sqlite3 (1.4.6-3~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
SQLite3 backend for OpenDBX
libopendbx1-sybase (1.4.6-3~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
Sybase ctlib backend for OpenDBX
libopendmarc0 (1.0.1+dfsg-3~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
Library for DMARC validation and reporting
libopendmarc1 (1.2.0+dfsg-1~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
Library for DMARC validation and reporting
libseccomp1 (1.0.1-2~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
high level interface to Linux seccomp filter
opendbx-utils (1.4.6-3~ubuntu12.10.1) [universe]
Utility applications using libopendbx
virtuelles Paket, bereitgestellt durch opendbx-utils