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0ad (0~r11339-1) [universe]
Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare
0ad-data (0~r11339-1) [universe]
Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare (data)
0ad-dbg (0~r11339-1) [universe]
Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare (debug)
2ping (1.2.3-1) [universe]
Ping utility to determine directional packet loss
2vcard (0.5-3) [universe]
perl script to convert an addressbook to VCARD file format
3270-common (3.3.10ga4-2build2) [universe]
Common files for IBM 3270 emulators and pr3287
389-admin (1.1.27-0ubuntu2) [universe]
389 Directory Administration Server
389-admin-console (1.1.8-1~ubuntu4) [universe]
389 admin server management console
389-console (1.1.7-0ubuntu1) [universe]
389 Management Console
389-ds ( [universe]
389 Directory Server Suite
389-ds-base ( [universe]
389 Directory Server -- base package
389-ds-base-dbg ( [universe]
389 Directory Server -- debugging symbols
389-ds-base-dev ( [universe]
389 Directory Server libraries -- development files
389-ds-base-libs ( [universe]
389 Directory Server libraries -- runtime
389-ds-base-libs-dbg ( [universe]
389 Directory Server libraries -- debugging symbols
389-ds-console (1.2.6-0ubuntu1) [universe]
389 Directory Server Management Console
389-ds-console-doc (1.2.6-0ubuntu1) [universe]
389 Directory Server Management Console -- documentation
389-dsgw (1.1.9-0ubuntu1) [universe]
389 Directory Server Gateway
3dchess (0.8.1-17) [universe]
Play chess across 3 boards!
3depict (0.0.6-1) [universe]
visualisation and analysis for single valued point data
4digits (1.1.1-1) [universe]
guess-the-number game, aka Bulls and Cows
4g8 (1.0-3) [universe]
Packet Capture and Interception for Switched Networks
4store (1.1.4-1) [universe]
RDF database storage and query engine -- database daemon
6tunnel (0.11rc2-5) [universe]
TCP proxy for non-IPv6 applications
7kaa (2.14.3-1) [universe]
Seven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries: real-time strategy game
7kaa-data (2.13-1) [universe]
Seven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries - game data
7kaa-dbg (2.14.3-1) [universe]
Seven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries - debug
9base (1:6-5) [universe]
Plan 9 userland tools
9menu (1.8-5) [universe]
Creates X menus from the shell
9wm (1.2-9) [universe]
emulation of the Plan 9 window manager 8-1/2
a2jmidid (7+dfsg0-1) [universe]
Daemon for exposing legacy ALSA MIDI in JACK MIDI systems
a2mp3 (0.01-0ubuntu6) [multiverse]
program to optimize your music for your mp3-player
a2ps (1:4.14-1.1+deb7u1build0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 1:4.14-1.1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
GNU a2ps - 'Anything to PostScript' converter and pretty-printer
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa liba52-0.7.4-dev
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa liba52-0.7.4-dev
a56 (1.3-6) [universe]
Motorola DSP56001 assembler
a7xpg (0.11.dfsg1-7) [universe]
chase action game
a7xpg-data (0.11.dfsg1-7) [universe]
chase action game - game data
aa3d (1.0-8) [universe]
ASCII art stereogram generator
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libaac-tactics-coq
aajm (0.4-6) [universe]
ASCII art version of jugglemaster
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libaa-bin
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libaa1
aaphoto (0.41-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Auto Adjust Photo, automatic color correction of photos
abacas (1.3.1-1) [universe]
Algorithm Based Automatic Contiguation of Assembled Sequences
abby (0.4.7-1) [universe]
front-end for cclive and clive
abcde (2.4.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
A Better CD Encoder
abcm2ps (5.9.25-1) [universe]
Translates ABC music description files to PostScript
abcmidi (20070318-2) [universe]
converter from ABC to MIDI format and back
abcmidi-yaps (20070318-2) [universe]
yet another ABC to PostScript converter
abe (1.1-4) [universe]
Side-scrolling game named "Abe's Amazing Adventure"
abe-data (1.1-4) [universe]
Side-scrolling game named "Abe's Amazing Adventure"
abgate (1.1.3-1) [universe]
LV2 noise gate plugin
abi-compliance-checker (1.6-1) [universe]
tool to compare ABI compatibility of shared C/C++ library versions
abicheck (1.2-5) [universe]
binary compatibility checking tool
abinit (5.3.4.dfsg-3build2) [universe]
A package for electronic structure calculations
abinit-doc (5.3.4.dfsg-3build2) [universe]
A package for electronic structure calculations
abiword (2.9.2+svn20120213-1) [universe]
efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration
abiword-common (2.9.2+svn20120213-1) [universe]
efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration -- common files
abiword-dbg (2.9.2+svn20120213-1) [universe]
debugging symbols for abiword word processor
abiword-plugin-grammar (2.9.2+svn20120213-1) [universe]
grammar checking plugin for AbiWord
abiword-plugin-mathview (2.9.2+svn20120213-1) [universe]
equation editor plugin for AbiWord
abntex (0.9~beta2-5) [universe]
LaTeX class for writing documents in ABNT standard
abook (0.5.6-7.1) [universe]
text-based ncurses address book application
abootimg (0.6-1) [universe]
Tool to read/write/update android boot images
abr2gbr (1:1.0.2-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Converts PhotoShop brushes to GIMP
abraca (0.6.0-3.1) [universe]
Simple and powerful graphical client for XMMS2
abrowser (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - transitional package
abrowser-branding (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - transitional package
abs-guide (6.2-1) [multiverse]
The Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
abuse (1:0.8-2) [universe]
classic Abuse action game
abuse-lib (1:0.8-2) [universe]
levels and graphics for Abuse
abuse-sfx (1:0.8-1) [multiverse]
music and sound effects for Abuse
abyss (1.3.2-1) [multiverse]
de novo, parallel, sequence assembler for short reads
ac100-tarball-installer (0.22) [universe]
Installer script to put the ac100 rootfs tarball in place
accerciser (3.4.1-1) [universe]
interactive Python accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop
accountsservice (0.6.15-2ubuntu9.6.1 [amd64, i386], 0.6.15-2ubuntu9 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
query and manipulate user account information
acct (6.5.5-1ubuntu1)
The GNU Accounting utilities for process and login accounting
ace-gperf (6.0.1-3) [universe]
ACE perfect hash function generator
ace-netsvcs (6.0.1-3) [universe]
ACE network service implementations
ace-of-penguins (1.3-6) [universe]
penguin-themed solitaire games
acedb-other (4.9.39+dfsg.01-5) [universe]
retrieval of DNA or protein sequences
acedb-other-belvu (4.9.39+dfsg.01-5) [universe]
multiple sequence alignment editor
acedb-other-dotter (4.9.39+dfsg.01-5) [universe]
visualisation of sequence similarity
aces3 (3.0.6-1) [universe]
Advanced Concepts in Electronic Structure III
acetoneiso (2.3-2) [universe]
feature-rich application to mount and manage CD and DVD images
acfax (981011-14.1) [universe]
Receive faxes using your radio and sound card
acgvision-agent (5.1.4-6) [universe]
Monitoring client for ACGVision.
acheck (0.5.1) [universe]
Check common localisation mistakes
acheck-rules (0.3.1) [universe]
Basic rules for acheck
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa acheck-rules-fr
acheck-rules-fr (0.6) [universe]
French rules for acheck
achilles (2-8) [universe]
An artificial life and evolution simulator
acidbase (1.4.5-3) [universe]
Basic Analysis and Security Engine
acidrip (0.14-0.2ubuntu6) [multiverse]
ripping and encoding DVD tool using mplayer and mencoder
ack (1.39-12) [universe]
Kanji code converter
ack-grep (1.92-1) [universe]
grep-like program specifically for large source trees
acl (2.2.51-5ubuntu1)
Access control list utilities
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libacl1-dev
acl2 (4.2-1) [universe]
A Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: main binary
acl2-books (4.2-1) [universe]
A Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: compiled libraries
acl2-books-certs (4.2-1) [universe]
A Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: library certificates
acl2-books-source (4.2-1) [universe]
A Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: library sources
acl2-doc (4.2-1) [universe]
A Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: documentation
acl2-emacs (4.2-1) [universe]
A Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: emacs interface
acl2-infix (4.2-1) [universe]
A Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: infix interface
acl2-infix-source (4.2-1) [universe]
A Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: infix source
acl2-source (4.2-1) [universe]
A Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: source files
aclock.app (0.2.3-3.1) [universe]
Analog dockapp clock for GNUstep
acm (5.0-28ubuntu1) [universe]
Multi-player classic air combat simulator
aconnectgui (0.9.0rc2-1-9) [universe]
graphical ALSA sequencer connection manager
acorn-fdisk (3.0.6-8) [universe]
partition editor for Acorn/RISC OS machines
acoustid-fingerprinter (0.4-1) [universe]
Acoustid fingerprinter
acovea (5.1.1-2.1) [universe]
analysis of compiler options via evolutionary algorithms
acpi (1.6-1) [universe]
displays information on ACPI devices
acpi-support (0.140.2) [security]
scripts for handling many ACPI events
acpid (1:2.0.10-1ubuntu3)
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon
acpidump (20100513-3ubuntu1) [universe]
utilities to dump system's ACPI tables to an ASCII file
acpitail (0.1-3) [universe]
Show ACPI information in a tail-like style
acpitool (0.5.1-3) [universe]
command line ACPI client
acpitool-dbg (0.5.1-3) [universe]
command line ACPI client (debug)
actionaz (3.2.2-1) [universe]
emulate human activity through a powerful GUI and JavaScript
activemq (5.5.0+dfsg-6ubuntu1) [universe]
Java message broker - server
activity-log-manager (0.9.4-0ubuntu3) [universe]
blacklist configuration user interface for Zeitgeist
activity-log-manager-common (0.9.4-0ubuntu3)
blacklist configuration for Zeitgeist (assets)
activity-log-manager-control-center (0.9.4-0ubuntu3)
blacklist configuration for Zeitgeist (control center integration)
activiz.net-doc (1:1.0~git20111123-1ubuntu1) [universe]
ActiViz.NET documentation
activiz.net-examples (1:1.0~git20111123-1ubuntu1) [universe]
ActiViz.NET examples
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gnat-4.6
ada-reference-manual-html (1:2005.2-1) [universe]
Ada 2005 language standard
ada-reference-manual-info (1:2005.2-1) [universe]
Ada 2005 language standard
ada-reference-manual-pdf (1:2005.2-1) [universe]
Ada 2005 language standard
ada-reference-manual-text (1:2005.2-1) [universe]
Ada 2005 language standard
adabrowse (4.0.3-5) [universe]
HTML generator for Ada 95 library unit specifications
adacgi1 (1.6-16) [universe]
Ada CGI interface
adacontrol (1.12r4-2) [universe]
An Ada rules controller
adanaxisgpl (1.2.5.dfsg.1-4) [universe]
Action game in four spatial dimensions
adanaxisgpl-data (1.2.5.dfsg.1-4) [universe]
Action game in four spatial dimensions
add-apt-key (1.0-0.5) [universe]
Command line tool to add GPG keys to the APT keyring
addresses-goodies-for-gnustep (0.4.7-1ubuntu3) [universe]
Personal Address Manager for GNUstep (Goodies)
addresses.framework (0.4.7-1ubuntu3) [universe]
Database API backend framework for GNUstep
addressmanager.app (0.4.7-1ubuntu3) [universe]
Personal Address Manager for GNUstep
addressview.framework (0.4.7-1ubuntu3) [universe]
Address display/edit framework for GNUstep
adduser (3.113ubuntu2)
add and remove users and groups
adept (3.0~beta7.2+qa1build1) [universe]
package management suite for KDE
adium-theme-ubuntu (0.3.2-0ubuntu1)
Adium message style for Ubuntu
adjtimex (1.29-2.2) [universe]
kernel time variables configuration utility
admesh (0.95-11) [universe]
Tool for processing triangulated solid meshes
adns-tools (1.4-2build1) [universe]
Asynchronous-capable DNS client library and utilities
adonthell (0.3.5-7.1) [universe]
2D graphical roleplaying game
adonthell-data (0.3.5-1build2) [universe]
Data files needed by Adonthell
adplay (1.6-1build3) [universe]
console-based OPL2 audio player
adplug-utils (2.2.1+dfsg1-1build1) [universe]
free AdLib sound library (utils)
adun.app (0.81-5) [universe]
Molecular Simulator for GNUstep
advancecomp (1.15-1)
collection of recompression utilities
advi (1.10.2-1) [universe]
active DVI previewer and presenter
advi-examples (1.10.2-1) [universe]
example presentations for Active-DVI (advi)
adzapper (20090301.dfsg.1-0.1) [universe]
proxy advertisement zapper add-on
aegis (4.24.3-3) [universe]
transaction-based software configuration management
aegis-doc (4.24.3-3) [universe]
documentation for aegis
aegis-tk (4.24.3-3) [universe]
aegis Tk user interface
aegis-web (4.24.3-3) [universe]
aegis web based user interface
aeolus (0.8.4-6) [universe]
Synthesised pipe organ emulator
aephea (10.008-1) [universe]
text-based authoring tool for HTML
aes2501-wy (0.1-5ubuntu1) [universe]
userspace software for usb aes2501 fingerprint scanner
aesfix (1.0.1-2) [universe]
tool for correcting bit errors in an AES key schedule
aeskeyfind (1:1.0-1) [universe]
tool for locating AES keys in a captures memory image
aeskulap (0.2.2b1-10) [universe]
medical image viewer and DICOM network client
aespipe (2.4c-1) [universe]
AES-encryption tool with loop-AES support
aewan (1.0.01-3) [universe]
ASCII-art Editor Without A Name
aewm (1.3.12-2.1) [universe]
minimalist window manager for X11
aewm++ (1.1.2-5) [universe]
minimal window manager written in C++
aewm++-goodies (1.0-9ubuntu1) [universe]
utilities to complement a minimal window manager
affiche.app (0.6.0-8build1) [universe]
An application to "stick" little notes on the desktop
afflib-dbg (3.6.6-1.1) [universe]
support for Advanced Forensics format (debug)
afflib-tools (3.6.6-1.1) [universe]
support for Advanced Forensics format (utilities)
afio (2.5-5) [universe]
archive file manipulation program
afnix (2.1.1-3) [universe]
Compiler and run-time for the AFNIX programming language
afnix-doc (2.1.1-3) [universe]
Compiler and run-time for the AFNIX programming language (documentation)
afpfs-ng-utils (0.8.1-2) [universe]
Client for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) (utility programs)
aft (2:5.098-2) [universe]
"free form" document preparation system
aften (0.0.8+git20100105-0ubuntu2) [universe]
audio AC3 encoder
afterstep (2.2.11-5) [universe]
window manager with the NEXTSTEP look and feel
afterstep-data (2.2.11-5) [universe]
data files for AfterStep window manager
afterstep-dbg (2.2.11-5) [universe]
detached debugging symbols for AfterStep and its libraries
afuse (0.2-3) [universe]
automounting file system implemented in user-space using FUSE
agave (0.4.7-2ubuntu1) [universe]
colorscheme designer for the GNOME desktop
agda ( [universe]
dependently typed functional programming language
agda-bin ( [universe]
commandline interface to Agda
agda-mode ( [universe]
dependently typed functional programming language — emacs mode
agda-stdlib (0.6-2) [universe]
standard library for Agda
agda-stdlib-doc (0.6-2) [universe]
standard library for Agda — documentation
agedu (8928-1) [universe]
a Unix utility for tracking down wasted disk space
agenda.app (0.41-2ubuntu2) [universe]
Calendar manager for GNUstep
aggregate (1.6-6) [universe]
ipv4 cidr prefix aggregator
aglfn (1.7-1) [universe]
Adobe Glyph List For New Fonts
agrep (4.17-7) [multiverse]
text search tool with support for approximate patterns
agtl ( [universe]
Tool for paperless geocaching
aha (0.4.4-1) [universe]
ANSI color to HTML converter
ahcpd (0.53-1) [universe]
Ad-Hoc Configuration Protocol
ahven-dbg (2.1-2) [universe]
Unit test library for Ada (debug)
aiccu (20070115-14.1ubuntu3.1 [amd64, i386], 20070115-14.1ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
SixXS Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility
aide (0.15.1-5)
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - static binary
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa aide-xen, aide, aide-dynamic
aide-common (0.15.1-5)
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - Common files
aide-dynamic (0.15.1-5) [universe]
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - dynamic binary
aide-xen (0.15.1-5) [universe]
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - static binary for XEN
aiksaurus (1.2.1+dev-0.12-6.1) [universe]
an English-language thesaurus (utility)
airport-utils (2-2) [universe]
configuration and management utilities for Apple AirPort base stations
airstrike (0.99+1.0pre6a-5) [universe]
2d dogfight game in the tradition of 'Biplanes' and 'BIP'
airstrike-common (0.99+1.0pre6a-5) [universe]
2d dogfight game in the tradition of 'Biplanes' and 'BIP'
aisleriot (1:
Solitaire card games
aj-snapshot (0.9.5-1) [universe]
make snapshots of JACK connections
ajaxterm (0.10-12ubuntu1) [universe]
Web based terminal written in Python
akonadi-backend-mysql (1.7.2-0ubuntu1.1) [security]
MySQL storage backend for Akonadi
akonadi-backend-odbc (1.7.2-0ubuntu1.1) [universe] [security]
ODBC storage backend for Akonadi
akonadi-backend-postgresql (1.7.2-0ubuntu1.1) [universe] [security]
PostgreSQL storage backend for Akonadi
akonadi-backend-sqlite (1.7.2-0ubuntu1.1 [amd64, i386], 1.7.2-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
SQLite storage backend for Akonadi
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa akonadi-backend-odbc
akonadi-dbg (1.7.2-0ubuntu1.1 [amd64, i386], 1.7.2-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
debugging symbols for the Akonadi PIM storage service
akonadi-kde-resource-googledata (1.2.0-1) [universe]
Google calendar and contacts resource for Akonadi
akonadi-server (1.7.2-0ubuntu1.1 [amd64, i386], 1.7.2-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Akonadi PIM storage service
akonadiconsole (4:4.8.4a-0ubuntu0.3 [amd64, i386], 4:4.8.2-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
management and debugging console for akonadi
akregator (4:4.8.4a-0ubuntu0.3 [amd64, i386], 4:4.8.2-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
RSS/Atom feed aggregator
alac-decoder (0.1.3-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Apple Lossless audio codec decoder
alacarte (0.13.2-2ubuntu4) [universe]
easy GNOME menu editing tool
alarm-clock (1.2.5-1.2) [universe]
Alarm Clock for GTK Environments
alarm-clock-applet (0.3.2-3ubuntu1) [universe]
Alarm Clock applet
album (4.06-2) [multiverse]
HTML photo album generator with theme support
album-data (4.05-2) [multiverse]
themes, plugins and translations for album
aldo (0.7.6-1build1) [universe]
Morse code training program
ale ( [universe]
synthetic capture engine and renderer
alevt (1:1.6.2-4) [universe]
X11 Teletext/Videotext browser
alevtd (3.102-3) [universe]
HTTP daemon for teletext pages
alex (3.0.1-1) [universe]
lexical analyser generator for Haskell
alex4 (1.1-5) [universe]
Alex the Allegator 4 - a retro platform game
alex4-data (1.1-5) [universe]
Alex the Allegator 4 - game data
algol68g (2.1.2-1) [universe]
Implementation of Algol 68 as defined by the Revised Report.
algotutor (0.8.6-1) [universe]
program for observing the intermediate steps of algorithm
alice (0.19-1) [universe]
Web browser (WebKit or Gecko) based IRC client
alien (8.86)
convert and install rpm and other packages
alien-arena (7.53+dfsg-1) [multiverse]
Standalone 3D first person online deathmatch shooter
alien-arena-data (7.53-1) [multiverse]
Game data files for Alien Arena
alien-arena-server (7.53+dfsg-1) [multiverse]
Dedicated server for Alien Arena
alien-hunter (1.7-1) [universe]
Interpolated Variable Order Motifs to identify horizontally acquired DNA
alienblaster (1.1.0-7) [universe]
Classic 2D shoot 'em up
alienblaster-data (1.1.0-7) [universe]
Game data for Alien Blaster
aliki (0.1.0-1) [universe]
Measurement tool for Impulse Responses
aliki-dbg (0.1.0-1) [universe]
Debugging symbols for aliki
allegro-demo (2:4.2.2-3) [universe]
cool game, demonstrating power of the Allegro library
allegro-demo-data (3.9.36-7) [universe]
graphics and audio data for allegro-demo
allegro-examples (2:4.2.2-3) [universe]
example programs and demo tools for the Allegro library
alleyoop (0.9.7-2) [universe]
Front-end to the Valgrind memory checker
alliance (5.0-20110203-4) [universe]
alltray (0.71b-1) [universe]
Dock any program into the system tray
almanah (0.8.0-6) [universe]
Application to ease management of a personal diary
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa altree
alpine (2.02-3.1) [universe]
Text-based email client, friendly for novices but powerful
alpine-dbg (2.02-3.1) [universe]
Text-based email client's debugging symbols
alpine-doc (2.02-3.1) [universe]
Text-based email client's documentation
alpine-pico (2.02-3.1) [universe]
Simple text editor from Alpine, a text-based email client
alqalam (0.2-4) [universe]
Qur'an typesetting macros for TeX/LaTeX
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa alsa-base-udeb, alsa-base
alsa-base (1.0.25+dfsg-0ubuntu1)
ALSA driver configuration files
alsa-base-udeb (1.0.25+dfsg-0ubuntu1) [universe]
ALSA driver configuration files
alsa-firmware-loaders (1.0.25-1ubuntu1) [multiverse]
ALSA software loaders for specific hardware
alsa-oss (1.0.25-1) [universe]
ALSA wrapper for OSS applications
alsa-source (1.0.25+dfsg-0ubuntu1) [universe]
ALSA driver sources
alsa-tools (1.0.25-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Console based ALSA utilities for specific hardware
alsa-tools-gui (1.0.25-1ubuntu1) [universe]
GUI based ALSA utilities for specific hardware
alsa-utils (1.0.25-1ubuntu5)
Utilities for configuring and using ALSA
alsa-utils-udeb (1.0.25-1ubuntu5) [universe]
Utilities for configuring and using ALSA (udeb)
alsamixergui (0.9.0rc2-1-9.1) [universe]
graphical soundcard mixer for ALSA soundcard driver
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa alsaplayer-common
alsaplayer-alsa (0.99.80-5build1) [universe]
PCM player designed for ALSA (ALSA output module)
alsaplayer-common (0.99.80-5build1) [universe]
PCM player designed for ALSA (common files)
alsaplayer-daemon (0.99.80-5build1) [universe]
PCM player designed for ALSA (non-interactive version)
alsaplayer-esd (0.99.80-5build1) [universe]
PCM player designed for ALSA (EsounD output module)
alsaplayer-gtk (0.99.80-5build1) [universe]
PCM player designed for ALSA (GTK+ version)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa alsaplayer-text, alsaplayer-gtk, alsaplayer-xosd, alsaplayer-daemon
alsaplayer-jack (0.99.80-5build1) [universe]
PCM player designed for ALSA (JACK output module)
alsaplayer-nas (0.99.80-5build1) [universe]
PCM player designed for ALSA (NAS output module)
alsaplayer-oss (0.99.80-5build1) [universe]
PCM player designed for ALSA (OSS output module)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa alsaplayer-jack, alsaplayer-esd, alsaplayer-nas, alsaplayer-oss, alsaplayer-alsa
alsaplayer-text (0.99.80-5build1) [universe]
PCM player designed for ALSA (text version)
alsaplayer-xosd (0.99.80-5build1) [universe]
PCM player designed for ALSA (osd version)
alsoft-conf (1.4.3-1) [universe]
OpenAL-Soft configuration utility
alt-ergo (0.94-1) [universe]
Automatic theorem prover dedicated to program verification
altermime (0.3.10-7) [universe]
utility used to alter mime-encoded mailpacks
altos (1.0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Altus Metrum firmware and utilities
altree (1.0.1-5ubuntu3) [universe]
program to perform phylogeny-based association and localization analysis
altree-examples (1.0.1-5ubuntu3) [universe]
example files for ALTree
alure-doc (1.2-2ubuntu1) [universe]
AL Utilities REtooled (documentation)
alure-utils (1.2-2ubuntu1) [universe]
AL Utilities REtooled (utilities)
am-utils (6.2+rc20110530-3ubuntu1) [universe]
automounter utilities from 4.4BSD (includes amd)
am-utils-doc (6.2+rc20110530-3ubuntu1) [universe]
automounter utilities documentation
amanda-client (1:3.3.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (Client)
amanda-common (1:3.3.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (Libs)
amanda-server (1:3.3.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (Server)
amap-align (2.2-3) [universe]
Protein multiple alignment by sequence annealing
amarok (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
easy to use media player based on the KDE Platform
amarok-common (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
architecture independent files for Amarok
amarok-dbg (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
debugging symbols for Amarok
amarok-help-de (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
German (de) handbook for Amarok
amarok-help-en (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
English (en) handbook for Amarok
amarok-help-es (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
Spanish (es) handbook for Amarok
amarok-help-et (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
Estonian (et) handbook for Amarok
amarok-help-fr (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
French (fr) handbook for Amarok
amarok-help-it (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
Italian (it) handbook for Amarok
amarok-help-nl (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
Dutch (nl) handbook for Amarok
amarok-help-pt (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
Portuguese (pt) handbook for Amarok
amarok-help-pt-br (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) handbook for Amarok
amarok-help-ru (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
Russian (ru) handbook for Amarok
amarok-help-sv (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
Swedish (sv) handbook for Amarok
amarok-help-uk (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
Ukrainian (uk) handbook for Amarok
amarok-utils (2:2.5.0-0ubuntu6)
utilities for Amarok media player
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa amavisd-new
amavisd-milter (1.5.0-4) [universe]
amavisd-new interface for milter-capable MTAs
amavisd-milter-dbg (1.5.0-4) [universe]
amavisd-new interface for milter-capable MTAs - debugging symbols
amavisd-new (1:2.6.5-0ubuntu3)
Interface between MTA and virus scanner/content filters
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa amavisd-milter
amavisd-new-postfix (1:2.6.5-0ubuntu3) [universe]
part of Ubuntu mail stack provided by Ubuntu server team
amb-plugins (0.8.1-2) [universe]
ambisonics LADPSA plugins
ambdec (0.5.1-1) [universe]
Ambisonic decoder for first and second order
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa type-handling
amide (1.0.0-1) [universe]
software for Medical Imaging
amideco (0.31e-3.1) [universe]
Decompress flashfiles equipped with an AMI BIOS
amiga-fdisk (0.04-14) [universe] [ports]
Partition editor for Amiga
amiga-fdisk-bf (0.04-14) [universe] [ports]
Partition editor for Amiga (boot-floppies version)
amiga-fdisk-cross (0.04-14) [universe]
Partition editor for Amiga partitions (cross version)
amispammer (3.3-1) [universe]
Powerful Mail Server checker on blacklists
amiwm (0.20.48-8) [multiverse]
The Amiga look alike window manager
amoeba (1.1-23) [multiverse]
fast-paced, polished OpenGL demonstration by Excess
amoeba-data (1.1-6) [multiverse]
Fast-paced, polished OpenGL demonstration by Excess (data)
amoebax (0.2.1+dfsg-1) [universe]
Puyo Puyo-style puzzle game for up to two players
amoebax-data (0.2.1+dfsg-1) [universe]
Data files for amoebax
amor (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1)
desktop companion
amora-applet (1.2~svn695-2) [universe]
use a bluetooth device as X remote control (systray applet)
amora-cli (1.2~svn695-2) [universe]
use a bluetooth device as X remote control (commandline tool)
amora-server (1.2~svn695-2) [universe]
use a bluetooth device as X remote control (transitional package)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa amora-cli, amora-applet
ampache (3.6~alpha1-0ubuntu6) [universe]
web-based audio file management system
ampache-themes (3.6.1-1) [universe]
Themes for Ampache
amphetamine (0.8.10-18) [universe]
jump'n run game with unique visual effects
amphetamine-data (0.8.7-14) [universe]
data files for the game "Amphetamine"
ample (0.5.7-6) [universe]
A simple MP3 server easy to use
ampliconnoise (1.25-1) [universe]
Programs for the removal of noise from 454 sequenced PCR amplicons
amqp-tools (0.0.1.hg216-1) [universe]
Command-line utilities for interacting with AMQP servers
ams (2.0.1-5) [universe]
Realtime modular synthesizer for ALSA
amsynth (1.3.0-1) [universe]
two oscillator software synthesizer
amtterm (1.3-1) [universe]
Serial-over-lan (sol) client for Intel AMT, console version
amule (2.3.1-1) [universe]
client for the eD2k and Kad networks, like eMule
amule-adunanza (2010.1+2.2.6-0ubuntu5) [universe]
client for the eD2k and Kadu networks for for Fastweb clients
amule-adunanza-daemon (2010.1+2.2.6-0ubuntu5) [universe]
non-graphic version of aMule-AdunanzA, a client for the eD2k and
amule-adunanza-utils (2010.1+2.2.6-0ubuntu5) [universe]
utilities for aMule-AdunanzA (command-line version)
amule-adunanza-utils-gui (2010.1+2.2.6-0ubuntu5) [universe]
graphic utilities for aMule-AdunanzA
amule-common (2.3.1-1) [universe]
common files for the rest of aMule packages
amule-daemon (2.3.1-1) [universe]
non-graphic version of aMule, a client for the eD2k and Kad networks
amule-emc (0.5.2-2) [universe]
lists ed2k links inside emulecollection files
amule-gnome-support (2.3.1-1) [universe]
ed2k links handling support for GNOME web browsers
amule-utils (2.3.1-1) [universe]
utilities for aMule (command-line version)
amule-utils-gui (2.3.1-1) [universe]
graphic utilities for aMule
an (0.95-3.2) [universe]
very fast anagram generator
anacron (2.3-14ubuntu1)
cron-like program that doesn't go by time
anagramarama (0.3-0ubuntu5) [universe]
fast paced anagram puzzle game using SDL
anagramarama-data (0.3-0ubuntu5) [universe]
fast paced anagram puzzle game using SDL (data files)
analitza-dbg (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu2)
debugging symbols for Analitza libraries
analitza-dev (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu2)
algebraic library from KDE, gui components
analog (2:6.0-19.1ubuntu1) [universe]
web server log analyzer
anarchism (13.4-1) [universe]
An exhaustive exploration of Anarchist theory and practice
anc-api-tools (2010.12.30.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
command line interface to Atlantic.net's cloud
and (1.2.2-4.1) [universe]
Auto Nice Daemon
angband (1:3.3.2-2) [universe]
Single-player, text-based, dungeon simulation game
angband-data (1:3.3.2-2) [universe]
Game data for angband
angband-doc ( [universe]
Documentation for the roguelike game Angband.
angrydd (1.0.1-8) [universe]
Angry Drunken Dwarves - falling blocks puzzle game
animals (201007161925-6) [universe]
Traditional AI animal guessing engine using a binary tree DB
animals-dbg (201007161925-6) [universe]
Traditional AI animal guessing engine (debugging symbols)
anjuta (2:3.4.0-1) [universe]
GNOME development IDE, for C/C++
anjuta-common (2:3.4.0-1) [universe]
GNOME development IDE, for C/C++ - data files
anjuta-dbg (2:3.4.0-1) [universe]
GNOME development IDE, for C/C++ - debug files
anjuta-extras (3.4.0-1) [universe]
plugins and extras for anjuta
anki (1.2.9-2) [universe]
extensible flashcard learning program
ann-tools (1.1.2+doc-3) [universe]
Approximate Nearest Neighbor Searching library (tools)
anna (1.40ubuntu1)
anna's not nearly apt, but for the Debian installer, it will do
anon-proxy (00.05.38+20081230-2.1) [universe]
Proxy to surf the web anonymously
ansel1 (1.1+debian0-1) [universe]
Horde photo management application
ant (1.8.2-4build1)
Java based build tool like make
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ant1.7
ant-contrib (1.0~b3+svn177-4)
collection of tasks, types and other tools for Apache Ant
ant-contrib-cpptasks (1.0~b5-2) [universe]
C/C++ compilation tasks for Ant.
ant-doc (1.8.2-4build1)
Java based build tool like make - API documentation and manual
ant-gcj (1.8.2-4build1)
Java based build tool like make (GCJ)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ant1.7-gcj
ant-optional (1.8.2-4build1)
Java based build tool like make - optional libraries
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ant1.7-optional
ant-optional-gcj (1.8.2-4build1)
Java based build tool like make - optional libraries (GCJ)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ant1.7-optional-gcj
ant-phone (0.2.1-2ubuntu1) [universe]
An interactive ISDN telephone application
ant1.7 (1.7.1-8) [universe]
Java based build tool like make
ant1.7-gcj (1.7.1-8) [universe]
Java based build tool like make
ant1.7-optional (1.7.1-8) [universe]
Java based build tool like make - optional libraries
ant1.7-optional-gcj (1.7.1-8) [universe]
Java based build tool like make - API documentation and manual
antennavis (0.3.1-2) [universe]
antenna radiation pattern visualization software
anthy (9100h-9ubuntu1)
input method for Japanese - backend, dictionary and utility
anthy-common (9100h-9ubuntu1)
input method for Japanese - common files and dictionary
anthy-el (9100h-9ubuntu1) [universe]
input method for Japanese - elisp frontend
antigravitaattori (0.0.3-4) [universe]
Multiplayer flying saucer racing game
antiword (0.37-8) [universe]
Converts MS Word files to text, PS and PDF
antlr (2.7.7+dfsg-3)
language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc
antlr-doc (2.7.7+dfsg-3)
language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc
antlr3 (3.2.is.3.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc
antlr3-gcj (3.2.is.3.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc (native code)
ants (1.9.2+svn680.dfsg-2) [universe]
advanced normalization tools for brain and image analysis
anubis (4.1.1+dfsg1-3.1) [universe]
an SMTP message submission daemon
anypaper (1.4-1) [universe]
front-end for wallpapersetter
anyremote (5.4.1+dfsg-1) [universe]
Remote control daemon for applications using Bluetooth, IrDA or WiFi
anyremote-data (5.4.1+dfsg-1) [universe]
architecture independent files for anyremote
anyremote-doc (5.4.1+dfsg-1) [universe]
Documentation for anyremote
anyremote2html (1.4-1) [universe]
web interface for anyRemote acting as HTTP server
anything-el (1.287-2) [universe]
open anything / QuickSilver-like candidate-selection framework
anytun (0.3.4-1) [universe]
secure anycast tunneling protocol
aoetools (30-3ubuntu1) [universe]
tools to assist in using ATA over Ethernet
aoeui (1.5~dfsg-1) [universe]
lightweight, unobtrusive, Dvorak-optimized text editor
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa aolserver4-daemon
aolserver4-core (4.5.1-15) [universe]
AOL web server version 4 - core libraries
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa aolserver4-core
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa aolserver4-core
aolserver4-daemon (4.5.1-15) [universe]
AOL web server version 4 - program files
aolserver4-dev (4.5.1-15) [universe]
AOL web server version 4 - development files
aolserver4-doc (4.5.1-15) [universe]
AOL web server version 4 - documentation
aolserver4-nsldap (0.8-4build1) [universe]
AOLServer 4 module for LDAP
aolserver4-nsmysql (0.6-9build4) [universe]
AOLserver 4 module: module for accessing MySQL databases
aolserver4-nsopenssl (3.0beta26-4build1) [universe]
AOLserver 4 module: module for SSL mode
aolserver4-nspostgres (4.5-3build1) [universe]
AOLserver 4 module: Postgres connector
aolserver4-nssha1 (0.1-3build1) [universe]
AOLserver4 module: performs SHA1 hashes Provides a Tcl
aolserver4-nssqlite3 (0.9-2build1) [universe]
AOLserver 4 module: module for accessing SQLite 3 databases
aolserver4-nsxml (1.5-2) [universe]
Module for XML support in aolsever4
aolserver4-xotcl (1.6.7-2) [universe]
Extended Object Tcl (XOTcl): Object orientation for AOLServer - module
aosd-cat (0.2.7-1) [universe]
an on screen display tool which uses libaosd
ap-utils (1.5-2) [universe]
Access Point SNMP Utils for Linux
apache2 (2.2.22-1ubuntu1.11 [amd64, i386], 2.2.22-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Apache HTTP Server metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa apache2-mpm-event, apache2-mpm-itk, apache2-mpm-prefork, apache2-mpm-worker
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa apache2-threaded-dev
apache2-doc (2.2.22-1ubuntu1.11) [security]
Apache HTTP Server documentation
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa apache2-mpm-event, apache2-mpm-itk, apache2-mpm-prefork, apache2-mpm-worker
apache2-mpm-event (2.2.22-1ubuntu1.11 [amd64, i386], 2.2.22-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Apache HTTP Server - event driven model
apache2-mpm-itk (2.2.22-1ubuntu1.11 [amd64, i386], 2.2.22-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
multiuser MPM for Apache 2.2
apache2-mpm-prefork (2.2.22-1ubuntu1.11 [amd64, i386], 2.2.22-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Apache HTTP Server - traditional non-threaded model
apache2-mpm-worker (2.2.22-1ubuntu1.11 [amd64, i386], 2.2.22-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Apache HTTP Server - high speed threaded model
apache2-prefork-dev (2.2.22-1ubuntu1.11 [amd64, i386], 2.2.22-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Apache development headers - non-threaded MPM
apache2-suexec (2.2.22-1ubuntu1.11 [amd64, i386], 2.2.22-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Standard suexec program for Apache 2 mod_suexec
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa apache2-suexec-custom
apache2-suexec-custom (2.2.22-1ubuntu1.11 [amd64, i386], 2.2.22-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Configurable suexec program for Apache 2 mod_suexec
apache2-threaded-dev (2.2.22-1ubuntu1.11 [amd64, i386], 2.2.22-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Apache development headers - threaded MPM
apache2-utils (2.2.22-1ubuntu1.11 [amd64, i386], 2.2.22-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
utility programs for webservers
apache2.2-bin (2.2.22-1ubuntu1.11 [amd64, i386], 2.2.22-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Apache HTTP Server common binary files
apache2.2-common (2.2.22-1ubuntu1.11 [amd64, i386], 2.2.22-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Apache HTTP Server common files
apachetop (0.12.6-16) [universe]
Realtime Apache monitoring tool
apbs (1.2.1b-1build1) [universe]
Adaptive Poisson Boltzmann Solver
apcalc ( [universe]
Arbitrary precision calculator (original name: calc)
apcalc-common ( [universe]
Arbitrary precision calculator (common files)
apcalc-dev ( [universe]
Library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
apcupsd (3.14.10-1) [universe]
APC UPS Power Management (daemon)
apcupsd-cgi (3.14.10-1) [universe]
APC UPS Power Management (web interface)
apcupsd-doc (3.14.10-1) [universe]
APC UPS Power Management (documentation/examples)
apel (10.8-2) [universe]
portable library for emacsen
apertium (3.1.0-1.3) [universe]
Shallow-transfer machine translation engine
apertium-dbus (0.1-1.1) [universe]
A D-Bus service for the Apertium machine translation system
apertium-en-ca (0.8.9-1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between English and Catalan
apertium-en-es (0.6.0-1.1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between English and Spanish
apertium-eo-ca (0.9.0-1.1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between Esperanto and Catalan
apertium-eo-es (0.9.0-1.1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between Esperanto and Spanish
apertium-es-ca (1.1.0-1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between Spanish and Catalan
apertium-es-gl (1.0.7-1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between Spanish and Galician
apertium-es-pt (1.0.3-2.1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between Spanish and Portuguese
apertium-es-ro (0.7.1-2.1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between Spanish and Romanian
apertium-eu-es (0.3.1-1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between Basque and Spanish
apertium-fr-ca (1.0.2-1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between French and Catalan
apertium-fr-es (0.9.0-1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between French and Spanish
apertium-oc-ca (1.0.5-1.1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between Occitan and Catalan
apertium-oc-es (1.0.5-1.1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between Occitan and Spanish
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa apertium
apertium-pt-ca (0.8.1-1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between Portuguese and Catalan
apertium-pt-gl (0.9.1-1) [universe]
Apertium linguistic data to translate between Portuguese and Galician
apertium-tolk (0.2-2.2) [universe]
Graphical user interface for Apertium
apf-client (0.8.4-1ubuntu3) [universe]
Client for Active Port Forwarding
apf-firewall (9.7+rev1-3) [universe]
easy iptables based firewall system
apf-server (0.8.4-1ubuntu3) [universe]
Server for Active Port Forwarding
apg (2.2.3.dfsg.1-2)
Automated Password Generator - Standalone version
apgdiff (2.3-1) [universe]
Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool
apiextractor-doc (0.10.10-1) [universe]
documentation for the library headers parser
aplus-fsf (4.22.1-4.1) [universe]
A+ programming language run-time environment
aplus-fsf-dev (4.22.1-4.1) [universe]
A+ programming language development environment
aplus-fsf-doc (4.22.1-4.1) [universe]
A+ programming language documentation
aplus-fsf-el (4.22.1-4.1) [universe]
XEmacs lisp for A+ development
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa sleepd
apmd (3.2.2-14)
Utilities for Advanced Power Management (APM)
apng2gif (1.3-2) [universe]
convert APNG animated images to GIF files
apoo (2.2-2) [universe]
An Assembly course aid
app-install-data (
Ubuntu applications (data files)
app-install-data-commercial ( [universe]
Transitional package
app-install-data-partner (
Application Installer (data files for partner applications/repositories)
apparix (07-261-1) [universe]
console-based bookmark tool for fast file system navigation
apparmor (2.7.102-0ubuntu3.10 [amd64, i386], 2.7.102-0ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
User-space parser utility for AppArmor
apparmor-docs (2.7.102-0ubuntu3.10) [security]
Documentation for AppArmor
apparmor-notify (2.7.102-0ubuntu3.10) [security]
AppArmor notification system
apparmor-profiles (2.7.102-0ubuntu3.10) [security]
Profiles for AppArmor Security policies
apparmor-utils (2.7.102-0ubuntu3.10 [amd64, i386], 2.7.102-0ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Utilities for controlling AppArmor
apper (0.7.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
KDE package management tool using PackageKit
apper-dbg (0.7.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Debugging symbols for Apper
appmenu-gtk (0.3.92-0ubuntu1)
Export GTK menus over DBus
appmenu-gtk3 (0.3.92-0ubuntu1)
Export GTK menus over DBus
appmenu-qt (0.2.6-0ubuntu1)
appmenu support for Qt
apport (2.0.1-0ubuntu17.15) [security]
automatically generate crash reports for debugging
apport-gtk (2.0.1-0ubuntu17.15) [security]
GTK+ frontend for the apport crash report system
apport-kde (2.0.1-0ubuntu17.15) [security]
KDE frontend for the apport crash report system
apport-retrace (2.0.1-0ubuntu17.15) [security]
tools for reprocessing Apport crash reports
apport-symptoms (0.16)
symptom scripts for apport
approx (5.1-1.2) [universe]
caching proxy server for Debian archive files
aprsd (1:2.2.5-13-5.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Internet Gateway for the Automatic Position Reporting System
aprsdigi (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
digipeater for APRS
apsfilter (7.2.6-1.3) [universe]
Magic print filter with automatic file type recognition
apt (0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10.21 [amd64, i386], 0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
commandline package manager
apt-btrfs-snapshot (0.2.1build1) [universe]
Automatically create snapshot on apt operations
apt-build (0.12.42) [universe]
frontend to apt to build, optimize and install packages
apt-cacher (1.7.3) [universe]
Caching proxy for Debian package and source files
apt-cacher-ng (0.7.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
caching proxy server for software repositories
apt-cdrom-setup (1:0.55ubuntu4)
set up a CD in sources.list
apt-clone (0.2.2)
Script to create state bundles
apt-dater (0.8.6-3) [universe]
terminal-based remote package update manager
apt-dater-dbg (0.8.6-3) [universe]
terminal-based remote package update manager (dbg symbols)
apt-dater-host (0.8.6-3) [universe]
host helper application for apt-dater
apt-doc (0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10.21) [security]
documentation for APT
apt-dpkg-ref (5.3.1) [universe]
APT, Dpkg Quick Reference sheet
apt-file (2.5.0ubuntu1) [universe]
search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface)
apt-forktracer (0.4) [universe]
a utility for tracking non-official package versions
apt-listchanges (2.85.8ubuntu2)
package change history notification tool
apt-mirror (0.4.8-5) [universe]
APT sources mirroring tool
apt-mirror-setup (1:0.55ubuntu4)
set up a mirror in sources.list
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa apt-cdrom-setup
apt-move (4.2.27-2) [universe]
Maintain Debian packages in a package pool
apt-offline (1.1.1build1) [universe]
offline apt package manager
apt-offline-gui (1.1.1build1) [universe]
offline apt package manager - GUI
apt-p2p (0.1.6) [universe]
apt helper for peer-to-peer downloads of Debian packages
apt-rdepends (1.3.0-2) [universe]
Recursively lists package dependencies
apt-setup-udeb (1:0.55ubuntu4)
Configure apt
apt-show-source (0.10) [universe]
Shows source-package information
apt-show-versions (0.17) [universe]
lists available package versions with distribution
apt-src (0.25.1-0.1) [universe]
manage Debian source packages
apt-transport-debtorrent (0.2.2build2) [universe]
an APT transport for communicating with DebTorrent
apt-transport-https (0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10.21 [amd64, i386], 0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
https download transport for APT
apt-utils (0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10.21 [amd64, i386], 0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
package managment related utility programs
apt-watch (0.4.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Applet that monitors apt sources for upgrades (transitional package)
apt-watch-backend (0.4.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Applet that monitors apt sources for upgrades (backend slave)
apt-watch-gnome (0.4.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Applet that monitors apt sources for upgrades (GNOME applet)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa apt-watch-gnome
apt-xapian-index (0.44ubuntu5.1) [security]
maintenance and search tools for a Xapian index of Debian packages
apt-zip (0.18) [universe]
Update a non-networked computer using apt and removable media
aptdaemon (0.43+bzr805-0ubuntu10) [security]
transaction based package management service
aptdaemon-data (0.43+bzr805-0ubuntu10) [security]
data files for clients
aptfs (1:0+git201108031956-38fb8dc-1) [universe]
FUSE filesystem for APT source repositories
apticron (1.1.52) [universe]
Simple tool to mail about pending package updates
aptitude (0.6.6-1ubuntu1)
terminal-based package manager (terminal interface only)
aptitude-dbg (0.6.6-1ubuntu1)
Debug symbols for the aptitude package manager
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa aptitude-doc-es, aptitude-doc-ja, aptitude-doc-fi, aptitude-doc-cs, aptitude-doc-fr, aptitude-doc-en
aptitude-doc-cs (0.6.6-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Czech manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager
aptitude-doc-en (0.6.6-1ubuntu1)
English manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager
aptitude-doc-es (0.6.6-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Spanish manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager
aptitude-doc-fi (0.6.6-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Finnish manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager
aptitude-doc-fr (0.6.6-1ubuntu1) [universe]
French manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager
aptitude-doc-ja (0.6.6-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Japanese manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager
aptoncd (0.1.98+bzr117-1.2) [universe]
Installation disc creator for packages downloaded via APT
aptsh (0.0.7+nmu2ubuntu3) [universe]
apt interactive shell
apturl (0.5.1ubuntu3)
install packages using the apt protocol - GTK+ frontend
apturl-common (0.5.1ubuntu3)
install packages using the apt protocol - common data
apturl-kde (0.5.1ubuntu3)
install packages using the apt protocol - KDE frontend
apvlv (0.1.1-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
PDF viewer with Vim-like behaviour
apwal (0.4.5-1build1) [universe]
icon-based floating application launcher with transparency
aqbanking-tools (5.0.22-1) [universe]
basic command line homebanking utilities
aqemu (0.8.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Qt4 front-end for QEMU and KVM
aqsis (1.6.0-8ubuntu1) [universe]
3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan(R) standard, binaries
aqsis-data (1.6.0-8ubuntu1) [universe]
3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan(R) standard, transitional package
aqsis-examples (1.6.0-8ubuntu1) [universe]
3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan(R) standard, examples
aqualung (0.9~beta11-1ubuntu9) [universe]
Gapless Gtk-based audio player
ara (1.0.30) [universe]
Command line utility for searching the Debian package database
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ara
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa texlive-lang-arabic
arandr (0.1.4-1) [universe]
Simple visual front end for XRandR
aranym (0.9.11-1) [universe]
Atari Running on Any Machine
arbtt (0.6.2-1) [universe]
Automatic Rule-Based Time Tracker
arc (5.21p-1) [universe]
Archive utility based on the MSDOS ARC program
archdetect (1.88ubuntu2)
Hardware architecture detector
archdetect-deb (1.88ubuntu2)
Hardware architecture detector
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa rdiff-backup-fs
archivemail (0.9.0-1build1) [universe]
archive and compress or delete your old email
archivemount (0.6.1-2build1) [universe]
mounts an archive for access as a file system
archmage (1:0.2.4-3) [universe]
CHM(Compiled HTML) Decompressor
archmbox (4.10.0-2) [universe]
a simple email archiver written in perl
arcjobtool (0.3.0-2) [universe]
ARC Job Submission Tool
ardentryst (1.71-3) [universe]
Action/RPG sidescoller, focused on story and character development
ardesia (1.0-1) [universe]
free digital sketchpad software
ardour (1:2.8.12-1) [universe]
digital audio workstation (graphical gtk2 interface)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ardour-altivec, ardour-i686
ardour-altivec (1:2.8.12-1) [universe] [ports]
digital audio workstation (graphical gtk2 interface) [altivec]
ardour-i686 (1:2.8.12-1) [universe]
digital audio workstation (graphical gtk2 interface) [i686]
arduino (1:1.0+dfsg-9) [universe]
AVR development board IDE and built-in libraries
arduino-core (1:1.0+dfsg-9) [universe]
Code, examples, and libraries for the Arduino platform
arduino-mk (0.8-1) [universe]
Program your Arduino from the command line
arename (3.1-1) [universe]
automatic audio file renaming
argus-client (2.0.6.fixes.1-3) [universe]
IP network transaction auditing tool
argus-server (1:2.0.6.fixes.1-16.3) [universe]
IP network transaction auditing tool
argyll (1.3.3-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Color Management System, calibrator and profiler
argyll-dbg (1.3.3-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Color Management System, calibrator and profiler (debug)
aria2 (1.13.0-1) [universe]
High speed download utility
aribas (1.64-5) [universe]
interpreter for arithmetic
ario (1.5.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)
ario-common (1.5.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD) (Common files)
arista (0.9.7-3ubuntu1) [universe]
multimedia transcoder for the GNOME Desktop
arj (3.10.22-10+deb7u1build0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 3.10.22-10 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
archiver for .arj files
ark (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu2)
archive utility
ark-dbg (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu2)
debugging symbols for Ark
arkose (1.5.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Desktop application sandboxing - core
arkose-gui (1.5.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Desktop application sandboxing - gui
arkose-nautilus (1.5.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Desktop application sandboxing - nautilus 2.x only
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa type-handling
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa type-handling
armada-backlight (1.1-4) [universe]
adjust backlight of Compaq Armada laptops (E300, M500, M700)
armagetronad ( [universe]
3D Tron-like high speed game
armagetronad-common ( [universe]
Common files for the Armagetron Advanced packages
armagetronad-dedicated ( [universe]
dedicated game server for Armagetron Advanced
arno-iptables-firewall (2.0.0.c-1) [universe]
single- and multi-homed firewall script with DSL/ADSL support
aroarfw-dev (0.1~beta3-1) [universe]
framework to build hardware with RoarAudio portocol support
aroarfw-doc (0.1~beta3-1) [universe]
framework to build hardware with RoarAudio portocol support (documentation)
arora (0.11.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
simple cross platform web browser
arp-scan (1.8.1-1) [universe]
arp scanning and fingerprinting tool
arpalert (2.0.11-7.1) [universe]
monitor ARP changes in ethernet networks
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa iproute
arping (2.09-2) [universe]
sends IP and/or ARP pings (to the MAC address)
arpon (2.0-2.1) [universe]
versatile anti ARP poisoning daemon
arptables ( [universe]
ARP table administration
arpwatch (2.1a15-1.1+squeeze1build0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 2.1a15-1.1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Ethernet/FDDI station activity monitor
array-info (0.15-1) [universe]
command line tool reporting RAID status for several RAID types
arrayprobe (2.0-3.2) [universe]
command line HP (Compaq) SmartArray status checker
artha (1.0.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Handy off-line thesaurus based on WordNet
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa alsa-tools
as31 (2.3.1-4) [universe]
Intel 8031/8051 assembler
asc ( [universe]
turn-based strategy game
asc-data ( [universe]
data files for the Advanced Strategic Command game
asc-music (1.3-2) [universe]
music pack for ASC
ascd (0.13.2-5) [universe]
CD player and mixer
ascdc (0.3-14) [universe]
AfterStep CD changer
ascii (3.11-1) [universe]
interactive ASCII name and synonym chart
ascii2binary (2.14-1) [universe]
Convert between ASCII, hexadecimal and binary representations
asciidoc (8.6.6-1ubuntu1)
Highly configurable text format for writing documentation
asciijump (1.0.2~beta-6) [universe]
Small and funny ASCII-art game about ski jumping
asciio (1.02.71-1) [universe]
dynamically create ASCII charts and graphs with GTK+2
asclock (2.0.12-19) [universe]
A clock designed with the NeXTStep look
asclock-themes (2.0.12-19) [universe]
Theme files for ASclock, a clock applet
ash (0.5.7-2ubuntu2) [universe]
compatibility package for dash
asis-doc (2010-3) [universe]
Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) documentation
asis-programs (2010-3) [universe]
Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) example programs
asmail (2.1-3) [universe]
AfterStep mail monitor
asmix (1.5-4.1) [universe]
display a volume knob
asmixer (0.5-14) [universe]
AfterStep audio mixer
asmon (0.71-4) [universe]
system resource monitor dockapp for Afterstep and WindowMaker
asoundconf-gtk (1.6-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Applet to select the default ALSA sound card
asp (1.8-8) [universe]
Discovers present ip-address of dynamically connected hosts
asp.net-examples (2.10-1build1) [universe]
demo pages for ASP.NET infrastructure
aspcud (2011.03.17.dfsg-3) [universe]
CUDF solver based on Answer Set Programming
aspectc++ (1:1.0-4) [universe]
aspect-oriented programming extension for C++
aspectj (1.6.12+dfsg-3) [universe]
aspect-oriented extension for Java - tools
aspectj-doc (1.6.12+dfsg-3) [universe]
aspect-oriented extension for Java - documentation
aspell (0.60.7~20110707-1)
GNU Aspell spell-checker
aspell-af (20070203-3) [universe]
The Africaans dictionary for aspell
aspell-am (0.03-1-4) [universe]
Amharic dictionary for aspell
aspell-ar (0.0.20060329-4) [universe]
Arabic dictionary for aspell
aspell-ar-large (1.2-0-2) [universe]
Large Arabic dictionary for aspell
aspell-bg (4.1-3ubuntu1) [universe]
Bulgarian dictionary for aspell
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa aspell
aspell-bn (1:0.01.1-1-1) [universe]
Bengali (bn) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-br (0.50-2-6) [universe]
Breton dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-ca (0.6-12) [universe]
Catalan dictionary for aspell
aspell-cs (0.0.20040614.1-2) [universe]
Czech dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-cy (0.50-3-6) [universe]
Welsh dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-da (1.6.25-1.1) [universe]
The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary (DSDO) - aspell
aspell-de (20110609-1) [universe]
German dictionary for aspell
aspell-de-alt (1:2-28) [universe]
German dictionary for aspell (old spelling)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa aspell-sk, aspell-fo, aspell-hy, aspell-pt-pt, aspell-ga, aspell-es, aspell-ru, aspell-uk, aspell-sl, aspell-ar, aspell-fa, aspell-tl, aspell-de, aspell-bg, aspell-cs, aspell-uz, aspell-is, aspell-hsb, aspell-ku, aspell-el, aspell-lv, aspell-sv, aspell-nl, aspell-cy, aspell-kk, aspell-et, aspell-it, aspell-fr, aspell-lt, aspell-ar-large, aspell-hr, aspell-id, aspell-pt-br, aspell-de-alt, aspell-eu-es, aspell-br, aspell-he, aspell-gl-minimos, aspell-ro, aspell-pl, aspell-hu, aspell-am, aspell-eo, aspell-en, aspell-ca
aspell-doc (0.60.7~20110707-1)
Documentation for GNU Aspell spell-checker
aspell-el (0.50-3-6) [universe]
Greek dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-en (6.0-0-6ubuntu2)
English dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-eo (2.1.2000.02.25-44) [universe]
Esperanto dictionary for aspell
aspell-es (1.11-3) [universe]
Spanish dictionary for aspell
aspell-et (1:20030606-20) [universe]
Estonian dictionary for Aspell
aspell-eu-es (0.4.20081029-6) [universe]
Basque (Euskera) dictionary for aspell
aspell-fa (0.11-0-2) [universe]
Persian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-fi (0.7-18) [universe]
The Finnish dictionary for aspell
aspell-fo (0.4.0-2) [universe]
Faroese dictionary for aspell
aspell-fr (0.50-3-7) [universe]
French dictionary for aspell
aspell-ga (0.50-4-4) [universe]
Irish (Gaeilge) dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-gl-minimos (0.5-35) [universe]
Aspell dictionary for Galician (minimos)
aspell-gu (0.03-0-7) [universe]
Gujarati (gu) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-he (1.0-0-5) [universe]
Hebrew dictionary for aspell
aspell-hi (0.02-5) [universe]
Hindi (hi) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-hr (0.51-4) [universe]
The Croatian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-hsb (0.02.0-1) [universe]
Upper Sorbian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-hu ( [universe]
Hungarian dictionary for aspell
aspell-hy (0.10.0-0-2) [universe]
Armenian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-id (1.2-0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Indonesian (id) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-is (0.51-0-4) [universe]
Icelandic dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-it (2.4-20070901-0-2) [universe]
The Italian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-kk (0.2-1) [universe]
Kazakh dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-kn (0.01-2-2) [universe]
Kannada (kn) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-ku (0.20-0-5) [universe]
Kurdish dictionary for aspell
aspell-lt (1.2.1-3ubuntu1) [universe]
aspell dictionary for Lithuanian (LT)
aspell-lv (0.9.4-4) [universe]
Latvian dictionary for Aspell
aspell-ml (0.04-1-5) [universe]
Malayalam (ml) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-mr (0.10-7) [universe]
Marathi (mr) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-nl (1:2.0-2) [universe]
Dutch dictionary for Aspell
aspell-no (2.0.10-5) [universe]
Norwegian dictionary for aspell
aspell-nr (20070206-4ubuntu1) [universe]
The Ndebele dictionary for aspell
aspell-ns (20070206-4ubuntu1) [universe]
The Northern Sotho dictionary for aspell
aspell-or (0.03-1-4) [universe]
Oriya (or) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-pa (0.01-1-4) [universe]
Punjabi (pa) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-pl (20110901-1) [universe]
Polish dictionary for aspell
aspell-pt (1.5) [universe]
Portuguese dictionaries for GNU Aspell (old package)
aspell-pt-br (20110527-2) [universe]
Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-pt-pt (20091013-4) [universe]
European Portuguese dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-ro (3.3.6-1) [universe]
The Romanian dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-ru (0.99g5-18) [universe]
Russian dictionary for Aspell
aspell-sk (2.01-2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Slovak dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-sl (0.60-3) [universe]
The Slovenian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-ss (20070206-4ubuntu1) [universe]
The Swazi dictionary for aspell
aspell-st (20070206-4) [universe]
The Southern Sotho dictionary for aspell
aspell-sv (0.51-0-3) [universe]
Swedish dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-ta (0.01-6) [universe]
Tamil (ta) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-te (0.01-2-4) [universe]
Telugu (te) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-tl (0.4-0-10) [universe]
Tagalog dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-tn (20070206-4ubuntu1) [universe]
The Tswana dictionary for aspell
aspell-ts (20070207-4ubuntu1) [universe]
The Tsonga dictionary for aspell
aspell-uk (1.6.5-2) [universe]
Ukrainian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-uz (0.6.0-1) [universe]
The Uzbek dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-xh (20070206-4ubuntu1) [universe]
The Xhosa dictionary for aspell
aspell-zu (20070207-5ubuntu1) [universe]
The Zulu dictionary for aspell
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa aspell-no, aspell-fi, aspell-da
aspic (1.05-4) [universe]
Line art generator
asql (1.6-1) [universe]
Run SQL queries against apache logs
asr-manpages (1.3-6) [universe]
alt.sysadmin.recovery manual pages
assaultcube ( [multiverse]
realistic first-person-shooter
assaultcube-data ( [multiverse]
data files and documentation for AssaultCube
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa mono-devel
assimp-utils (2.0.863+dfsg-2) [universe]
3D model import library (utilities)
assogiate (0.2.1-3) [universe]
editor of the MIME file types database
asterisk (1: [universe]
Open Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa asterisk
asterisk-config (1: [universe]
Configuration files for Asterisk
asterisk-core-sounds-en-g722 (1.4.21-1) [universe]
asterisk PBX sound files - English/g722
asterisk-core-sounds-en-gsm (1.4.21-1) [universe]
asterisk PBX sound files - English/gsm
asterisk-core-sounds-en-wav (1.4.21-1) [universe]
asterisk PBX sound files - English/wav
asterisk-core-sounds-es-g722 (1.4.21-1) [universe]
asterisk PBX sound files - Spanish/g722
asterisk-core-sounds-es-gsm (1.4.21-1) [universe]
asterisk PBX sound files - Spanish/gsm
asterisk-core-sounds-es-wav (1.4.21-1) [universe]
asterisk PBX sound files - Spanish/wav
asterisk-core-sounds-fr-g722 (1.4.21-1) [universe]
asterisk PBX sound files - French/g722
asterisk-core-sounds-fr-gsm (1.4.21-1) [universe]
asterisk PBX sound files - French/gsm
asterisk-core-sounds-fr-wav (1.4.21-1) [universe]
asterisk PBX sound files - French/wav
asterisk-dahdi (1: [universe]
DAHDI devices support for the Asterisk PBX
asterisk-dbg (1: [universe]
Debugging symbols for Asterisk
asterisk-dev (1: [universe]
Development files for Asterisk
asterisk-doc (1: [universe]
Source code documentation for Asterisk
asterisk-mobile (1: [universe]
Bluetooth phone support for the Asterisk PBX
asterisk-modules (1: [universe]
loadable modules for the Asterisk PBX
asterisk-moh-opsound-g722 (2.03-1) [universe]
asterisk extra sound files - English/g722
asterisk-moh-opsound-gsm (2.03-1) [universe]
asterisk extra sound files - English/gsm
asterisk-moh-opsound-wav (2.03-1) [universe]
asterisk extra sound files - English/wav
asterisk-mp3 (1: [universe]
MP3 playback support for the Asterisk PBX
asterisk-mysql (1: [universe]
MySQL database protocol support for the Asterisk PBX
asterisk-ooh323 (1: [universe]
H.323 protocol support for the Asterisk PBX - ooH323c
asterisk-prompt-de (2.0-1) [universe]
German voice prompts for the Asterisk PBX
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa asterisk-core-sounds-en-gsm
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa asterisk-core-sounds-en-gsm
asterisk-prompt-es (1.4-1) [multiverse]
Spanish prompts for the Asterisk PBX
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa asterisk-core-sounds-es-gsm
asterisk-prompt-es-co (0.20070403-1) [universe]
Colombian Spanish voice prompts for Asterisk
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa asterisk-core-sounds-es-gsm
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa asterisk-core-sounds-fr-gsm, asterisk-prompt-fr-proformatique, asterisk-prompt-fr-armelle
asterisk-prompt-fr-armelle (20070613-2) [universe]
French voice prompts for Asterisk by Armelle Desjardins
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa asterisk-core-sounds-fr-gsm
asterisk-prompt-fr-proformatique (20070706-1.4-2) [universe]
French voice prompts for Asterisk
asterisk-prompt-it (20060510-3) [universe]
Italian voice prompts for the Asterisk PBX
asterisk-prompt-se (1.045-1) [universe]
Swedish voice prompts for Asterisk
asterisk-voicemail (1: [universe]
simple voicemail support for the Asterisk PBX
asterisk-voicemail-imapstorage (1: [universe]
IMAP voicemail storage support for the Asterisk PBX
asterisk-voicemail-odbcstorage (1: [universe]
ODBC voicemail storage support for the Asterisk PBX
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa asterisk-voicemail-imapstorage, asterisk-voicemail-odbcstorage, asterisk-voicemail
astronomical-almanac (5.6-3) [universe]
astronomical almanac - calculate planet and star positions
astyle (2.01-1) [universe]
Source code indenter for C++/C/Java/C# source code
asunder (2.1-2) [universe]
graphical audio CD ripper and encoder
asused (3.72-9) [universe]
To run a check on the usage of your registry's allocations
aswiki (1.0.4-10) [universe]
WikiWikiWeb clone (Wiki Engine) written in Ruby
asylum (0.3.2-1) [universe]
surreal platform shooting game
asylum-data (0.3.2-1) [universe]
surreal platform shooting game - data files
asymptote (2.15-1) [universe]
script-based vector graphics language inspired by MetaPost
asymptote-doc (2.15-1) [universe]
documentation and examples for asymptote
at (3.1.13-1ubuntu1)
Delayed job execution and batch processing
at-spi (2.4.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
at-spi2-atk - at-spi transitional package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libatk-adaptor
at-spi-doc (1.32.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Documentation files of at-spi for GNOME Accessibility
at-spi2-core (2.4.0-1)
Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface (dbus core)
at-spi2-core-dbg (2.4.0-1)
Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface - debugging symbols
at-spi2-doc (2.4.0-1)
Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface (Documentation)
atanks (5.2-1) [universe]
tank-battling game
atanks-data (5.2-1) [universe]
data files for Atomic tanks
atari800 (2.2.1-1) [multiverse]
Atari emulator for SDL
aterm (1.0.1-7) [universe]
Afterstep XVT - a VT102 emulator for the X window system
aterm-ml (1.0.1-7) [universe]
Afterstep XVT - a VT102 emulator for the X window system
atfs (1.4pl6-11) [universe]
The Attributed File System (AtFS)
atfs-dev (1.4pl6-11) [universe]
The Attributed File System (AtFS development libraries)
atftp (0.7.dfsg-11) [universe]
advanced TFTP client
atftpd (0.7.dfsg-11) [universe]
advanced TFTP server
athcool (0.3.12-3) [universe]
tool to enable powersaving mode for Athlon/Duron processors
atheist (0.20110402-1) [universe]
General purpose command-line testing tool
athena-jot (9.0-5ubuntu1) [universe]
print out increasing, decreasing, random, or redundant data, one per line
atitvout (0.4-13) [universe]
ATI TV Out Support Program
atlc (4.6.1-1) [universe]
Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator
atlc-examples (4.6.1-1) [universe]
Examples for Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator
atm-tools (1:2.5.1-1.3) [universe]
Base programs for ATM in Linux, the net-tools for ATM
atmel-firmware (1.3-4) [multiverse]
Firmware for Atmel at76c50x wireless networking chips.
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa linux-firmware
atom4 (4.1-5.1) [universe]
An original two-player color puzzle game
atomicparsley (0.9.2~svn110-4) [universe]
read, parse and set metadata of MPEG-4 and 3gp files
atomix (2.14.0-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
puzzle game for building molecules out of isolated atoms
atomix-data (2.14.0-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
architecture independent files for atomix
atool (0.38.0-1) [universe]
tool for managing file archives of various types
atop (1.26-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Monitor for system resources and process activity
atp (1.2-11ubuntu1) [universe]
text to PostScript converter with some C syntax highlighting
atris (1.0.7.dfsg.1-7.1) [universe]
tetris-like game with a twist for Unix
ats-lang-anairiats (0.2.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
ATS language compiler named Anairiats
ats-lang-anairiats-doc (0.2.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Documentation for the ATS compiler Anairiats
ats-lang-anairiats-examples (0.2.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Examples for the ATS compiler Anairiats
atsar (1.7-2) [universe]
system activity reporter
attal (1.0~rc2-2) [universe]
turn-based strategy game
attal-themes-medieval (1.0~rc2.dfsg1-1) [universe]
medieval theme for attal
attr (1:2.4.46-5ubuntu1)
Utilities for manipulating filesystem extended attributes
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libattr1-dev
aubio-tools (0.3.2-4.2build1) [universe]
a library for audio segmentation -- utilities
auctex (11.86-2ubuntu1)
integrated document editing environment for TeX etc.
audacious (3.2.1-2) [universe]
small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats
audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (1.0.0-0.1) [universe]
VU meter plugin for xmms and audacious
audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin-data (1.0.0-0.1) [universe]
Skins for audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin
audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin-dbg (1.0.0-0.1) [universe]
Vu meter plugin debug symbols
audacious-dbg (3.2.1-2) [universe]
audacious media player (debugging symbols)
audacious-dev (3.2.1-2) [universe]
audacious development files
audacious-plugins (3.2.1-4) [universe]
Base plugins for audacious
audacious-plugins-data (3.2.1-4) [universe]
Data files for Audacious plugins
audacious-plugins-dbg (3.2.1-4) [universe]
Audacious-Plugins debug symbols
audacity (2.0.0-1) [universe]
fast, cross-platform audio editor
audacity-data (2.0.0-1) [universe]
fast, cross-platform audio editor (data)
audacity-dbg (2.0.0-1) [universe]
fast, cross-platform audio editor (debug)
audex (0.74~b1-1) [universe]
Audio grabber tool for KDE
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa alsa-utils-udeb, opencubicplayer, aumix-gtk, aumix, alsa-utils
audiofile-tools (0.3.3-2ubuntu0.3 [amd64, i386], 0.3.3-2 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
sfinfo and sfconvert tools
audiolink (0.05-1.1) [universe]
makes managing and searching for music easier
audiopreview (0.6-1) [universe]
command-line tool to play previews of audio and video files
audispd-plugins (1.7.18-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Plugins for the audit event dispatcher
auditd (1.7.18-1ubuntu1) [universe]
User space tools for security auditing
audtty (0.1.12-3) [universe]
ncurses based frontend to audacious
aufs-tools (1:3.0+20111101-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Tools to manage aufs filesystems
aufs-tools-dbg (1:3.0+20111101-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Tools to manage aufs filesystems (debug)
augeas-dbg (0.10.0-0ubuntu4)
Debugging symbols for libaugeas0
augeas-doc (0.10.0-0ubuntu4)
Augeas lenses documentation
augeas-lenses (0.10.0-0ubuntu4)
Set of lenses needed by libaugeas0 to parse config files
augeas-tools (0.10.0-0ubuntu4)
Augeas command line tools
aumix (2.9.1-2) [universe]
Simple text-based mixer control program
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa aumix-gtk
aumix-common (2.9.1-2) [universe]
Simple text-based mixer control program (common files)
aumix-gtk (2.9.1-2) [universe]
Simple mixer control program with GUI and text interfaces
aurora (1.7.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
communicate with an Aurora Magnetek Photovoltaic (solar) Power Inverter
auth-client-config (0.9ubuntu1)
pam and NSS profile switcher
auth2db (0.2.5-2+dfsg-4) [universe]
Powerful and eye-candy IDS logger, log viewer and alert generator
auth2db-common (0.2.5-2+dfsg-4) [universe]
Common configuration files for Auth2db backend and web frontend
auth2db-filters (0.2.5-2+dfsg-4) [universe]
Auth2db defaults filters pack
auth2db-frontend (0.2.5-2+dfsg-4) [universe]
Web frontend view for auth2DB log engine
authbind (1.2.0build3)
Allows non-root programs to bind() to low ports
auto-apt (0.3.22) [universe]
package search by file and on-demand package installation tool
auto-complete-el (1.3.1-2) [universe]
intelligent auto-completion extension for GNU Emacs
auto-install-el (1.48-1) [universe]
Auto install elisp file
auto-multiple-choice (1.0.3-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Auto Multiple Choice - multiple choice papers management
auto-upgrade-tester (1: [universe] [security]
Test release upgrades in a virtual environment
autoclass (3.3.6.dfsg.1-1) [universe]
automatic classification or clustering
autoconf (2.68-1ubuntu2)
automatic configure script builder
autoconf-archive (20110917-1) [universe]
Autoconf Macro Archive
autoconf-doc (2.68-1)
automatic configure script builder documentation
autoconf2.13 (2.13-61)
automatic configure script builder (obsolete version)
autoconf2.59 (2.59-1)
automatic configure script builder (obsolete version)
autoconf2.64 (2.64-3)
automatic configure script builder (obsolete version)
autocutsel (0.9.0-1) [universe]
Keep the X clipboard and the cutbuffer in sync
autodia (2.14-1) [universe]
generates UML diagrams from perl or C++ code
autodir (0.99.9-7.1) [multiverse]
Automatically creates home and group directories for LDAP/NIS/SQL/local accounts
autodns-dhcp (0.8) [universe]
Automatic DNS updates for DHCP
autodock (4.2.3-2) [universe]
analysis of ligand binding to protein structure
autodock-getdata (4.2.3-2) [universe]
instructions for getData to collect compounds
autodock-test (4.2.3-2) [universe]
test files for AutoDock
autodock-vina (1.1.2-2) [universe]
docking of small molecules to proteins
autodocktools (1.5.6~rc2+cvs.20111222-1) [multiverse]
GUI to help set up, launch and analyze AutoDock dockings
autofs (5.0.6-0ubuntu5)
dummy transitional package from autofs to autofs5
autofs-hesiod (5.0.6-0ubuntu5) [universe]
dummy transitional package from autofs-hesiod to autofs5-hesiod
autofs-ldap (5.0.6-0ubuntu5) [universe]
dummy transitional package from autofs-ldap to autofs5-ldap
autofs5 (5.0.6-0ubuntu5)
kernel-based automounter for Linux, version 5
autofs5-hesiod (5.0.6-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Hesiod map support for autofs, version 5
autofs5-ldap (5.0.6-0ubuntu5) [universe]
LDAP map support for autofs, version 5
autogen (1:5.12-0.1ubuntu1)
automated text file generator
autogrid (4.2.3-2) [universe]
pre-calculate binding of ligands to their receptor
autogrid-test (4.2.3-2) [universe]
test files for AutoGrid
autojump (18-1) [universe]
shell extension to jump to frequently used directories
autokey (0.71.2-1) [universe]
dummy transitional package for autokey-qt
autokey-common (0.71.2-1) [universe]
desktop automation utility - common data
autokey-gtk (0.71.2-1) [universe]
desktop automation utility - GTK+ version
autokey-qt (0.71.2-1) [universe]
desktop automation utility - QT version
autolog (0.40-13.1) [universe]
Terminates connections for idle users
automake (1:1.11.3-1ubuntu2)
Tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles
automake1.10 (1:1.10.3-1ubuntu1)
A tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa automake
automake1.4 (1:1.4-p6-13.1)
A tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa automake1.4
automake1.7 (1.7.9-9.1) [universe]
A tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles
automake1.9 (1.9.6+nogfdl-3.1ubuntu1)
A tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles
automake1.9-doc (1.9.6-1) [universe]
A tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa automake, automake1.9, automake1.7, automake1.10
automoc (1.0~version-0.9.88-5)
automatic moc for Qt 4 packages
automysqlbackup (2.6+debian-2) [universe]
daily, weekly and monthly backup for your MySQL database
autopano-sift (2.4-0ubuntu11) [universe]
Automated control point extraction for panorama generation
autopkgtest (2.0.1ubuntu4)
automatic as-installed testing for Debian packages
autopkgtest-xenlvm (2.0.1ubuntu4) [universe]
Xen/LVM2 based testbed snapshot system
autopoint (
The autopoint program from GNU gettext
autopostgresqlbackup (1.0-1) [universe]
Automated tool to make periodic backups of PostgreSQL databases
autoproject (0.20-5) [universe]
create a skeleton source package for a new program
autopsy (2.24-1) [universe]
graphical interface to SleuthKit
autorenamer (0.1-1) [universe]
program to rename files to make them sort in given order
autorun4linuxcd (0.13) [universe]
Menu for Debian Live under Windows
autossh (1.4c-1) [universe]
Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels
autotalent (0.2-2) [universe]
pitch correction LADSPA plugin
autotools-dev (20120210.1ubuntu1)
Update infrastructure for config.{guess,sub} files
autotrace (0.31.1-16+deb7u1build0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 0.31.1-16build1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
bitmap to vector graphics converter
autotrash (0.1.5-1) [universe]
purges files from your trash based on age and/or filename
autotrust (0.3.1-1) [universe]
a tool to automatically update your DNSSEC trust anchors
avahi-autoipd (0.6.30-5ubuntu2)
Avahi IPv4LL network address configuration daemon
avahi-daemon (0.6.30-5ubuntu2)
Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD daemon
avahi-dbg (0.6.30-5ubuntu2)
Avahi - debugging symbols
avahi-discover (0.6.30-5ubuntu2) [universe]
Service discover user interface for avahi
avahi-dnsconfd (0.6.30-5ubuntu2) [universe]
Avahi DNS configuration tool
avahi-ui-utils (0.6.30-5ubuntu2) [universe]
Avahi GTK+ utilities
avahi-utils (0.6.30-5ubuntu2)
Avahi browsing, publishing and discovery utilities
avant-window-navigator (0.4.1~bzr830-2ubuntu1) [universe]
MacOS X like panel for GNOME
avant-window-navigator-data (0.4.1~bzr830-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Common files for avant-window-navigator
avarice (2.10-3ubuntu1) [universe]
use GDB with Atmel's JTAG ICE for the AVR
avce00 (2.0.0-2) [universe]
Tools for conversion of ESRI Arcinfo (binary) Vector Coverage in E00 format.
avelsieve (1.9.9-2.1) [universe]
Sieve mail filters plugin for SquirrelMail
avfs (1.0.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
virtual filesystem to access archives, disk images, remote locations
avidemux (1:2.5.4-0ubuntu11) [multiverse]
a free video editor - GTK version
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa avidemux-cli, avidemux-qt
avidemux-cli (1:2.5.4-0ubuntu11) [multiverse]
a free video editor - command line version
avidemux-common (1:2.5.4-0ubuntu11) [multiverse]
a free video editor - Internationalization files
avidemux-plugins-cli (1:2.5.4-0ubuntu11) [multiverse]
a free video editor - CLI plugins
avidemux-plugins-common (1:2.5.4-0ubuntu11) [multiverse]
a free video editor - common files for plugins
avidemux-plugins-gtk (1:2.5.4-0ubuntu11) [multiverse]
a free video editor - GTK plugins
avidemux-plugins-qt (1:2.5.4-0ubuntu11) [multiverse]
a free video editor - Qt plugins
avidemux-qt (1:2.5.4-0ubuntu11) [multiverse]
a free video editor - QT version
aview (1.3.0rc1-9) [universe]
A high quality ASCII art image viewer and video player
avinfo (1.0.a15+20090102-1) [universe]
Audio/Video information automatic extractor/file list generator
avogadro (1.0.3-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Molecular Graphics and Modelling System
avogadro-data (1.0.3-1ubuntu4)
Molecular Graphics and Modelling System (Data Files)
avr-evtd (1.7.7-2) [universe]
AVR watchdog daemon for Linkstation/Kuroboxes
avr-libc (1:1.7.1-2) [universe]
Standard C library for Atmel AVR development
avra (1.2.3a-1) [universe]
Assembler for Atmel AVR microcontrollers
avrdude (5.11.1-1) [universe]
software for programming Atmel AVR microcontrollers
avrdude-doc (5.11.1-1) [universe]
documentation for avrdude
avrp (1.0beta3-7) [universe]
Programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrollers
avrprog (0.2.2-2) [universe]
Programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrollers
awardeco (0.2-3.1) [universe]
Decompress flashfiles equipped with an AWARD BIOS
away (0.9.5-3ubuntu1) [universe]
A terminal locking program
aweather (0.7-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Advanced Weather Monitoring Program
awesfx (0.5.1a-1.1) [universe]
utility programs for AWE32/64 and Emu10k1 driver
awesome (3.4.11-1ubuntu1) [universe]
highly configurable, next generation framework window manager for X
awesome-extra (2011120501) [universe]
additional modules for awesome
awffull (3.8.2-2) [universe]
web server log analysis program
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa original-awk, gawk, mawk
awl-doc (0.51-1) [universe]
Andrew's Web Libraries - API documentation
awn-applet-animal-farm (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Various animals tell your fortune for Awn
awn-applet-awn-notification-daemon (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Libnotify notification daemon implementation for Awn
awn-applet-awn-system-monitor (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display CPU activity and system stats on click in Awn
awn-applet-awnterm (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A pop-up terminal that lives in Awn
awn-applet-bandwidth-monitor (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display information from network
awn-applet-battery-applet (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display your computers current power status for Awn
awn-applet-cairo-clock (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display an analog clock for Awn
awn-applet-cairo-main-menu (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Displays a menu in an Awn applet
awn-applet-calendar (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display a clock and calendar on Awn
awn-applet-comics (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
View your favourite comics on your desktop for Awn
awn-applet-common-folder (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Launcher for common folders and bookmarks for Awn
awn-applet-cpufreq (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Monitors and controls the CPU frequency for Awn
awn-applet-dialect (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Manages keyboard layouts for Awn
awn-applet-digital-clock (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A digital clock and calendar applet for Awn
awn-applet-feeds (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A Python feed launcher for Awn
awn-applet-file-browser-launcher (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Launches the user's file manager or opens bookmarks for Awn
awn-applet-garbage (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A trash applet for Awn, like the one from gnome-panel
awn-applet-hardware-sensors (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Displays information from sensors for Awn
awn-applet-indicator (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display indicator applets in Awn
awn-applet-mail (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Check your mail from Awn
awn-applet-main-menu (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display a list of all the applications on your computer
awn-applet-media-control (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display album art and control your favorite media players for Awn
awn-applet-media-icon-applet (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Allow you to add media icons for Awn
awn-applet-media-player (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Play any media files you drop on it for Awn
awn-applet-notification-area (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Notification area for Awn
awn-applet-pandora (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Play Pandora internet radio for Awn
awn-applet-places (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Displays shortcuts in buttons for Awn
awn-applet-quit-applet (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A simple gnome-quit launcher for Awn
awn-applet-related (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display information from zeitgeist
awn-applet-shinyswitcher (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A workspace switcher supporting compiz and other WMs for Awn
awn-applet-showdesktop (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
An applet for Awn, similar to the showdesktop icon of gnome-panel
awn-applet-slickswitcher (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A visual workspace switcher for Awn
awn-applet-stack (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Provide a convenient location to place commonly used files for Awn
awn-applet-sysmon (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display CPU activity and system stats on click for Awn
awn-applet-thinkhdaps (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display the status of HDAPS for Awn
awn-applet-todo (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Manage a simple To-Do list for Awn
awn-applet-tomboy-applet (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Control Tomboy with D-Bus
awn-applet-volume-control (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A fancy volume changing applet for Awn
awn-applet-weather (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A applet to display weather information for Awn
awn-applet-webapplet (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display a web page for Awn
awn-applet-yama (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Yet another menu applet for Awn
awn-applets-all (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Metapackage to install all applets for Awn
awn-applets-common (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A collection of applets for avant-window-navigator - common files
awn-applets-dbg (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Debug symbols for applets for avant-window-navigator
awn-settings (0.4.1~bzr830-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Preferences manager for avant-window-navigator
aws-status (0.2-0ubuntu10) [universe]
txaws based graphical application for monitoring AWS service
awstats (7.0~dfsg-5)
powerful and featureful web server log analyzer
ax25-apps (0.0.6-16.2) [universe]
AX.25 ham radio applications
ax25-tools (0.0.8-13.2) [universe]
tools for AX.25 interface configuration
ax25-xtools (0.0.8-13.2) [universe]
tools for AX.25 interface configuration -- X11-based
ax25mail-utils (0.11-6.1) [universe]
hamradio utilities for fbb
axe (6.1.2-15.1) [multiverse]
An editor for X
axel (2.4-1) [universe]
light download accelerator - console version
axel-dbg (2.4-1) [universe]
light download accelerator - debugging symbols
axel-kapt (2.4-1) [universe]
light download accelerator - graphical front-end
axiom (20120301-3) [universe]
General purpose computer algebra system: main binary and modules
axiom-databases (20120301-3) [universe]
General purpose computer algebra system: generated text databases
axiom-doc (20120301-3) [universe]
General purpose computer algebra system: documentation
axiom-graphics (20120301-3) [universe]
General purpose computer algebra system: graphics subsystem
axiom-graphics-data (20120301-3) [universe]
General purpose computer algebra system: graphics subsystem
axiom-hypertex (20120301-3) [universe]
General purpose computer algebra system: hypertex subsystem
axiom-hypertex-data (20120301-3) [universe]
General purpose computer algebra system: hypertex subsystem
axiom-source (20120301-3) [universe]
General purpose computer algebra system: source files
axiom-test (20120301-3) [universe]
General purpose computer algebra system: regression test inputs
axiom-tex (20120301-3) [universe]
General purpose computer algebra system: style file for TeX
aylet (0.5-3) [universe]
ncurses-based player for Spectrum '.ay' music files
aylet-gtk (0.5-3) [universe]
X-GTK2-based player for Spectrum '.ay' music files
ayttm (0.6.3-3build1) [universe]
Universal instant messaging client
azr3-jack (1.2.3-1) [universe]
drawbar organ simulator
azureus ( [universe]
BitTorrent client
b43-fwcutter (1:015-9)
Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware
b5i2iso (0.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
BlindWrite image to ISO image file converter
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa babel-1.4.0
babel-1.4.0 (1.4.0.dfsg-8build3) [universe]
Scientific Interface Definition Language (SIDL) compiler
babel-doc (1.4.0.dfsg-8build3) [universe]
Scientific Interface Definition Language (SIDL) suite documentation
babeld (1.3.0-1) [universe]
loop-free distance-vector routing protocol
babeltrace (1.0.0~rc1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Trace conversion program
babiloo (2.0.11-1) [universe]
dictionary viewer with multi-languages support
backfire-dkms (0.83-1) [universe]
kernel module for signal benchmarking (DKMS)
backintime-common (1.0.8-1) [universe]
simple backup/snapshot system
backintime-gnome (1.0.8-1) [universe]
GNOME front-end for backintime
backintime-kde (1.0.8-1) [universe]
KDE front-end for backintime
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa backintime-kde
backstep (0.3-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Draws icons for minimized windows on your desktop
backup-manager (0.7.9-3) [universe]
command-line backup tool
backup-manager-doc (0.7.9-3) [universe]
documentation package for Backup Manager
backup2l (1.5-5) [universe]
low-maintenance backup/restore tool
backupninja (0.9.10-1ubuntu1) [universe]
lightweight, extensible meta-backup system
backuppc (3.2.1-2ubuntu1.1 [amd64, i386], 3.2.1-2ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up PCs
bacula (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - meta-package
bacula-client (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - client meta-package
bacula-common (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - common support files
bacula-common-mysql (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - MySQL common files
bacula-common-pgsql (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - PostgreSQL common files
bacula-common-sqlite3 (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - SQLite v3 common files
bacula-console (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - text console
bacula-console-qt (5.2.5-0ubuntu6) [universe]
Bacula Administration Tool Console
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa bacula-director-sqlite3, bacula-director-pgsql, bacula-director-mysql
bacula-director-common (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - Director common files
bacula-director-mysql (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - MySQL storage for Director
bacula-director-pgsql (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - PostgreSQL storage for Director
bacula-director-sqlite3 (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - SQLite 3 storage for Director
bacula-doc (5.0.2-4) [universe]
Documentation for Bacula
bacula-fd (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - file daemon
bacula-sd (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - storage daemon
bacula-sd-mysql (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - MySQL SD tools
bacula-sd-pgsql (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - PostgreSQL SD tools
bacula-sd-sqlite (5.2.5-0ubuntu6) [universe]
network backup, recovery and verification - SQLite SD tools
bacula-sd-sqlite3 (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - SQLite 3 SD tools
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa bacula-sd-sqlite3, bacula-sd-pgsql, bacula-sd-mysql
bacula-server (5.2.5-0ubuntu6)
network backup, recovery and verification - server meta-package
bacula-traymonitor (5.2.5-0ubuntu6) [universe]
network backup, recovery and verification - tray monitor
balance (3.42-1) [universe]
Load balancing solution and generic tcp proxy
balazar (0.3.4.ds1-6.1) [universe]
adventure/action game Balazar -- Arkanae II, reforged scepters
balazar3 (0.1-10) [universe]
dungeon adventure game with multiplayer support
balazar3-2d (0.1-10) [universe]
dungeon adventure game with multiplayer support - 2D version
balazar3-3d (0.1-10) [universe]
dungeon adventure game with multiplayer support - 3D version
balazar3-common (0.1-10) [universe]
dungeon adventure game with multiplayer support - common files
balazarbrothers (1.0~rc1-4.1) [universe]
3D puzzle game
balder2d (1.0-1.1build1) [universe]
A 2D shooter in zero gravity
balder2d-data (1.0-1.1build1) [universe]
data files for balder2d
ballview (1.4.1+20111206-3) [universe]
free molecular modeling and molecular graphics tool
ballview-dbg (1.4.1+20111206-3) [universe]
debug symbols for BALL and VIEW libraries
ballz (1.0.2-1build1) [universe]
B.A.L.L.Z. - platform/puzzle game where you control a rolling ball
ballz-data (1.0.2-1build1) [universe]
B.A.L.L.Z. - game data
ballz-dbg (1.0.2-1build1) [universe]
debugging symbols for ballz
balsa (2.4.11-1) [universe]
e-mail client for GNOME
balsa-dbg (2.4.11-1) [universe]
e-mail client for GNOME - debugging symbols
bam (0.4.0-3) [universe]
fast and flexible build system
bamf-dbg (0.2.114-0ubuntu1)
Window matching library - debugging symbols
bamfdaemon (0.2.114-0ubuntu1)
Window matching library - daemon
bandwidthcalc (0.2-1) [universe]
file transfer time calculator written in GTK+
bandwidthd (2.0.1+cvs20090917-4.1) [universe]
Tracks usage of TCP/IP and builds html files with graphs
bandwidthd-pgsql (2.0.1+cvs20090917-4.1) [universe]
Tracks usage of TCP/IP and builds html files with graphs
bangarang (2.1-1) [universe]
Multimedia player with a lightweight interface for KDE
banshee (2.4.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Media Management and Playback application
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa banshee
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa banshee
banshee-community-extensions (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
set of community contributed extensions for Banshee
banshee-dbg (2.4.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Media Management and Playback application (debug symbols)
banshee-extension-alarm (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Alarm extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-albumartwriter (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Album art writer extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-ampache (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Ampache extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-appindicator (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Application Indicator extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-awn (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
AWN integration extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-coverwallpaper (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Cover wallpaper extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-duplicatesongdetector (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Duplicate song detector extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-foldersync (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Folder synchronization extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-jamendo (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Jamendo extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-karaoke (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Karaoke extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-lastfmfingerprint (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Last.FM fingerprinting extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-lcd (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
LCD display integration extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-lirc (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
LIRC integration extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-liveradio (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
LiveRadio extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-lyrics (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Lyrics extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-magnatune (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Magnatune for Banshee
banshee-extension-mirage (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Automatic Playlist Generation extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-openvp (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
visualizations extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-radiostationfetcher (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
radio station fetcher extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-randombylastfm (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Random By Last.FM extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-soundmenu (2.4.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Media Management and Playback application - sound menu extension
banshee-extension-streamrecorder (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
StreamRecorder extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-telepathy (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Telepathy extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-zeitgeistdataprovider (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Zeitgeist data provider extension for Banshee
banshee-extensions-common (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
common files for banshee-community-extensions
banshee-meego (2.4.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Media Management and Playback application - MeeGo extension
baobab (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
GNOME disk usage analyzer
bar (1.11.0+debian-4) [universe]
Show information about a data transfer
barcode (0.98+debian-9) [universe]
Utility and library for barcode generation
barcode-dbg (0.98+debian-9) [universe]
Utility and library for barcode generation (debug)
bareftp (0.3.9-1) [universe]
FTP client for GNOME
barnowl (1.6.2-1.1ubuntu2) [universe]
A curses-based tty Jabber, IRC, AIM and Zephyr client
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa barnowl
barrage (1.0.3-1) [universe]
Rather destructive action game
barry-util (0.15-1.2) [universe]
Command line utilities for working with the RIM BlackBerry Handheld
barry-util-dbg (0.15-1.2) [universe]
Command line utilities for working with the RIM BlackBerry Handheld
barrybackup-gui (0.15-1.2) [universe]
GTK+ based GUI for backing up the RIM BlackBerry Handheld
barrybackup-gui-dbg (0.15-1.2) [universe]
GTK+ based GUI for backing up the RIM BlackBerry Handheld
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa base-files
base-files (6.5ubuntu6)
Debian base system miscellaneous files
base-installer (1.122ubuntu7)
base system installation framework
base-passwd (3.5.24)
Debian base system master password and group files
basenji (0.9.0-1) [universe]
Cross-platform media indexing/search tool
basex (7.0.2-1) [universe]
XML database and XPath/XQuery processor
bash (4.2-2ubuntu2.6 [amd64, i386], 4.2-2ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
GNU Bourne Again SHell
bash-builtins (4.2-2ubuntu2.6 [amd64, i386], 4.2-2ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Bash loadable builtins - headers & examples
bash-completion (1:1.3-1ubuntu8)
programmable completion for the bash shell
bash-doc (4.2-2ubuntu2.6) [security]
Documentation and examples for the The GNU Bourne Again SHell
bash-static (4.2-2ubuntu2.6 [amd64, i386], 4.2-2ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
GNU Bourne Again SHell (static version)
bashburn (3.0.1-1) [universe]
simplify cd/dvd burning at the command line
bashdb ( [universe]
BASH debugger
basic256 ( [universe]
educational BASIC programming environment for children
basket (2.0~beta2-0ubuntu2) [universe]
a multi-purpose note-taking application for KDE
bastet (0.43-2.1) [universe]
ncurses Tetris clone with a bastard algorithm
bastille (1:3.0.9-13ubuntu1) [universe]
Security hardening tool
batctl (2011.4.0-2) [universe]
B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced control and management tool
batctl-dbg (2011.4.0-2) [universe]
B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced control and management tool (debug files)
batmand (0.3.2-11) [universe]
better approach to mobile adhoc networking
batmand-dbg (0.3.2-11) [universe]
better approach to mobile adhoc networking (debug files)
batmon.app (0.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Battery monitor for GNUstep
battery-stats (0.3.6-1) [universe]
collects statistics about charge of laptop batteries
battleball (2.0-17ubuntu1) [universe]
soccer game played with tanks or helicopters
batv-filter (0.4.0.dfsg-2build1) [universe]
Mail Filter (milter) for BATV signing/verification
bauble (0.9.7-2) [universe]
biodiversity collection manager software application
baycomepp (0.10-12.2) [universe]
Drivers for the HB9JNX packet radio epp modem
baycomusb (0.10-12.1) [universe]
Drivers for the HB9JNX packet radio usb modem
bb (1.3rc1-8.1) [universe]
ASCII-art demo based on AAlib
bbdb (2.36-2)
The Insidious Big Brother Database (email rolodex) for Emacs
bbe (0.2.2-1) [universe]
sed-like editor for binary files
bbmail (0.8.3-6ubuntu1) [universe]
Mail notifier for Blackbox/Fluxbox
bbpager (0.4.7-3ubuntu1) [universe]
Pager for the blackbox and fluxbox window managers
bbrun (1.6-6) [universe]
A tool for the blackbox/fluxbox window managers that runs commands
bbtime (0.1.5-12ubuntu1) [universe]
Time tool for the blackbox/fluxbox window managers
bc (1.06.95-2)
The GNU bc arbitrary precision calculator language
bcc (0.16.17-3.1ubuntu2)
16-bit x86 C compiler
bcfg2 (1.2.2-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Configuration management client
bcfg2-server (1.2.2-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Configuration management server
bcfg2-web (1.2.2-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Configuration management web interface
bchunk (1.2.0-11) [universe]
CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr
bcmwl-kernel-source ( [restricted]
Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver source
bcov (0.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Code coverage analysis tool
bcpp (0.0.20050725-2) [universe]
C(++) beautifier
bcrelay (1.3.4-5ubuntu2)
Broadcast relay daemon
bcron (0.09-12) [universe]
Bruce's cron system (programs)
bcron-run (0.09-12) [universe]
Bruce's cron system
bcrypt (1.1-6) [universe]
Cross platform file encryption utility using blowfish
bdf2psf (1.70ubuntu5)
font converter to generate console fonts from BDF source fonts
bdfresize (1.5-5)
tool for resizing BDF format font
bdii (5.2.5-2) [universe]
Berkeley Database Information Index (BDII)
beancounter (0.8.10) [universe]
A stock portfolio performance monitoring tool
beanstalkd (1.4.6-3) [universe]
simple, in-memory, workqueue service
bear-factory (0.6.0-1) [universe]
Editors for Plee the Bear
beast (0.7.4-4) [universe]
music synthesis and composition framework
beast-doc (0.7.4-4) [universe]
Documentation for BEAST/BSE
beav (1:1.40-18) [universe]
binary editor and viewer
bedtools (2.14.3-1) [universe]
suite of utilities for comparing genomic features
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libbeecrypt-dev
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libbeecrypt-dev
beef (0.0.6-2) [universe]
flexible Brainfuck interpreter
beep (1.3-2) [universe]
advanced pc-speaker beeper
beep-udeb (1.3-2)
advanced pc-speaker beeper - minimal package
beets (1.0~b12-1) [universe]
music tagger and library organizer
beid-common (3.5.2.dfsg-10ubuntu3) [universe]
beID support files
beid-mozilla-plugin (3.5.2.dfsg-10ubuntu3) [universe]
beID mozilla plugin
beid-tools (3.5.2.dfsg-10ubuntu3) [universe]
SmartCard utilities from the OpenSC project, compiled against libbeidlibopensc
beidgui (3.5.2.dfsg-10ubuntu3) [universe]
application to read out information from the Belgian electronic ID card
belier (1.2-2) [universe]
SSH connection generation tool
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa beid-tools
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa acedb-other-belvu
beneath-a-steel-sky (0.0372-4) [universe]
a science fiction adventure game
berusky (1.3-1) [universe]
Logic game based on Sokoban
berusky-data (1.0-3) [universe]
Data files for Berusky
betaradio (1.4-1) [universe]
Internet radio of Taiwan
between (6+dfsg1-2) [universe]
game about consciousness and isolation
bf (20041219ubuntu4) [universe]
a fast Brainfuck interpreter
bf-utf-source (0.05-0.1)
Source for fonts needed to build Debian installers
bfbtester (2.0.1-7.1) [universe]
Brute Force Binary Tester
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libbg1-dev
bgoffice-computer-terms (0.0.200909080118-1ubuntu1) [universe]
English-Bulgarian dictionary of computer terms
bgoffice-dict-downloader (0.08) [multiverse]
download dictionaries for gbgoffice
bhl (1.7.3-2) [universe]
Emacs mode for converting annotated text to HTML and LaTeX
biabam (0.9.7-7) [universe]
bash attachment mailer
bibclean ( [universe]
pretty-printer for BibTeX databases
bibcursed (2.0.0-6ubuntu1) [universe]
An interactive program to edit BibTeX bibliographies
biblatex (1.7-1) [universe]
Bibliographies for LaTeX
biblatex-dw (1.4-1) [universe]
Biblatex styles for humanities
bible-kjv (4.26) [universe]
King James Version of the Bible: user interface program.
bible-kjv-text (4.26) [universe]
King James Version of the Bible - text and concordance
bibledit (4.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package to bibledit-gtk
bibledit-bibletime (1.1.1-1) [universe]
Glue between bibledit and bibletime
bibledit-data (4.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package to bibledit-gtk-data
bibledit-gtk (4.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Bible translation tool
bibledit-gtk-data (4.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
documentation and data for bibledit-gtk, a Bible translation tool
bibledit-xiphos (1.1.1-1) [universe]
Glue between bibledit and xiphos
biblememorizer (0.6.4-3build1) [universe]
a Bible verses memorizer
bibletime (2.8.1-2build1) [universe]
bible study tool for Qt
bibletime-data (2.8.1-2build1) [universe]
Documentation and data for bibletime, a bible study tool
bibshelf (1.6.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
book organizer for GNOME
bibtex2html (1.96-5build1) [universe]
filters BibTeX files and translates them to HTML
bibtool (2.48alpha.2-4build1) [universe]
tool for BibTeX database manipulation
bibus (1.5.1-5) [universe]
bibliographic database
bibus-doc-en (1.5.1-5) [universe]
Bibus bibliographic database documentation
bibutils (4.12-5) [universe]
interconvert various bibliographic data formats
bicyclerepair (0.9-6) [universe]
A refactoring tool for python
bidentd (1.1.4-1) [universe]
Bisqwit's identd for NAT proxying
bidiv (1.5-4) [universe]
BiDi viewer - command-line tool displaying logical Hebrew/Arabic
biff (1:0.17.pre20000412-5) [universe]
a mail notification tool
big-cursor (3.8) [universe]
larger mouse cursors for X
bikeshed (1.22-0ubuntu1) [universe]
random useful tools that do not yet have a permanent home
billard-gl (1.75-11) [universe]
3D billiards game
billard-gl-data (1.75-11) [universe]
3D billiards game - data files
biloba (0.9.3-3) [universe]
turn based strategy board game for up to 4 players
biloba-data (0.9.3-3) [universe]
data package for biloba turn based strategy board game
bin86 (0.16.17-3.1ubuntu2)
16-bit x86 assembler and loader
binclock (1.5-5) [universe]
binary clock for console with color support
bind9 (1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.21 [amd64, i386], 1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Internet Domain Name Server
bind9-doc (1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.21) [security]
Documentation for BIND
bind9-host (1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.21 [amd64, i386], 1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Version of 'host' bundled with BIND 9.X
bind9utils (1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.21 [amd64, i386], 1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Utilities for BIND
bindfs (1.9-3) [universe]
mirrors or overlays a local directory with altered permissions
bindgraph (0.2a-5.1) [universe]
DNS statistics RRDtool frontend for BIND9
binfmt-support (2.0.8)
Support for extra binary formats
binfmtc (0.17-1) [universe]
Execute C program as script
bing (1.1.3-2) [universe]
Empirical stochastic bandwidth tester
biniax2 (1.30-1) [universe]
logic game with arcade and tactics modes
biniax2-data (1.30-1) [universe]
logic game with arcade and tactics modes - game data
binkd (0.9.9+rel-2) [universe]
FidoTech TCP/IP mailer
bino (1.2.1-2) [universe]
3D video player
bino-dbg (1.2.1-2) [universe]
debugging symbols for bino 3D video player
bins (1.1.29-13) [universe]
Generate static HTML photo albums using XML and EXIF tags
binstats (1.08-8) [universe]
Statistics tool for installed programs
binutils (2.22-6ubuntu1.4 [amd64, i386], 2.22-6ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities
binutils-arm-linux-gnueabi (2.22-6ubuntu1cross1.82) [universe]
GNU binary utilities, for arm-linux-gnueabi target
binutils-arm-linux-gnueabihf (2.22-6ubuntu1cross1.82) [universe]
GNU binary utilities, for arm-linux-gnueabihf target
binutils-avr (2.20.1-2) [universe]
Binary utilities supporting Atmel's AVR targets
binutils-dev (2.22-6ubuntu1.4 [amd64, i386], 2.22-6ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
GNU binary utilities (BFD development files)
binutils-doc (2.22-6ubuntu1.4) [security]
Documentation for the GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities
binutils-gold (2.22-6ubuntu1.4 [amd64, i386], 2.22-6ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
GNU gold linker utility
binutils-h8300-hms (2.16.1-8ubuntu1) [universe]
The GNU binary utilities, for h8300-hitachi-coff target
binutils-m68hc1x (1:2.18-3.2) [universe]
binary utilities that support Motorola's 68HC11/12 targets
binutils-mingw-w64 (2.22-2ubuntu1+1) [universe]
Cross-binutils for Win32 and Win64 using MinGW-w64
binutils-mingw-w64-i686 (2.22-2ubuntu1+1) [universe]
Cross-binutils for Win32 (x86) using MinGW-w64
binutils-mingw-w64-x86-64 (2.22-2ubuntu1+1) [universe]
Cross-binutils for Win64 (x64) using MinGW-w64
binutils-msp430 (2.22~msp20110716p5-1) [universe]
Binary utilities supporting TI's MSP430 targets
binutils-multiarch (2.22-6ubuntu1.4 [amd64, i386], 2.22-6ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Binary utilities that support multi-arch targets
binutils-source (2.22-6ubuntu1.4) [universe] [security]
GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities (source)
binutils-spu (2.22-6ubuntu1) [ports]
GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities targeted for spu-elf
binutils-static (2.22-6ubuntu1.4 [amd64, i386], 2.22-6ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
statically linked binutils tools
binutils-static-udeb (2.22-6ubuntu1)
statically linked binutils tools for for the Debian installer
binutils-z80 (2.22-1ubuntu1) [universe]
GNU binary utilities for the z80-unknown-coff target
biogenesis (0.8-1) [universe]
artificial life program that simulates evolution of organisms
biomaj (1.2.0-3) [universe]
Biological banks updater
biomaj-properties (1.2.0-3) [universe]
bank properties file examples
biomaj-watcher (1.2.0-3) [multiverse]
BioMAJ web interface
bioperl (1.6.901-2) [universe]
Perl tools for computational molecular biology
bioperl-run (1.6.9-1) [universe]
BioPerl wrappers: scripts
biosdevname (0.3.11-0ubuntu1)
apply BIOS-given names to network devices
biosdevname-udeb (0.3.11-0ubuntu1)
apply BIOS-given names to network devices
biosig-tools (0.96.3+svn2677-2.1build1) [universe]
format conversion tools for biomedical data formats
biosquid (1.9g+cvs20050121-2) [universe]
utilities for biological sequence analysis
biosquid-dev (1.9g+cvs20050121-2) [universe]
headers and static library for biological sequence analysis
bip (0.8.8-1ubuntu0.3 [amd64, i386], 0.8.8-1build1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
multiuser irc proxy with conversation replay and more
bird (1.3.4-1) [universe]
Internet Routing Daemon
bird-dbg (1.3.4-1) [universe]
Debug symbols for BIRD
bird6 (1.3.4-1) [universe]
Internet Routing Daemon
birthday (1.6.2-3) [universe]
Display information about pending events on login
bisho (0.27.2+git20101119.ab448145-3ubuntu1) [universe]
Meego web services settings
bison (1:2.5.dfsg-2.1)
YACC-compatible parser generator
bison++ (1.21.11-3) [universe]
Generate a parser in c or c++ from BNF notation
bison-doc (1:2.5-1)
Documentation for the Bison parser generator
bisonc++ (2.09.03-1) [universe]
Bison-style parser generator for C++
bisonc++-doc (2.09.03-1) [universe]
Bison-style parser generator for C++
bist (0.5.1-3ubuntu2) [universe]
chemical drawing tool
bitbake (1.12.0-1) [universe]
build system used for embedded Linux distributions
bitcoind (0.3.24~dfsg-1) [universe]
peer-to-peer network based anonymous digital currency - daemon
bitlbee (3.0.4+bzr855-1) [universe]
An IRC to other chat networks gateway (default version)
bitlbee-common (3.0.4+bzr855-1) [universe]
An IRC to other chat networks gateway (common files/docs)
bitlbee-dev (3.0.4+bzr855-1) [universe]
An IRC to other chat networks gateway (dev files)
bitlbee-libpurple (3.0.4+bzr855-1) [universe]
An IRC to other chat networks gateway (using libpurple)
bitlbee-plugin-otr (3.0.4+bzr855-1) [universe]
An IRC to other chat networks gateway (OTR plugin)
bitmap-mule (8.5+0.20030825.0433-10) [universe]
bitmap handler for GNU Emacs
bitmeter (1.2-2ubuntu2) [universe]
diagnosis tool for JACK audio software
bitpim (1.0.7+dfsg1-2build1) [universe]
utility to communicate with many CDMA phones
bitpim-lib (1.0.7+dfsg1-2build1) [universe]
architecture-dependent helper files for BitPim
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa bitmeter
bitstormlite (0.2q-2) [universe]
BitTorrent Client based on C++/Gtk+2.0
bittornado (0.3.18-10ubuntu3)
bittorrent client (and tracker) with console and curses interfaces
bittornado-gui (0.3.18-10ubuntu3) [universe]
bittorrent client with GUI interface
bittorrent (3.4.2-11.3ubuntu2) [universe]
Original BitTorent client and tracker - console tools
bittorrent-gui (3.4.2-11.3ubuntu2) [universe]
Original BitTorrent client and tracker - GUI tools
bittwist (1.1-1) [universe]
libpcap-based Ethernet packet generator
bkchem (0.13.0-4) [universe]
Chemical structures editor
bkhive (1.1.1-1) [universe]
Dump the syskey bootkey from a Windows NT/2K/XP system hive
black-box (1.4.8-2) [universe]
Find the crystals
blackbox (0.70.1-6) [universe]
Window manager for X
blackbox-themes (0.4) [universe]
Themes for the Blackbox Windowmanager
blacs-mpi-test (1.1-31ubuntu1) [universe]
Basic Linear Algebra Comm. Subprograms - Test files for MPI
blacs-pvm-dev (1.1-21) [universe]
Basic Linear Algebra Comm. Subprograms - Dev. files for PVM
blacs-pvm-test (1.1-21) [universe]
Basic Linear Algebra Comm. Subprograms - Test files for PVM
blacs-test-common (1.1-31ubuntu1) [universe]
Test data for BLACS testers
blacs1-pvm (1.1-21) [universe]
Basic Linear Algebra Comm. Subprograms - Shared libs. for PVM
blahtexml (0.9-1) [universe]
Converts TeX equations into MathML
blam (1.8.9-2ubuntu1) [universe]
simple RSS aggregator for GNOME
blast2 (1: [universe]
Basic Local Alignment Search Tool
blazeblogger (1.2.0-3) [universe]
simple to use, command line based, content management system
blcr-dkms (0.8.2-15ubuntu2) [universe]
DKMS support for BLCR kernel module
blcr-testsuite (0.8.2-15ubuntu2) [universe]
Userspace tools to Checkpoint and Restart Linux processes
blcr-util (0.8.2-15ubuntu2) [universe]
Userspace tools to Checkpoint and Restart Linux processes
bld ( [universe]
Black List Daemon, automatically build blacklists
bld-postfix ( [universe]
Postfix tools for the Black List Daemon
bld-tools ( [universe]
Generic tools for Black List Daemon
bleachbit (0.9.1-1) [universe]
delete unnecessary files from the system
blender (2.62-1) [universe]
Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer
blender-dbg (2.62-1) [universe]
debug symbols for Blender
blender-ogrexml (1.7.4-3) [universe]
Blender Exporter for OGRE
blends-common (0.6.15ubuntu2) [universe]
Debian Pure Blends common package
blends-dev (0.6.15ubuntu2) [universe]
Debian Pure Blends common files for developing metapackages
blends-doc (0.6.15ubuntu2) [universe]
Debian Pure Blends documentation
blepvco (0.1.0-3) [universe]
LADSPA, minBLEP-based, hard-sync-capable oscillator plugins
bless (0.6.0-3) [universe]
A full featured hexadecimal editor
bley (0.1.5-1build1) [universe]
intelligent greylisting daemon for Postfix
blinken (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
KDE version of the Simon electronic memory game
bliss (0.72-2) [universe]
tool to compute graph automorphisms and labelings
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libblitz0-dev
blktap-dev (2.0.90-1) [universe]
Xen API blktap shared library (development files)
blktap-dkms (2.0.91-1) [universe]
Xen API blktap kernel component DKMS package
blktap-utils (2.0.90-1) [universe]
utilities to work with VHD disk images files
blktool (4-6.1) [universe]
tune low-level block device parameters
blktrace (1.0.1-2.1) [universe]
utilities for block layer IO tracing
blobandconquer (1.11-dfsg+20-1ubuntu1) [universe]
3D platform shooting game
blobandconquer-data (1.11-dfsg+20-1ubuntu1) [universe]
3D platform shooting game -- data files
blobby (0.9c-1) [universe]
Volleyball game with blobs
blobby-data (0.9c-1) [universe]
Volleyball game with blobs (data files)
blobby-server (0.9c-1) [universe]
Volleyball game with blobs (server)
bloboats (1.0.1.dsfg-3) [universe]
a boat racing game
blobwars (1.19-1ubuntu1) [universe]
platform shooting game
blobwars-data (1.19-1ubuntu1) [universe]
platform shooting game
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa block-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc64-smp-di, block-modules-3.2.0-23-omap-di, block-modules-3.2.0-1602-armadaxp-di, block-modules-3.2.0-23-virtual-di, block-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc-smp-di, block-modules-3.2.0-1412-omap4-di, block-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di, block-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-di
block-modules-3.2.0-1412-omap4-di (3.2.0-1412.16) [ports]
Block storage devices
block-modules-3.2.0-1602-armadaxp-di (3.2.0-1602.5) [ports]
Block storage devices
block-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-di (3.2.0-23.36)
Block storage devices
block-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di (3.2.0-23.36)
Block storage devices
block-modules-3.2.0-23-omap-di (3.2.0-23.36) [ports]
Block storage devices
block-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc-smp-di (3.2.0-23.36) [ports]
Block storage devices
block-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc64-smp-di (3.2.0-23.36) [ports]
Block storage devices
block-modules-3.2.0-23-virtual-di (3.2.0-23.36)
Block storage devices
blockade (20041028-9) [multiverse]
A sliding block game
blockattack (1.4.1+ds1-2) [universe]
puzzle game inspired by Tetris
blockout2 (2.4+dfsg1-6) [universe]
Tetris like game (3D-tetris)
blocks-of-the-undead (1.0-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Tetris Attack clone with spooky undertones
blocks-of-the-undead-data (1.0-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Tetris Attack clone with spooky undertones - data files
blogilo (4:4.8.4a-0ubuntu0.3 [amd64, i386], 4:4.8.2-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
graphical blogging client
blop (0.2.8-5ubuntu1) [universe]
Bandlimited wavetable-based oscillator plugins for LADSPA hosts
blosxom (2.1.2-1) [universe]
light, feature-packed weblog app with plugin extensibility
blt (2.4z-4.2ubuntu1)
the BLT extension library for Tcl/Tk - run-time package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa blt
blt-demo (2.4z-4.2ubuntu1) [universe]
the BLT extension library for Tcl/Tk - demos and examples
blt-dev (2.4z-4.2ubuntu1)
the BLT extension library for Tcl/Tk - development files
blubuntu-look (0.3.1) [universe]
Blubuntu look - metapackage
blubuntu-session-splashes (0.3.1) [universe]
Blubuntu look - Session splashes
blubuntu-theme (0.3.1) [universe]
Blubuntu look - GTK+ and Metacity theme
blubuntu-wallpapers (0.3.1) [universe]
Blubuntu look - Wallpapers
bluedevil (1.2.2-0ubuntu1)
KDE Bluetooth stack
bluefish (2.2.2-1) [universe]
advanced Gtk+ HTML editor
bluefish-data (2.2.2-1) [universe]
advanced Gtk+ HTML editor (data)
bluefish-dbg (2.2.2-1) [universe]
advanced Gtk+ HTML editor (debugging symbols)
bluefish-plugins (2.2.2-1) [universe]
advanced Gtk+ HTML editor (plugins)
blueman (1.23-0ubuntu2) [universe]
A Graphical bluetooth manager
bluemindo (0.3-4) [universe]
simple yet powerful audio player
bluemon (1.4-6ubuntu1) [universe]
Activate or deactivate programs based on Bluetooth link quality
blueproximity (1.2.5-6) [universe]
locks/unlocks your desktop tracking a bluetooth device
bluetile (0.6-1) [universe]
full-featured tiling for the GNOME desktop environment
bluetooth (4.98-2ubuntu7) [universe]
Bluetooth support
bluewho (0.1-1) [universe]
notifies new discovered bluetooth devices
bluez (4.98-2ubuntu7)
Bluetooth tools and daemons
bluez-alsa (4.98-2ubuntu7)
Bluetooth ALSA support
bluez-audio (4.98-2ubuntu7) [universe]
Transitional package
bluez-btsco (1:0.50-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Bluez Bluetooth SCO tool
bluez-compat (4.98-2ubuntu7) [universe]
BlueZ 3.x compatibility binaries
bluez-cups (4.98-2ubuntu7)
Bluetooth printer driver for CUPS
bluez-dbg (4.98-2ubuntu7)
Bluetooth tools and daemons (with debugging symbols)
bluez-gstreamer (4.98-2ubuntu7)
Bluetooth GStreamer support
bluez-hcidump (2.2-1) [universe]
Analyses Bluetooth HCI packets
bluez-pcmcia-support (4.98-2ubuntu7) [universe]
PCMCIA support files for BlueZ 2.0 Bluetooth tools
bluez-tools (0.1.38+git662e-2ubuntu1) [universe]
A set of tools to manage Bluetooth devices for linux
bluez-utils (4.98-2ubuntu7) [universe]
Transitional package
bmagic (3.7.0-1) [universe]
C++ template library for efficient platform independent bitsets
bmf (0.9.4-5) [universe]
an e-mail filter for spam that learns
bmon (2.0.1-3) [universe]
portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator
bnd (1.50.0-3) [universe]
tool to create and diagnose OSGi R4 bundles
bnetd (0.4.25-8) [universe]
Gaming server that emulates Battle.net(R)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa pvpgn
bnfc ( [universe]
Compiler front-end generator based on Labelled BNF
boa (0.94.14rc21-3.1) [universe]
Lightweight and high performance web server
boa-constructor (0.6.1-12) [universe]
RAD tool for Python and wxWindows application
boats (201004-1) [universe]
a race scenario drawing tool
bobot++ (1:1.97-10.4) [universe]
IRC bot with scripting features
bochs (2.4.6-4) [universe]
IA-32 PC emulator
bochs-doc (2.4.6-4) [universe]
Bochs upstream documentation
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa bochs-x, bochs-wx, bochs-svga, bochs-term, bochs-sdl
bochs-sdl (2.4.6-4) [universe]
SDL plugin for Bochs
bochs-svga (2.4.6-4) [universe]
SVGA plugin for Bochs
bochs-term (2.4.6-4) [universe]
Terminal (ncurses-based) plugin for Bochs
bochs-wx (2.4.6-4) [universe]
WxWindows plugin for Bochs
bochs-x (2.4.6-4) [universe]
X11 plugin for Bochs
bochsbios (2.4.6-4) [universe]
BIOS for the Bochs emulator
bodr (9-1) [universe]
Blue Obelisk Data Repository
bogl-bterm (0.1.18-4ubuntu1)
Ben's Own Graphics Library - graphical terminal
bogl-bterm-udeb (0.1.18-4ubuntu1)
Ben's Own Graphics Library - graphical terminal
bognor-regis (0.6.12+git20101007.02c25268-7) [universe]
Media daemon and play queue manager
bogofilter (1.2.2+dfsg1-1ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 1.2.2+dfsg1-1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
fast Bayesian spam filter (dummy package)
bogofilter-bdb (1.2.2+dfsg1-1ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 1.2.2+dfsg1-1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
fast Bayesian spam filter (Berkeley DB)
bogofilter-common (1.2.2+dfsg1-1ubuntu0.12.04.1) [universe] [security]
fast Bayesian spam filter (common files)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa bogofilter-bdb, bogofilter-sqlite
bogofilter-sqlite (1.2.2+dfsg1-1ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 1.2.2+dfsg1-1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
fast Bayesian spam filter (sqlite)
bogosec (2.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Source Code Security Quality Metric
boinc (7.0.24+dfsg-1) [universe]
metapackage for the BOINC client and the manager
boinc-amd-opencl (7.0.24+dfsg-1) [multiverse]
metapackage for AMD/ATI OpenCL-savvy BOINC client and manager
boinc-app-examples (7.0.24+dfsg-1) [universe]
example binaries for BOINC servers
boinc-app-milkyway (0.18d-1.1) [universe]
Milkyway@home application for the BOINC client
boinc-app-seti (5.13+cvs20060510-7ubuntu1) [universe]
SETI@home application for the BOINC client
boinc-cgi-stripchart (7.0.24+dfsg-1) [universe]
CGI script for plotting basic statistical graphs
boinc-client (7.0.24+dfsg-1) [universe]
core client for the BOINC distributed computing infrastructure
boinc-dbg (7.0.24+dfsg-1) [universe]
debugging symbols for BOINC binaries
boinc-dev (7.0.24+dfsg-1) [universe]
development files to build applications for BOINC projects
boinc-manager (7.0.24+dfsg-1) [universe]
GUI to control and monitor the BOINC core client
boinc-nvidia-cuda (7.0.24+dfsg-1) [multiverse]
metapackage for CUDA-savvy BOINC client and manager
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa boinc-server-maker
boinc-server-maker (7.0.24+dfsg-1) [universe]
BOINC server applications and data files
bokken (1.5-5) [universe]
reverse code engineering GUI for pyew and radare
bombardier (0.8.3+nmu1ubuntu1) [universe]
The GNU Bombing utility
bomber (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1)
arcade spaceship game
bomberclone (0.11.9-3) [universe]
free Bomberman clone
bomberclone-data (0.11.9-3) [universe]
Data files for bomberclone game
bombono-dvd (1.2.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
DVD authoring program with nice and clean GUI
bombono-dvd-data (1.2.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Data files for bombono-dvd
bomstrip (9-6) [universe]
tool to strip Byte-Order Marks from UTF-8 text files
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa bonnie++
bonnie++ (1.96)
Hard drive benchmark suite.
boo (0.9.5~git20110729.r1.202a430-1) [universe]
python-like language and compiler for the CLI
bookview (3.2.1-1) [universe]
Tcl/Tk based NDTP(Network Dictionary Transfer Protocol) client
boolector (1.4.ffc2089.100608-1) [universe]
SMT solver for bit-vectors and arrays
boolstuff (0.1.12-3) [universe]
library for operating on boolean expression binary trees
boolstuff-dev (0.1.12-3) [universe]
library for operating on boolean expression binary trees
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa prboom
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa freedm, freedoom
boot-info-script (0.60-1) [universe]
inspect boot environment
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ps3-kboot
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa yaboot-installer, kboot-installer, lilo-installer, flash-kernel-installer, nobootloader, grub-installer, elilo-installer
bootcd (3.27) [universe]
run your system from cd without need for disks
bootcd-backup (3.27) [universe]
tools to backup a Debian or alien Linux installation
bootcd-i386 (3.27) [universe]
bootcd extension to create images that can boot on i386
bootcd-ia64 (3.27) [universe]
bootcd extension to create images that can boot on ia64
bootcd-mkinitramfs (3.27) [universe]
initramfs extension for bootcd
bootchart (0.90.2-8ubuntu1) [universe]
boot sequence auditing
bootmail (1.9-0ubuntu1) [universe]
automatically email a list of admins when a system reboots
bootp (2.4.3-18) [universe]
server for the bootp protocol with DHCP support
bootparamd (0.17-9) [universe]
Boot parameter server
bootpc (0.64-7) [universe]
bootp client
bootstrap-base (1.122ubuntu7)
Install the base system
bopm (3.1.3-3) [universe]
Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor
bosh (0.6-6) [universe]
browse output of processes
boswars (2.6.1-2) [universe]
futuristic real-time strategy game
boswars-data (2.6.1-2) [universe]
Images, data, and music files for Bos Wars
botan1.10-dbg (1.10.0-3) [universe]
multiplatform crypto library (debug)
botan1.8-dbg (1.8.13-4) [universe]
multiplatform crypto library (debug)
bottlerocket (0.05b3-14.1) [universe]
Utility to control X10 Firecracker devices for home automation
bouml (4.21-1) [universe]
UML2 tool box to specify and generate code
bouml-plugouts-src (4.21-1) [universe]
UML2 tool box to specify and generate code (plugouts sources)
bouncy (0.6.20071104-3) [universe]
eat the yummy veggies in the garden - game for small kids
bovo (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1)
gomoku (five in line) board game
bowtie (0.12.7-1) [universe]
ultrafast memory-efficient short read aligner
bowtie-examples (0.12.7-1) [universe]
Examples for bowtie, the ultrafast memory-efficient short read aligner
boxbackup-client (0.11.1~r2837-1) [universe]
client for the BoxBackup remote backup system
boxbackup-server (0.11.1~r2837-1) [universe]
server for the BoxBackup remote backup system
boxes (1.0.1a-2.3) [universe]
Textmode box- and comment drawing filter
boxshade (3.3.1-6) [universe]
Pretty-printing of multiple sequence alignments
bozohttpd (20100920-1) [universe]
Bozotic HTTP server
bplay (0.991-10) [universe]
Buffered audio file player/recorder
bppphyview (0.2.1-1) [universe]
Bio++ Phylogenetic Viewer
bppsuite (0.7.0-1) [universe]
Bio++ program suite
bpython (0.10.1-3) [universe]
fancy interface to the Python interpreter - Curses frontend
bpython-gtk (0.10.1-3) [universe]
fancy interface to the Python interpreter - GTK+ frontend
bpython-urwid (0.10.1-3) [universe]
fancy interface to the Python interpreter - urwid frontend
bpython3 (0.10.1-3) [universe]
fancy interface to the Python interpreter - Curses frontend
br2684ctl (1:2.5.1-1.3) [universe]
Utility for configuring RFC 2684 ATM/Ethernet bridging
brag (1.4.1-2) [universe]
Downloads and assembles multipart Usenet binaries
braindump (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
ideas organizer component for the Calligra Office Suite
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa branding-ubuntu
branding-ubuntu (0.7)
Replacement artwork with Ubuntu branding
brandy (1.20~pre5-3) [universe]
BBC BASIC V interpreter
brasero (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
CD/DVD burning application for GNOME
brasero-cdrkit (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
cdrkit extensions for the Brasero burning application
brasero-common (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
Common files for the Brasero CD burning application and library
brazilian-conjugate (3.0~beta4-15) [universe]
Brazilian Portuguese verb conjugator
breathe-icon-theme (0.51.2) [universe]
A fresh and modern icon theme for Ubuntu
brewtarget (1.2.4-1) [universe]
GUI beer brewing software
brickos (0.9.0.dfsg-6) [universe] [ports]
alternative OS for LEGO(r) Mindstorms RCX. Supports devel. in C/C++
bridge-utils (1.5-2ubuntu6)
Utilities for configuring the Linux Ethernet bridge
brightside (1.4.0-4.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Add reactivity to the corners and edges of your GNOME desktop
briquolo (0.5.7-3) [universe]
Fast paced 3d Breakout
briquolo-data (0.5.7-3) [universe]
Fast paced 3d Breakout data files
bristol (0.60.9-1) [universe]
vintage synthesizer emulator
bristol-data (0.60.9-1) [universe]
vintage synthesizer emulator (data files)
brltty (4.3-1ubuntu5)
Access software for a blind person using a braille display
brltty-espeak (4.3-1ubuntu5) [universe]
Access software for a blind person - espeak driver
brltty-flite (4.3-1ubuntu5) [universe]
Access software for a blind person - Flite speech driver
brltty-speechd (4.3-1ubuntu5) [universe]
Access software for a blind person - Speech Dispatcher driver
brltty-udeb (4.3-1ubuntu5)
Access software for a blind person using a braille display
brltty-x11 (4.3-1ubuntu5) [universe]
Access software for a blind person using a braille display - X11 drivers
broadcom-sta-common ( [multiverse]
Common files for the Broadcom STA Wireless driver
broadcom-sta-source ( [multiverse]
Source for the Broadcom STA Wireless driver
brother-cups-wrapper-ac (1.0.3-1-0ubuntu1) [multiverse]
Cups Wrapper drivers for ac brother printers
brother-cups-wrapper-bh7 (1.0.0-10-0ubuntu5) [multiverse]
Cups Wrapper drivers for bh7 brother printers
brother-cups-wrapper-common (1.0.0-10-0ubuntu5) [multiverse]
Common files for Brother cups wrapper packages
brother-cups-wrapper-extra (1.2.1-0ubuntu3) [multiverse]
Cups Wrapper drivers for extra brother printers
brother-cups-wrapper-laser (2.0.1-2-0ubuntu5) [multiverse]
Cups Wrapper drivers for laser brother printers
brother-cups-wrapper-laser1 (1.0.2-1-0ubuntu7) [multiverse]
Cups Wrapper drivers for laser1 brother printers
brother-cups-wrapper-mfc9420cn (1.0.0-1-0ubuntu5) [multiverse]
Cups Wrapper drivers for mfc9420cn brother printers
brother-lpr-drivers-ac (1.0.3-1-0ubuntu3) [multiverse]
LPR drivers for ac brother printers
brother-lpr-drivers-bh7 (1.0.1-1-0ubuntu5) [multiverse]
LPR drivers for bh7 brother printers
brother-lpr-drivers-common (1.0.0-4-0ubuntu1) [multiverse]
Common files for brother-lpr-drivers packages
brother-lpr-drivers-extra (1.2.0-2-0ubuntu4) [multiverse]
LPR drivers for extra brother printers
brother-lpr-drivers-laser (2.0.1-3-0ubuntu4) [multiverse]
LPR drivers for laser brother printers
brother-lpr-drivers-laser1 (1.0.0-3-0ubuntu5) [multiverse]
LPR drivers for laser1 brother printers
brother-lpr-drivers-mfc9420cn (1.0.0-3-0ubuntu4) [multiverse]
LPR driver for mfc9420cn brother printer
browser-history (2.8-15) [universe]
User daemon that tracks URLs looked at and logs them
browser-plugin-gnash (0.8.10-5ubuntu1) [universe]
GNU Shockwave Flash (SWF) player - Plugin for Mozilla and derivatives
browser-plugin-lightspark (0.5.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
High-performance SWF player - Mozilla Plugin (experimental)
browser-plugin-packagekit (0.7.2-4ubuntu3) [universe]
Plugin to install missing plugins using PackageKit
browser-plugin-vlc (2.0.0-1) [universe]
multimedia plugin for web browsers based on VLC
brp-pacu (2.1.1+git20110314~repack1-1) [universe]
an audio analysis tool
brp-pacu-dbg (2.1.1+git20110314~repack1-1) [universe]
an audio analysis tool (debug)
brutalchess (0.5.2+dfsg-3) [universe]
3d chess with reflection of the chessmen
brutefir (1.0k-2) [universe]
a software convolution engine
bs2b-ladspa (0.9.1-3) [universe]
Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP LADSPA plugin
bsd-mailx (8.1.2-0.20111106cvs-1ubuntu0.1 [amd64, i386], 8.1.2-0.20111106cvs-1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
simple mail user agent
bsdcpio (3.0.3-6ubuntu1.4 [amd64, i386], 3.0.3-6ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Implementation of the 'cpio' program from FreeBSD
bsdgames (2.17-19) [universe]
collection of classic textual unix games
bsdgames-nonfree (2.17-3) [multiverse]
rogue, the classic dungeon exploration game
bsdiff (4.3-10ubuntu1) [universe]
generate/apply a patch between two binary files
bsdmainutils (8.2.3ubuntu1)
collection of more utilities from FreeBSD
bsdtar (3.0.3-6ubuntu1.4 [amd64, i386], 3.0.3-6ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Implementation of the 'tar' program from FreeBSD
bsdutils (1:2.20.1-1ubuntu3)
Basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite
bse-alsa (0.7.4-4) [universe]
ALSA plugin for BEAST
bsfilter (1:1.0.17-1.1) [universe]
Bayesian spam filter
bsh (2.0b4-12ubuntu0.1) [security]
Java scripting environment (BeanShell) Version 2
bsh-doc (2.0b4-12ubuntu0.1) [security]
Documentation for bsh
bsh-gcj (2.0b4-12ubuntu0.1 [amd64, i386], 2.0b4-12build1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Java scripting environment (BeanShell) Version 2 (native code)
bsh-src (2.0b4-12ubuntu0.1) [universe] [security]
Java scripting environment (BeanShell) Version 2 (source code)
bsign (0.4.5) [universe]
Corruption & intrusion detection using embedded hashes
bsnes (0.084-1) [universe]
Accurate SNES/SuperFamicom emulator
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa bsdiff
btag (1.1.2-1) [universe]
interactive command-line based multimedia tag editor
btanks (0.9.8083-3) [universe]
fast 2D tank arcade game with multiplayer and split-screen modes
btanks-data (0.9.8083-3) [universe]
fast 2D tank arcade game -- data
bterm-unifont (1.2)
Include complete Unicode font for bogl-bterm
bti (032-1) [universe]
command line micro-blogging tool
btpd (0.16-0ubuntu2) [universe]
BitTorrent Protocol Daemon
btrfs-tools (0.19+20100601-3ubuntu3)
Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem utilities
btrfs-tools-dbg (0.19+20100601-3ubuntu3)
Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem utilities (debug)
btrfs-tools-udeb (0.19+20100601-3ubuntu3)
Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem utilities (udeb)
btscanner (2.1-5.1) [universe]
ncurses-based scanner for Bluetooth devices
btyacc (3.0-5) [universe]
Backtracking parser generator based on byacc
bubblefishymon (0.6.4-4ubuntu1) [universe]
system load dockapp with a duck
bubbros (1.6-2) [universe]
multiplayer clone of the famous Bubble Bobble game
bucardo (4.4.8-1) [universe]
asynchronous replication system for PostgreSQL
buffer (1.19-10) [universe]
Buffering/reblocking program for tape backups, printing, etc.
buffy (1.2.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Heavy duty browser for mail folders
buffycli (0.5-1) [universe]
a text mode alternative to Buffy
bugs-everywhere (0.0.193+bzr.r217-2) [universe]
distributed bug tracking system using VCS storage
bugsquish (0.0.6-7) [universe]
Bugs are trying to suck blood out of your arm!
bugsx (1.08-12) [multiverse]
program to evolve biomorphs using genetic algorithms
bugz (0.9.3-2) [universe]
command-line interface to Bugzilla
buici-clock ( [universe]
attractive desktop clock
build-essential (11.5ubuntu2)
Informational list of build-essential packages
buildapp (1.4.2-1) [universe]
application to create common lisp images
buildbot (0.8.5-2) [universe]
system to automate the compile/test cycle
buildbot-slave (0.8.5-2) [universe]
system to automate the compile/test cycle
buildd (0.62.6-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Daemon for automatically building Debian binary packages from Debian sources
buildtorrent (0.8-1) [universe]
command line torrent creation program
bum (2.5.2-1) [universe]
graphical runlevel editor
bumprace (1.5.3-3) [universe]
1 or 2 players race through a multi-level maze
bumprace-data (1.5.3-3) [universe]
data files for bumprace
bup (0.22a-1) [universe]
highly efficient file backup system based on git
burgerspace (1.9.0-3) [universe]
Avoid evil foodstuffs and make burgers
burn (0.4.6-2) [universe]
command-line tool for writing optical media
burp (1.3.1-1) [universe]
Simple cross-platform network BackUp and Restore Program
burp-dbg (1.3.1-1) [universe]
debugging symbols for Burp
bustle (0.2.5-1) [universe]
D-Bus activity visualiser
busybox (1:1.18.5-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Tiny utilities for small and embedded systems
busybox-initramfs (1:1.18.5-1ubuntu4)
Standalone shell setup for initramfs
busybox-static (1:1.18.5-1ubuntu4)
Standalone rescue shell with tons of builtin utilities
busybox-syslogd (1:1.18.5-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Provides syslogd and klogd using busybox
busybox-udeb (1:1.18.5-1ubuntu4)
Tiny utilities for the debian-installer
buthead (1.1-1) [universe]
copy all but the first few lines
buxon (0.0.5-3) [universe]
SIOC forums browser
buzztard (0.5.0-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Modular music composer
buzztard-bsl (0.5.0-2.1) [universe]
Buzztard - Buzz Song Loader Plugin
buzztard-data (0.5.0-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Modular music composer - shared data files
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa openbve
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa bve-route-cross-city-south
bve-route-cross-city-south (1.31.08-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Birmingham Cross-City South (for OpenBVE rail simulator)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa bve-train-br-class-323-3dcab, bve-train-br-class-323
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa bve-train-br-class-323-3dcab
bve-train-br-class-323 (4.0.1809-0ubuntu2) [universe]
British Rail Class 323 EMU train (for OpenBVE rail simulator)
bve-train-br-class-323-3dcab (20100711-0ubuntu1) [universe]
British Rail Class 323 EMU train 3D cab (for OpenBVE rail simulator)
bvi (1.3.2-2) [universe]
binary file editor
bwa (0.6.1-1) [universe]
Burrows-Wheeler Aligner
bwbar (1.2.3-2) [universe]
generates text and graphical readout of current bandwidth use
bwbasic (2.20pl2-11) [universe]
Bywater BASIC Interpreter
bwidget (1.9.5-1) [universe]
Extension widgets for Tcl/Tk
bwm-ng (0.6-3ubuntu1) [universe]
small and simple console-based bandwidth monitor
bximage (2.4.6-4) [universe]
Disk Image Creation Tool for Bochs
byacc (20110908-1) [universe]
public domain Berkeley LALR Yacc parser generator
byacc-j (1.15-1build1)
Berkeley YACC parser generator extended to generate Java code
bygfoot (2.3.2-1) [universe]
football (a.k.a soccer) management game
bygfoot-data (2.3.2-1) [universe]
data of football (a.k.a soccer) management game
byobu (5.17-0ubuntu1)
powerful, text based window manager and shell multiplexer
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa byobu
bzflag ( [universe]
a 3D first person tank battle game
bzflag-client ( [universe]
BZFlag client
bzflag-data ( [universe]
BZFlag data file
bzflag-server ( [universe]
bzfs - BZFlag game server
bzip2 (1.0.6-1)
high-quality block-sorting file compressor - utilities
bzip2-doc (1.0.6-1)
high-quality block-sorting file compressor - documentation
bzr (2.5.0-2ubuntu2)
easy to use distributed version control system
bzr-builddeb (2.8.4) [universe]
bzr plugin for Debian package management
bzr-builder (0.7.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
construct a bzr branch from a recipe
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa bzr-builddeb
bzr-cvsps-import (0.0.1~bzr69-2) [universe]
CVS to Bazaar importer
bzr-dbus (0.1~bzr52-1) [universe]
D-Bus announcements plugin for Bazaar
bzr-doc (2.5.0-2ubuntu2)
easy to use distributed version control system (documentation)
bzr-email (0.0.1~bzr49-2build1) [universe]
Notification email plugin for Bazaar
bzr-explorer (1.2.2-1) [universe]
GUI application for using Bazaar
bzr-fastimport (0.13.0-1) [universe]
Fast-import/fast-export plugin for Bazaar
bzr-git (0.6.8-1) [universe]
Bazaar plugin providing Git integration
bzr-grep (0.4.0+bzr147-1) [universe]
Bazaar plugin to grep files and history
bzr-gtk (0.103.0+bzr792-1ubuntu1) [universe]
provides graphical interfaces to Bazaar (bzr) version control
bzr-loom (2.2.0-1) [universe]
Focused patch plugin support for Bazaar
bzr-pipeline (1.4-1) [universe]
Bazaar plugin for managing a pipeline of changes
bzr-pqm (1.4.0~bzr90-1) [universe]
bzr plugin to submit an email to a Patch Queue Manager
bzr-rebase (0.6.3-1ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package for bzr-rewrite
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa bzr-rewrite
bzr-rewrite (0.6.3-1ubuntu1) [universe]
History rewriting plugin for Bazaar
bzr-search (1.7.0~bzr88-1) [universe]
search plugin for Bazaar
bzr-stats (0.1.0-4build1) [universe]
statistics plugin for Bazaar
bzr-svn (1.2.1-1) [universe]
Bazaar plugin providing Subversion integration
bzr-upload (1.0.0+bzr90-2) [universe]
Bazaar plugin for uploading to web servers
bzr-webdav (1.12.2~bzr66-0ubuntu2) [universe]
WebDAV transport support for Bazaar
bzr-xmloutput (0.8.8+bzr162-1) [universe]
XML Communication plugin for Bazaar
bzrtools (2.5-1)
Collection of tools for bzr
c++-annotations (9.0.2-1) [universe]
Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++
c++-annotations-contrib (9.0.2-1) [universe]
Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - contributed files
c++-annotations-dvi (9.0.2-1) [universe]
Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - DVI output
c++-annotations-html (9.0.2-1) [universe]
Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - html output
c++-annotations-latex (9.0.2-1) [universe]
Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - LaTeX output
c++-annotations-pdf (9.0.2-1) [universe]
Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - PDF output
c++-annotations-ps (9.0.2-1) [universe]
Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - Postscript output
c++-annotations-txt (9.0.2-1) [universe]
Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - text output
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa g++-4.4, gcc-snapshot, g++-4.6, clang-3.4, gcc-mozilla, g++-4.5, g++
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa g++-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabi, g++-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabi, g++-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabi
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa g++-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabihf, g++-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabihf, g++-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabihf
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa g++-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabi, gcc-mozilla, g++-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabihf, g++-4.5, g++-4.4, gcc-snapshot, g++-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabi, g++-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabi, g++-4.6, g++-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabihf, g++-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabihf
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gcc-4.6, bcc, gcc-4.4, gcc, clang-3.4, gcc-4.5, tcc
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gcc-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabi, gcc-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabi, gcc-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabi
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gcc-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabihf, gcc-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabihf, gcc-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabihf
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gcc-avr
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gcc-m68hc1x
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gcc-m68hc1x
c-cpp-reference (2.0.2-7) [universe]
C and C++ programming reference
c-icap (1:0.1.6-1ubuntu1) [universe]
ICAP server implementation
c-repl (0.0.20071223-1) [universe]
read-eval-print loop for C
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa mono-devel
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa mono-devel
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa mono-devel
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa mono-devel
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa csh, tcsh
c-sig (3.8-16) [universe]
signature tool for GNU Emacs
c2050 (0.3b-4) [universe]
transitional dummy package for c2050 printer driver
c2esp (23-1)
transitional dummy package for c2esp printer driver
c2hs (0.16.3-2) [universe]
C->Haskell Interface Generator
c2hs-doc (0.16.3-2) [universe]
C->Haskell Interface Generator -- Documentation package
c2html (0.9.6-3) [universe]
Highlight C sources for WWW presentation
c3270 (3.3.10ga4-2build2) [universe]
Curses program for telnet sessions to IBM mainframes
ca-certificates (20160104ubuntu0.12.04.1) [security]
Common CA certificates
ca-certificates-java (20110912ubuntu6)
Common CA certificates (JKS keystore)
cabal-install (0.14.0-2) [universe]
command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage
cabextract (1.4-1) [universe]
Microsoft Cabinet file unpacker
cableswig (0.1.0+cvs20111009-1) [universe]
Generate wrappers for Python and Tcl from C++ code
caca-utils (0.99.beta17-2.1ubuntu2) [universe]
text mode graphics utilities
cachefilesd (0.9-3.1) [universe]
support fscache on already mounted filesystem
cacti (0.8.7i-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Frontend to rrdtool for monitoring systems and services
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cacti-spine
cacti-spine (0.8.7i-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Multi-Threading poller for cacti
cadabra (1.29-1) [universe]
field-theory motivated computer algebra system
cadaver (0.23.3-1) [universe]
command-line WebDAV client
cadubi (1.3-2) [universe]
Creative ASCII Drawing Utility By Ian
cagibi (0.1.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
cache/proxy daemon for SSDP used with UPnP
cain (1.9-2) [universe]
simulations of chemical reactions
cain-examples (1.9-2) [universe]
simulations of chemical reactions
cain-solvers (1.9-2) [universe]
simulations of chemical reactions
cairo-5c (1.4) [universe]
nickle bindings for the cairo graphics library
cairo-clock (0.3.4-2ubuntu2) [universe]
Analog clock drawn with vector-graphics
cairo-dock ( [universe]
Light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs (metapackage)
cairo-dock-core ( [universe]
Light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs (core package)
cairo-dock-data ( [universe]
Light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs (common files)
cairo-dock-plug-ins ( [universe]
Set of plug-ins for Cairo-Dock
cairo-dock-plug-ins-data ( [universe]
Common files for cairo-dock-plug-ins
cairo-dock-plug-ins-dbus-interface-mono ( [universe]
Mono interface to interact with Cairo-Dock by using DBus
cairo-dock-plug-ins-dbus-interface-python ( [universe]
Python interface to interact with Cairo-Dock by using DBus
cairo-dock-plug-ins-dbus-interface-ruby ( [universe]
Ruby interface to interact with Cairo-Dock by using DBus
cairo-dock-plug-ins-dbus-interface-vala ( [universe]
Vala interface to interact with Cairo-Dock by using DBus
cairo-dock-plug-ins-integration ( [universe]
Plug-ins for Cairo-Dock for a better integration in GNOME, KDE and Xfce
cairo-perf-utils (1.10.2-6.1ubuntu2) [universe]
The Cairo 2D vector graphics library performance utilities
cakephp (1.3.7-1) [universe]
MVC rapid application development framework for PHP
cakephp-instaweb (0.5-1) [universe]
Development webserver for CakePHP applications
cakephp-scripts (1.3.7-1) [universe]
MVC rapid application development framework for PHP (scripts)
calamaris ( [universe]
log analyzer for Squid or Oops proxy log files
calcoo (1.3.18-3) [universe]
Scientific calculator (GTK+)
calcurse (2.8-1) [universe]
text-based calendar and todo manager
calendarserver (2.4.dfsg-7) [universe]
Apple's Calendar Server
calf-plugins ( [universe]
pack of audio plugins - effects and instruments
calgebra (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu2) [universe]
algebraic calculator
calibre (0.8.38+dfsg-1) [universe]
e-book converter and library management
calibre-bin (0.8.38+dfsg-1) [universe]
e-book converter and library management
calife (1:3.0.1-3) [universe]
Provides super user privileges to specific users
calligra (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1) [security]
integrated work applications suite
calligra-data (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1) [security]
common shared data for the Calligra Office Suite
calligra-dbg (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
debugging symbols for Calligra
calligra-dev (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
common libraries for Calligra (development files)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa calligra-l10n-ptbr, calligra-l10n-da, calligra-l10n-hu, calligra-l10n-zhtw, calligra-l10n-uk, calligra-l10n-ru, calligra-l10n-fr, calligra-l10n-fi, calligra-l10n-pl, calligra-l10n-ca, calligra-l10n-pt, calligra-l10n-nb, calligra-l10n-nl, calligra-l10n-nds, calligra-l10n-it, calligra-l10n-kk, calligra-l10n-es, calligra-l10n-engb, calligra-l10n-cavalencia, calligra-l10n-el, calligra-l10n-de, calligra-l10n-et, calligra-l10n-sk, calligra-l10n-sv, calligra-l10n-cs, calligra-l10n-zhcn
calligra-l10n-ca (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Catalan (ca) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-cavalencia (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Southern Catalan (Valencian) (ca@valencia) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-cs (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Czech (cs) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-da (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Danish (da) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-de (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
German (de) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-el (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Greek (el) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-engb (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
British English (en_GB) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-es (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Spanish (es) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-et (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Estonian (et) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-fi (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Finnish (fr) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-fr (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
French (fr) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-hu (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Hungarian (hu) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-it (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Italian (it) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-kk (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Kazakh (kk) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-nb (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Norwegian Bookmal (nb) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-nds (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Low Saxon (nds) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-nl (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Dutch (nl) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-pl (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Polish (pl) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-pt (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Portuguese (pt) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-ptbr (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-ru (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Russian (ru) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-sk (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Slovak (sk) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-sv (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Swedish (sv) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-uk (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Ukrainian (uk) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-zhcn (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Chinese Simplified (zh_CN) translations for Calligra
calligra-l10n-zhtw (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu3)
Chinese Traditional (zh_TW) translations for Calligra
calligra-libs (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
common libraries and binaries for the Calligra Office Suite
calligra-map-shape (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
map shape plugin for the Calligra Office Suite
calligra-reports-map-element (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
map element for Calligra Reports
calligra-reports-web-element (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
web element for Calligra Reports
calligraactive (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
QML version of Calligra
calligraflow (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
flowcharting program for the Calligra Office Suite
calligraflow-data (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1) [security]
data files for Flow flowcharting program
calligramobile (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
version of Calligra for mobile
calligraplan (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
integrated project management and planning tool
calligrasheets (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
spreadsheet for the Calligra Office Suite
calligrastage (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
presentation program for the Calligra Office Suite
calligrawords (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
word processor for the Calligra Office Suite
calligrawords-data (1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.1) [security]
data files for Words word processor
cam (1.05-8) [universe]
Cpu's Audio Mixer for Linux
cameleon (1.9.21-1build1) [universe]
integrated development environment for OCaml
cameleon-doc (1.9.21-1build1) [universe]
documentation for Cameleon
camera.app (0.8.0-9build1) [universe]
GNUstep application for digital still cameras
cameramonitor (0.2-2.1) [universe]
Webcam monitoring in system tray
camgrab (0.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
A command line tool to download a single image from a webcam
caml2html (1.4.1-3build1) [universe]
HTML and LaTeX colored syntax from OCaml source files
camlidl (1.05-13build3) [universe]
Stub code generator for Objective Caml
camlidl-doc (1.04-4) [universe]
Documentation for CamlIDL in PS, PDF and HTML formats
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa camlidl
camlmix (1.3.0-3build1) [universe]
preprocessor which converts text with embedded OCaml
camlp4 (3.12.1-2ubuntu2)
Pre Processor Pretty Printer for OCaml
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa camlp4
camlp4-extra (3.12.1-2ubuntu2) [universe]
Pre Processor Pretty Printer for OCaml - extras
camlp5 (6.02.3-1build2)
Pre Processor Pretty Printer for OCaml - classical version
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa camlp5
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa camlp5
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libzip-ocaml-dev
camorama (0.19-2.2) [universe]
gnome utility to view and save images from a webcam
camping (2.0-2) [universe]
small Ruby web framework for Model-View-Controller type applications
canna (3.7p3-6.5) [universe]
input system for Japanese - server and dictionary
canna-shion (0.0.20010204-11) [universe]
supporting dictionaries for Canna
canna-utils (3.7p3-6.5) [universe]
input system for Japanese - utilities
canorus (0.7-3) [universe]
graphical music score editor
canorus-data (0.7-3) [universe]
data files for canorus, a graphical music score editor
canto (0.7.10-2ubuntu1) [universe]
flexible ncurses Atom/RSS newsreader for the console
cantor (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
interface for mathematical applications
cantor-backend-kalgebra (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
KAlgebra backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-maxima (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Maxima backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-octave (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Octave backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-qalculate (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Qalculate backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-r (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
R backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-sage (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Sage backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-scilab (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Scilab backend for Cantor
cantor-dbg (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
debugging symbols for cantor
capi4hylafax (1: [universe]
Faxing over CAPI 2.0 device
capistrano (2.9.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Executes commands in parallel on multiples servers
capiutils (1:3.12.20071127-0ubuntu11) [universe]
Utilities for CAPI-capable ISDN cards
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gnome-control-center-data
cappuccino (0.5.1-2.1) [universe]
an utility to let your boss think that you're working hard
caps (0.4.2-1) [universe]
C* Audio Plugin Suite
cardstories (1.0.6-1ubuntu3) [universe]
multiplayer online card guessing game
caret (5.6.4~dfsg.1-1ubuntu3) [universe]
Computerized Anatomical Reconstruction and Editing Toolkit
carettah (0.0.7-3) [universe]
Presentation tool writtten with Haskell.
caribou (0.4.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Configurable on screen keyboard with scanning mode
caribou-antler (0.4.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Configurable on screen keyboard with scanning mode
carmetal (3.5.2+dfsg-1) [universe]
dynamic geometry software with highly ergonomic UI
caspar (20101204-1) [universe]
Makefile snippets for centralized configuration management and typesetting
caspar-doc (20101204-1) [universe]
documentation for caspar
casper (1.315)
Run a "live" preinstalled system from read-only media
castle-combat (0.8.1.dfsg.1-3) [universe]
game where the player builds one castle and destroys others
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa castle-combat
catcodec (1.0.4-1) [universe]
tool to decode/encode the sample catalogue for OpenTTD
catdoc (0.94.2-2) [universe]
MS-Word to TeX or plain text converter
catdvi (0.14-12) [universe]
DVI to plain text translator
catfish (0.3.2-2ubuntu1) [universe]
file search tool that support several different engines
cb2bib (1.4.6-1) [universe]
extract bibliographic references from various sources
cba (0.3.6-4) [universe]
Continuous Beam Analysis
cbedic (4.0-3) [multiverse]
Text-mode Bulgarian/English Dictionary
cbflib-bin ( [universe]
utilities to manipulate CBF files
cbflib-doc ( [universe]
documentation for CBFlib
cbios (0.25-2) [universe]
open source MSX BIOS roms
cbm (0.1-6) [universe]
display the current network traffic in colors
cbmc (4.0-4) [universe]
bounded model checker for C and C++ programs
cbrpager (0.9.22-1) [universe]
viewer for CBR, CBZ and CB7 (comic book archive) files
ccache (3.1.6-1)
Compiler cache for fast recompilation of C/C++ code
ccal (4.0-2) [universe]
Colorised calendar utility
ccbuild (2.0.2-1) [universe]
source scanning build utility for C++
cccc (1:3.1.4-3) [universe]
C and C++ Code Counter, a software metrics tool
cccd (0.3beta4-6.2) [universe]
A small GTK+ CD player program
ccd2iso (0.3-3) [universe]
Converter from CloneCD disc image format to standard ISO
cciss-vol-status (1.09-2) [universe]
HP SmartArray RAID Volume Status Checker
cclib (1.0.1-1) [universe]
Parsers and algorithms for computational chemistry
cclib-data (1.0.1-2) [multiverse]
Parsers and algorithms for computational chemistry (data files)
cclive (0.7.8-0.1) [universe]
lightweight command line video extraction tool
ccontrol (1.0-1) [universe]
Compilation controller
cconv (0.6.2-1) [universe]
simplified-traditional chinese conversion tool
ccrypt (1.9-4) [universe]
secure encryption and decryption of files and streams
ccscript-doc (4.2.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Scripting language documentation
ccze (0.2.1-2) [universe]
A robust, modular log coloriser
cd-circleprint (0.7.0-3) [universe]
prints round cd-labels
cd-discid (1.2-1) [universe]
CDDB DiscID utility
cd-hit (4.5.7-1) [universe]
suite of programs designed to quickly group sequences
cd5 (0.1-3) [universe]
Compute checksum of individual track on CD-ROMS
cdargs (1.35-8) [universe]
bookmarks and browsing for the cd command
cdbackup (0.7.0-5) [universe]
CD-R(W) backup utility
cdbs (0.4.100ubuntu2)
common build system for Debian packages
cdcat (1.2-1) [universe]
media catalog program
cdcd (0.6.6-13.1) [universe]
command line or console based CD player
cdcd-dbg (0.6.6-13.1) [universe]
command line or console based CD player (debug)
cdck (0.7.0-5) [universe]
tool for verifying the quality of written CDs/DVDs
cdcover (0.9.1-10) [universe]
Creating Data-CD Covers
cdd-common (0.6.15ubuntu2) [universe]
Debian Pure Blends dummy package for upgrades from cdd-common
cdd-dev (0.6.15ubuntu2) [universe]
Debian Pure Blends dummy package for upgrades from cdd-dev
cdd-doc (0.5.6) [universe]
Custom Debian Distribution documentation
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa blends-doc
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa icedax
cdde (0.3.1-1) [universe]
CD Detect & Execute utility
cdebconf (0.158ubuntu1)
Debian Configuration Management System (C-implementation)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cdebconf-newt-detect-keys
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cdebconf-gtk-entropy, cdebconf-newt-entropy, cdebconf-text-entropy
cdebconf-gtk (0.158ubuntu1) [universe]
Gtk+ frontend for Debian Configuration Management System
cdebconf-gtk-entropy (0.22)
cdebconf gtk plugin for reading from /dev/random
cdebconf-gtk-terminal (0.15)
cdebconf gtk plugin displaying a terminal
cdebconf-gtk-udeb (0.158ubuntu1)
Gtk+ frontend for Debian Configuration Management System
cdebconf-newt-detect-keys (0.10)
cdebconf plugin to detect keyboard layout
cdebconf-newt-entropy (0.22)
cdebconf newt plugin for reading from /dev/random
cdebconf-newt-terminal (0.15)
cdebconf newt plugin to provide a clean terminal
cdebconf-newt-udeb (0.158ubuntu1)
Newt frontend for Debian Configuration Management System
cdebconf-priority (0.158ubuntu1)
Change debconf priority
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cdebconf-newt-terminal, cdebconf-gtk-terminal
cdebconf-text-entropy (0.22)
cdebconf text plugin for reading from /dev/random
cdebconf-text-udeb (0.158ubuntu1)
Plain text frontend for Debian Configuration Management System
cdebconf-udeb (0.158ubuntu1)
Debian Configuration Management System (C-implementation)
cdebootstrap (0.5.8ubuntu1) [universe]
Bootstrap a Debian system
cdebootstrap-static (0.5.8ubuntu1) [universe]
Bootstrap a Debian system - static binary
cdebootstrap-udeb (0.5.8ubuntu1) [universe]
Bootstrap a Debian system - udeb
cdecl (2.5-11) [universe]
Turn English phrases to C or C++ declarations
cdfs-src (2.6.23-4) [universe]
shows the tracks on a CD as normal files
cdi2iso (0.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
DiscJuggler image to ISO image file converter
cdlabelgen (4.1.0-2) [universe]
generates front cards and tray cards for CDs and DVDs
cdo (1.5.3.dfsg.1-2) [universe]
Climate Data Operators
cdparanoia (3.10.2+debian-10ubuntu1)
audio extraction tool for sampling CDs
cdparanoia-dbg (3.10.2+debian-10ubuntu1)
audio extraction tool for sampling CDs (debug)
cdpr (2.4-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter
cdrdao (1:1.2.3-0.1ubuntu3)
records CDs in Disk-At-Once (DAO) mode
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa wodim
cdrkit-doc (9:1.1.11-2ubuntu2)
Documentation for the cdrkit package suite
cdrom-checker (1.21ubuntu2)
Verify the cd contents
cdrom-detect (1.39ubuntu3)
Detect CDROM devices and mount the CD
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa iso-scan
cdrom-retriever (1.25)
Fetch modules from a CDROM
cdrskin (1.1.8-1) [universe]
command line CD/DVD/BD writing tool
cdtool (2.1.8-release-2) [universe]
text-based audio CD player and CD-ROM control commands
cduce (0.5.4-1build3) [universe]
programming language adapted to the manipulation of XML data
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cduce
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cduce
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cduce
cdw (0.7.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Tool for burning CD's - console version
cec-utils (1.6.1-2) [universe]
USB CEC Adaptor communication Library (utility programs)
cecilia (2.0.5-2.2ubuntu1) [universe]
graphic user interface for CSound
cedar-backup2 (2.21.0-1) [universe]
local and remote backups to CD or DVD media
cedar-backup2-doc (2.21.0-1) [universe]
local and remote backups to CD or DVD media (documentation)
ceferino (0.97.8-3.1) [universe]
action game similar to Super Pang
ceferino-data (0.97.8-3.1) [universe]
action game similar to Super Pang
celestia (1.6.0+dfsg-4ubuntu1) [universe]
real-time visual space simulation
celestia-common (1.6.0+dfsg-4ubuntu1) [universe]
datafiles for Celestia, a real-time visual space simulation
celestia-common-nonfree (1.6.1-1) [multiverse]
Non-free datafiles for Celestia, a real-time visual space simulation
celestia-glut (1.6.0+dfsg-4ubuntu1) [universe]
real-time visual space simulation (GLUT frontend)
celestia-gnome (1.6.0+dfsg-4ubuntu1) [universe]
real-time visual space simulation (GNOME frontend)
cell-sdk (3.0~earlyRel-1ubuntu3) [universe] [ports]
Cell/B.E. Software Development Kit (SDK)
cellwriter (1.3.4-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
grid-entry handwriting input panel
celt (0.7.1-1) [universe]
The CELT codec command line tools
celt-doc (0.7.1-1) [universe]
Documentation for the CELT audio codec library
cenon.app (3.93-1.1) [universe]
Vector graphics tool for GNUstep
centerim (4.22.10-2) [universe]
A text-mode multi-protocol instant messenger client
centerim-common (4.22.10-2) [universe]
A text-mode multi-protocol instant messenger client (data files)
centerim-fribidi (4.22.10-2) [universe]
A text-mode multi-protocol instant messenger client (Hebrew)
centerim-utf8 (4.22.10-2) [universe]
A text-mode multi-protocol instant messenger client
ceph (0.41-1ubuntu2)
distributed storage
ceph-common (0.41-1ubuntu2)
common utilities to mount and interact with a ceph filesystem
ceph-common-dbg (0.41-1ubuntu2)
debugging symbols for ceph-common
ceph-dbg (0.41-1ubuntu2)
debugging symbols for ceph
ceph-fs-common (0.41-1ubuntu2)
common utilities to mount and interact with a ceph filesystem
ceph-fs-common-dbg (0.41-1ubuntu2)
debugging symbols for ceph-fs-common
ceph-mds (0.41-1ubuntu2) [universe]
distributed filesystem service
ceph-mds-dbg (0.41-1ubuntu2)
debugging symbols for ceph
ceph-resource-agents (0.41-1ubuntu2) [universe]
OCF-compliant resource agents for Ceph
cereal (0.24-1) [universe]
automated, logged serial terminal management system
cernlib (20061220+dfsg3-2) [universe]
CERNLIB data analysis suite - general use metapackage
cernlib-base (20061220+dfsg3-2) [universe]
CERNLIB data analysis suite - common files
cernlib-base-dev (20061220+dfsg3-2) [universe]
CERNLIB data analysis suite - dependencies checking script
cernlib-core (20061220+dfsg3-2) [universe]
CERNLIB data analysis suite - main libraries and programs
cernlib-core-dev (20061220+dfsg3-2) [universe]
CERNLIB data analysis suite - core development files
cernlib-extras (20061220+dfsg3-2) [universe]
CERNLIB data analysis suite - extra programs
cernlib-montecarlo (20061220+dfsg3-1build1) [universe]
CERNLIB Monte Carlo libraries
certmonger (0.56-0ubuntu1) [universe]
D-Bus -based service to simplify interaction with certificate authorities
cervisia (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu3)
graphical CVS client
ceve (1.4-2) [universe]
utility to parse package dependencies as set of constraints
cfdisk-udeb (2.20.1-1ubuntu3) [universe]
Manually partition a hard drive (cfdisk)
cfengine2 (2.2.10-4build2) [universe]
Tool for configuring and maintaining network machines
cfengine2-dbg (2.2.10-4build2) [universe]
debugging symbols for cfengine2
cfengine3 (3.1.5-1build1) [universe]
tool for configuring and maintaining network machines
cfengine3-dbg (3.1.5-1build1) [universe]
debugging symbols for cfengine3
cfget (0.18-1) [universe]
featureful tool to read values from config files
cfi-en (3.0-8) [universe]
Copyright does not exist, book about hacker culture
cfi-sv (3.0-8) [universe]
Copyright finns inte, book about hacker culture
cfingerd (1.4.3-3ubuntu1.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 1.4.3-3ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
configurable finger daemon
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libcfitsio3-dev
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libcfitsio3-doc
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libcfitsio3
cflow (1:1.4-1) [universe]
Analyze control flow in C source files
cfortran (4.4-14) [universe]
Header file permitting Fortran routines to be called in C/C++
cfourcc (0.1.2-6) [universe]
command line tool for changing FourCC in Microsoft RIFF AVI files
cfv (1.18.3-1) [universe]
versatile file checksum creator and verifier
cgdb (0.6.5-3.1) [universe]
a curses-based interface to the GNU Debugger (GDB)
cget (1.2.101-1) [universe]
web page downloader
cgi-mapserver (6.0.1-2ubuntu1.2 [amd64, i386], 6.0.1-2ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
CGI executable for MapServer
cgiemail (1.6-37) [universe]
CGI Form-to-Mail converter
cgilib (0.6-1) [universe]
Simple CGI Library
cgns-convert (2.5.5-2) [universe]
CFD General Notation System - Conversion tools
cgoban (1.9.14-16) [universe]
complete Go board
cgroup-bin (0.37.1-1ubuntu10) [universe]
Tools to control and monitor control groups
cgroup-lite (1.1)
Light-weight package to set up cgroups at system boot
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libcgsi-gsoap-dev
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libcgsi-gsoap1
cgvg (1.6.2-2) [universe]
command-line source browsing tool
chaksem (1.7b-5) [universe]
LaTeX class for presentations
chalow (1.0-2) [universe]
weblog tool that converts ChangeLog to HTML
chameleon-cursor-theme (0.5-4) [universe]
modern but not gaudy X11 mouse theme
changetrack (4.7-1) [universe]
monitor changes to (configuration) files
channel-server (0.0.1+20110418-1ubuntu1) [universe]
buddycloud channels service for XMPP
chaosreader (0.94-3) [universe]
trace network sessions and export it to html format
chaplin (1.10-0.2ubuntu1) [multiverse]
DVD chapter extractor
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa charm-helper-sh
charm-helper-sh (0.3+121-0ubuntu1) [universe]
shell script helpers for use in juju charms
charm-tools (0.3+121-0ubuntu1) [universe]
tools for maintaining Juju charms
charmap.app (0.2-11) [universe]
Character map for GNUstep
charybdis (3.3.0-7ubuntu1) [universe]
fast, scalable irc server
chase (0.5.2-4) [universe]
Follow a symlink and print out its target file
chasen (2.4.4-17) [universe]
Japanese Morphological Analysis System
chasen-cannadic (0.94h-2.1) [universe]
a Japanese dictionary for ChaSen derived from Canna dictionary
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa naist-jdic, naist-jdic-utf8
chasen-dictutils (2.4.4-17) [universe]
Japanese Morphological Analysis System - utilities for dictionary
check (0.9.8-1.1ubuntu1)
unit test framework for C
check-mk-agent (1.1.12-1ubuntu1) [universe]
general purpose nagios-plugin for retrieving data
check-mk-agent-logwatch (1.1.12-1ubuntu1) [universe]
general purpose nagios-plugin for retrieving data
check-mk-config-icinga (1.1.12-1ubuntu1) [universe]
general purpose nagios-plugin for retrieving data
check-mk-config-nagios3 (1.1.12-1ubuntu1) [universe]
general purpose nagios-plugin for retrieving data
check-mk-doc (1.1.12-1ubuntu1) [universe]
general purpose nagios-plugin for retrieving data (documentation)
check-mk-livestatus (1.1.12-1ubuntu1) [universe]
general purpose nagios-plugin for retrieving data
check-mk-multisite (1.1.12-1ubuntu1) [universe]
general purpose nagios-plugin for retrieving data
check-mk-server (1.1.12-1ubuntu1) [universe]
general purpose nagios-plugin for retrieving data
check-postgres (2.18.0-1) [universe]
script for monitoring PostgreSQL databases
checkbot (1.80-2) [universe]
WWW link verifier
checkbox (0.13.7)
System testing application
checkbox-cli (0.13.7)
Command line interface for checkbox
checkbox-gtk (0.13.7)
GTK interface for checkbox
checkbox-qt (0.13.7)
QT4 interface for checkbox
checkbox-urwid (0.13.7) [universe]
Urwid interface for checkbox
checkgmail (1.13+svn43-3fakesync1) [universe]
alternative Gmail Notifier for Linux via Atom feeds
checkinstall (1.6.2-3ubuntu1) [universe]
installation tracker
checkmp3 (1.98-10) [universe]
Identify MP3s that do not follow the MP3 format
checkpolicy (2.1.0-1.1) [universe]
SELinux policy compiler
checkpw (1.02-1+deb6u1build0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 1.02-1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
checks password which is stored in ~/Maildir/.password
checksecurity (2.0.14ubuntu1)
basic system security checks
checkservice (1.1.0-12) [universe]
Checks the status of services on (remote) hosts
checkstyle (5.4-1) [universe]
checks Java source against a coding standard
checkstyle-doc (5.4-1) [universe]
Documentation for Checkstyle
cheese (3.4.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam
cheese-common (3.4.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Common files for the Cheese tool to take pictures and videos
chemeq (2.9-1) [universe]
Parser for chemical formula and equilibria
chemical-mime-data (0.1.94-6) [universe]
chemical MIME and file type support for desktops
chemical-structures (2.2.dfsg.0-6) [universe]
set of molecular structures in open formats
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa chemical-mime-data
chemtool (1.6.13-1) [universe]
chemical structures drawing program
cherokee (1.2.101-1) [universe]
Very fast, flexible and easy to configure web server
cherokee-admin (1.2.101-1) [universe]
Cherokee web server - Administrative plugin
cherokee-doc (1.2.101-1) [universe]
Very fast, flexible and easy to configure web server
cherrytree (0.23.1-1) [universe]
hierarchical note taking application
chewmail (1.2-1) [universe]
mail archiver for various mailbox formats
chiark-backup (4.1.28+nmu2build1) [universe]
backup system for small systems and networks
chiark-really (4.1.28+nmu2build1) [universe]
really - a tool for gaining privilege (simple, realistic sudo)
chiark-rwbuffer (4.1.28+nmu2build1) [universe]
readbuffer/writebuffer: prevents tape drive seesawing, etc.
chiark-scripts (4.1.28+nmu2build1) [universe]
chiark system administration scripts
chiark-utils-bin (4.1.28+nmu2build1) [universe]
chiark system administration utilities
chicken-bin (4.7.0-1+deb7u1build0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 4.7.0-1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Practical and portable Scheme system - compiler
childsplay (1.6-1) [universe]
Suite of educational games for young children
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa childsplay-alphabet-sounds-el, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-pt, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-ca, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-sl, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-ru, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-nl, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-de, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-en-gb, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-ro, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-nb, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-bg, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-fr, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-es, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-sv, childsplay-alphabet-sounds-it
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-bg (0.9.1-2) [universe]
Bulgarian sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-ca (0.9.1-2) [universe]
Catalan sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-de (0.9.1-2) [universe]
German sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-el (0.9-2) [universe]
Greek sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-en-gb (0.9.1-2) [universe]
British sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-es (0.9.1-2) [universe]
Spanish sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-fr (0.9.1-2) [universe]
French sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-it (0.9.1-2) [universe]
Italian sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-nb (0.9.1-1) [universe]
Bokmål sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-nl (0.9.1-1) [universe]
Dutch sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-pt (0.9.1-1) [universe]
Portugese sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-ro (0.9.1-1) [universe]
Romanian sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-ru (0.9.1-1) [universe]
Russian sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-sl (0.9.1-1) [universe]
Slovenian sound files for childsplay
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-sv (0.9.2-1) [universe]
Swedish sound files for childsplay
chillispot (1.0-10.1) [universe]
Wireless LAN Access Point Controller
chimera2 (2.0a19-6) [universe]
Web browser for X
chipmunk-dev (5.3.4-1) [universe]
Fast and lightweight 2D rigid body physics library - devel
chipw (2.0.6-1.1) [universe]
custom level editor for TileWorld / Chip's Challenge™
chirp (0.1.12-1) [universe]
Configuration tool for amateur radios
chise-db (0.3.0-2) [universe]
CHISE db, the character information database
chkconfig (11.0-79.1-2) [universe]
system tool to enable or disable system services
chkrootkit (0.49-4ubuntu1.1 [amd64, i386], 0.49-4ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
rootkit detector
chktex (1.6.4-3) [universe]
Finds typographic errors in LaTeX
chm2pdf (0.9.1-1.1ubuntu5) [universe]
A Python script that converts CHM files into PDF files
chmsee (1.3.0-2ubuntu2) [universe]
A chm file viewer written in GTK+
chntpw (0.99.6-2) [universe]
NT SAM password recovery utility
chocolate-doom (1.6.0-1) [multiverse]
Doom engine closely-compatible with vanilla doom
choose-mirror (2.39ubuntu4)
Choose mirror to install from (menu item)
choose-mirror-bin (2.39ubuntu4)
Choose mirror to install from (program)
choosewm (0.1.6-3) [universe]
fake x-session-manager allowing the user to choose a wm
choqok (1.2-0ubuntu2)
KDE micro-blogging client
chora2 (2.1.1+debian0-1) [universe]
code repository viewing component for horde framework
chordii (4.3+repack-1) [universe]
Text file (chordpro format) to music sheet converter
chromium-browser (37.0.2062.120-0ubuntu0.12.04.4 [amd64, i386], 18.0.1025.151~r130497-0ubuntu1 [armhf]) [universe] [security]
Chromium browser
chromium-browser-dbg (37.0.2062.120-0ubuntu0.12.04.4 [amd64, i386], 18.0.1025.151~r130497-0ubuntu1 [armhf]) [universe] [security]
chromium-browser debug symbols
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa chromium-browser
chromium-browser-l10n (37.0.2062.120-0ubuntu0.12.04.4) [universe] [security]
chromium-browser language packages
chromium-bsu (0.9.15-1) [universe]
fast paced, arcade-style, scrolling space shooter
chromium-bsu-data (0.9.15-1) [universe]
data pack for the Chromium B.S.U. game
chromium-codecs-ffmpeg (37.0.2062.120-0ubuntu0.12.04.4 [amd64, i386], 18.0.1025.151~r130497-0ubuntu1 [armhf]) [universe] [security]
Free ffmpeg codecs for the Chromium Browser
chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-dbg (37.0.2062.120-0ubuntu0.12.04.4 [amd64, i386], 18.0.1025.151~r130497-0ubuntu1 [armhf]) [universe] [security]
chromium-codecs-ffmpeg debug symbols
chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra (37.0.2062.120-0ubuntu0.12.04.4 [amd64, i386], 18.0.1025.151~r130497-0ubuntu1 [armhf]) [universe] [security]
Extra ffmpeg codecs for the Chromium Browser
chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra-dbg (37.0.2062.120-0ubuntu0.12.04.4 [amd64, i386], 18.0.1025.151~r130497-0ubuntu1 [armhf]) [universe] [security]
chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra debug symbols
chronicle (4.6-2) [universe]
HTML & RSS blog compiler
chrony (1.24-3.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Sets your computer's clock from time servers on the Net
chrootuid (1.3-6) [universe]
Run commands in restricted environments
chrpath (0.13-2build2)
Tool to edit the rpath in ELF binaries
chuck ( [universe]
Concurrent, On-the-fly Audio Programming Language
cia-clients (20110719build1) [universe]
clients scripts for CIA commit notification on IRC
cicero (0.7.2-1) [multiverse]
French and English Text-To-Speech for MBROLA
cifer (1.2.0-0ubuntu3) [universe]
multipurpose classical cryptanalysis and code-breaking tool
cifs-utils (2:5.1-1ubuntu1)
Common Internet File System utilities
cil (0.07.00-3) [universe]
command line issue tracker
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa mono-utils
cim-schema (2.25.0-0ubuntu1) [multiverse]
cimg-dev (1.4.9-1ubuntu1) [universe]
powerful image processing library
cimg-doc (1.4.9-1ubuntu1) [universe]
documentation of cimg-dev imaging library
cimg-examples (1.4.9-1ubuntu1) [universe]
examples for cimg-dev imaging library
ciopfs (0.4-0ubuntu1) [universe]
FUSE case insensitive on purpose file system
cipux-cat-web ( [universe]
user and resource management framework CipUX - web-based admin tools
cipux-object-tools ( [universe]
Commandline object-related tools for CipUX
cipux-passwd ( [universe]
simple XML-RPC client to set your own password
cipux-rpc-tools ( [universe]
Commandline helper tools for XML-RPC server
cipux-rpcd ( [universe]
XML-RPC server for CipUX
cipux-storage-tools ( [universe]
Commandline storage-related tools for CipUX
cipux-task-tools ( [universe]
commandline task interface for CipUX
circos (0.55-2) [universe]
Package for visualizing data and information
circos-tools (0.16-2) [universe]
Helper tools for Circos
circuslinux (1.0.3-28) [universe]
Clowns are trying to pop balloons to score points!
circuslinux-data (1.0.3-28) [universe]
data files for circuslinux
ciso (1.0.0-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Tool to convert Sony PSP iso to ciso
citadel-client (7.86-1) [universe]
complete and feature-rich groupware server (command line client)
citadel-dbg (7.86-1) [universe]
complete and feature-rich groupware server - debugging symbols
citadel-doc (7.86-1) [universe]
complete and feature-rich groupware server (documentation)
citadel-mta (7.86-1) [universe]
complete and feature-rich groupware server (mail transport agent)
citadel-server (7.86-1) [universe]
complete and feature-rich groupware server
citadel-suite (7.86-dfsg-1build2) [universe]
complete and feature-rich groupware server; metapackage for full installation
citadel-webcit (7.86-dfsg-1build2) [universe]
web-based frontend to Citadel groupware server
cjet (0.8.9-2) [universe]
Software PCL emulation for Canon CaPSL laser printers
cjk-latex (4.8.2+git20111216-1) [universe]
installs all LaTeX CJK packages
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa latex-cjk-common
ckeditor (3.6.1-1) [universe]
text editor for internet
ckermit (302-1) [multiverse]
serial and network communications package
ckport (0.1~rc0-1) [universe]
portability analysis and security checking tool
ckport-database (0.1~rc0-1) [universe]
portability analysis and security checking tool (Database files)
cksfv (1.3.14-2) [universe]
sfv checker and generator
cl-acl-compat (1.2.42+cvs.2010.02.08-dfsg-1) [universe]
Compatibility layer for Allegro Common Lisp
cl-alexandria (0.0.20100217-1) [universe]
A collection of portable Common Lisp utilities
cl-asdf (2:2.20-1) [universe]
Another System Definition Facility
cl-aserve (1.2.42+cvs.2010.02.08-dfsg-1) [universe]
Portable Aserve
cl-awk (1-3) [universe]
Common Lisp package with the features of AWK and more
cl-babel (0.3.0+20091229-1) [universe]
A charset encoding/decoding library, not unlike GNU libiconv
cl-base64 (3.3.3-2) [universe]
Common Lisp package to encode and decode base64 with URI support
cl-bordeaux-threads (0.0.2-1) [universe]
Portable shared-state concurrency for Common Lisp
cl-cffi (20100219-2) [universe]
The Common Foreign Function Interface for Common Lisp
cl-clg (0.94~20090210-1) [universe]
Common Lisp bindings to GTK+ v2.x
cl-closer-mop (2:0.6-1) [universe]
Cross Implementation AMOP library
cl-cluck (0.1.3-2) [universe]
Common Lisp Microcontroller Clock Calculator
cl-clx-sbcl (0.7.4-4) [universe]
An X11 Common Lisp client library for SBCL
cl-contextl (1:0.6-1) [universe]
context orientation for Common Lisp
cl-fftw3 (1.0-1) [universe]
Common Lisp package for using the FFTW3 library
cl-flexi-streams (1.0.7-2) [universe]
Flexi-streams: Flexible bivalent streams for Common Lisp
cl-flexichain (1.5.1.dfsg.1-2) [universe]
An efficient gap buffer with a well-defined external protocol
cl-ftp (1.3.3-2) [universe]
Common Lisp FTP library
cl-getopt (1.2.0-3) [universe]
Common Lisp utility for command-line processing
cl-htmlgen (1.2.42+cvs.2010.02.08-dfsg-1) [universe]
HTML generation library for Common Lisp programs
cl-hyperobject (2.12.0-1) [universe]
Common Lisp library for hyperobjects
cl-irc (1:0.8.1-dfsg-3.1) [universe]
Common Lisp Internet Relay Chat Library
cl-irc-logger (0.9.4-3) [universe]
Internet Relay Channel Logger
cl-kmrcl (1.106-1) [universe]
General Utilities for Common Lisp Programs
cl-launch (3.016-1) [universe]
uniform frontend to running Common Lisp code from the shell
cl-lexer (1-4) [universe]
Lexical-analyzer-generator package for Common Lisp
cl-lml (2.5.7-4) [universe]
Lisp Markup Language
cl-lml2 (1.6.6-4) [universe]
Lisp Markup Language
cl-lw-compat (0.23-1) [universe]
LispWorks Compatibility Library
cl-mcclim (0.9.6.dfsg.cvs20100315-1) [universe]
Common Lisp graphic user interface toolkit
cl-mcclim-doc (0.9.6.dfsg.cvs20100315-1) [universe]
Graphic user interface package for Common Lisp programs
cl-mcclim-examples (0.9.6.dfsg.cvs20100315-1) [universe]
Common Lisp graphic user interface toolkit
cl-md5 (1:1.8.5-1) [universe]
Common Lisp package for MD5 Message Digests
cl-memstore (1.1.0-1) [universe]
Memstore library for Common Lisp Programs
cl-modlisp (0.6-7) [universe]
Common Lisp interface to the Apache mod-lisp module
cl-pg (1:20061216-5) [universe]
Common Lisp library that provides a socket level postgresql interface
cl-photo (0.14-4) [universe]
photographic calculator in Common Lisp
cl-pipes (1.2.1-5) [universe]
Common Lisp library for pipes or streams
cl-plplot (0.6.0-3build1) [universe]
CFFI based interface to the PLplot scientific plotting library
cl-postoffice ( [universe]
SMTP, POP, & IMAP interface library for Common Lisp Programs
cl-ppcre (2.0.3-1) [universe]
Portable Regular Express Library for Common Lisp
cl-ptester (2.1.2-6) [universe]
Test suite for Common Lisp programs
cl-pubmed (2.1.3-5) [universe]
Common Lisp package to query Pubmed medical literature database
cl-puri (1.5.5-1) [universe]
Common Lisp Portable URI Library
cl-quicklisp (1.0-1) [universe]
library manager for Common Lisp
cl-regex (1-3) [universe]
Common Lisp regular expression compiler/matcher
cl-reversi (1.0.14-4) [universe]
Reversi game for Common Lisp
cl-rlc (0.1.3-3) [universe]
Common Lisp RLC Circuit Simulator
cl-rsm-mod (1.4) [universe]
McIntire's Common Lisp Modular Arithmetic Library
cl-rss (0.1.1-6) [universe]
Common Lisp RSS processor
cl-rt (20040621-4) [universe]
Common Lisp regression tester from MIT
cl-salza (0.7.4-1) [universe]
Common Lisp package to write compressed data
cl-spatial-trees (0.2-3) [universe]
Spatial trees Common Lisp library
cl-speech-dispatcher (0.7.1-6ubuntu3) [universe]
Common Lisp interface to Speech Dispatcher
cl-split-sequence (20050802-3) [universe]
Common Lisp package split a sequence of objects
cl-sql (6.1.1-1) [universe]
SQL Interface for Common Lisp
cl-sql-aodbc (6.1.1-1) [universe]
CLSQL database backend, AODBC
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cl-sql-mysql, cl-sql-sqlite, cl-sql-sqlite3, cl-sql-postgresql, cl-sql-oracle, cl-sql-odbc, cl-sql-aodbc, cl-sql-postgresql-socket
cl-sql-mysql (6.1.1-1) [universe]
CLSQL database backend, MySQL
cl-sql-odbc (6.1.1-1) [universe]
CLSQL database backend, ODBC
cl-sql-oracle (6.1.1-1) [multiverse]
CLSQL database backend, Oracle
cl-sql-postgresql (6.1.1-1) [universe]
CLSQL database backend, PostgreSQL via library
cl-sql-postgresql-socket (6.1.1-1) [universe]
CLSQL database backend, PostgreSQL via sockets
cl-sql-sqlite (6.1.1-1) [universe]
CLSQL database backend, SQLite
cl-sql-sqlite3 (6.1.1-1) [universe]
CLSQL database backend, SQLite3
cl-sql-tests (6.1.1-1) [universe]
Testing suite for CLSQL
cl-sql-uffi (6.1.1-1) [universe]
Common UFFI functions for CLSQL database backends
cl-swank (1:20111027-2) [universe]
Superior LISP Interaction Mode for Emacs (Lisp-side server)
cl-trivial-features (0.6-1) [universe]
An abstraction layer for the *features* that implementations use
cl-trivial-gray-streams (20091021-1) [universe]
thin compatibility layer for gray streams
cl-uffi (2.1.2-1) [universe]
Universal Foreign Function Library for Common Lisp
cl-uffi-tests (2.1.2-1) [universe]
Regression tests for UFFI Common Lisp Library
cl-umlisp (1:2007ac.2-6) [multiverse]
Common Lisp interface for the Unified Medical Language System
cl-umlisp-orf (3.3.2-3) [multiverse]
Common Lisp Unified Medical Language System Interface, ORF
cl-usocket (0.5.4-2) [universe]
Common Lisp socket library
cl-webactions (1.2.42+cvs.2010.02.08-dfsg-1) [universe]
HTTP dispatch library for cl-aserve
cl-xlunit (0.6.3-2) [universe]
Common Lisp eXtreme Lisp Unit Testing Package
cl-xmls (1.4.1-1) [universe]
XML Simple Parser for Common Lisp
cl-xptest (1.2.4-3) [universe]
Extreme programming test suite for Common Lisp package
cl-zpb-ttf (0.7-2) [universe]
TTF parser
clam-chordata (1.0.0-2) [universe]
CLAM Chordata, chord detection tool
clam-networkeditor (1.4.0-3ubuntu1) [universe]
CLAM Network Editor, prototyping tool for CLAM
clam-networkeditor-examples (1.4.0-3ubuntu1) [universe]
CLAM Network Editor, examples
clamassassin (1.2.4-1) [universe]
email virus filter wrapper for ClamAV
clamav (0.99.2+addedllvm-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 0.97.3+dfsg-2.1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface
clamav-base (0.99.2+addedllvm-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [security]
anti-virus utility for Unix - base package
clamav-daemon (0.99.2+addedllvm-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 0.97.3+dfsg-2.1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
anti-virus utility for Unix - scanner daemon
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa clamav-freshclam
clamav-dbg (0.99.2+addedllvm-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 0.97.3+dfsg-2.1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
debug symbols for ClamAV
clamav-docs (0.99.2+addedllvm-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [security]
anti-virus utility for Unix - documentation
clamav-freshclam (0.99.2+addedllvm-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 0.97.3+dfsg-2.1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
anti-virus utility for Unix - virus database update utility
clamav-milter (0.99.2+addedllvm-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 0.97.3+dfsg-2.1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
anti-virus utility for Unix - sendmail integration
clamav-testfiles (0.99.2+addedllvm-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [universe] [security]
anti-virus utility for Unix - test files
clamav-unofficial-sigs (3.7.1-1) [universe]
update script for 3rd-party clamav signatures
clamfs (1.0.1-1.1) [universe]
user-space anti-virus protected file system
clamsmtp (1.10-9ubuntu1) [universe]
virus-scanning SMTP proxy
clamtk (4.38-1) [universe]
graphical front-end for ClamAV
clamz (0.5-1) [universe]
command-line program to download MP3's from Amazon
clang (3.0-6ubuntu3) [universe]
Low-Level Virtual Machine (LLVM), C language family frontend
clang-3.4 (1:3.4-1ubuntu3~precise2) [universe] [security]
C, C++ and Objective-C compiler (LLVM based)
clang-3.4-doc (1:3.4-1ubuntu3~precise2) [universe] [security]
C, C++ and Objective-C compiler (LLVM based) - Documentation
clang-3.4-examples (1:3.4-1ubuntu3~precise2) [universe] [security]
Clang examples
clang-format-3.4 (1:3.4-1ubuntu3~precise2) [universe] [security]
Tool to format C/C++/Obj-C code
clang-modernize-3.4 (1:3.4-1ubuntu3~precise2) [universe] [security]
Tool to convert C++98 and C++03 code to C++11
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libclanlib-dev
clanlib-doc (1.0~svn3827-3build1) [universe]
Reference documentation and tutorials for ClanLib
clasp (2.0.4-1) [universe]
conflict-driven nogood learning answer set solver
classmate-artwork (0.2-1) [universe]
classmate specific artwork adjustments
classmate-initramfs (0.1-0ubuntu5) [universe]
classmate specific initramfs settings
classmate-tools (0.2-0ubuntu6) [universe]
classmate specific gui tools
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libgcj-doc
claws-mail (3.8.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Fast, lightweight and user-friendly GTK2 based email client
claws-mail-acpi-notifier (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Laptop's Mail LED control for Claws Mail
claws-mail-address-keeper (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Address keeper plugin for Claws Mail
claws-mail-archiver-plugin (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Archiver plugin for Claws Mail
claws-mail-attach-remover (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Mail attachment remover for Claws Mail
claws-mail-attach-warner (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Missing attachment warnings for Claws Mail
claws-mail-bogofilter (3.8.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Bogofilter plugin for Claws Mail
claws-mail-bsfilter-plugin (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Spam filtering using bsfilter for Claws Mail
claws-mail-clamd-plugin (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
ClamAV socket-based plugin for Claws Mail
claws-mail-dbg (3.8.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Debug symbols for Claws Mail mailer
claws-mail-doc (3.8.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
User documentation for Claws Mail mailer
claws-mail-extra-plugins (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Extra plugins collection for Claws Mail
claws-mail-extra-plugins-dbg (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Debug symbols for Claws Mail Extra Plugins packages
claws-mail-fancy-plugin (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
HTML mail viewer using GTK+ WebKit
claws-mail-feeds-reader (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Feeds (RSS/Atom) reader plugin for Claws Mail
claws-mail-fetchinfo-plugin (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Add X-FETCH headers plugin for Claws Mail
claws-mail-gdata-plugin (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Access to GData (Google services) for Claws Mail
claws-mail-html2-viewer (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
HTML mail or attachment viewer for Claws Mail
claws-mail-i18n (3.8.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Locale data for Claws Mail (i18n support)
claws-mail-mailmbox-plugin (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
mbox format mailboxes handler for Claws Mail
claws-mail-multi-notifier (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Various new mail notifiers for Claws Mail
claws-mail-newmail-plugin (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
New mail logger plugin for Claws Mail
claws-mail-perl-filter (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Message filtering plugin using perl for Claws Mail
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa claws-mail-pgpmime
claws-mail-pgpinline (3.8.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
PGP/inline plugin for Claws Mail
claws-mail-pgpmime (3.8.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
PGP/MIME plugin for Claws Mail
claws-mail-plugins (3.8.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Installs plugins for the Claws Mail mailer
claws-mail-python-plugin (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Python plugin and console for Claws Mail
claws-mail-smime-plugin (3.8.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
S/MIME signature/encryption handling for Claws Mail
claws-mail-spam-report (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
Spam reporting plugin for Claws Mail
claws-mail-spamassassin (3.8.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
SpamAssassin plugin for Claws Mail
claws-mail-themes (20110216.dfsg-1) [universe]
Pixmap icon themes for the Claws Mail mailer
claws-mail-tnef-parser (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
TNEF attachment handler for Claws Mail
claws-mail-tools (3.8.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Helper and utility scripts for Claws Mail mailer
claws-mail-trayicon (3.8.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Notification area plugin for Claws Mail
claws-mail-vcalendar-plugin (3.8.0-1build1) [universe]
vCalendar message handling plugin for Claws Mail
clawsker (0.7.5-2) [universe]
Configuration tweaker for Claws Mail
clc-intercal (1:1.0~4pre1.-94.-2-2) [universe]
Compiler for the INTERCAL language
cldump (0.11~dfsg-1) [universe]
Clarion database files extractor
clearsilver-dev (0.10.5-1.3) [universe]
headers and static library for clearsilver
clementine (1.0.1+dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
modern music player and library organizer
clex (3.15-1) [universe]
command line file manager which uses the ncurses library
clfswm (20111015.git51b0a02-2) [universe]
A(nother) Common Lisp FullScreen Window Manager
cli-common (0.8.2)
common files between all CLI packages
cli-common-dev (0.8.2)
common files for building CLI packages
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa mono-runtime
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa mono-runtime
clif (0.93-9) [universe]
C language interpreter
clinica (0.2.1~dfsg-1) [universe]
Simple medical records manager
clinica-common (0.2.1~dfsg-1) [universe]
Simple medical records manager (architecture independent files)
clinica-dev (0.2.1~dfsg-1) [universe]
Simple medical records manager (development files)
clinica-plugins (0.2.1~dfsg-1) [universe]
Simple medical records manager (plugins)
cliofetion (2.2.0-1) [universe]
open source command line implementation of Fetion protocol
clipf (0.4-1) [universe]
command line minimalistic personal finance manager
clipit (1.4.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
clips (6.24-3ubuntu1) [universe]
"C" Language Integrated Production System
clips-common (6.24-3ubuntu1) [universe]
CLIPS common files and examples
clips-doc (6.24-2) [universe]
"C" Language Integrated Production System Documentation
cliquer (1.21-1) [universe]
clique searching program
clirr (0.6-3) [universe]
Checks Java libraries for compatibility with older releases
clisp (1:2.49-8.1) [universe]
GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation
clisp-dev (1:2.49-8.1) [universe]
GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation (development files)
clisp-doc (1:2.49-8.1) [universe]
GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation (documentation)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa clisp
clisp-module-berkeley-db (1:2.49-8.1) [universe]
clisp module that adds an interface to Berkeley DB
clisp-module-bindings-glibc (1:2.49-8.1) [universe]
clisp module that adds the glibc bindings
clisp-module-clx (1:2.49-8.1) [universe]
clisp module that adds X11 bindings
clisp-module-dbus (1:2.49-8.1) [universe]
clisp module that adds an interface to D-Bus
clisp-module-gdbm (1:2.49-8.1) [universe]
clisp module that adds an interface to GNU DBM
clisp-module-pcre (1:2.49-8.1) [universe]
clisp module that adds libpcre support
clisp-module-postgresql (1:2.49-8.1) [universe]
clisp module that adds a PostgreSQL interface
clisp-module-rawsock (1:2.49-8.1) [universe]
clisp module that adds a low level socket interface
clisp-module-wildcard (1:2.49-8.1) [universe]
clisp module that adds wildcard matching
clisp-module-zlib (1:2.49-8.1) [universe]
clisp module that adds zlib support for vectors
clive (2.2.27-1ubuntu1) [universe]
video extraction utility for YouTube, Google Video and others
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libcln-dev
cloc (1.53-1) [universe]
statistics utility to count lines of code
clock-setup (0.109ubuntu1)
set up clock
clojure (1.1.0+dfsg-3) [universe]
a Lisp dialect for the JVM
clojure-contrib (1.2.0-2) [universe]
user contributed set of libraries for clojure
clojure1.2 (1.2.1+dfsg-4) [universe]
Lisp dialect for the JVM
clojure1.3 (1.3.0+dfsg-2) [universe]
Lisp dialect for the JVM
clonalframe (1.2-2) [universe]
inference of bacterial microevolution using multilocus sequence data
cloog-isl (0.17.0-1) [universe]
Chunky Loop Generator (runtime library)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cloog-isl-lts
cloog-isl-lts (0.18.0-2ubuntu2) [security]
Chunky Loop Generator (runtime library)
cloog-ppl (0.15.11-4) [universe]
Chunky Loop Generator
cloop-utils (
Tools for handling with cloop compressed volumes
cloud-init (0.6.3-0ubuntu1)
Init scripts for cloud instances
cloud-initramfs-growroot (0.4ubuntu1)
automatically resize the root partition on first boot
cloud-initramfs-rescuevol (0.4ubuntu1)
boot off a rescue volume rather than root filesystem
cloud-utils (0.25-0ubuntu5)
cloud image management utilities
cloudfoundry-client (0.3.10-0ubuntu10) [universe]
Client library and CLI for the VMware Cloud Application Platform
cloudprint (0.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Server for Google Cloud Print
cltl (1.0.26) [multiverse]
Common Lisp the Language, second edition, book (Pre-ANSI)
clustalo (1.0.3-1) [universe]
General purpose multiple sequence alignment program for proteins
clustalw (2.1+lgpl-2) [multiverse]
global multiple nucleotide or peptide sequence alignment
clustalw-mpi (0.15-1) [multiverse]
MPI-distributed global sequence alignment with ClustalW
clustalx (2.1+lgpl-2) [multiverse]
Multiple alignment of nucleic acid and protein sequences (graphical interface)
cluster-agents (1:1.0.4-0ubuntu2) [universe]
The reusable cluster components for Linux HA
cluster-glue (1.0.8-2ubuntu6)
The reusable cluster components for Linux HA
cluster-glue-dev (1.0.8-2ubuntu6)
Development files for the cluster glue components
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa heartbeat
clustershell (1.5.1-1build1) [universe]
Distributed shell that provides an efficient python interface
clusterssh (4.00.11-2) [universe]
administer multiple ssh or rsh shells simultaneously
clutter-1.0-tests (1.10.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Open GL based interactive canvas library (test programs)
clvm (2.02.66-4ubuntu7)
Cluster LVM Daemon for lvm2
clzip (1.2-2) [universe]
C, lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm
clzip-dbg (1.2-2) [universe]
C, lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm (debug)
cm-super (0.3.4-4ubuntu1) [universe]
TeX font package (full version) with CM (EC) in Type1 in T1, T2*, TS1, X2 enc
cm-super-minimal (0.3.4-4ubuntu1) [universe]
TeX font package (minimal version) with CM/EC in Type1 in T1, T2*, TS1, X2 enc
cm-super-x11 (0.3.4-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Make the cm-super fonts available to X11
cmake (2.8.7-0ubuntu4)
cross-platform, open-source make system
cmake-curses-gui (2.8.7-0ubuntu4) [universe]
curses based user interface for CMake (ccmake)
cmake-data (2.8.7-0ubuntu4)
CMake data files (modules, templates and documentation)
cmake-dbg (2.8.7-0ubuntu4)
debugging symbols for CMake
cmake-doc (2.8.7-0ubuntu4)
extended documentation in various formats for CMake
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cmake-qt-gui
cmake-qt-gui (2.8.7-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Qt4 based user interface for CMake (cmake-gui)
cman (3.1.7-0ubuntu2)
Red Hat cluster suite - cluster manager
cmap-adobe-cns1 (0+20090930-2)
CMaps for Adobe-CNS1
cmap-adobe-gb1 (0+20090930-2)
CMaps for Adobe-GB1
cmap-adobe-japan1 (0+20090930-2)
CMaps for Adobe-Japan1
cmap-adobe-japan2 (0+20090930-2)
CMaps for Adobe-Japan2
cmap-adobe-korea1 (0+20090930-2)
CMaps for Adobe-Korea1
cmatrix (1.2a-4) [universe]
simulates the display from "The Matrix"
cmatrix-xfont (1.2a-4) [universe]
X11 font for cmatrix
cmigemo (20110227-3) [universe]
Japanese incremental search tool written in C - binary
cmigemo-common (20110227-3) [universe]
Japanese incremental search tool written in C - common files
cmigrep (1.5-9build1) [universe]
search in OCaml compiled interface files
cmip5-cmor-tables (1.3.10-1) [universe]
CMIP5 tables for the Climate Model Output Rewriter library
cmis-client (0.1.0-1) [universe]
client for the CMIS protocol
cmospwd (5.0+dfsg-2) [universe]
decrypt BIOS passwords from CMOS
cmt (1.16-1) [universe]
a collection of LADSPA plugins
cmtk (2.1.0-1) [universe]
Computational Morphometry Toolkit
cmus (2.4.3-1) [universe]
lightweight ncurses audio player
cmus-plugin-ffmpeg (2.4.3-1) [universe]
lightweight ncurses audio player (FFmpeg plugin)
cmuscheme48-el (1.8+dfsg-1+deb6u1ubuntu12.04.1) [universe] [security]
Emacs mode specialized for Scheme48
cnee (3.11-1) [universe]
X event recorder/replayer - command-line flavor
cntlm (0.91~rc6-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Fast NTLM authentication proxy with tunneling
coala (1.0.1-5) [universe]
translates action languages into answer set programs
cobalt-panel-utils (1.0.2-3) [universe]
System utilities for Sun Cobalt's LCD and LEDs
cobbler (2.2.2-0ubuntu33) [universe]
Install server
cobbler-common (2.2.2-0ubuntu33) [universe]
Cobbler Install server - common files
cobbler-enlist (0.3-1) [universe]
Cobbler enlistment tool
cobbler-enlist-udeb (0.3-1) [universe]
Enlist a host with a cobbler server (installer integration)
cobbler-web (2.2.2-0ubuntu33) [universe]
Cobbler Install server - web interface
cobertura ( [universe]
java tool that calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests
coccinelle (1.0.0~rc10.deb-1ubuntu1) [universe]
semantic patching tool for C
coccinelle-doc (1.0.0~rc10.deb-1ubuntu1) [universe]
documentation for coccinelle
coco-cpp (20110419-3) [universe]
Coco/R Compiler Generator (C++ Version)
coco-cs (20110419-4) [universe]
Coco/R Compiler Generator (C-Sharp Version)
coco-doc (20060919-2) [universe]
Documentation for the Coco/R Compiler Generator
coco-java (20110419-2) [universe]
Coco/R Compiler Generator (Java Version)
code-aster-gui (1.8.4-5) [universe]
Graphical user interface for Code_Aster - client
code-aster-run (1.8.4-5) [universe]
Graphical user interface for Code_Aster - server
code-saturne (2.1.0-4ubuntu1) [universe]
General purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software
code-saturne-bin (2.1.0-4ubuntu1) [universe]
General purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software - binaries
code-saturne-data (2.1.0-4ubuntu1) [universe]
General purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software - data
code-saturne-doc (2.1.0-4ubuntu1) [universe]
General purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software - Documentation
code-saturne-include (2.1.0-4ubuntu1) [universe]
General purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software - includes
code2html (0.9.1-4) [universe]
Syntax highlighter
codeblocks (10.05-2) [universe]
Code::Blocks integrated development environment (IDE)
codeblocks-common (10.05-2) [universe]
common files for Code::Blocks IDE
codeblocks-contrib (10.05-2) [universe]
contrib plugins for Code::Blocks IDE
codeblocks-contrib-dbg (10.05-2) [universe]
Debugging libraries for the Code::Blocks contrib plugins
codeblocks-dbg (10.05-2) [universe]
Code::Blocks debugging libraries
codeblocks-dev (10.05-2) [universe]
Code::Blocks development files (SDK)
codecgraph (20120114-1) [universe]
Generates graphviz graphs from HDA-Intel codec information
codegroup (19981025-6) [universe]
Convert any file, including binary, into 5 letter code
codelite ( [universe]
Powerful and lightweight C/C++ IDE
codelite-plugins ( [universe]
Powerful and lightweight C/C++ IDE - plugins
coderay (0.9.8-1) [universe]
Helper programs for CodeRay Ruby lib for syntax highlighting
codeville (0.8.0-2) [universe]
a distributed version control system
codfis (0.4.7-1) [universe]
tool to generate Italian fiscal codes
coffeescript (1.2.0-2) [universe]
interpreter and compiler for the CoffeeScript language
coffeescript-doc (1.2.0-2) [universe]
documentation for the CoffeeScript language
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa python-coherence
coinor-csdp (6.1.1-1) [universe]
A software package for semidefinite programming
coinor-csdp-dbg (6.1.1-1) [universe]
A software package for semidefinite programming
coinor-csdp-doc (6.1.1-1) [universe]
A software package for semidefinite programming
coinor-libcbc-dev (2.5.0-2.3) [universe]
Coin-or branch-and-cut mixed integer programming solver
coinor-libcbc-doc (2.5.0-2.3) [universe]
Coin-or branch-and-cut mixed integer programming solver
coinor-libcbc0 (2.5.0-2.3) [universe]
Coin-or branch-and-cut mixed integer programming solver
coinor-libcbc0-dbg (2.5.0-2.3) [universe]
Coin-or branch-and-cut mixed integer programming solver
coinor-libcgl-dev (0.55.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Cut Generator Library, a library of cutting-plane generators
coinor-libcgl-doc (0.55.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Cut Generator Library, a library of cutting-plane generators
coinor-libcgl0 (0.55.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Cut Generator Library, a library of cutting-plane generators
coinor-libcgl0-dbg (0.55.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Cut Generator Library, a library of cutting-plane generators
coinor-libclp-dev (1.12.0-2.1) [universe]
Coin-or linear programming solver
coinor-libclp-doc (1.12.0-2.1) [universe]
Coin-or linear programming solver
coinor-libclp0 (1.12.0-2.1) [universe]
Coin-or linear programming solver
coinor-libclp0-dbg (1.12.0-2.1) [universe]
Coin-or linear programming solver
coinor-libcoinutils-dev (2.6.4-3) [universe]
Coin-or collection of utility classes
coinor-libcoinutils-doc (2.6.4-3) [universe]
Coin-or collection of utility classes
coinor-libcoinutils0 (2.6.4-3) [universe]
Coin-or collection of utility classes
coinor-libcoinutils0-dbg (2.6.4-3) [universe]
Coin-or collection of utility classes
coinor-libdylp-dev (1.6.0-1) [universe]
Linear programming solver using of the dynamic simplex algorithm
coinor-libdylp-doc (1.6.0-1) [universe]
Linear programming solver using of the dynamic simplex algorithm
coinor-libdylp0 (1.6.0-1) [universe]
Linear programming solver using the dynamic simplex algorithm
coinor-libdylp0-dbg (1.6.0-1) [universe]
Linear programming solver using of the dynamic simplex algorithm
coinor-libflopc++-dev (1.0.6-3.1) [universe]
Formulation of Linear Optimization Problems in C++
coinor-libflopc++-doc (1.0.6-3.1) [universe]
Formulation of Linear Optimization Problems in C++
coinor-libflopc++0 (1.0.6-3.1) [universe]
Formulation of Linear Optimization Problems in C++
coinor-libflopc++0-dbg (1.0.6-3.1) [universe]
Formulation of Linear Optimization Problems in C++
coinor-libipopt-dev (3.10.1-1) [universe]
Interior-Point Optimizer - header files
coinor-libipopt-doc (3.10.1-1) [universe]
Interior-Point Optimizer - documentation
coinor-libipopt1 (3.10.1-1) [universe]
Interior-Point Optimizer, for large-scale nonlinear optimization
coinor-libipopt1-dbg (3.10.1-1) [universe]
Interior-Point Optimizer - debugging symbols
coinor-libosi-dev (0.103.0-1) [universe]
COIN-OR Open Solver Interface
coinor-libosi-doc (0.103.0-1) [universe]
COIN-OR Open Solver Interface
coinor-libosi0 (0.103.0-1) [universe]
COIN-OR Open Solver Interface
coinor-libosi0-dbg (0.103.0-1) [universe]
COIN-OR Open Solver Interface
coinor-libsymphony-dev (5.2.4-1.2ubuntu1) [universe]
COIN-OR solver for mixed-integer linear programs
coinor-libsymphony-doc (5.2.4-1.2ubuntu1) [universe]
COIN-OR solver for mixed-integer linear programs
coinor-libsymphony0 (5.2.4-1.2ubuntu1) [universe]
COIN-OR solver for mixed-integer linear programs
coinor-libsymphony0-dbg (5.2.4-1.2ubuntu1) [universe]
COIN-OR solver for mixed-integer linear programs
coinor-libvol-dev (1.1.7-1) [universe]
Coin-or linear programming solver
coinor-libvol-doc (1.1.7-1) [universe]
Coin-or linear programming solver
coinor-libvol0 (1.1.7-1) [universe]
Coin-or linear programming solver
coinor-libvol0-dbg (1.1.7-1) [universe]
Coin-or linear programming solver
coldfire (0.2.2-2.3) [universe]
Freescale Coldfire 5206 emulator
colibri (0.2.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
provides an alternative to KDE 4 Plasma notifications
collabtive (0.7-1.1) [universe]
Web-based project management software
collatinus (9.4-2) [universe]
lemmatisation of latin text
collectd (4.10.1-2.1ubuntu7) [universe]
statistics collection and monitoring daemon
collectd-core (4.10.1-2.1ubuntu7) [universe]
statistics collection and monitoring daemon (core system)
collectd-dbg (4.10.1-2.1ubuntu7) [universe]
statistics collection and monitoring daemon (debugging symbols)
collectd-dev (4.10.1-2.1ubuntu7) [universe]
statistics collection and monitoring daemon (development files)
collectd-utils (4.10.1-2.1ubuntu7) [universe]
statistics collection and monitoring daemon (utilities)
collectl (3.6.0-1) [universe]
Utility to collect Linux performance data
colorcode (0.7.2-1) [universe]
advanced clone of the MasterMind code-breaking game
colord (0.1.16-2)
system service to manage device colour profiles -- system daemon
colordiff (1.0.9-1) [universe]
tool to colorize 'diff' output
colorgcc ( [universe]
Colorizer for GCC warning/error messages
colormake (0.2-11) [universe]
simple wrapper around make to colorize output
colorname (0.4+dfsg.1-3) [universe]
utility to associate a name to a color
colortail (0.3.3-1) [universe]
log colorizer that makes log checking easier
colortest (20110624-1) [universe]
utilities to test color capabilities of terminal
colortest-python (1.3-2) [universe]
utility to test color capabilities of terminal
colrconv (0.99.3-4) [universe]
Convers client with curses color support
comerr-dev (2.1-1.42-1ubuntu2.2 [amd64, i386], 2.1-1.42-1ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
common error description library - headers and static libraries
comgt (0.32-2) [universe]
Option GlobeTrotter and Vodafone datacard control tool
comix (4.0.4-1) [universe]
GTK Comic Book Viewer
comixcursors (0.7.2-2ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa comixcursors-righthanded
comixcursors-lefthanded (0.7.2-2ubuntu1) [universe]
X11 mouse pointer themes with a comic art feeling (LH, translucent)
comixcursors-lefthanded-opaque (0.7.2-2ubuntu1) [universe]
X11 mouse pointer themes with a comic art feeling (LH, opaque)
comixcursors-righthanded (0.7.2-2ubuntu1) [universe]
X11 mouse pointer themes with a comic art feeling (RH, translucent)
comixcursors-righthanded-opaque (0.7.2-2ubuntu1) [universe]
X11 mouse pointer themes with a comic art feeling (RH, opaque)
command-not-found (0.2.46ubuntu6)
Suggest installation of packages in interactive bash sessions
command-not-found-data (0.2.46ubuntu6)
Set of data files for command-not-found.
command-runner-applet (0.2-2) [universe]
panel applet which periodically displays a command output
commit-patch (2.4-1) [universe]
utility to commit fine grained patches to source code control repositories
common-lisp-controller (7.8) [universe]
Common Lisp source and compiler manager
community-themes (0.23.2) [universe]
desktop artwork by the Ubuntu community
compartment (1.1.0-4) [universe]
Confine services in a limited environment
compass-fancy-buttons-plugin (1.1.1~20110426-1) [universe]
Compass plugin implementing fancy CSS3 buttons
compass-layoutgala-plugin (0.2-1) [universe]
Compass plugin implementing the Layout-gala CSS styles
compass-slickmap-plugin ( [universe]
Compass plugin implementing SlickMapCSS sitemap
compass-susy-plugin (0.9~20110427-3) [universe]
Compass plugin providing an elastic grid system
compass-yui-plugin (0~20100724-2) [universe]
Compass plugin implementing the YUI CSS Foundation
compface (1:1.5.2-5) [universe]
Compress/decompress images for mailheaders, user tools
compiz (1:
OpenGL window and compositing manager
compiz-core (1:
OpenGL window and compositing manager
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa compiz-core
compiz-dev (1:
OpenGL window and compositing manager - development files
compiz-fusion-bcop (0.8.4-1) [universe]
Compiz Fusion option code generator
compiz-fusion-plugins-extra ( [universe]
transitional dummy package.
compiz-fusion-plugins-main (1:
transitional dummy package.
compiz-gnome (1:
OpenGL window and compositing manager - GNOME window decorator
compiz-kde (1: [universe]
OpenGL window and compositing manager - KDE window decorator
compiz-plugins (1:
OpenGL window and compositing manager - plugins
compiz-plugins-default (1:
OpenGL window and compositing manager - default plugins
compiz-plugins-extra ( [universe]
Collection of extra plugins from OpenCompositing for Compiz
compiz-plugins-main (1:
Compiz plugins - main collection
compiz-plugins-main-default (1:
Compiz plugins - main default collection
compiz-plugins-main-dev (1:
Compiz plugins - main collection development files
compizconfig-backend-gconf (
Compiz Fusion configuration system - gconf backend
compizconfig-backend-kconfig (0.9.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
KConfig Settings library for plugins - OpenCompositing Project
compizconfig-settings-manager ( [universe]
Compiz configuration settings manager
complearn-tools (1.1.7-1) [universe]
complearn machine-learning command-line utilities
composite (0.006.2+dfsg0-1) [universe]
Live performance sequencer
composite-data (0.006.2+dfsg0-1) [universe]
Live performance sequencer (data files)
composite-dbg (0.006.2+dfsg0-1) [universe]
Live performance sequencer (debugging symbols)
comprez (2.6.1-1) [universe]
frontend to many compression programs
computer-janitor (2.1.0-0ubuntu8)
Clean up a system so it's more like a freshly installed one
computer-janitor-gtk (2.1.0-0ubuntu8) [universe]
Clean up a system so it's more like a freshly installed one
concalc (0.9.2-2) [universe]
console calculator
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa python-twisted-conch
concordance (0.23-2) [universe]
Harmony remote configuration tool
conduit (0.3.17-1ubuntu1) [universe]
synchronization tool for GNOME
cone (0.89-1) [universe]
COnsole Newsreader and Emailer
confclerk (0.5.4-1) [universe]
offline conference schedule application
confget (1.03-1) [universe]
read variables from INI-style configuration files
config-manager (0.4-2build1) [universe]
manage directories with Arch, Bazaar, CVS, HTTP, FTP and/or Subversion
config-package-dev (4.13) [universe]
CDBS modules for building configuration packages
configfile-doc (1:6) [universe]
transitional dummy package
configure-debian (1.0.2ubuntu3) [universe]
central configuration program for packages using debconf
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa netcfg, ppp-udeb, netcfg-static
confluence (0.10.6-7build2) [universe]
language for synchronous reactive hardware system design
conglomerate (0.9.1-3.2ubuntu1) [universe]
user-friendly XML editor
conglomerate-common (0.9.1-3.2ubuntu1) [universe]
common files for the user-friendly XML editor
congruity (15-1) [universe]
graphical utility to configure Logitech Harmony remotes
conky (1.8.1-6) [universe]
highly configurable system monitor (transitional package)
conky-all (1.8.1-6) [universe]
highly configurable system monitor (all features enabled)
conky-cli (1.8.1-6) [universe]
highly configurable system monitor (basic version)
conky-std (1.8.1-6) [universe]
highly configurable system monitor (default version)
conmux (0.12.0-0ubuntu3) [universe]
console multiplexor
connect-proxy (1.101-1) [universe]
Establish TCP connection using SOCKS4/5 or HTTP tunnel
connectagram (1.0.1-1) [universe]
word unscrambling game
connectomeviewer (2.0.0-1) [universe]
Interactive Analysis and Visualization for MR Connectomics
connman (0.78-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Intel Connection Manager daemon
connman-dev (0.78-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Development files for connman
conntrack (1:1.0.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Program to modify the conntrack tables
conntrackd (1:1.0.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Connection tracking daemon
cons ( [universe]
a Perl replacement for Make
conserver-client (8.1.18-1) [multiverse]
connect to a console server
conserver-server (8.1.18-1) [multiverse]
connect multiple user to a serial console with logging
console-braille (1.3) [universe]
Fonts and keymaps for reading/typing unicode braille
console-common (0.7.87) [universe]
basic infrastructure for text console configuration
console-cyrillic (0.9-16.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Better Cyrillic support for Linux console
console-data (2:1.12-1) [universe]
keymaps, fonts, charset maps, fallback tables for console-tools
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa console-keymaps-usb, console-keymaps-dec, console-keymaps-amiga, console-keymaps-sun, console-keymaps-mac, console-data, console-keymaps-at, console-keymaps-acorn, console-keymaps-atari
console-keymaps-acorn (2:1.12-1) [universe]
keymaps for Acorn RISC-PC keyboards
console-keymaps-amiga (2:1.12-1) [universe]
keymaps for Amiga keyboards
console-keymaps-at (2:1.12-1) [universe]
keymaps for PC-style (PS/2 and AT) keyboards
console-keymaps-atari (2:1.12-1) [universe]
keymaps for Atari keyboards
console-keymaps-dec (2:1.12-1) [universe]
keymaps for Dec keyboards
console-keymaps-mac (2:1.12-1) [universe]
keymaps for Apple keyboards
console-keymaps-sun (2:1.12-1) [universe]
keymaps for Sun keyboards
console-keymaps-usb (2:1.12-1) [universe]
keymaps for USB keyboards
console-log (1.1-2) [universe]
Puts a logfile pager on virtual consoles
console-setup (1.70ubuntu5)
console font and keymap setup program
console-setup-amiga-ekmap (1.70ubuntu5) [universe]
encoded keyboard layouts for Amiga keyboards
console-setup-ataritt-ekmap (1.70ubuntu5) [universe]
encoded keyboard layouts for Atari TT keyboards
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa console-setup-pc-ekmap, console-setup-sun5-ekmap, console-setup-sun4-ekmap, console-setup-amiga-ekmap, console-setup-macintoshold-ekmap, console-setup-ataritt-ekmap
console-setup-fonts-udeb (1.70ubuntu5)
console fonts for Debian Installer
console-setup-macintoshold-ekmap (1.70ubuntu5) [universe]
encoded keyboard layouts for old-style Macintosh keyboards
console-setup-mini (1.70ubuntu5) [universe]
console font and keymap setup program - reduced version
console-setup-pc-ekmap (1.70ubuntu5)
encoded keyboard layouts for PC keyboards
console-setup-sun4-ekmap (1.70ubuntu5) [universe]
encoded keyboard layouts for Sun4 keyboards
console-setup-sun5-ekmap (1.70ubuntu5) [universe]
encoded keyboard layouts for Sun5 keyboards
console-setup-udeb (1.70ubuntu5)
Configure the keyboard
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa console-setup
console-tools (1:0.2.3dbs-65.1ubuntu2) [universe]
Linux console and font utilities
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa console-data
console-tools-dev (1:0.2.3dbs-65.1ubuntu2) [universe]
Development files for Linux console and font manipulation
console-tools-udeb (1:0.2.3dbs-65.1ubuntu2) [universe]
loadkeys and consolechars
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa console-tools, kbd
consolekit (0.4.5-2)
framework for defining and tracking users, sessions and seats
conspy (1.8-1) [universe]
Remote control of Linux virtual consoles
contacts (0.9-2build1) [universe]
lightweight addressbook
context (2011.05.18.20110627-1) [universe]
powerful TeX format
context-doc-nonfree (2009.10.27-1) [multiverse]
ConTeXt documentation that is not DFSG free
context-modules (20110701-1) [universe]
additional ConTeXt modules
context-nonfree (2007.03.22-1) [multiverse]
Non-free items from the ConTeXt distribution
contextfree (2.2+dfsg1-2) [universe]
image generator based on context-free grammars
contour (2.0+git2012021501-0ubuntu2) [universe]
a context centric shell for the Plasma Contour Active workspace
contour-data (2.0+git2012021501-0ubuntu2) [universe]
shared data files for the KDE Plasma Contour shell
controlaula (1.6.22-1) [universe]
Classroom management tool
convert-pgn (0.29.6-2) [universe]
chess book format converter
convertall (0.4.2-1) [universe]
very flexible unit converter
convirt (2.0.1-6) [universe]
management system for open source hypervisors and cloud platforms
convlit (1.8-1) [universe]
convert Microsoft Reader .LIT files to HTML
convmv (1.12-2) [universe]
filename encoding conversion tool
cook (2.33-1) [universe]
Powerful make replacement
cook-doc (2.33-1) [universe]
Documentation for cook
cook-rsh (2.33-1) [universe]
Remote execution scripts for cook
cookietool (2.5-5) [universe]
suite of programs to help maintain a fortune database
coolkey (1.1.0-10ubuntu1) [universe]
Smart Card PKCS #11 cryptographic module
coolmail (1.3-11) [universe]
Mail notifier with 3d graphics
coop-computing-tools (3.4.0-1build1) [universe]
cooperative computing tools
coop-computing-tools-dev (3.4.0-1build1) [universe]
libraries and header files for coop-computing-tools
coop-computing-tools-doc (3.4.0-1build1) [universe]
documentation for coop-computing-tools
copyfs (1.0.1-4) [universe]
Versioning filesystem for FUSE
copyright-update (2010.0307+git23ecad8-2) [universe]
update copyright information in files
coq (8.3.pl4+dfsg-1) [universe]
proof assistant for higher-order logic (toplevel and compiler)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa coq
coq-doc (8.3pl2-1build1) [multiverse]
documentation for Coq
coq-doc-html (8.3pl2-1build1) [multiverse]
documentation for Coq in html format
coq-doc-pdf (8.3pl2-1build1) [multiverse]
documentation for Coq in pdf format
coq-theories (8.3.pl4+dfsg-1) [universe]
proof assistant for higher-order logic (theories)
coqide (8.3.pl4+dfsg-1) [universe]
proof assistant for higher-order logic (gtk interface)
coreutils (8.13-3ubuntu3.3 [amd64, i386], 8.13-3ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
GNU core utilities
coriander (2.0.1-1) [universe]
control IEEE1394 digital camera
corkscrew (2.0-7) [universe]
tunnel TCP connections through HTTP proxies
corosync (1.4.2-2)
Standards-based cluster framework (daemon and modules)
corosync-dbg (1.4.2-2)
Standards-based cluster framework (debugging symbols)
corosync-dev (1.4.2-2)
Standards-based cluster framework (generic devel files)
cortado (0.6.0-1) [universe]
streaming applet for Ogg formats
cortina (0.7.3-1) [universe]
Wallpaper changer for gnome
couchdb (1.0.1-0ubuntu18) [universe]
RESTful document oriented database, system DB
couchdb-bin (1.0.1-0ubuntu18) [universe]
RESTful document oriented database, programs
countrycodes (1.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
ISO 3166 country code finder (transitional dummy package)
courier-authdaemon (0.63.0-4build1) [universe]
Courier authentication daemon
courier-authlib (0.63.0-4build1) [universe]
Courier authentication library
courier-authlib-dev (0.63.0-4build1) [universe]
Development libraries for the Courier authentication library
courier-authlib-ldap (0.63.0-4build1) [universe]
LDAP support for the Courier authentication library
courier-authlib-mysql (0.63.0-4build1) [universe]
MySQL support for the Courier authentication library
courier-authlib-pipe (0.63.0-4build1) [universe]
External authentication support for the Courier authentication library
courier-authlib-postgresql (0.63.0-4build1) [universe]
PostgreSQL support for the Courier authentication library
courier-authlib-userdb (0.63.0-4build1) [universe]
userdb support for the Courier authentication library
courier-base (0.66.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - base system
courier-doc (0.66.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - additional documentation
courier-faxmail (0.66.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - Fax<->mail gateway
courier-filter-perl (0.200+ds-1) [universe]
purely Perl-based mail filter framework for the Courier MTA
courier-imap (4.9.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - IMAP server
courier-imap-ssl (4.9.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - IMAP over SSL
courier-ldap (0.66.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - LDAP support
courier-maildrop (0.66.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - mail delivery agent
courier-mlm (0.66.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - mailing list manager
courier-mta (0.66.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - ESMTP daemon
courier-mta-ssl (0.66.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - ESMTP over SSL
courier-pcp (0.66.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - PCP server
courier-pop (0.66.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - POP3 server
courier-pop-ssl (0.66.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - POP3 over SSL
courier-ssl (0.66.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - SSL/TLS Support
courier-webadmin (0.66.1-1ubuntu4) [universe]
Courier mail server - web-based administration frontend
couriergraph (0.25-4) [universe]
Mail statistics RRDtool frontend for Courier-{POP,IMAP}
courierpassd (1.1.2-2) [universe]
Change courier user passwords using poppassd interface
covered (0.7.10-1) [universe]
Verilog code coverage analysis tool
covered-doc (0.7.10-1) [universe]
Verilog code coverage analysis tool - documentation
cowbell ( [universe]
An easy-to-use tag editor for your music files
cowbuilder (0.67) [universe]
pbuilder running on cowdancer
cowdancer (0.67) [universe]
Copy-on-write directory tree utility.
cowsay (3.03+dfsg1-3) [universe]
A configurable talking cow
cpan-listchanges (0.05-1) [universe]
package change history notification tool
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libcpan-inject-perl
cpanminus (1.5007-1) [universe]
script to get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN
cpio (2.11-7ubuntu3.2 [amd64, i386], 2.11-7ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of files
cpipe (3.0.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
counting pipe
cplay (1.49-10) [universe]
A front-end for various audio players
cpm (0.26-1) [universe]
Curses based password manager using PGP-encryption
cpmtools (2.13-1) [universe]
Tools to access CP/M file systems
cpp (4:4.6.3-1ubuntu5)
GNU C preprocessor (cpp)
cpp-4.4 (4.4.7-1ubuntu2)
GNU C preprocessor
cpp-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabi (4.4.7-1ubuntu2cross1.52) [universe]
GNU C preprocessor
cpp-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabihf (4.4.7-1ubuntu2cross1.52) [universe]
GNU C preprocessor
cpp-4.4-doc (4.4.7-1ubuntu2)
Documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp)
cpp-4.5 (4.5.3-12ubuntu2)
GNU C preprocessor
cpp-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabi (4.5.3-12ubuntu2cross1.61) [universe]
GNU C preprocessor
cpp-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabihf (4.5.3-12ubuntu2cross1.61) [universe]
GNU C preprocessor
cpp-4.5-doc (4.5.3-12ubuntu2)
Documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp)
cpp-4.6 (4.6.3-1ubuntu5)
GNU C preprocessor
cpp-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabi (4.6.3-1ubuntu5cross1.62) [universe]
GNU C preprocessor
cpp-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabihf (4.6.3-1ubuntu5cross1.63) [universe]
GNU C preprocessor
cpp-4.6-doc (4.6.3-1ubuntu5)
Documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp)
cpp-arm-linux-gnueabi (4:4.6.2-7) [universe]
The GNU C preprocessor (cpp) for armel architecture
cpp-arm-linux-gnueabihf (4:4.6.2-7) [universe]
The GNU C preprocessor (cpp) for armhf architecture
cpp-doc (4:4.6.3-1ubuntu5)
Documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp)
cpp11-migrate-3.4 (1:3.4-1ubuntu3~precise2) [universe] [security]
Tool to convert C++98 and C++03 code to C++11
cppcheck (1.52-1) [universe]
tool for static C/C++ code analysis
cpphs (1.13.3-2) [universe]
Simplified cpp-a-like preprocessor for Haskell
cppo (0.9.2-1build1) [universe]
cpp for OCaml
cpqarrayd (2.3-1.3) [universe]
monitoring tool for HP (Compaq) SmartArray controllers
cproto (4.7j-3) [universe]
utilities to generate C function prototypes from C source code
cpu (1.4.3-11.2ubuntu2) [universe]
a console based LDAP user management tool
cpu-checker (0.7-0ubuntu1)
tools to help evaluate certain CPU (or BIOS) features
cpuburn (1.4a-2) [universe]
Collection of programs to put heavy load on CPU
cpuburn-udeb (1.4a-2) [universe]
perform CPU stress test (burn in) - expert use only
cpufreqd (2.4.2-1) [universe]
fully configurable daemon for dynamic frequency and voltage scaling
cpufrequtils (007-2) [universe]
utilities to deal with the cpufreq Linux kernel feature
cpuid (3.3-9) [universe]
Intel and AMD x86 CPUID display program
cpulimit (1.4-1) [universe]
tool for limiting the CPU usage of a process
cpuset (1.5.6-2) [universe]
Allows manipluation of cpusets and provides higher level fun
cpushare (0.48-4) [universe]
client and server for the CPUShare distributed computing platform
cqrlog (1.2.2-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Advanced logging program for hamradio operators
crack (5.0a-9.1) [universe]
Password guessing program
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa crack-md5
crack-attack (1.1.14-9.1) [universe]
multiplayer OpenGL puzzle game like "Tetris Attack"
crack-common (5.0a-9.1) [universe]
Password guessing program
crack-md5 (5.0a-9.1) [universe]
Password guessing program
cracklib-runtime (2.8.18-3build1)
runtime support for password checker library cracklib2
crafty (23.4-6) [multiverse]
state-of-the-art chess engine, compatible with xboard
crafty-books-medium (1.0.debian1-2) [multiverse]
Medium size opening books for the crafty chess engine
crafty-books-medtosmall (1.0.debian1-2) [multiverse]
Medium-to-small size opening books for crafty chess engine
crafty-books-small (1.0.debian1-2) [multiverse]
Small-size opening books for crafty chess engine
cramfsprogs (1.1-6build3)
Tools for CramFs (Compressed ROM File System)
cramfsswap (1.4.1ubuntu1) [universe]
swap endianess of a cram filesystem (cramfs)
crash (5.1.6-1ubuntu1)
kernel debugging utility, allowing gdb like syntax
crash-whitepaper (1.0-1.1) [multiverse]
Whitepaper for crash kernel debugging utility
crashmail (0.71-4) [universe]
JAM and *.MSG capable Fidonet tosser
crashme (2.4-9) [universe]
Stress tests operating system stability
crasm (1.5-1) [universe]
Cross assembler for 6800/6801/6803/6502/65C02/Z80
crawl (2:0.9.1-1) [universe]
Dungeon Crawl, a text-based roguelike game
crawl-common (2:0.9.1-1) [universe]
Dungeon Crawl, a text-based roguelike game (data files)
crawl-tiles (2:0.9.1-1) [universe]
Dungeon Crawl, a roguelike game, tiles version
crda (1.1.2-1ubuntu1)
wireless Central Regulatory Domain Agent
cream (0.43-2) [universe]
VIM macros that make the VIM easier to use for beginners
create-resources (0.1.3-4)
shared resources for use by creative applications
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa partman-base
createfp (3.2.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Language detection library - fingerprint generation utility
createrepo (0.4.11-1) [universe]
generates the metadata necessary for a RPM package repository
creepy (0.1.94-1) [universe]
geolocation information aggregator
cricket (1.0.5-15) [universe]
Program for collection and display of time-series data
crimson (0.5.2-1) [universe]
A hex-based tactical game
crip (3.9-1) [universe]
terminal-based ripper/encoder/tagger tool
criticalmass (1:1.0.0-1.4ubuntu1) [universe]
Shoot-em-up a la galaxian
criticalmass-data (1:1.0.0-1.4ubuntu1) [universe]
Shoot-em-up a la galaxian (data files)
critterding (1.0-beta12.1-1.1) [universe]
Evolving Artificial Life
crm114 (20100106-1) [universe]
versatile classifier for e-mail and other data
cron (3.0pl1-120ubuntu3)
process scheduling daemon
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa bcron-run
cron-apt (0.9.0) [universe]
automatic update of packages using apt-get
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cron
cron-deja-vu (0.1-1) [universe]
is a filter designed to handle recurring cron mails
cronolog (1.6.2+rpk-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Logfile rotator for web servers
cronometer (0.9.9-2) [universe]
Exercise and nutrient intake tracker
cronutils (1.1-3) [universe]
Utilities to assist running batch processing jobs
crossfire-client (1.60.0-3) [universe]
Client for the multiplayer roguelike Crossfire
crossfire-client-images (1.11.0-1) [universe]
Base crossfire-client images
crossfire-client-sounds (1.9.1-1) [universe]
sound files for playing crossfire
crossfire-common (1.60.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Architecture independent common files for Crossfire server
crossfire-doc (1.60.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Documentation for Crossfire
crossfire-maps (1.60.0-1) [universe]
Standard set of maps for crossfire
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa crossfire-maps-small
crossfire-maps-small (1.5.0-3) [universe]
Small set of maps for crossfire
crossfire-server (1.60.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Server for Crossfire Games
crosshurd (1.7.43) [universe]
Install a Debian system
crossroads (2.65-1.1) [universe]
open source load balance and fail over utility for TCP based services
crtmpserver (0.0~dfsg+svn611.1-2) [universe]
High performance RTMP/RTSP streaming server
crtmpserver-apps (0.0~dfsg+svn611.1-2) [universe]
base applications for the crtmpserver platform
crtmpserver-dev (0.0~dfsg+svn611.1-2) [universe]
Development files for the crtmpserver platform
crtmpserver-libs (0.0~dfsg+svn611.1-2) [universe]
shared libraries for the crtmpserver platform
cruft (0.9.16) [universe]
program that finds any cruft built up on your system
crypt++el (2.94-1) [universe]
Emacs-Lisp Code for handling compressed and encrypted files
cryptcat (20031202-4) [universe]
A lightweight version netcat extended with twofish encryption
cryptkeeper (0.9.5-5) [universe]
EncFS system tray applet for GNOME
cryptmount (4.2.1-1) [universe]
Management of encrypted file systems
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa crypto-modules-3.2.0-1412-omap4-di, crypto-modules-3.2.0-1602-armadaxp-di, crypto-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc-smp-di, crypto-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-di, crypto-modules-3.2.0-23-omap-di, crypto-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di, crypto-modules-3.2.0-23-virtual-di, crypto-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc64-smp-di
crypto-modules-3.2.0-1412-omap4-di (3.2.0-1412.16) [ports]
crypto modules
crypto-modules-3.2.0-1602-armadaxp-di (3.2.0-1602.5) [ports]
crypto modules
crypto-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-di (3.2.0-23.36)
crypto modules
crypto-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di (3.2.0-23.36)
crypto modules
crypto-modules-3.2.0-23-omap-di (3.2.0-23.36) [ports]
crypto modules
crypto-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc-smp-di (3.2.0-23.36) [ports]
crypto modules
crypto-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc64-smp-di (3.2.0-23.36) [ports]
crypto modules
crypto-modules-3.2.0-23-virtual-di (3.2.0-23.36)
crypto modules
cryptsetup (2:1.4.1-2ubuntu4)
disk encryption support - startup scripts
cryptsetup-bin (2:1.4.1-2ubuntu4)
disk encryption support - command line tools
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cryptsetup
cryptsetup-udeb (2:1.4.1-2ubuntu4)
disk encryption support - commandline tools (udeb)
crystalcursors (1.1.1-13) [universe]
X11 mouse theme with the crystal look&feel
crystalhd-dkms (1:0.0~git20110715.fdd2f19-4) [universe]
Crystal HD Video Decoder (Linux kernel driver)
crystalspace-glshader-cg (1.4.0-1ubuntu1) [multiverse]
Multiplatform 3D Game Development Kit (glshader-cg plugin)
cscope (15.7a-3.5) [universe]
Interactively examine a C program source
cscope-el (15.7a-3.5) [universe]
Interactively examine a C program source, cscope emacs binding
csh (20110502-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Shell with C-like syntax
csladspa (1:5.17.6~dfsg-1) [universe]
LADSPA plugin for Csound
csmash (0.6.6-6.6ubuntu1) [universe]
CannonSmash, a table tennis simulation game
csmash-data (0.6.6-6.6ubuntu1) [universe]
data files for the CannonSmash game
csmash-demosong (1.4) [universe]
Demo song for CannonSmash
csound (1:5.17.6~dfsg-1) [universe]
powerful and versatile sound synthesis software
csound-data (1:5.17.6~dfsg-1) [universe]
data files used by the csound library
csound-doc (1:5.13~dfsg-1) [universe]
documentation for csound
csound-gui (1:5.17.6~dfsg-1) [universe]
GUI interfaces and opcodes for Csound
csound-manpages (1:5.13~dfsg-1) [universe]
manual pages for csound
csound-utils (1:5.17.6~dfsg-1) [universe]
miscellaneous utilities for the Csound system
css-mode (0.11-7) [universe]
A Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) editing mode for Emacs
cssc (1.2.0-2) [universe]
Clone of the Unix SCCS revision-control system
cssed (0.4.0-4) [universe]
graphical CSS editor
csstidy (1.4-3) [universe]
CSS parser and optimiser
cstocs (1:3.42-2) [universe]
Recoding utility and Czech sorter
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cstocs
cstream (2.7.6-1) [universe]
general-purpose stream-handling tool similar to dd
csv2latex (0.18-2) [universe]
a CSV to LaTeX file converter
csvtool (1.2.2-1build2) [universe]
handy command line tool for handling CSV files
csync2 (1.34-2.2build1) [universe]
cluster synchronization tool
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa exuberant-ctags
ctapi-dev (1.1) [universe]
Card Terminal (CT) API definition
ctdb (1.11+git20111102-2) [universe]
clustered database to store temporary data
ctdb-dbg (1.11+git20111102-2) [universe]
clustered database to store temporary data -- debugging symbols and test suite
cthumb (4.2-3) [universe]
A program to generate themable Web picture albums
ctioga (1.10-1) [universe]
command-line plotting utility
ctioga2 (0.2-3) [universe]
polymorphic plotting program
ctn (3.0.6-13build2) [universe]
Central Test Node, a DICOM implementation for medical imaging
ctn-dev (3.0.6-13build2) [universe]
Development files for Central Test Node, a DICOM implementation
ctn-doc (3.0.6-3) [universe]
Documentation for Central Test Node, a DICOM implementation
ctorrent (1.3.4.dnh3.3.2-3) [universe]
BitTorrent Client written in C++
ctpl (0.3.3.dfsg-1) [universe]
command-line template parsing utility
ctsim (5.2.0-1.1) [universe]
Computed tomography simulator
ctsim-doc (5.2.0-1.1) [universe]
Documentation for ctsim package
ctsim-help (5.2.0-1.1) [universe]
Online help file for CTSim
ctwm (3.7-3.2) [universe]
Claude's Tab window manager
cu (1.07-20build1)
call up another system
cuba-partview (3.0-1) [universe]
partition viewer for the Cuba library
cube2font (1.2-2) [universe]
utility program for creating font bitmaps for Cube Engine games
cube2font-dbg (1.2-2) [universe]
debugging symbols for cube2font
cucumber (1.0.2-2) [universe]
acceptance testing framework
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa packup, aspcud, mccs
cudf-tools (0.6.1-1build2) [universe]
command line tools for package upgrade problem descriptions
cue2toc (0.4-5) [universe]
converts CUE files to cdrdao's TOC format
cuetools (1.3.1-12) [universe]
tools for manipulating CUE/TOC files
cufflinks (1.3.0-1ubuntu2) [multiverse]
Transcript assembly, differential expression and regulation for RNA-Seq
culmus (0.120-1)
TrueType and Type1 Hebrew Fonts for X11
culmus-fancy (0.0.20051018-3) [universe]
Type1 Fancy Hebrew Fonts for X11
cultivation (9+dfsg1-1) [universe]
game about the interactions within a gardening community
cuneiform (1.1.0+dfsg-2) [multiverse]
multi-language OCR system
cuneiform-common (1.1.0+dfsg-2) [multiverse]
multi-language OCR system (common)
cup (0.11a+20060608-3)
LALR parser generator for Java(tm)
cups (1.5.3-0ubuntu8.7 [amd64, i386], 1.5.2-9ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - server
cups-bsd (1.5.3-0ubuntu8.7 [amd64, i386], 1.5.2-9ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - BSD commands
cups-client (1.5.3-0ubuntu8.7 [amd64, i386], 1.5.2-9ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - client programs (SysV)
cups-common (1.5.3-0ubuntu8.7) [security]
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - common files
cups-dbg (1.5.3-0ubuntu8.7 [amd64, i386], 1.5.2-9ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - debugging symbols
cups-driver-gutenprint (5.2.8~pre1-0ubuntu2)
transitional dummy package for gutenprint printer driver
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa printer-driver-gutenprint
cups-filters (1.0.18-0ubuntu0.4 [amd64, i386], 1.0.17-0bzr0.1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
OpenPrinting CUPS Filters
cups-pdf (2.6.1-6) [universe]
PDF writer backend for CUPS
cups-pk-helper ( [universe]
PolicyKit helper to configure cups with fine-grained privileges
cups-ppdc (1.5.3-0ubuntu8.7 [amd64, i386], 1.5.2-9ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - PPD manipulation utilities
cupsddk (1.5.3-0ubuntu8.7) [universe] [security]
Common UNIX Printing System (transitional package)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cups-ppdc
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cups
cupt (2.3.2) [universe]
alternative front-end for dpkg -- console interface
curl (7.22.0-3ubuntu4.17 [amd64, i386], 7.22.0-3ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Get a file from an HTTP, HTTPS or FTP server
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa curl
curl-udeb (7.22.0-3ubuntu4)
Get a file from an HTTP, HTTPS or FTP server
curlftpfs (0.9.2-5) [universe]
filesystem to access FTP hosts based on FUSE and cURL
curtain (0.1-1) [universe]
handy curtain for the desktop
curves (0.8.19build1) [universe]
colorful console interface for CVS version control
customdeb (0.1) [universe]
Modfies binary Debian package
cutecom (0.22.0-2) [universe]
Graphical serial terminal, like minicom
cutils (1.6-3) [universe]
C source code utilities
cutmp3 (2.0.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
a small and fast command line MP3 editor
cutter (1.03-2) [universe]
disconnect routed IP connections
cutter-glib-support (1.1.7-1.1) [universe]
Cutter GLib integration
cutter-gtk-support (1.1.7-1.1) [universe]
Cutter GTK+ integration
cutter-report-module (1.1.7-1.1) [universe]
Test result reporting module for Cutter
cutter-testing-framework (1.1.7-1.1) [universe]
Cutter testing framework suite (meta-package)
cutter-testing-framework-bin (1.1.7-1.1) [universe]
A unit testing framework for C and C++
cutter-testing-framework-doc (1.1.7-1.1) [universe]
Documentation of Cutter
cutycapt (0.0~svn6-3) [universe]
utility to capture WebKit's rendering of a web page
cuyo (2.0.0brl1-1) [universe]
Tetris-like game with very impressive effects
cuyo-data (2.0.0brl1-1) [universe]
data files for the game cuyo
cvc3 (2.2-13.1) [universe]
An automatic theorem prover for SMT problems
cvc3-el (2.2-13.1) [universe]
Emacs mode for CVC3
cvm (0.96-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Credential Validation Modules
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libcvm1-dev
cvm-mysql (0.96-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Credential Validation Modules (MySQL)
cvm-pgsql (0.96-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Credential Validation Modules (PostgreSQL)
cvs (2:1.12.13+real-8)
Concurrent Versions System
cvs-autoreleasedeb (0.12-1) [universe]
Automatically release/upload debian packages from CVS
cvs-buildpackage (5.23) [universe]
A set of Debian package scripts for CVS source trees.
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cvs
cvs-mailcommit (1.19-2) [universe]
Send CVS commitments via mail
cvs-syncmail (2.3-1) [universe]
Notification program for CVS checkins
cvs2cl (2.59-2) [universe]
CVS-log-message-to-ChangeLog conversion script
cvs2html (1.98-3) [universe]
create HTML versions of CVS logs
cvs2svn (2.3.0-2) [universe]
Convert a cvs repository to a subversion, bazaar or git repository
cvschangelogbuilder (2.4-1) [universe]
perl utility to generate ChangeLogs or html cvs reports
cvsconnect (0.1.cvs20001202-2) [universe]
CVS connection minimizer
cvsd (1.0.22) [universe]
chroot wrapper to run 'cvs pserver' more securely
cvsdelta (1.7.0-6) [universe]
Summarize differences in a CVS repository
cvsgraph (1.6.1-2) [universe]
Create a tree of revisions/branches from a CVS/RCS file
cvsps (2.1-6)
Tool to generate CVS patch set information
cvsservice (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu3)
D-Bus service for accessing CVS repositories
cvssuck (0.3.cvs20060124-2) [universe]
inefficient cvs repository grabber using cvs command
cvstrac (2.0.1-3) [universe]
Low-ceremony bug tracker for medium-sized projects under CVS
cvsutils (0.2.5-1) [universe]
CVS utilities for use in working directories
cvsweb (3:3.0.6-7) [universe]
CGI interface to your CVS repository
cw (3.0.1-3) [universe]
Morse code tutor - command line user interface
cwcp (3.0.1-3) [universe]
Morse code tutor - text user interface
cwdaemon (0.9.4-9) [universe]
morse daemon for the parallel or serial port
cweb-latex (1.1.1-15ubuntu1) [universe]
LaTeX support for CWEB
cwebx (3.04-9) [universe]
C/C++ literate programming system (Marc van Leeuwen's version)
cwiid-dbg (0.6.00+svn201-3build1) [universe]
library to interface with the wiimote -- debug files
cwirc (2.0.0-5) [universe]
X-Chat morse plugin
cx-freeze (4.0.1-0ubuntu6) [universe]
create standalone executables from Python scripts
cxref (1.6c-2) [universe]
Generates LaTeX and HTML documentation for C programs
cxref-doc (1.6c-2) [universe]
Generates LaTeX and HTML documentation for C programs
cxref-emacs (1.6c-2) [universe]
Generates LaTeX and HTML documentation for C programs
cycfx2prog (0.47-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Cypress EZ-USB FX2 (LP) programmer
cyclades-serial-client (0.92ubuntu2) [universe]
Network Serial port client software for Cyclades terminal servers
cycle (0.3.1-8) [universe]
calendar program for women
cyclist (0.1~alpha55-3) [universe]
a utility for converting Max/MSP binary patches to text
cynthiune.app (0.9.5-13ubuntu4) [universe]
Music player for GNUstep
cyrus-admin (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - administration tools (metapackage)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-admin-2.4
cyrus-admin-2.2 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Transitional package for cyrus-admin-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa kolab-cyrus-admin, cyrus-admin-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-admin-2.4
cyrus-admin-2.4 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - administration tools
cyrus-clients (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - test clients (metapackage)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-clients-2.4
cyrus-clients-2.2 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Transitional package for cyrus-clients-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-clients-2.4, kolab-cyrus-clients
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-clients-2.4
cyrus-clients-2.4 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - test clients
cyrus-common (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - common files
cyrus-common-2.2 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Transitional package for cyrus-common-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa kolab-cyrus-common, cyrus-common-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-common-2.4
cyrus-common-2.4 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - common files
cyrus-dev (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - developer files (metapackage)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-dev-2.4
cyrus-dev-2.2 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Transitional package for cyrus-dev-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-dev-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-dev-2.4
cyrus-dev-2.4 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - developer files
cyrus-doc (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - documentation files (metapackage)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-doc-2.4
cyrus-doc-2.2 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Transitional package for cyrus-doc-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-doc-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-doc-2.4
cyrus-doc-2.4 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - documentation files
cyrus-imapd (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - IMAP support (metapackage)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-imapd-2.4
cyrus-imapd-2.2 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Transitional package for cyrus-imapd-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-imapd-2.4, kolab-cyrus-imapd
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-imapd-2.4
cyrus-imapd-2.4 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - IMAP support
cyrus-imspd (1.8-3) [universe]
Internet Message Support Protocol daemon
cyrus-murder (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - proxies and aggregator (metapackage)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-murder-2.4
cyrus-murder-2.2 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Transitional package for cyrus-murder-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-murder-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-murder-2.4
cyrus-murder-2.4 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - proxies and aggregator
cyrus-nntpd (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - NNTP support (metapackage)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-nntpd-2.4
cyrus-nntpd-2.2 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Transitional package for cyrus-nntpd-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-nntpd-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-nntpd-2.4
cyrus-nntpd-2.4 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - NNTP support
cyrus-pop3d (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - POP3 support (metapackage)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-pop3d-2.4
cyrus-pop3d-2.2 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Transitional package for cyrus-pop3d-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa kolab-cyrus-pop3d, cyrus-pop3d-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-pop3d-2.4
cyrus-pop3d-2.4 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - POP3 support
cyrus-replication (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - replication (metapackage)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-replication-2.4
cyrus-replication-2.4 (2.4.12-2) [universe]
Cyrus mail system - replication
cyrus-sasl2-dbg (2.1.25.dfsg1-3)
Cyrus SASL - debugging symbols
cyrus-sasl2-doc (2.1.25.dfsg1-3)
Cyrus SASL - documentation
cyrus-sasl2-heimdal-dbg (2.1.25.dfsg1-3)
Cyrus SASL - debugging symbols for Heimdal modules
cyrus-sasl2-mit-dbg (2.1.25.dfsg1-3)
Cyrus SASL - debugging symbols for MIT modules
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa kolab-cyrus-admin
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa kolab-cyrus-clients
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa kolab-cyrus-common
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa kolab-cyrus-imapd
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-murder-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa kolab-cyrus-pop3d
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa kolab-cyrus-admin
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa kolab-cyrus-clients
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa kolab-cyrus-common
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa kolab-cyrus-imapd
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cyrus-murder-2.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa kolab-cyrus-pop3d
cytadela (1.0.1-1ubuntu1) [multiverse]
old-school first person shooter game
cytadela-data (1.0.1-1ubuntu1) [multiverse]
game data for cytadela
cytadela-dbg (1.0.1-1ubuntu1) [multiverse]
debugging symbols for cytadela
cython (0.15.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
C-Extensions for Python
cython-dbg (0.15.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
C-Extensions for Python (Debug Build of Cython)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gdc-4.4, gdc-4.6
d-feet (0.1.14-1) [universe]
D-Bus object browser, viewer and debugger
d-itg (2.8.1~rc1-1) [universe]
Distributed Internet Traffic Generator
d-push (1.5.3-1) [universe]
an implementation of the ActiveSync protocol
d-rats (0.3.3-3) [universe]
Communications tool for D-STAR amateur radio
d-shlibs (0.49ubuntu1) [security]
Debian shared library package building helper scripts
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gdc-4.4
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gdc-4.6
d52 (3.4.1-1.1) [universe]
Disassembler for 8052, 8048/8041, and Z80/8080/8085 code
daa2iso (0.1.7e-1) [universe]
The DAA files (Direct Access Archive) to ISO converting tool
dacco-common (0.9+20071227-5) [universe]
Catalan/English dictionary (xml files)
dact (0.8.42-1) [universe]
Multi-algorithm compression
dadadodo (1.04-3.1) [universe]
Exterminates all rational thought
daemon (0.6.4-1) [universe]
turns other processes into daemons
daemonfs (1.1-1) [universe]
real time monitoring software
daemonlogger (1.2.1-6) [universe]
simple network packet logger and soft tap daemon
daemontools (1:0.76-3ubuntu3) [universe]
a collection of tools for managing UNIX services
daemontools-run (1:0.76-3ubuntu3) [universe]
daemontools service supervision
dahdi (1:2.4.1-1ubuntu2) [universe]
utilities for using the DAHDI kernel modules
dahdi-dkms (1: [universe]
DAHDI telephony interface (dkms kernel driver)
dahdi-firmware-nonfree ( [multiverse]
DAHDI non-free firmware
dahdi-linux (1: [universe]
DAHDI telephony interface - Linux userspace parts
dahdi-source (1: [universe]
DAHDI telephony interface - source code for kernel driver
dailystrips (1.0.28-11) [universe]
view web comic strips more conveniently
daisy-player ( [universe]
player for DAISY Digital Talking Books
daisy-player-dbg ( [universe]
daisy-player debugging symbols
dancer-ircd (1.0.36-8ubuntu1) [universe]
an IRC server designed for centrally maintained network
dancer-ircd-doc (1.0.36-8ubuntu1) [universe]
Dancer documentation
dancer-xml ( [universe]
non-conformant docbook-xml to html/latex conversion
dangen (0.5-1) [universe]
shoot 'em up game where accurate shooting matters
dans-gdal-scripts (0.18-1.1) [universe]
GDAL contributed tools by Geographic Information Network of Alaska
dansguardian ( [amd64, i386], [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Web content filtering
dante-client (1.1.19.dfsg-3ubuntu6) [universe]
SOCKS wrapper for users behind a firewall
dante-server (1.1.19.dfsg-3ubuntu6) [universe]
SOCKS (v4 and v5) proxy daemon (danted)
dapl2-utils (2.0.19-1.1) [universe]
Utilities for use with the DAPL libraries
daptup (0.12.5) [universe]
reporter of changes in list of available packages from repositories
dar (2.4.2-1) [universe]
Disk ARchive: Backup directory tree and files
dar-docs (2.4.2-1) [universe]
Disk ARchive: Backup directory tree and files
darcs ( [universe]
distributed, interactive, smart revision control system
darcs-monitor (0.4.2-1) [universe]
Darcs add-on that sends mail about newly pushed changes
darcsum (1.10-3) [universe]
pcl-cvs like interface for managing darcs patches
darcsweb (1.1-3.1) [universe]
web interface for browsing darcs repositories
dares (0.6.5-6) [universe]
rescue files from damaged CDs and DVDs (ncurses-interface)
dares-qt (0.6.5-6) [universe]
rescue files from damaged CDs and DVDs (Qt-interface)
darkice (1.0-1ubuntu1) [multiverse]
Live audio streamer
darkplaces (0~20110628+svn11619-2) [universe]
Game engine for Quake and similar 3D first person shooter games
darkplaces-dbg (0~20110628+svn11619-2) [universe]
debug symbols for the DarkPlaces game engine
darkplaces-server (0~20110628+svn11619-2) [universe]
Standalone server for Quake-based games
darkroom (1.5.0~svn1073625-0ubuntu4) [universe]
image manipulation tool
darksnow (0.6.1-3ubuntu1) [multiverse]
simple graphical user interface to darkice
darkstat (3.0.714+dfsg-1) [universe]
network traffic analyzer
darktable (0.9.3-2ubuntu1) [universe]
virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers
darktable-dbg (0.9.3-2ubuntu1) [universe]
virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers
darktable-plugins-experimental (0.9.3-2ubuntu1) [universe]
virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers (experimental plugins)
darnwdl (0.5-2) [universe]
WDL document format viewer
darts (0.32-9) [universe]
C++ Template Library for implementation of Double-Array
das-watchdog (0.9.0-2+deb6u1build0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 0.9.0-2 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
solves system lock-ups by making all processes non-realtime
dash (0.5.7-2ubuntu2)
POSIX-compliant shell
dasher (4.11-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
A graphical predictive text input system
dasher-data (4.11-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Data files for dasher
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa perl
datafreedom-doc (0.2.3-1build1) [universe]
datafreedom extensions manual
datafreedom-perl (0.2.3-1build1) [universe]
convert PIM data between applications in perl
datafreedom-qsfxsl (0.2.3-1build1) [universe]
convert PIM data between applications with XSL
datapacker (1.0.1+nmu1ubuntu1) [universe]
Tool to pack files into minimum number of CDs/DVDs/etc
datefudge (1.17)
Fake the system date
dates (0.4.8-3) [universe]
calendar optimised for embedded devices
dav-text (0.8.5-5ubuntu1) [universe]
A minimalist ncurses-based text editor
davfs2 (1.4.6-1ubuntu3) [universe]
mount a WebDAV resource as a regular file system
davical (1.0.2-1) [universe]
The DAViCal CalDAV & CardDAV Server
davical-doc (1.0.2-1) [universe]
The DAViCal CalDAV & CardDAV Server - technical documentation
db-util (5.1.4ubuntu1)
Berkeley Database Utilities
db4.7-util (4.7.25-21) [universe]
Berkeley v4.7 Database Utilities
db4.8-util (4.8.30-11ubuntu1) [universe]
Berkeley v4.8 Database Utilities
db4otool ( [universe]
native OODBMS for CLI (documentation)
db5.1-doc (5.1.25-11build1)
Berkeley v5.1 Database Documentation [html]
db5.1-sql-util (5.1.25-11build1) [universe]
Berkeley v5.1 SQL Database Utilities
db5.1-util (5.1.25-11build1)
Berkeley v5.1 Database Utilities
dbacl (1.12-2.1) [universe]
digramic Bayesian text classifier
dballe (5.10-1.1) [universe]
Database for punctual meteorological data (Command line tools)
dballe-common (5.10-1.1) [universe]
Common data files for all DB-All.e modules
dbar (0.0.20100524-1) [universe]
general purpose ASCII graphic percentage meter/progressbar
dbconfig-common (1.8.47)
common framework for packaging database applications
dbeacon ( [universe]
Multicast beacon
dbench (4.0-2) [universe]
The dbench (disk) and tbench (TCP) benchmarks
dbf2mysql (1.14a-3.1build2) [universe]
xBase <--> MySQL
dblatex (0.3.2-2)
Produces DVI, PostScript, PDF documents from DocBook sources
dbndns (1:1.05-8ubuntu1) [universe]
Debian fork of djbdns, a collection of Domain Name System tools
dbs (0.47)
Allows Debian source packages with multiple patches
dbskkd-cdb (1:2.00-3) [universe]
SKK dictionary server using cdb for faster access
dbtoepub (0+svn8910-1) [universe]
DocBook XML to .epub converter
dbus (1.4.18-1ubuntu1.8 [amd64, i386], 1.4.18-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
simple interprocess messaging system (daemon and utilities)
dbus-1-dbg (1.4.18-1ubuntu1.8 [amd64, i386], 1.4.18-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
simple interprocess messaging system (debug symbols)
dbus-1-doc (1.4.18-1ubuntu1.8) [security]
simple interprocess messaging system (documentation)
dbus-java-bin (2.8-2ubuntu1) [universe]
simple interprocess messaging system (Java Binaries)
dbus-test-runner (0.0.5-0ubuntu1)
Runs tests under a new DBus session
dbus-x11 (1.4.18-1ubuntu1.8 [amd64, i386], 1.4.18-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
simple interprocess messaging system (X11 deps)
dbview (1.0.4-1) [universe]
View dBase III files
dc (1.06.95-2)
The GNU dc arbitrary precision reverse-polish calculator
dc-qt (0.2.0.alpha-4.1build1) [universe]
GUI frontend for the dc protocol
dc3dd (7.1.614-1) [universe]
patched version of GNU dd with forensic features
dcap (2.47.5-5) [universe]
Client Tools for dCache
dcap-dbg (2.47.5-5) [universe]
Debug symbols for dcap
dcap-dev (2.47.5-5) [universe]
Client Development Files for dCache
dcap-tunnel-gsi (2.47.5-5) [universe]
GSI tunnel for dCache
dcap-tunnel-krb (2.47.5-5) [universe]
Kerberos tunnel for dCache
dcap-tunnel-ssl (2.47.5-5) [universe]
SSL tunnel for dCache
dcap-tunnel-telnet (2.47.5-5) [universe]
Telnet tunnel for dCache
dcbd (0.9.19-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Intel Enhanced Ethernet for the Data Center.
dcfldd ( [universe]
enhanced version of dd for forensics and security
dchroot (1.4.25-1) [universe]
Execute commands in a chroot environment
dchroot-dsa (1.4.25-1) [universe]
Execute commands in a chroot environment
dclock (2.2.2-6) [universe]
Digital clock for the X Window System with flexible display
dcmtk (3.6.0-9) [universe]
OFFIS DICOM toolkit command line utilities
dcmtk-doc (3.6.0-9) [universe]
OFFIS DICOM toolkit documentation
dcmtk-www (3.6.0-9) [universe]
OFFIS DICOM toolkit worklist www server application
dconf (0.5.1-2) [universe]
collect system information
dconf-gsettings-backend (0.12.0-0ubuntu1)
simple configuration storage system - GSettings back-end
dconf-service (0.12.0-0ubuntu1)
simple configuration storage system - D-Bus service
dconf-tools (0.12.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
simple configuration storage system - utilities
dcraw (8.99-1build1) [universe]
decode raw digital camera images
dctrl-tools (2.18ubuntu1)
Command-line tools to process Debian package information
dctrl2xml (0.18) [universe]
Debian control data to XML converter
ddclient (3.8.0-11.4ubuntu1) [universe]
address updating utility for dynamic DNS services
ddd (1:3.3.12-3) [universe]
The Data Display Debugger, a graphical debugger frontend
ddd-doc (1:3.3.12-3) [universe]
Additional documentation for the Data Display Debugger
ddir (2010.0321+git1685e72-2) [universe]
display hierarchical directory tree
ddns3-client (1.8-12) [universe]
Issues dynamic DNS v3 requests
ddpt (0.92-1) [universe]
Dump data to and from storage devices
ddrescue (1.23-1) [universe]
copy data from one file or block device to another
dds (2.1.1+ddd105-2) [universe]
bridge double dummy solver - frontend
dds2tar (2.5.2-4) [universe]
Tools for using DDS features of DAT drives with GNU tar
ddskk (14.3-1) [universe]
efficient Japanese input system for emacsen
ddtc (0.17.1) [universe]
Deal with ddts mails
deal (3.1.9-1) [universe]
bridge hand generator
deal.ii-doc (6.3.1-1.1) [universe]
Finite element library - documentation
deal.ii-examples (6.3.1-1.1) [universe]
Finite element library - documentation
dealer (0.20040530-3) [universe]
bridge hand generator
deb-gview (0.2.8ubuntu3) [universe]
GNOME viewer for .deb package files and contents
debarchiver (0.9.10) [universe]
Tool to handle Debian package archives
debaux (0.1.10-1) [universe]
Debian Auxiliary Programs
debaux-debconf (0.1.10-1) [universe]
Perl Interface to Debconf
debbugs (2.4.1ubuntu1) [universe]
The bug tracking system based on the active Debian BTS
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa debian-el
debconf (1.5.42ubuntu1)
Debian configuration management system
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa debconf, cdebconf, cdebconf-udeb
debconf-doc (1.5.42ubuntu1)
debconf documentation
debconf-i18n (1.5.42ubuntu1)
full internationalization support for debconf
debconf-kde-dbg (0.2-2)
Debconf KDE debugging symbols
debconf-kde-helper (0.2-2) [universe]
Debconf KDE GUI frontend tool
debconf-utils (1.5.42ubuntu1)
debconf utilities
debdelta (0.45) [universe]
diff and patch utilities which work with Debian packages
debdelta-doc (0.45) [universe]
diff and patch utilities which work with Debian packages
debfoster (2.7-1.1) [universe]
Install only wanted Debian packages
debget (1.6+nmu1) [universe]
download/compile source and binary Debian packages
debgtd (1.3.1-2) [universe]
tool to help organise and prioritise your Debian bugs
debhelper (9.20120115ubuntu3)
helper programs for debian/rules
debian-archive-keyring (2010.08.28) [universe]
GnuPG archive keys of the Debian archive
debian-archive-keyring-udeb (2010.08.28) [universe]
GnuPG keys of the Debian archive
debian-builder (1.8) [universe]
Rebuild Debian packages from source code
debian-cd (3.1.7) [universe]
Tools for building (Official) Debian CD set
debian-el (35.2ubuntu1) [universe]
Emacs helpers specific to Debian users
debian-faq (5.0ubuntu1) [universe]
The Debian FAQ
debian-faq-de (5.0ubuntu1) [universe]
The Debian FAQ, in German
debian-faq-fr (5.0ubuntu1) [universe]
The Debian FAQ, in French
debian-faq-it (5.0ubuntu1) [universe]
The Debian FAQ, in Italian
debian-faq-zh-cn (5.0ubuntu1) [universe]
The Debian FAQ, in Chinese
debian-goodies (0.59)
Small toolbox-style utilities for Debian systems
debian-history (2.15) [universe]
A Short History of the Debian Project
debian-installer (20101020ubuntu136)
Debian installer
debian-installer-launcher (8) [universe]
Debian Installer desktop launcher
debian-kernel-handbook (1.0.12) [universe]
reference to Debian Linux kernel packages and development
debian-keyring (2012.02.22) [universe]
GnuPG keys of Debian Developers
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa debian-keyring
debian-policy ( [universe]
Debian Policy Manual and related documents
debian-ports-archive-keyring (2011.01.12) [universe]
GnuPG archive keys of the debian-ports archive
debian-ports-archive-keyring-udeb (2011.01.12) [universe]
GnuPG keys of the debian-ports archive
debian-refcard (5.0.7-1) [universe]
printable reference card for the Debian system
debian-reference (2.47) [universe]
metapackage to install (all) translations of Debian Reference
debian-reference-common (2.47) [universe]
Debian system administration guide, common files
debian-reference-en (2.47) [universe]
Debian system administration guide, English original
debian-reference-fr (2.47) [universe]
Debian system administration guide, French translation
debian-reference-it (2.47) [universe]
Debian system administration guide, Italian translation
debian-reference-ja (2.47) [universe]
Debian system administration guide, Japanese translation
debian-reference-pt (2.47) [universe]
Debian system administration guide, Portuguese translation
debian-timeline (15) [universe]
Web-based timeline of the Debian GNU/Linux project
debian-xcontrol (0.0.4-1.1build2) [universe]
Extended syntax for debian/control files
debian-zh-faq-s (1.12) [universe]
Debian Chinese FAQ (Chinese GB)
debian-zh-faq-t (1.12) [universe]
Debian Chinese FAQ (Chinese Big5)
debiandoc-sgml (1.2.26)
DebianDoc SGML DTD and formatting tools
debiandoc-sgml-doc (1.1.22) [universe]
Documentation for DebianDoc-SGML
debiandoc-sgml-doc-pt-br (1.1.11) [universe]
Documentation for DebianDoc-SGML in Brazilian Portuguese
debianutils (4.2.1ubuntu2)
Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian
debichem-abinitio (0.0.2) [universe]
DebiChem Ab Initio Calculations
debichem-cheminformatics (0.0.2) [universe]
DebiChem Cheminformatics
debichem-modelling (0.0.2) [universe]
DebiChem 3D Molecular Modelling and Visualization
debichem-molmech (0.0.2) [universe]
DebiChem Molecular Mechanics
debichem-polymer (0.0.2) [universe]
DebiChem polymer sequence editors and mass spectrometry
debichem-semiempirical (0.0.2) [universe]
DebiChem Semi Empirical
debichem-tasks (0.0.2) [universe]
DebiChem tasks for tasksel
debichem-view-edit-2d (0.0.2) [universe]
DebiChem 2D structure editors
debichem-visualisation (0.0.2) [universe]
DebiChem 3D Viewers and Calculation Output Visualization
debirf (0.32) [universe]
build a kernel and initrd to run Debian from RAM
debmirror (1:2.10ubuntu1) [universe]
Debian partial mirror script, with ftp and package pool support
debnest (0.0.11) [universe]
Nested Build System of Debian Source Package
debomatic (0.9-1) [universe]
automatic build machine for Debian source packages
debootstrap (1.0.39)
Bootstrap a basic Debian system
debootstrap-udeb (1.0.39)
Bootstrap the Debian system
deborphan ( [universe]
program that can find unused packages, e.g. libraries
debpartial-mirror (0.3.1) [universe]
tools to create partial Debian mirrors
debram (1.0.3-0.1) [universe]
ramified catalog of available .debs
debram-data (1.0.3-0.1) [universe]
debram's architecture-independent data
debroster (1.17) [universe]
A package for use at expos.
debsecan (0.4.16) [universe]
Debian Security Analyzer
debsig-verify (0.7) [universe]
Debian Package Signature Verification Tool
debsigs (0.1.17) [universe]
toolset for applying cryptographic signatures to Debian packages
debsums (2.0.51) [universe]
tool for verification of installed package files against MD5 checksums
debtags (1.9+git20120320) [universe]
Enables support for package tags
debtorrent (0.1.10) [universe]
bittorrent proxy for downloading Debian packages
debtree (1.0.9) [universe]
package dependency graphs on steroids
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa debian-el
decibel-audio-player (1.06-1) [universe]
simple and nice music player for the GNOME desktop
dee-tools (1.0.10-0ubuntu1) [universe]
model to synchronize mutiple instances over DBus - tooling
deejayd (0.9.0-4ubuntu2) [universe]
Network controllable media player daemon
deejayd-client (0.9.0-4ubuntu2) [universe]
Client library and command line tool to access the deejayd server
deejayd-gstreamer (0.9.0-4ubuntu2) [universe]
Deejayd GStreamer backend
deejayd-webui (0.9.0-4ubuntu2) [universe]
Web interface for deejayd
deejayd-webui-extension (0.9.0-4ubuntu2) [universe]
Deejayd web user interface Firefox extension
deejayd-xine (0.9.0-4ubuntu2) [universe]
Deejayd XINE backend
deets (0.1.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
decentralized model-based administration tool
default-jdk (1:1.6-43ubuntu2)
Standard Java or Java compatible Development Kit
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gcj-native-helper
default-jdk-doc (0.43ubuntu2)
Standard Java or Java compatible Development Kit (documentation)
default-jre (1:1.6-43ubuntu2)
Standard Java or Java compatible Runtime
default-jre-headless (1:1.6-43ubuntu2)
Standard Java or Java compatible Runtime (headless)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa postfix
defendguin (0.0.12-4) [universe]
defender clone with penguins
defendguin-data (0.0.12-4) [universe]
Data files for defendguin
defoma (0.11.12ubuntu1) [universe]
Debian Font Manager -- automatic font configuration framework
defoma-doc (0.11.12ubuntu1) [universe]
Debian Font Manager documentation
dehydra (0.9.hg20110609-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Scriptable static analysis tool for C and C++
deja-dup (22.0-0ubuntu2)
Back up your files
dejagnu (1.5-3)
framework for running test suites on software tools
dell-dup (1.1.3-0ubuntu2) [universe]
A firmware-tools plugin for Dell DUP images
dell-recovery (1.24) [universe]
Dell Recovery Media Creation Package
dell-recovery-bootloader (1.24) [universe]
Bootloader images for Dell's factory process
dell-recovery-casper (1.24) [universe]
Dell Recovery Casper Hooks
delta (2006.08.03-3) [universe]
Heuristic minimizer of interesting files
deluge (1.3.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK
deluge-common (1.3.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK (common files)
deluge-console (1.3.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK (console ui)
deluge-gtk (1.3.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK (GTK+ ui)
deluge-torrent (1.3.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
bittorrent client (gtk ui transitional package)
deluge-web (1.3.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK (web ui)
deluge-webui (1.3.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
bittorrent client (web ui transitional package)
deluged (1.3.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK (daemon)
denef (0.3-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Decode Nikon D1 NEF image files
denemo (0.9.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
gtk+ front end to GNU Lilypond
denemo-data (0.9.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
data for denemo
denemo-doc (0.9.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
documentation and examples for denemo
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa qiime
denyhosts (2.6-10+deb7u3build0.12.04.1) [universe] [security]
Utility to help sys admins thwart SSH crackers
depqbf (0.1-1) [universe]
solver for quantified boolean formulae
deps-tools-cli (0.13-1.1) [universe]
DEPS command-line tools
desklaunch (1.1.8) [universe]
A small utility for creating desktop icons
deskmenu (1.4.5) [universe]
A root menu for X11 window managers
deskscribe (0.4.2-0ubuntu3) [universe]
A suite of tools for recording a user's desktop activity
desktop-base (6.0.7ubuntu1) [universe]
common files for the Debian Desktop
desktop-file-utils (0.20-0ubuntu2)
Utilities for .desktop files
desktop-profiles (1.4.15+nmu1ubuntu1) [universe]
framework for setting up desktop profiles
desktop-webmail (003-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Webmail for Linux Desktops
desktopcouch (1.0.8-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Desktop CouchDB instance
desktopcouch-tools (1.0.8-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Desktop CouchDB tools
desktopcouch-ubuntuone (1.0.8-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Ubuntu One connection extension for Desktop CouchDB
desktopnova (0.8.1-1) [universe]
utility that changes the wallpaper automatically
desktopnova-module-gnome (0.8.1-1) [universe]
GNOME module for DesktopNova
desktopnova-module-xfce (0.8.1-1) [universe]
Xfce module for DesktopNova
desktopnova-tray (0.8.1-1) [universe]
tray icon for DesktopNova
desmume (0.9.7-2) [universe]
Nintendo DS emulator
desproxy (0.1.0~pre3-6) [universe]
tunnel TCP traffic through a HTTP proxy
detox (1.2.0-5) [universe]
utility to replace problematic characters in filenames
deutex (4.4.902-12) [universe]
composition tool for doom-style WAD files
devede (3.21.0-1) [multiverse]
simple application to create Video DVDs
develock-el (0.36-2) [universe]
additional font-lock keywords for the developers on Emacs
developers-reference (3.4.6) [universe]
guidelines and information for Debian developers
developers-reference-de (3.4.6) [universe]
guidelines and information for Debian developers, in German
developers-reference-fr (3.4.6) [universe]
guidelines and information for Debian developers, in French
developers-reference-ja (3.4.6) [universe]
guidelines and information for Debian developers, in Japanese
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa userdevfs
devhelp (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
GNOME developers help program
devhelp-common (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
Common files for devhelp and its library
device-tree-compiler (1.3.0-2)
Device Tree Compiler for Flat Device Trees
device3dfx-source (2011.07.03-1) [universe]
Linux 2.2+ device driver source for 3Dfx boards
devicetype-detect (0.03) [universe]
attempt to detect the type of the current device
devilspie (0.22-2) [universe]
find windows and perform actions on them
devilspie2 (0.15-1) [universe]
LUA-based window matching utility
devio (1.2-1build1)
correctly read (or write) a region of a block device
devio-udeb (1.2-1build1)
correctly read (or write) a region of a block device
devmem2 (0.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
simple program to read/write from/to any location in memory
devrplay3 (3.3.2-14) [universe]
rplay network audio system - basic library
devscripts (2.11.6ubuntu1.7 [amd64, i386], 2.11.6ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier
devscripts-el (35.2ubuntu1) [universe]
Emacs wrappers for the commands in devscripts
devtodo (0.1.20-5) [universe]
hierarchical, prioritised todo list manager
dff (1.2.0+dfsg.1-1) [universe]
Powerful, efficient and modular digital forensic framework
dfo (0.8+svn52-6) [universe]
Desktop Flickr Organizer for GNOME
dfu-programmer (0.5.4-1ubuntu1) [universe]
device firmware update (DFU) based USB programmer for Atmel chips
dfu-util (0.5-1) [universe]
Device firmware update (DFU 1.0) USB programmer
dgen (1.23-12) [multiverse]
Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator
dh-apparmor (2.7.102-0ubuntu3.10) [security]
AppArmor debhelper routines
dh-apport (2.0.1-0ubuntu17.15) [security]
debhelper extension for the apport crash report system
dh-autoreconf (5ubuntu1)
debhelper add-on to call autoreconf and clean up after the build
dh-buildinfo (0.9ubuntu1)
Debhelper addon to track package versions used to build a package
dh-consoledata (0.7.87) [universe]
debhelper-based script to help packaging console data files
dh-di (3)
Debhelper addon for debian-installer
dh-exec (0.2) [universe]
Scripts to help with executable debhelper files
dh-kpatches (0.99.36+nmu1) [universe]
Debhelper script to help packaging kernel patches
dh-linktree (0.1)
Create symlink trees within a Debian package
dh-lisp (0.7.1) [universe]
Debhelper to support Common Lisp related packages
dh-lua (11) [universe]
helper tools for maintaining Lua-related packages
dh-make (0.59ubuntu1)
tool that converts source archives into Debian package source
dh-make-drupal (0.8-1) [universe]
Create Debian packages from Drupal modules and themes
dh-make-perl (0.75-1) [universe]
helper for creating Debian packages from perl modules
dh-make-php (0.3.0) [universe]
Creates Debian source packages for PHP PEAR and PECL extensions
dh-metainit (0.0.5) [universe]
Debhelper addon to install and register a metainit file
dh-modaliases (0.9.7-0ubuntu7.16) [security]
debhelper extension for scanning kernel module aliases
dh-ocaml (1.0.3)
helper tools for maintaining OCaml-related Debian packages
dh-translations (116)
debhelper extension for translation support
dh-xsp (2.10-1build1)
debhelper add-on to handle ASP.NET sites
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dhcpcd5, pump
dhcp-helper (1.0-1) [universe]
A DHCP relay agent
dhcp-probe (1.3.0-8) [universe]
network DHCP or BootP server discover
dhcp3-client (4.1.ESV-R4-0ubuntu5.10) [universe] [security]
ISC DHCP server (transitional package)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa isc-dhcp-client
dhcp3-common (4.1.ESV-R4-0ubuntu5.10) [universe] [security]
ISC DHCP common files (transitional package)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa isc-dhcp-common
dhcp3-dev (4.1.ESV-R4-0ubuntu5.10) [security]
ISC DHCP development files (transitional package)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa isc-dhcp-dev
dhcp3-relay (4.1.ESV-R4-0ubuntu5.10) [universe] [security]
ISC DHCP relay (transitional package)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa isc-dhcp-relay
dhcp3-server (4.1.ESV-R4-0ubuntu5.10) [universe] [security]
ISC DHCP server (transitional package)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa isc-dhcp-server
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa isc-dhcp-server-ldap
dhcpcd (1:3.2.3-9ubuntu1) [universe]
DHCP client for automatically configuring IPv4 networking
dhcpcd-dbus (0.5.2-2) [universe]
DBus bindings for dhcpcd
dhcpcd-gtk (0.5.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
GTK+ frontend for dhcpcd and wpa_supplicant
dhcpcd5 (5.2.12-1) [universe]
RFC2131 compliant DHCP client with IPv4LL support
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa udhcpd
dhcpdump (1.8-2) [universe]
Parse DHCP packets from tcpdump
dhcping (1.2-4) [universe]
DHCP Daemon Ping Program
dhelp (0.6.20ubuntu1) [universe]
online help system
dhex (0.65-1) [universe]
ncurses based hex editor with diff mode
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dhis-client
dhis-client (5.5-3.1) [universe]
Dynamic Host Information System - client
dhis-dns-engine (5.3-1) [universe]
Dynamic Host Information System - DNS engine
dhis-mx-sendmail-engine (5.0-2) [universe]
Dynamic Host Information System - sendmail MX engine
dhis-server (5.3-2.1) [universe]
Dynamic Host Information System - server
dhis-tools-dns (5.0-6.1) [universe]
Dynamic Host Information System - DNS configuration tools
dhis-tools-genkeys (5.0-6.1) [universe]
Dynamic Host Information System - key generation tools
di (4.30-1) [universe]
advanced df like disk information utility
di-netboot-assistant (0.36b) [universe]
Debian-Installer netboot assistant
di-utils (1.88ubuntu2)
Miscellaneous utilities for the debian installer
di-utils-exit-installer (1.88ubuntu2) [universe]
Exit installer
di-utils-mapdevfs (1.88ubuntu2)
mapdevfs utility for the debian installer
di-utils-reboot (1.88ubuntu2)
di-utils-shell (1.88ubuntu2)
Execute a shell
di-utils-terminfo (1.88ubuntu2)
Terminfo entries needed by newt/slang in debian installer
dia (0.97.2-5) [universe]
Diagram editor
dia-common (0.97.2-5)
Diagram editor (common files)
dia-gnome (0.97.2-5)
Diagram editor (GNOME version)
dia-libs (0.97.2-5)
Diagram editor (library files)
dia-shapes (0.1) [universe]
Diagram editor
dia2code (0.8.3-4) [universe]
a dia-UML code generator
diakonos (0.8.14-1) [universe]
Customizable, usable console-based text editor
dialign (2.2.1-5) [universe]
Segment-based multiple sequence alignment
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dialign-tx
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dialign-tx
dialign-tx (1.0.2-2) [universe]
Segment-based multiple sequence alignment
dialign-tx-data (1.0.2-2) [universe]
Common data files for dialign-tx
dialog (1.1-20111020-1) [universe]
Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from shell scripts
diatheke (1.6.2+dfsg-3) [universe]
command line bible browsing and search tool
dibbler-client (0.7.3-1.3) [universe]
portable DHCPv6 client
dibbler-doc (0.7.3-1.3) [universe]
documentation for Dibbler
dibbler-relay (0.7.3-1.3) [universe]
portable DHCPv6 relay
dibbler-server (0.7.3-1.3) [universe]
portable DHCPv6 server
dicelab (0.7-1) [universe]
evaluate the statistical distribution of dice rolls
dico (2.1-3build1) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant dictionary client
dico-dev (2.1-3build1) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (development files)
dico-doc (2.1-3build1) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (documentation)
dico-module-guile (2.1-3build1) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (Guile module)
dico-module-mediawiki (2.1-3build1) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (mediawiki module)
dico-module-python (2.1-3build1) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (Python module)
dicod (2.1-3build1) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server
dicom3tools (1.0~20111213-1) [universe]
DICOM medical image files manipulation and conversion tools
dicomnifti (2.29.1-1) [universe]
converts DICOM files into the NIfTI format
dicompyler (0.4~a2-1) [universe]
radiation therapy research platform
dicomscope (3.6.0-8) [universe]
dicoweb (2.1-3build1) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (web interface)
dict (1.12.0+dfsg-4build1)
dictionary client
dict-bouvier (6.revised-3.2) [universe]
John Bouvier's Law Dictionary for the USA
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa lookup-el, xfce4-dict, dico, jed-extra, dict, dictem, gnome-dictionary, dictionary-el
dict-de-en (1.7-1ubuntu1) [universe]
German-English translation dictionary for dictd
dict-devil (1.0-12) [universe]
"The Devil's Dictionary" by Ambrose Bierce
dict-elements (20001107-a-5) [universe]
Data regarding the Elements
dict-foldoc (20100726-1)
FOLDOC dictionary database
dict-freedict-afr-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Afrikaans-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-ara-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Arabic-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-cro-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Croatian-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-cze-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Czech-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-dan-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Danish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for German-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-fra (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for German-French Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-ita (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for German-Italian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-nld (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for German-Dutch Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-por (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for German-Portuguese Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-ara (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Arabic Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-cro (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Croatian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-cze (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Czech Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-fra (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-French Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-hin (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Hindi Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-hun (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Hungarian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-iri (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Irish Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-ita (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Italian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-lat (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Latin Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-nld (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Dutch Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-por (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Portuguese Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-rom (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Romanian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-rus (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Russian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-scr (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Serbo-Croat Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-spa (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Spanish Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-swa (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Swahili Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-swe (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Swedish Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-tur (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Turkish Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-wel (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Welsh Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-fra-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for French-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-fra-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for French-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-fra-nld (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for French-Dutch Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-gla-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Scottish Gaelic-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-hin-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Hindi-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-hun-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Hungarian-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-iri-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Irish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-ita-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Italian-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-ita-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Italian-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-jpn-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Japanese-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-lat-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Latin-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-lat-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Latin-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-nld-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Dutch-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-nld-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Dutch-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-nld-fra (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Dutch-French Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-por-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Portuguese-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-por-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Portuguese-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-scr-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Serbo-Croat-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-slo-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Slovak-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-spa-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Spanish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-swa-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Swahili-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-swe-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Swedish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-tur-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Turkish-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-tur-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Turkish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-wel-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Welsh-English Freedict dictionary
dict-gazetteer2k (1.0.0-5.2) [universe]
Placeholder package to install entire Gazetteer 2000
dict-gazetteer2k-counties (1.0.0-5.2) [universe]
Counties Database for the 2000 US Gazetteer
dict-gazetteer2k-places (1.0.0-5.2) [universe]
Places Database for the 2000 US Gazetteer
dict-gazetteer2k-zips (1.0.0-5.2) [universe]
ZIP and ZCTA database for the 2000 US Gazetteer
dict-gcide (0.48.1)
Comprehensive English Dictionary
dict-jargon (4.4.7-2ubuntu1)
dict package for The Jargon Lexicon
dict-moby-thesaurus (1.0-6.2)
Largest and most comprehensive thesaurus
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dicod, dictd
dict-stardic (1.3.1-4) [universe]
An English to Chinese Dictionary
dict-vera (1:1.17-5)
Dictionary of computer related acronyms -- dict format
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dict-gcide
dict-wn (1:3.0-26.1) [universe]
electronic lexical database of English language for dict
dict-xdict (0.1-4.2) [universe]
An English to Chinese Dictionary
dictconv (0.2-7) [universe]
convert a dictionary file type in another dictionary file type
dictd (1.12.0+dfsg-4build1)
dictionary server
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dict-freedict-eng-swe, dict-freedict-swe-eng, dict-freedict-eng-nld, dict-freedict-eng-deu, dict-freedict-spa-eng, mueller7-dict, dict-freedict-eng-wel, dict-freedict-hun-eng, dict-freedict-ita-eng, dict-freedict-eng-rus, dict-freedict-eng-ara, dict-freedict-eng-spa, dict-freedict-cro-eng, dict-freedict-dan-eng, dict-freedict-deu-eng, dict-freedict-fra-deu, dict-freedict-slo-eng, dict-wn, dict-vera, dict-devil, dict-freedict-deu-nld, dict-freedict-jpn-deu, dict-freedict-deu-ita, dict-freedict-deu-por, dict-xdict, dict-elements, dict-freedict-wel-eng, dict-freedict-ita-deu, dict-freedict-eng-iri, dict-freedict-por-eng, mueller7accent-dict, dict-freedict-nld-fra, dict-freedict-ara-eng, dict-freedict-eng-hun, dict-freedict-tur-eng, dict-freedict-lat-eng, dict-freedict-deu-fra, dict-stardic, dict-freedict-eng-fra, dict-freedict-scr-eng, dict-freedict-lat-deu, dict-freedict-eng-por, dict-freedict-eng-rom, dict-freedict-eng-hin, dict-freedict-nld-eng, dict-freedict-gla-deu, dict-freedict-fra-eng, dict-freedict-eng-tur, dict-freedict-eng-ita, dict-freedict-afr-deu, dict-freedict-hin-eng, dict-de-en, dict-freedict-eng-swa, dict-freedict-iri-eng, dict-gcide, dict-freedict-por-deu, dict-freedict-eng-scr, dict-freedict-swa-eng, dict-freedict-eng-cze, dict-freedict-tur-deu, dict-freedict-eng-lat, dict-freedict-cze-eng, dict-freedict-eng-cro, dict-jargon, dict-freedict-fra-nld, dict-foldoc, dict-freedict-nld-deu
dictem (1.0.2-1) [universe]
Dict client for emacs
dictfmt (1.12.0+dfsg-4build1)
utility to format a file for use by a dictd server
diction (1.10~rc4-1) [universe]
Utilities to help with style and diction (English and German)
dictionaries-common (1.12.1ubuntu2)
Common utilities for spelling dictionary tools
dictionaries-common-dev (1.12.1ubuntu2)
Developer tools and Policy for spelling dictionary tools
dictionary-el (1.8.7-14) [universe]
dictionary client for Emacs
dictionaryreader.app (0+20080616+dfsg-2build2) [universe]
Dict client for GNUstep
dictzip (1.12.0+dfsg-4build1)
compression utility for dictionary databases
didiwiki (0.5-9+deb6u1build0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 0.5-9 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
simple wiki implementation with built-in webserver
didjvu (0.2.1-1) [universe]
DjVu encoder with foreground/background separation
dieharder (3.31.1-2) [universe]
Random-number generator test front-end
dietlibc-dev (0.33~cvs20111108-5) [universe]
diet libc - a libc optimized for small size
dietlibc-doc (0.33~cvs20111108-5) [universe]
diet libc documentation - a libc optimized for small size
diff (1:3.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
dummy transitional package for diff -> diffutils
diffmon (20020222-2.5) [universe]
Tool for reporting changes in system configuration
diffpdf (1.2.2-1) [universe]
compare two PDF files textually or visually
diffstat (1.54-1)
produces graph of changes introduced by a diff file
diffuse (0.4.5-1) [universe]
graphical tool for merging and comparing text files
diffutils (1:3.2-1ubuntu1)
File comparison utilities
diffutils-doc (1:3.2-1ubuntu1)
Documentation for GNU diffutils in HTML format
digikam (4:2.5.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
digital photo management application for KDE
digikam-data (4:2.5.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
digiKam architecture-independant data
digikam-dbg (4:2.5.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
debugging symbols for digiKam
digikam-doc (4:2.5.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
handbook for digiKam and showFoto in several languages
digitemp (3.5.0ds1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
read temperature sensors in a 1-Wire net
digitools (1.03-1ubuntu1) [universe]
A set of tools to control ASUS Digimatrix embedded hardware
dillo (3.0.2-1) [universe]
Small and fast web browser
dimbl (0.9-1) [universe]
Distributed Memory Based Learner
dime (0.20030921-2) [universe]
DXF Import, Manipulation, and Export programs
dimp1 (1.1.4+debian2-1.1) [universe]
dynamic webmail component for horde framework
ding (1.7-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Graphical dictionary lookup program for Unix (Tk)
dino (0.2.8-3) [universe]
Integrated MIDI piano roll editor and sequencer engine
diod (1.0~pre59-1) [universe]
I/O forwarding server for 9P
diploma (1.2.11) [universe]
Write scientific papers with Debian
dir2ogg (0.11.8-1) [universe]
audio file converter into ogg-vorbis format
dirac (1.0.2-4build1) [universe]
open and royalty free high quality codec - commandline utilities
dircproxy (1.0.5-5.1ubuntu1) [universe]
IRC proxy for people who use IRC from different workstations
dirdiff (2.1-5) [universe]
Display and merge changes between two directory trees
directoryassistant (2.0-1) [universe]
small LDAP address book manager
directvnc (0.7.7-1) [universe]
VNC client using the framebuffer as display
dirmngr (1.1.0-1) [universe]
server for managing certificate revocation lists
dirvish (1.2.1-1.1) [universe]
Filesystem based backup system using rsync
dis51 (0.5-1.1) [universe]
Disassembler for 8051 code in Intel Hex format
disc-cover (1.5.6-1) [universe]
produces covers for audio CDs
discount (2.1.3-1) [universe]
Implementation of Markdown markup language in C
discover (2.1.2-5.1) [universe]
hardware identification system
discover-data (2.2010.10.18) [universe]
Data lists for Discover hardware detection system
discus (0.2.9-6) [universe]
pretty version of df(1) command
dish (1.18.2-1) [universe]
diligence/distributed shell for parallel sysadmin
disk-detect (1.88ubuntu2)
Detect disk drives
disktype (9-1) [universe]
detection of content format of a disk or disk image
disper (0.3.0-1) [universe]
display switcher for attaching/detaching displays easily
display-dhammapada (0.23-7) [universe]
fortune-like collection of Buddhist sayings
dissy (9-3) [universe]
graphical frontend for objdump
dist (1:3.5-30-3) [universe]
Tools for developing, maintaining and distributing software.
distcc (3.1-4ubuntu2) [universe]
Simple distributed compiler client and server
distcc-pump (3.1-4ubuntu2) [universe]
pump mode for distcc a distributed compiler client and server
distccmon-gnome (3.1-4ubuntu2) [universe]
GTK+ monitor for distcc a distributed client and server
distmp3 (0.1.9.ds1-4.3) [universe]
A Perl client and daemon for distributed audio encoding
distributed-net (2.9107.516-1) [multiverse]
donate unused CPU cycles - client for distributed.net
distro-info (0.8.2)
provides information about the distributions' releases
distro-info-data (0.8ubuntu0.10) [security]
information about the distributions' releases (data files)
disulfinder (1.2.11-2) [universe]
cysteines disulfide bonding state and connectivity predictor
disulfinder-data (1.2.11-2) [universe]
data files for predictor of disulfide bonds in proteins
ditaa (0.9+ds1-3) [universe]
convert ASCII diagrams into proper bitmap graphics
ditrack (0.8-1.1) [universe]
lightweight distributed issue tracking system
ditz (0.5-1) [universe]
distributed issue tracker
diveintopython (5.4-2ubuntu2)
free Python book for experienced programmers
diveintopython-zh (5.4b-1)
free Python book for experienced programmers (zh translation)
diveintopython3 (20110218-1) [universe]
Book for learning Python 3
divxcomp (0.1-7) [universe]
bitrate calculator for DivX;-) movies written in perl
divxenc (1.6.4-0ubuntu1) [multiverse]
shell script to encode DVDs to FMP4/DivX
dizzy (0.2-1) [universe]
Graphics demo that makes you dizzy using rotating textures
djagios (0.1.3+dfsg-1) [universe]
A package to help configure nagios written in Django
django-ajax-selects (1.2.3-1) [universe]
Django library for editing fields with autocomplete
django-filter (0.5.3-3) [universe]
Django library for filtering Django QuerySets based on user selections
django-tables (0.2.1-1) [universe]
A Django library for rendering Django QuerySets
djbdns (1:1.05-8ubuntu1) [universe]
a collection of Domain Name System tools
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dbndns
djmount (0.71-3) [universe]
file system client for mounting network media servers
djplay (0.5.0-3.2build1) [universe]
A DJ application for Linux
djtools (1.2.7) [universe]
tools for HP DeskJet printer
djview (3.5.24-9ubuntu0.1 [amd64, i386], 3.5.24-9 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Transition package, djview3 to djview4
djview-plugin (4.9-1) [universe]
Browser plugin for the DjVu image format
djview3 (3.5.24-9ubuntu0.1 [amd64, i386], 3.5.24-9 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Transition package, djview3 to djview4
djview4 (4.9-1) [universe]
Viewer for the DjVu image format
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa djview4, evince-gtk, evince, okular-extra-backends
djvulibre-bin (3.5.24-9ubuntu0.1 [amd64, i386], 3.5.24-9 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Utilities for the DjVu image format
djvulibre-dbg (3.5.24-9ubuntu0.1 [amd64, i386], 3.5.24-9 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Debug symbols for the DjVu image format
djvulibre-desktop (3.5.24-9ubuntu0.1 [amd64, i386], 3.5.24-9 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Desktop support for the DjVu image format
djvulibre-plugin (4.9-1) [universe]
Transition package, djvulibre-plugin to djview-plugin
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa djview-plugin
djvuserve (3.5.24-9ubuntu0.1 [amd64, i386], 3.5.24-9 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
CGI program for unbundling DjVu files on the fly
djvusmooth (0.2.10-1) [universe]
graphical editor for DjVu
dk-filter (1.0.0.dfsg-1.2) [universe]
DomainKeys for Sendmail
dkimproxy (1.4.1-3) [universe]
an SMTP-proxy that signs and/or verifies emails, using the Mail::DKIM module
dkms ( [security]
Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework
dkopp (6.0-2) [universe]
Full and incremental backup to DVD
dlint (1.4.0-7) [universe]
Checks dns zone information using nameserver lookups
dlocate (1.02) [universe]
fast alternative to dpkg -L and dpkg -S
dlume (0.2.4-7) [universe]
simple and easy to use addressbook (GTK+)
dma (0.0.2010.06.17-12) [universe]
lightweight mail transport agent
dma-migrate (0.0.2010.06.17-12) [universe]
migration utility for the DragonFly Mail Agent's spool files
dmake (1:4.12-2)
make utility used to build OpenOffice.org
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libdm0
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libdm0-dev
dmedia (0.6.0~repack-1build1) [universe]
Distributed media library (transitional package)
dmedia-gtk (0.6.0~repack-1build1) [universe]
Distributed media library (GTK+ interface)
dmedia-importer (0.6.0~repack-1build1) [universe]
Distributed media library (Media Importer)
dmedia-service (0.6.0~repack-1build1) [universe]
Distributed media library (DBus service)
dmedia-webui (0.6.0~repack-1build1) [universe]
Distributed media library (HTML5 Web interface)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa suckless-tools
dmeventd (2:1.02.48-4ubuntu7) [universe]
The Linux Kernel Device Mapper userspace library
dmg2img (1.6.2-2build1) [universe]
Tool for converting compress dmg files to hfsplus images
dmidecode (2.11-4)
SMBIOS/DMI table decoder
dmidecode-udeb (2.11-4) [universe]
SMBIOS/DMI table decoder (udeb)
dmitry (1.3a-1) [universe]
Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool
dmraid (1.0.0.rc16-4.1ubuntu8)
Device-Mapper Software RAID support tool
dmraid-udeb (1.0.0.rc16-4.1ubuntu8)
Device-Mapper Software RAID support tool (udeb)
dmsetup (2:1.02.48-4ubuntu7)
The Linux Kernel Device Mapper userspace library
dmsetup-udeb (2:1.02.48-4ubuntu7)
The Linux Kernel Device Mapper userspace library
dmtcp (1.2.1-2build1) [universe]
Checkpoint/Restart functionality for Linux processes
dmtcp-dbg (1.2.1-2build1) [universe]
Debug package for dmtcp
dmucs (0.6.1-2.1) [universe]
distributed compilation system for use with distcc
dmz-cursor-theme (0.4.3)
Style neutral, scalable cursor theme
dnet-common (2.58ubuntu1) [universe]
Base package for Linux DECnet
dnet-progs (2.58ubuntu1) [universe]
DECnet user programs and daemons
dns-browse (1.9-7) [universe]
Front-ends to DNS search
dns-flood-detector (1.12-6) [universe]
detect abusive usage levels on high traffic nameservers
dns2tcp (0.5.2-1) [universe]
TCP over DNS tunnel client and server
dns323-firmware-tools (0.3-2) [universe]
build and manipulate firmware images for the DNS-323
dnscache-run (1:1.05-8ubuntu1) [universe]
djbdns dnscache service
dnshistory (1.3-2build1) [universe]
Translating and storing of IP addresses from log files
dnsmasq (2.59-4ubuntu0.2) [universe] [security]
Small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server
dnsmasq-base (2.59-4ubuntu0.2 [amd64, i386], 2.59-4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server
dnsmasq-utils (2.59-4ubuntu0.2 [amd64, i386], 2.59-4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Utilities for manipulating DHCP leases
dnsproxy (1.16-0.1build1) [universe]
proxy for DNS queries
dnssec-tools (1.11-1) [universe]
DNSSEC tools, applications and wrappers
dnstop (20080321-1) [universe]
console tool to analyze DNS traffic
dnstracer (1.9-3)
trace DNS queries to the source
dnsutils (1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.21 [amd64, i386], 1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Clients provided with BIND
dnswalk (2.0.2.dfsg.1-0.1) [universe]
Checks dns zone information using nameserver lookups
doc-base (0.10.3)
utilities to manage online documentation
doc-central (1.8.2+nmu3) [universe]
web-based documentation browser
doc-debian (4.0.2ubuntu1) [universe]
Debian Project documentation and other documents
doc-debian-es (2.6) [universe]
Debian FAQ translated to Spanish
doc-debian-fr ( [universe]
Debian Manuals, FAQs and other documents in French
doc-linux-de (2003.10-5) [universe]
Linux HOWTOs in German
doc-linux-fr-html (2005.08-1) [universe]
Linux docs in French: HOWTOs, MetaFAQs in HTML format
doc-linux-fr-text (2005.08-1) [universe]
Linux docs in French: HOWTOs, MetaFAQs in ASCII format
doc-linux-hr (20000416.1) [universe]
Documentation in Croatian / dokumentacija na hrvatskom
doc-linux-html (2008.08-1)
Linux HOWTOs and FAQs in HTML format
doc-linux-ja-html (2006.05.25-1.1) [universe]
Linux HOWTOs and FAQs in Japanese (HTML format)
doc-linux-ja-text (2006.05.25-1.1) [universe]
Linux HOWTOs and FAQs in Japanese (TEXT format)
doc-linux-nonfree-html (2008.08-1) [multiverse]
Linux HOWTOs in HTML format (non-free)
doc-linux-nonfree-text (2008.08-1) [multiverse]
Linux HOWTOs in ASCII format (non-free)
doc-linux-pl (2002.06.14-2) [universe]
Linux docs in Polish: HOWTO - ascii version
doc-linux-pl-html (2002.06.14-2) [universe]
Linux docs in Polish: HOWTO - html version
doc-linux-text (2008.08-1)
Linux HOWTOs and FAQs in ASCII format
doc-rfc (20100731-1) [multiverse]
RFC documents metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa doc-rfc-others, doc-rfc-informational
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa doc-rfc-others, doc-rfc-informational
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa doc-rfc-others, doc-rfc-informational
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa doc-rfc-others, doc-rfc-informational
doc-rfc-experimental (20100731-1) [multiverse]
Experimental RFCs
doc-rfc-fyi-bcp (20100731-1) [multiverse]
doc-rfc-informational (20100731-1) [multiverse]
Informational RFCs
doc-rfc-misc (20100731-1) [multiverse]
Historic and draft RFCs
doc-rfc-old-std (20100731-1) [multiverse]
Old Standard RFCs
doc-rfc-others (20100731-1) [multiverse]
Old experimental and unclassified RFCs
doc-rfc-std (20100731-1) [multiverse]
Standard RFCs
doc-rfc-std-proposed (20100731-1) [multiverse]
Proposed Standard RFCs
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa docbook-xml
docbook (4.5-4ubuntu1)
standard SGML representation system for technical documents
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa docbook-defguide
docbook-defguide (2.0.17+svn7549-4) [universe]
DocBook: The Definitive Guide - HTML version
docbook-dsssl (1.79-6ubuntu1)
modular DocBook DSSSL stylesheets, for print and HTML
docbook-dsssl-doc (1.79-4) [universe]
documentation for the DocBook DSSSL stylesheets
docbook-ebnf (1.2~cr1-5) [universe]
EBNF module for the XML version of the DocBook DTD
docbook-html-forms (1.1.0-3) [universe]
Extension to DocBook XML for generating html forms
docbook-mathml (1.0.0-2) [universe]
Extension to DocBook XML for using MathML markup
docbook-simple (1.1-4) [universe]
simplified DocBook XML Doctype and css stylesheets
docbook-slides ( [universe]
XML Slides DTD and XSL Stylesheets
docbook-slides-demo (3.3.1-1) [universe]
Demo presentation slides for the docbook-slides package
docbook-to-man (1:2.0.0-28ubuntu1)
converter from DocBook SGML into roff man macros
docbook-utils (0.6.14-1.1ubuntu1)
Convert Docbook files to other formats (HTML, RTF, PS, man, PDF)
docbook-website ( [universe]
XML Website DTD and XSL Stylesheets
docbook-xml (4.5-7ubuntu1)
standard XML documentation system for software and systems
docbook-xsl (1.76.1+dfsg-1ubuntu1)
stylesheets for processing DocBook XML to various output formats
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa docbook-xsl-doc-pdf, docbook-xsl-doc-html, docbook-xsl-doc-text
docbook-xsl-doc-html (1.76.1-1) [universe]
stylesheets for processing DocBook XML files (HTML documentation)
docbook-xsl-doc-pdf (1.76.1-1) [universe]
stylesheets for processing DocBook XML files (PDF documentation)
docbook-xsl-doc-text (1.76.1-1) [universe]
stylesheets for processing DocBook XML files (ASCII documentation)
docbook-xsl-ns (1.76.1+dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
stylesheets for processing DocBook 5 XML to various output formats
docbook-xsl-saxon (1.00.dfsg.1-4) [universe]
Java extensions for use with DocBook XML stylesheets (Saxon)
docbook-xsl-saxon-gcj (1.00.dfsg.1-4) [universe]
Java extensions for use with DocBook XML stylesheets (native code)
docbook2odf (0.244-1.1) [universe]
XSLT based conversions from docbook to Oasis Open Document (openoffice.org)
docbook2x (0.8.8-8build1)
Converts DocBook/XML documents into man pages and TeXinfo
docbook5-xml (5.0-2)
standard XML documentation system for software and systems
docbookwiki (0.9.2-2) [multiverse]
web application to display and edit DocBook documents online
docdiff (0.4.0-1) [universe]
Compares two files word by word / char by char
docgenerator (0.6.16-1) [universe]
generator plugin for python bindings documentation
docker (1.4-5ubuntu1) [universe]
System tray for KDE3/GNOME2 docklet applications
dockmanager (0.1.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Helpers for your Dock
dockmanager-daemon (0.1.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Dockmanager Daemon
docky (2.1.4-1) [universe]
Elegant, powerful, clean dock
doclifter (2.7-1) [universe]
Convert troff to DocBook
doconce (0.5.1-1) [universe]
document once, include anywhere
doctorj (5.0.0-5) [universe]
A tool to analyze Java code
doctrine (1.2.4-1) [universe]
Tool for object-relational mapping in PHP
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa python-docutils, python3-docutils
docutils-common (0.8.1-4ubuntu1)
text processing system for reStructuredText - common data
docutils-doc (0.8.1-4ubuntu1)
text processing system for reStructuredText - documentation
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa python-docutils
docvert (4.0-5) [universe]
converts word processor files to HTML
docvert-libreoffice (4.0-5) [universe]
converts word processor files to HTML using LibreOffice
docvert-openoffice.org (1:3.3.0-7ubuntu7) [universe]
converts word processor files to HTML using LibreOffice
dodgindiamond2 (0.2.2-1) [universe]
Little shoot-'em-up arcade game for one or two players
dokuwiki (0.0.20110525a-2) [universe]
standards compliant simple to use wiki
dolfin-bin (1.0.0-1) [universe]
Executable scripts for DOLFIN
dolfin-dev (1.0.0-1) [universe]
Empty package depending on latest DOLFIN development package
dolfin-doc (1.0.0-1) [universe]
Documentation and demo programs for DOLFIN
dolphin (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu2)
file manager
dolphin-plugins-bazaar (0.0~bzr20-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Dolphin Plugin for Bazaar VCS
donkey (0.5-19) [universe]
One Time Password calculator
dooble (0.0+svn874-0ubuntu3) [universe]
WebKit based browser written is Qt 4
doodle (0.6.7-10ubuntu1) [universe]
Desktop Search Engine (client)
doodle-dbg (0.6.7-10ubuntu1) [universe]
Desktop Search Engine (debug)
doodled (0.6.7-10ubuntu1) [universe]
Desktop Search Engine (daemon)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa prboom
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa game-data-packager
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa doom-wad-shareware
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa deutex
doom-wad-shareware (1.9.fixed-2) [multiverse]
Shareware game files for the 3D game Doom
doomsday (1.9.0-beta6.9+dfsg1-2) [universe]
enhanced version of the legendary DOOM game
dopewars (1.5.12-12) [universe]
drug-dealing game set in streets of New York City
dopewars-data (1.5.12-12) [universe]
drug-dealing game set in streets of New York City - data files
dos2unix (5.3.1-1) [universe]
convert text file line endings between CRLF and LF
dosage (1.6.0-1) [universe]
powerful webcomic downloader / archiver
dosbox (0.74-2) [universe]
x86 emulator with Tandy/Herc/CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA graphics, sound and DOS
doscan (0.3.1-3) [universe]
port scanner for discovering services on large networks
doschk (1.1-6) [universe]
SYSV and DOS filename conflicts check
dosemu (1.4.0+svn.2010-1) [multiverse]
DOS Emulator for Linux
dosfstools (3.0.12-1ubuntu1.3 [amd64, i386], 3.0.12-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
utilities for making and checking MS-DOS FAT filesystems
dosfstools-dbg (3.0.12-1ubuntu1.3 [amd64, i386], 3.0.12-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
utilities for making and checking MS-DOS FAT filesystems (debug)
dossizola (1.0-8.3) [universe]
An Isola board game with nice graphics
dossizola-data (1.0-8.3) [universe]
Data files for Do'SSi Zo'la game
dot-forward (1:0.71-1) [universe]
reads sendmail's .forward files under qmail
dot2tex (2.8.7+repack-1) [universe]
Graphviz to LaTeX converter
dotclear (2.4.2+dfsg-1) [universe]
open-source web publishing software
dotdee (1.9-0ubuntu1) [universe]
convert a flat file to a file concatenated from a .d-style directory
dotlrn (2.5.0+dfsg-2) [universe]
e-learning portal system based on OpenACS
dotmcp (0.2.2-7build1) [universe]
mcp for s3d
dots (0.0.20100108-3) [universe]
Braille typesetting program for GNOME
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa acedb-other-dotter
dotur (1.53-2) [universe]
distance based OTU and richness estimation
douf00 (3.0.0-1) [universe]
lightweight, slim and straight forward Presentation Tool
dov4l (0.9-4.1) [universe]
program to set and query settings of video4linux devices
dovecot-antispam (2.0+20120225-2) [universe]
Dovecot plugins for training spam filters
dovecot-common (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1) [universe] [security]
Transitional package for dovecot
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dovecot-core
dovecot-core (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
secure mail server that supports mbox, maildir, dbox and mdbox mailboxes
dovecot-dbg (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
debug symbols for Dovecot
dovecot-dev (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
header files for the dovecot mail server
dovecot-gssapi (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
GSSAPI authentication support for Dovecot
dovecot-imapd (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
secure IMAP server that supports mbox, maildir, dbox and mdbox mailboxes
dovecot-ldap (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
LDAP support for Dovecot
dovecot-lmtpd (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
secure LMTP server for Dovecot
dovecot-managesieved (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
secure ManageSieve server for Dovecot
dovecot-metadata-plugin (8-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Experimental IMAP METADATA Extension for Dovecot
dovecot-mysql (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
MySQL support for Dovecot
dovecot-pgsql (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
PostgreSQL support for Dovecot
dovecot-pop3d (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
secure POP3 server that supports mbox, maildir, dbox and mdbox mailboxes
dovecot-postfix (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1) [security]
mail server delivery agent stack provided by Ubuntu server team
dovecot-sieve (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
sieve filters support for Dovecot
dovecot-solr (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Solr full text search support for Dovecot
dovecot-sqlite (1:2.0.19-0ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
SQLite support for Dovecot
download-installer (1.29ubuntu1)
Download installer components
downtimed (0.5-1) [universe]
monitor of downtime, shutdown, and crashes
doxygen (
Documentation system for C, C++, Java, Python and other languages
doxygen-doc (
Documentation for doxygen
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa doxygen-doc
doxygen-gui ( [universe]
GUI configuration tool for doxygen
doxygen-latex (
Documentation system for C, C++, Java, Python and other languages
doxymacs (1.8.0-6) [universe]
elisp package for making doxygen usage easier under Emacs
doxypy (0.4.2-1) [universe]
Python input filter for Doxygen
dozzaqueux (3.21-2) [universe]
simulator for chemical mixtures
dozzaqueux-data (3.21-2) [universe]
databases for chemical mixtures
dpatch (2.0.34ubuntu1)
patch maintenance system for Debian source packages
dphys-config (20100216-1) [universe]
Tool to distribute config files
dphys-swapfile (20061020-4) [universe]
Autogenerate and use a swap file
dpkg ( [amd64, i386], [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Debian package management system
dpkg-awk (1.1) [universe]
Gawk script to parse /var/lib/dpkg/{status,available} and Packages
dpkg-cross (2.6.5ubuntu2) [universe]
tools for cross compiling Debian packages
dpkg-dev ( [security]
Debian package development tools
dpkg-dev-el (35.2ubuntu1) [universe]
Emacs helpers specific to Debian development
dpkg-repack (1.37)
puts an unpacked .deb file back together
dpkg-ruby (0.3.8build1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-debian
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ruby-debian
dpkg-sig (0.13.1) [universe]
create and verify signatures on .deb-files
dpkg-www (2.54+nmu1) [universe]
Web based Debian package browser
dpm (1.8.2-1) [universe]
Disk Pool Manager (DPM) client
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm
dpm-copy-server-mysql (1.8.2-1) [universe]
DPM copy server with MySQL database backend
dpm-copy-server-postgres (1.8.2-1) [universe]
DPM copy server with postgres database backend
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm-server-mysql
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm-copy-server-mysql
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm-name-server-mysql
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm-srm-server-mysql
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm-srm-server-mysql
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm-srm-server-mysql
dpm-name-server-mysql (1.8.2-1) [universe]
DPM nameserver server with MySQL database backend
dpm-name-server-postgres (1.8.2-1) [universe]
DPM nameserver server with postgres database backend
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm-server-postgres
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm-copy-server-postgres
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm-name-server-postgres
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm-srm-server-postgres
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm-srm-server-postgres
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm-srm-server-postgres
dpm-rfio-server (1.8.2-1) [universe]
DPM RFIO server
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpm-rfio-server
dpm-server-mysql (1.8.2-1) [universe]
Disk Pool Manager (DPM) server with MySQL database backend
dpm-server-postgres (1.8.2-1) [universe]
Disk Pool Manager (DPM) server with postgres database backend
dpm-srm-server-mysql (1.8.2-1) [universe]
DPM SRM server with MySQL database backend
dpm-srm-server-postgres (1.8.2-1) [universe]
DPM SRM server with postgres database backend
dpsyco (1.0.36) [universe]
Debian packages of system configurations
dpsyco-base (1.0.36) [universe]
Base package for the debian packages of system configurations
dpsyco-cfengine (1.0.36) [universe]
Automate applying of cfengine configs
dpsyco-devel (1.0.36) [universe]
Tools to create configuration packages
dpsyco-lib (1.0.36) [universe]
Libraries for the debian packages of system configurations
dpsyco-mysql (1.0.36) [universe]
Automate administration of access to mysql
dpsyco-patch (1.0.36) [universe]
Automatically patch the debian file-system
dpsyco-samba (1.0.36) [universe]
Automate administration of access to samba
dpsyco-skel (1.0.36) [universe]
Automatically install a add-on skeleton
dpsyco-ssh (1.0.36) [universe]
Automate administration of access via ssh
dpsyco-sudo (1.0.36) [universe]
Automate administration of sudo privileges
dpt-i2o-raidutils (0.0.6-19build1) [universe]
Adaptec I2O hardware RAID management utilities
dput (
Debian package upload tool
draai (20110603-1) [universe]
A command-line music player for MPD
drac (1.12-7.2) [universe]
Dynamic Relay Authorization Control (pop-before-smtp)
drac-dev (1.12-7.2)
Dynamic Relay Authorization Control (development files)
dracut (013-2) [universe]
A new initramfs infrastructure
dracut-network (013-2) [universe]
A new initramfs infrastucture
dradio (3.8-2) [universe]
danmarks Radio netradio, podcast, and TV player
dragbox (0.4.0-1) [universe]
A command line drag-and-drop tool for GNOME
dragonegg (3.0-3) [universe]
GCC plugin that uses LLVM for optimization and code generation
dragonplayer (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1)
simple video player
drawmap (2.5-3) [universe]
draws customized maps, using raw USGS data files
drawterm (20091003-1) [universe]
graphical client for Plan 9 CPU servers
drawtiming (0.7.1-4build1) [universe]
tool for documenting hardware designs through timing diagrams
drawxtl (5.5-1) [universe]
crystal structure viewer
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa drbd8-utils
drbd8-utils (2:8.3.11-0ubuntu1)
RAID 1 over tcp/ip for Linux utilities
drbdlinks (1.19-1) [universe]
Manages symlinks into a shared DRBD partition
drc (3.2.0~dfsg0-1) [universe]
digital room correction
drdsl (1.2.0-1build1) [multiverse]
DSL Assistant for AVM DSL/ISDN-Controllers
dreamchess (0.2.0-3) [universe]
3D chess game
dreamchess-data (0.2.0-3) [universe]
data files for dreamchess
dreampie (1.1.1-1) [universe]
advanced graphical interactive Python shell
drgeo (1.1.0-9) [universe]
An interactive geometry software
drgeo-doc (1.5-6) [universe]
The Dr. Geo online user manual
driconf (0.9.1-2ubuntu1) [universe]
DRI configuration applet
drift (2.2.3-2ubuntu1) [universe]
type sensitive preprocessor for Haskell
driftnet (0.1.6-9ubuntu1) [universe]
Picks out and displays images from network traffic
drivel (3.0.3-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Blogging client for the GNOME desktop
driver-injection-disk-detect (1.88ubuntu2) [universe]
Detect OEM driver injection disks
drizzle (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Server binaries for Drizzle Database
drizzle-client (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Client binaries for Drizzle Database
drizzle-dbg (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Debugging symbols for Drizzle
drizzle-dev (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Development files for Drizzle development
drizzle-doc (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
API Documentation for Drizzle internals
drizzle-plugin-auth-file (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
File-based authentication for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-auth-http (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
HTTP authentication for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-auth-ldap (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
LDAP authentication for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-auth-pam (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
PAM authentication for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-dev (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Development files for Drizzle plugin development
drizzle-plugin-filtered-replicator (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Filtered Replicator for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-gearman-udf (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Gearman User Defined Functions for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-haildb (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
HailDB Storage Engine for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-logging-gearman (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Gearman Logging for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-logging-query (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Query Logging for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-mysql-protocol (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
MySQL Protocol for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-mysql-unix-socket-protocol (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
MySQL Unix Domain Socket Protocol for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-pbms (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
PrimeBase Blob Streaming for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-performance-dictionary (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Performance Dictionary for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-rabbitmq (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
RabbitMQ Transaction Log for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-simple-user-policy (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Simple User Policy for Drizzle
drizzle-plugin-slave (2011.03.13-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Replication Slave Plugin for Drizzle
drobo-utils (0.6.1+repack-1) [universe]
manage data robotics storage units (drobos)
dropbear (2011.54-1ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 2011.54-1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
lightweight SSH2 server and client
drpython (1:3.11.1-2) [universe]
simple and customizable editor for the Python language
drraw (2.2b2-3) [universe]
A simple web based presentation front-end for RRDtool
drumstick-tools (0.5.0-2) [universe]
Qt4/C++ wrapper for ALSA Sequencer - utilities
drupal6 (6.22-1ubuntu1) [universe]
fully-featured content management framework
drupal6-mod-addtoany (3.4-1) [universe]
addtoany module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-cck (2.9-1) [universe]
cck module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-commentrss (2.3-1) [universe]
commentrss modules for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-contemplate (1.2-1) [universe]
contemplate module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-filefield (3.10-1) [universe]
filefield module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-i18n (1.10-1) [universe]
i18n module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-imageapi (1.10-1) [universe]
imageapi module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-imagecache (2.0~beta10-1) [universe]
imagecache module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-imagecache-actions (1.8-1) [universe]
imagecache_actions module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-imagefield (3.10-1) [universe]
imagefield module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-imagefield-assist (1.0~beta3-1) [universe]
imagefield_assist module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-inactive-user (1.0~beta2-1) [universe]
inactive_user modules for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-inline (1.0-2) [universe]
inline module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-ldap-integration (1.0~beta2-2) [universe]
ldap_integration module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-lightbox2 (1.11-1) [universe]
lightbox2 module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-masquerade (1.7-1) [universe]
masquerade module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-openid-provider (1.0~beta2-1) [universe]
openid_provider modules for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-pingback (1.0-1) [universe]
pingback modules for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-site-verify (1.0-1) [universe]
site_verify module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-tagadelic (1.3-1) [universe]
tagadelic module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-trackback (1.2-1) [universe]
trackback module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-views (2.16-1) [universe]
views modules for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-views-groupby (1.0~rc2-1) [universe]
views_groupby modules for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-xmlsitemap (2.0~beta1-1) [universe]
xmlsitemap module for Drupal 6
drupal6-mod-xrds-simple (1.0-1) [universe]
xrds_simple modules for Drupal 6
drupal6-thm-arthemia (2.0-1) [universe]
arthemia theme for Drupal 6
drupal6-trans-ru (1.3-2) [universe]
Russian translation for Drupal 6
drupal7 (7.12-1ubuntu0.1) [universe] [security]
fully-featured content management framework
drush (4.5-6) [universe]
command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Drupal
drush-make (2.3-1) [universe]
Drupal source code deployment tool
dsbltesters (0.9.5-4) [universe]
open proxy/relay testing utilities
dsc-statistics-collector (201106061022-4) [universe]
DNS Statistics Collector - Collector component
dsc-statistics-presenter (201106061022-4) [universe]
DNS Statistics Collector - Presenter component
dsdp (5.8-9) [universe]
Software for Semidefinite Programming
dsdp-doc (5.8-9) [universe]
Software for Semidefinite Programming
dselect ( [amd64, i386], [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Debian package management front-end
dsh (0.25.10-1) [universe]
dancer's shell, or distributed shell
dsniff (2.4b1+debian-21.1) [universe]
Various tools to sniff network traffic for cleartext insecurities
dspam (3.10.1+dfsg-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Scalable, fast and statistical anti-spam filter
dspam-dbg (3.10.1+dfsg-4ubuntu1) [universe]
debugging symbols for dspam
dspam-doc (3.10.1+dfsg-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Documentation for DSPAM anti-spam filter
dspam-webfrontend (3.10.1+dfsg-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Webfrontend for DSPAM anti-spam filter
dssi-dev (1.1.1~dfsg0-1) [universe]
Header file for compiling DSSI plugins and hosts
dssi-example-plugins (1.1.1~dfsg0-1) [universe]
Examples of DSSI plugin
dssi-host-jack (1.1.1~dfsg0-1) [universe]
Example of DSSI host
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ll-scope, hexter, xsynth-dssi, sineshaper, fluidsynth-dssi, wsynth-dssi, nekobee
dssi-utils (1.1.1~dfsg0-1) [universe]
Command-line utilities for sending commands to DSSI plugins
dssi-vst (0.9.2-1ubuntu5) [multiverse]
Adapter for VST an VSTi audio plugins
dstat (0.7.2-2) [universe]
versatile resource statistics tool
dsyslog (0.6.0build2) [universe]
advanced modular syslog daemon
dsyslog-dbg (0.6.0build2) [universe]
advanced modular syslog daemon - debug
dsyslog-module-gnutls (0.6.0build2) [universe]
advanced modular syslog daemon - GnuTLS support
dsyslog-module-mysql (0.6.0build2) [universe]
advanced modular syslog daemon - MySQL support
dsyslog-module-postgresql (0.6.0build2) [universe]
advanced modular syslog daemon - PostgreSQL support
dtach (0.8-2ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 0.8-2 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
emulates the detach/attach feature of screen
dtaus (0.9-1) [universe]
Paperless money transfer with German banks on floppies
dtc-xen (0.5.15-1) [universe]
SOAP daemon and scripts to allow control panel management for Xen VMs
dtc-xen-firewall (0.5.15-1) [universe]
small firewall script for your dom0
dtd-ead (2002-1) [universe]
Encoded Archival Description Document Type Definition
dtdinst (20091111-4ubuntu1) [universe]
XML DTD to XML instance format converter
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa dpt-i2o-raidutils
dtrx (6.6-1.1) [universe]
intelligently extract multiple archive types
duende (2.0.04+really1.4.09-1) [universe]
logging daemonizer
duff (0.5.2-1) [universe]
Duplicate file finder
duma (2.5.15-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
library to detect buffer overruns and under-runs in C and C++ programs
dump (0.4b44-1ubuntu1) [universe]
4.4bsd dump and restore for ext2 filesystems
dumpasn1 (20101112-1) [universe]
ASN.1 object dump program
dumpet (2.1-4) [universe]
dump information about bootable CDs and other similar formats
dumphd (0.61-0.4ubuntu1) [universe]
HD-DVD/Blu-Ray decrypter
duplicity (0.6.18-0ubuntu3)
encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup
dupload (2.7.0ubuntu1)
utility to upload Debian packages
duply ( [universe]
easy to use frontend to the duplicity backup system
durep (0.9-2.2) [universe]
create disk usage reports
dv4l (1.0-5) [universe]
Redirect V4L API to access a camcorder from a V4L program
dvb-apps (1.1.1+rev1355-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Digitial Video Broadcasting (DVB) applications
dvbackup (0.0.4rj1-6.1) [universe]
backup tool using MiniDV camcorders
dvbcut (0.5.4+svn178-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Qt application for cutting parts out of DVB streams
dvblast (2.1.0-1) [universe]
Simple and powerful dvb-streaming application
dvbsnoop (1.4.50-4ubuntu1) [universe]
DVB / MPEG stream analyzer
dvbstream (0.6+cvs20090621-1) [universe]
Broadcast a DVB Transport stream over a LAN
dvbstreamer (2.1.0-2.3) [universe]
a console based streamer for DVB/ATSC service(s)
dvbtune (0.5-12) [universe]
Simple tuning application for DVB cards
dvcs-autosync (0.5) [universe]
Automatically synchronize distributed version control repositories
dvd+rw-tools (7.1-10)
DVD+-RW/R tools
dvd+rw-tools-dbg (7.1-10)
DVD+-RW/R tools (debug)
dvd-slideshow (0.8.2-0.1ubuntu4) [multiverse]
tools to create dvd slideshow with menus
dvd95 (1.6p0+git20100528.ef7c-0ubuntu3) [multiverse]
DVD9 to DVD5 converter
dvdauthor (0.7.0-1.1build1) [universe]
create DVD-Video file system
dvdbackup (0.4.1-1) [universe]
tool to rip DVD's from the command line
dvdbackup-dbg (0.4.1-1) [universe]
debug files for dvdbackup
dvdisaster (0.72.1-2) [universe]
data loss/scratch/aging protection for CD/DVD media
dvdisaster-doc (0.72.1-2) [universe]
data loss/scratch/aging protection for CD/DVD media (documentation)
dvdrip (1:0.98.11-0ubuntu3) [multiverse]
perl front end for transcode and ffmpeg
dvdrip-doc (2:0.98.11-0ubuntu1) [multiverse]
Documentation for dvd::rip
dvdrip-queue (0.1.3-0.1ubuntu2) [universe]
queue up dvd::rip projects
dvdrip-utils (1:0.98.11-0ubuntu3) [universe]
perl front end for transcode and ffmpeg (tools)
dvdstyler (2.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
cross platform DVD Authoring System for Video DVD Production
dvdstyler-data (2.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Data files for DVDStyler
dvdtape (1.6-1) [universe]
Create DVD master filesystems on DLT media
dvdwizard (0.6.4-0ubuntu1) [multiverse]
fully automated creation of a DVD-structure
dvgrab (3.5-2) [universe]
grab digital video data via IEEE1394 and USB links
dvhtool (1.0.1-5) [universe]
Manipulate the volume header on sgi partition layouts
dvi2dvi (2.0alpha-9.1) [universe]
Tweak DVI files
dvi2ps (4.1j-3) [universe]
TeX DVI-driver for NTT JTeX, MulTeX and ASCII pTeX
dvi2ps-fontdata-a2n (1.0.1-3) [universe]
Font data to convert pTeX's dvi file to jTeX's dvi file
dvi2ps-fontdata-ja (1.0.1-3) [universe]
Font data for dvi2ps-j and dvi2dvi
dvi2ps-fontdata-n2a (1.0.1-3) [universe]
Font data to convert jTeX dvi file to pTeX dvi file
dvi2ps-fontdata-ptexfake (1.0.1-3) [universe]
Fake pTeX TFM files
dvi2ps-fontdata-rsp (1.0.1-3) [universe]
Font data of RICOH SP10 printer
dvi2ps-fontdata-tbank (1.0.1-3) [universe]
Font data of Typebank font
dvi2ps-fontdata-three (1.0.1-3) [universe]
Font data of Adobe Japanese fonts (futomin, futogo, jun101)
dvi2ps-fontdesc-morisawa5 (0.4) [universe]
fontdesc files of dvi2ps for Morisawa Basic-5 type faces
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa texlive-binaries
dvidvi (1.0-8etch2) [universe]
Manipulate .dvi files
dvifb (1:01.03-14.1) [universe]
dvi viewer for framebuffer devices
dvilx (1:01.03-14.1) [universe]
dvi viewer for X
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa texlive-base
dvipng (1.14-1)
convert DVI files to PNG graphics
dvipost (1.1-4) [universe]
Post processor for dvi files supporting change bars
dvips-fontdata-n2bk (0.0.2001.12.12-3) [universe]
Virtual font data to process dvi files generated by NTT-JTeX
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa texpower
dvipsk-ja (5.98+p1.7b-1) [universe]
DVI-to-PostScript translator with Japanese support
dvisvga (1:01.03-14.1) [universe]
dvi viewer for SVGAlib
dvorak7min (1.6.1-13.1) [universe]
typing tutor for Dvorak keyboards
dvsink ( [universe]
programs to sink streams from dvswitch
dvsource ( [universe]
programs to provide source streams for dvswitch
dvswitch ( [universe]
basic video mixer for live DV streams
dvtm (0.6-1) [universe]
Tiling window management for the console
dwarfdump (20111214-1) [universe]
utility to dump DWARF debug information from ELF objects
dwarves (1.9-1) [universe]
set of advanced DWARF utilities
dwdiff (2.0.2-1build1) [universe]
diff program that operates word by word
dwm (6.0-1) [universe]
dynamic window manager
dwoo (1.1.1-1) [universe]
PHP5 template engine
dwww (1.11.7) [universe]
Read all on-line documentation with a WWW browser
dx (1:4.4.4-4build1) [universe]
OpenDX (IBM Visualization Data Explorer) - main package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libdx4-dev
dx-doc (1:4.4.4-4build1) [universe]
OpenDX (IBM Visualization Data Explorer) - documentation
dxpc (3.9.2-2) [universe]
differential X protocol compressor
dxsamples (4.2.0-1) [universe]
Sample programs for the OpenDX Data Explorer
dynagen (0.11.0-6) [multiverse]
Cisco 7200 Router Emulator Command Line Interface
dynamips (0.2.7-0.2.8RC2-5ubuntu1) [multiverse]
Cisco 7200/3600/3725/3745/2600/1700 Router Emulator
dynamite (0.1.1-2) [universe]
PKWARE Data Compression decompressor
dynare (4.2.4-1) [universe]
platform for handling a wide class of economic models
dynare-common (4.2.4-1) [universe]
platform for handling a wide class of economic models
dynare-doc (4.2.4-1) [universe]
documentation for Dynare
dynare-matlab (4.2.4-1) [multiverse]
MATLAB support for Dynare
dyndns (2011.0928-1) [universe]
dynamic DNS (DDNS) update client implemented in Perl
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ez-ipupdate, ddclient
dzedit (20061220+dfsg3-2) [universe]
CERNLIB data analysis suite - ZEBRA documentation editor
dzen2 (0.8.5-4) [universe]
General-purpose messaging and notification program for X11
e-uae (0.8.29-WIP4-10) [multiverse]
The Egalitarian Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator
e-uae-dbg (0.8.29-WIP4-10) [multiverse]
The Egalitarian Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator (debugging)
e00compr (1.0.1-2) [universe]
A program to read/write Arcinfo compressed E00 files
e17 (0.16.999.55225-1build1) [universe]
The Enlightenment DR17 Window Manager
e17-data (0.16.999.55225-1build1) [universe]
Enlightenment Window Manager Run Time Data Files
e17-dbg (0.16.999.55225-1build1) [universe]
The Enlightenment DR17 Window Manager - debugging symbols
e17-dev (0.16.999.55225-1build1) [universe]
Enlightenment headers, static libraries and documentation
e2fsck-static (1.42-1ubuntu2.2 [amd64, i386], 1.42-1ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
statically-linked version of the ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem checker
e2fslibs (1.42-1ubuntu2.2 [amd64, i386], 1.42-1ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
ext2/ext3/ext4 file system libraries
e2fslibs-dbg (1.42-1ubuntu2.2 [amd64, i386], 1.42-1ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
debugging information for e2fslibs
e2fslibs-dev (1.42-1ubuntu2.2 [amd64, i386], 1.42-1ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
ext2/ext3/ext4 file system libraries - headers and static libraries
e2fsprogs (1.42-1ubuntu2.2 [amd64, i386], 1.42-1ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
ext2/ext3/ext4 file system utilities
e2fsprogs-dbg (1.42-1ubuntu2.2 [amd64, i386], 1.42-1ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
debugging information for e2fsprogs
e2fsprogs-udeb (1.42-1ubuntu2)
stripped-down versions of e2fsprogs, for debian-installer
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa e2fslibs-dev
e2ps (4.34-4) [universe]
Convert plain text into PostScript
e2tools (0.0.16-6.1) [universe]
utilities for manipulating files in an ext2/ext3 filesystem
e2undel (0.82-1.1) [universe]
Undelete utility for the ext2 file system
e2wm (1.2-2) [universe]
simple window manager for emacs
e3 (1:2.71-1) [universe]
A very small editor
eagle (5.12.0-1ubuntu1) [multiverse]
Printed circuit board design tool
eagle-data (5.12.0-1ubuntu1) [multiverse]
Data files for Eagle
eancheck (1.0-1.1) [universe]
Check digit validator for EAN/PLU/UPC barcode numbers
earcandy (0.9+bzr12-2) [universe]
Sound level manager for PulseAudio
earth3d (1.0.5-3) [universe]
Map client displaying a 3D model of the world
easychem (0.6-6) [universe]
Draw high-quality molecules and 2D chemical formulas
easygit (0.99-1) [universe]
git for mere mortals
easyh10 (1.5-1) [universe]
Utility to manage the iRiver H10 music player
easymp3gain-gtk (0.5.0-6) [universe]
GUI interface for MP3Gain, VorbisGain and AACGain
easypg (0.0.16-2.1) [universe]
yet another GnuPG interface for Emacs
easyspice (0.6.8-2) [multiverse]
A graphical frontend to the Spice simulator
easystroke (0.5.4-0ubuntu2) [universe]
gesture recognition program
easytag (2.1.7-1ubuntu2) [universe]
viewing, editing and writing ID3 tags
easytag-aac (2.1.7-1ubuntu2) [multiverse]
viewing, editing and writing ID3 tags - transitional package
eatmydata (26-2) [universe]
library and utilities designed to disable fsync and friends
eb-doc (4.4.3-2build1) [universe]
C library for accessing electronic books (documents)
eb-utils (4.4.3-2build1) [universe]
C library for accessing electronic books (utilities)
ebhttpd (1:1.0.dfsg.1-4.2build1) [universe]
specialized HTTP server to access CD-ROM books
eblook (1:1.6.1-10) [universe]
electronic dictionary search command using EB Library
ebnetd (1:1.0.dfsg.1-4.2build1) [universe]
the server of EBNET protocol
ebnetd-common (1:1.0.dfsg.1-4.2build1) [universe]
Common files for the EBNETD suite
eboard (1.1.1-5ubuntu1) [universe]
GTK+ chessboard program
eboard-extras-pack1 (2-3) [universe]
additional piece sets and sounds for eboard (pack 1)
ebook-dev-alp (200407-1) [multiverse]
[EBOOK-DEV] Advanced Linux Programming
ebook-speaker (2.0-2) [universe]
eBook reader that reads aloud in a synthetic voice
ebook-speaker-dbg (2.0-2) [universe]
ebook-speaker debugging symbols
ebook-tools-dbg (0.2.1-2build1)
library and tools to work with the EPub file format - debug symbols
ebox (2.3.4) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebox-ca (2.3.3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebox-dhcp (2.3.3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebox-dns (2.3.3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebox-firewall (2.3.3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebox-network (2.3.3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebox-ntp (2.3.3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebox-objects (2.3.3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebox-openvpn (2.3.3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebox-printers (2.3.3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebox-samba (2.3.3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebox-services (2.3.3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebox-squid (2.3.3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebox-usersandgroups (2.3.4) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ebsmount (0.92-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Automatically mount EC2/Eucalyptus EBS devices
ebtables (
Ethernet bridge frame table administration
ebumeter (0.1.0~dfsg-1) [universe]
Loudness measurement according to EBU-R128
ebview ( [universe]
EPWING dictionary viewer
ec2-ami-tools ( [multiverse]
Amazon EC2 AMI tools
ec2-api-tools ( [multiverse]
Amazon EC2 API tools
ec2-init (0.6.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
package renamed -> cloud-init
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cloud-init
ecasound (2.8.1-5build1) [universe]
Multitrack-capable audio recorder and effect processor
ecasound-doc (2.8.1-5build1) [universe]
Documentation files for Ecasound
ecasound-el (2.8.1-5build1) [universe]
Multitrack-capable audio recorder and effect processor (emacs)
ecatools (2.8.1-5build1) [universe]
Multitrack-capable audio recorder and effect processor (tools)
ecb (2.40+cvs20110608-2) [universe]
code browser for Emacs supporting several languages
echelon (0.1.0-5ubuntu1) [multiverse]
Tool to manage connection
echolot (2.1.8-6) [universe]
Pinger for anonymous remailers such as Mixmaster
echoping (6.0.2-4) [universe]
A small test tool for TCP servers
ecj (3.5.1-3)
standalone version of the Eclipse Java compiler
ecj-gcj (3.5.1-3)
standalone version of the Eclipse Java compiler (native version)
ecj1 (3.5.1-3) [ports]
java byte code compiler used by gcj
ecl (11.1.1-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Embeddable Common-Lisp: has an interpreter and can compile to C
ecl-doc (11.1.1-4ubuntu1) [universe]
documentation for Embeddable Common-Lisp
eclipse (3.7.2-1) [universe]
Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE
eclipse-cdt (8.0.2-1) [universe]
C/C++ Development Tools for Eclipse
eclipse-cdt-jni (8.0.2-1) [universe]
C/C++ Development Tools for Eclipse (JNI)
eclipse-egit (1.1.0-1) [universe]
Eclipse Team provider for the Git version control system
eclipse-emf (2.5.0-2) [universe]
Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
eclipse-emf-examples (2.5.0-2) [universe]
Eclipse EMF/XSD examples
eclipse-emf-sdk (2.5.0-2) [universe]
Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) - (Source/Documentation)
eclipse-jdt (3.7.2-1) [universe]
Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT)
eclipse-jgit (1.1.0-1) [universe]
Java implementation of GIT for Eclipse
eclipse-pde (3.7.2-1) [universe]
Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE)
eclipse-platform (3.7.2-1) [universe]
Eclipse platform without development plug-ins
eclipse-platform-data (3.7.2-1) [universe]
Eclipse platform without development plug-ins (data)
eclipse-rcp (3.7.2-1) [universe]
Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP)
eclipse-rse (3.1.2-1) [universe]
Eclipse Remote System Explorer (RSE)
eclipse-xsd (2.5.0-2) [universe]
XML Schema Definition (XSD) for Eclipse
eclipse-xsd-sdk (2.5.0-2) [universe]
XML Schema Definition (XSD) for Eclipse - (Source/Documentation)
ecm (1.00-2fakesync1) [universe]
prepares CD image files so they compress better
ecosconfig-imx (200910-0ubuntu2) [universe]
eCos configuration tool for imx SoC's RedBoot
ecryptfs-utils (96-0ubuntu3.5 [amd64, i386], 96-0ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
ecryptfs cryptographic filesystem (utilities)
ecryptfs-utils-dbg (96-0ubuntu3.5 [amd64, i386], 96-0ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
ecryptfs cryptographic filesystem (utilities; debug)
ed (1.5-3)
classic UNIX line editor
ed2k-hash (0.3.3+deb2-1) [universe]
A tool for generating ed2k-links
edac-utils (0.16-1) [universe]
report kernel-detected PCI and ECC RAM errors
edb (1.31-2) [universe]
database program for GNU Emacs
edenmath.app (1.1.1a-7build4) [universe]
Scientific calculator for GNUstep
edfbrowser (1.38-1) [universe]
viewer for biosignal storage files such as bdf and edf
edgy-community-wallpapers (0.8) [universe]
Edgy Community Wallpapers
edgy-session-splashes (0.5-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Edgy Session Splashes
edgy-wallpapers (0.9-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Edgy Wallpapers
edict (2011.05.25-1) [universe]
English / Japanese dictionary
edict-el (1.06-9) [universe]
An Emacs interface to Edict
edid-decode (0.1~git20100205.26c03c8e-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Decodes to text the binary EDID information from monitors
edisplay (0.8.5-3build2) [universe]
fast image manipulation programs (image viewer)
editmoin (1.17-1) [universe]
edit MoinMoin wiki pages with your favourite editor
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ne, jed, le, fte-xwindow, elvis-console, elvis, emacs, vim-nox, emacs23-nox, vim-gtk, fte-terminal, xvile, emacs23, vigor, levee, nano, vim-gnome, jupp, vim, nano-udeb, vim-athena, vile, emacs23-lucid, jove, nano-tiny, xjed, fte-console, vim-tiny, mg
editra (0.6.58-1) [universe]
simple multi-platform text editor
edos-debcheck (1.0-9) [universe]
Check package dependencies (transitional package)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa edos-distcheck
edos-distcheck (1.4.2-13) [universe]
Checks whether dependencies of packages can be satisfied
edos-rpmcheck (1.0-9) [universe]
Check package dependencies (transitional package)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa edos-distcheck
edubuntu-artwork (12.04.1) [universe]
edubuntu themes and artwork
edubuntu-desktop (12.02.1) [universe]
educational desktop for Ubuntu
edubuntu-desktop-kde (12.02.1) [universe]
educational desktop for Kubuntu (unsupported)
edubuntu-docs (11.03.1) [universe]
The Ubuntu Documentation Project - Edubuntu Documentation
edubuntu-fonts (12.02.1) [universe]
Additional fonts included on a default Edubuntu system
edubuntu-live (12.04.1)
Edubuntu live media support
edubuntu-live-welcome (12.03) [universe]
displays a greeting and introduction to Edubuntu on login
edubuntu-menueditor (1.3.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Simple ui to manage different menu profiles on a system
edubuntu-menus (0.2.1) [universe]
group-driven menus for Edubuntu
edubuntu-wallpapers (12.04.1) [universe]
wallpapers included in edubuntu
eekboek (2.00.03-1) [universe]
Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses
eekboek-db-postgresql (2.00.03-1) [universe]
PostgreSQL database driver for EekBoek
eekboek-gui (2.00.03-1) [universe]
Graphical User Interface for EekBoek
eep24c (0.1.2-5) [universe]
read and write serial I2C eeprom devices
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libtravel-routing-de-vrr-perl
efax (1:0.9a-19) [universe]
programs to send and receive fax messages
efax-gtk (3.2.8-1) [universe]
front end in GTK+ for the efax program
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa acedb-other
efibootmgr (0.5.4-2ubuntu1)
Interact with the EFI Boot Manager
eficas (2.0.3-1-1) [universe]
Graphical editor for Code Aster command files
efilinux (0.9-2) [universe]
UEFI bootloader
efingerd ( [universe]
Another finger daemon for unix capable of fine-tuning your output.
eflite (0.4.1-4) [universe]
Festival-Lite based emacspeak speech server
efp (1.4-2) [universe]
Escape from Pong NES game
efte (1.1-1) [universe]
Advanced lightweight configurable editor
egg (4.0.6+0.20041122cvs-18) [universe]
Tamago Ver. 4 -- EGG Input Method Architecture for Emacsen
eggdrop (1.6.19-1.2ubuntu3) [universe]
Advanced IRC Robot
eggdrop-data (1.6.19-1.2ubuntu3) [universe]
Architecture independent files for eggdrop
eglibc-source (2.15-0ubuntu10.18) [universe] [security]
Embedded GNU C Library: sources
egoboo (1:2.7.7-1ubuntu3) [universe]
3D dungeon crawling adventure in the spirit of NetHack
egoboo-data (1:2.7.7-1) [universe]
Egoboo data files
eiciel ( [universe]
graphical editor for POSIX ACLs and extended user attributes
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa beidgui
eikazo (0.5.2-8) [universe]
graphical frontend for SANE designed for mass-scanning
einstein (2.0.dfsg.2-8) [universe]
Puzzle game inspired on Einstein's puzzle
eiskaltdcpp (2.2.6-3) [universe]
EiskaltDC++ meta-package
eiskaltdcpp-common (2.2.6-3) [universe]
common files for EiskaltDC++
eiskaltdcpp-daemon (2.2.6-3) [universe]
EiskaltDC++ daemon
eiskaltdcpp-daemon-dbg (2.2.6-3) [universe]
EiskaltDC++ daemon (debug symbols)
eiskaltdcpp-emoticons (2.2.6-3) [universe]
emoticons for EiskaltDC++
eiskaltdcpp-gtk (2.2.6-3) [universe]
EiskaltDC++ GUI on Gtk
eiskaltdcpp-gtk-data (2.2.6-3) [universe]
data files for EiskaltDC++ Gtk
eiskaltdcpp-gtk-dbg (2.2.6-3) [universe]
EiskaltDC++ GUI on Gtk (debug symbols)
eiskaltdcpp-qt (2.2.6-3) [universe]
EiskaltDC++ GUI on Qt
eiskaltdcpp-qt-data (2.2.6-3) [universe]
data files for EiskaltDC++ Qt
eiskaltdcpp-qt-dbg (2.2.6-3) [universe]
EiskaltDC++ GUI on Qt (debug symbols)
eiskaltdcpp-scripts (2.2.6-3) [universe]
scripts examples for EiskaltDC++
eiskaltdcpp-sounds (2.2.6-3) [universe]
sound files for EiskaltDC++
ejabberd (2.1.10-2ubuntu1.2 [amd64, i386], 2.1.10-2ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
distributed, fault-tolerant Jabber/XMPP server written in Erlang
eject (2.1.5+deb1+cvs20081104-9ubuntu0.1 [amd64, i386], 2.1.5+deb1+cvs20081104-9 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
ejects CDs and operates CD-Changers under Linux
eject-udeb (2.1.5+deb1+cvs20081104-9)
ejects CDs from d-i menu
ejecter (0.4.4-0ubuntu2) [universe]
application to unmount easily and safely external devices
ekeyd (1.1.5-2) [universe]
Simtec Electronics UDEKEY01 Entropy Key Daemon
ekeyd-egd-linux (1.1.5-2) [universe]
Transfers entropy from an EGD to the Linux kernel pool
ekg (1:1.8~rc2+r2850-3) [universe]
console Gadu Gadu client for UNIX systems - ncurses UI
ekg-gtk (1:1.8~rc2+r2850-3) [universe]
Gadu Gadu client for UNIX systems - GTK+ UI
ekg2 (1:0.3.1-1build2) [universe]
instant messenger and IRC client for UNIX systems
ekg2-api-docs (1:0.3.1-1build2) [universe]
instant messenger and IRC client for UNIX systems - API documentation
ekg2-core (1:0.3.1-1build2) [universe]
instant messenger and IRC client for UNIX systems - main program
ekg2-dbg (1:0.3.1-1build2) [universe]
instant messenger and IRC client for UNIX systems - debugging symbols
ekg2-gnupg (1:0.3.1-1build2) [universe]
instant messenger and IRC client for UNIX systems - GnuPG
ekg2-jabber (1:0.3.1-1build2) [universe]
instant messenger and IRC client for UNIX systems - Jabber/XMPP
ekg2-remote (1:0.3.1-1build2) [universe]
instant messenger and IRC client for UNIX systems - remote interface
ekg2-scripting-perl (1:0.3.1-1build2) [universe]
instant messenger and IRC client for UNIX systems - Perl scripting
ekg2-scripting-python (1:0.3.1-1build2) [universe]
instant messenger and IRC client for UNIX systems - Python scripting
ekg2-ui-gtk (1:0.3.1-1build2) [universe]
instant messenger and IRC client for UNIX systems - GTK+ interface
ekg2-ui-ncurses (1:0.3.1-1build2) [universe]
instant messenger and IRC client for UNIX systems - ncurses interface
ekg2-xosd (1:0.3.1-1build2) [universe]
instant messenger and IRC client for UNIX systems - X OSD
ekiga (3.3.2-0ubuntu3) [universe]
H.323 and SIP compatible VoIP client
ekiga-dbg (3.3.2-0ubuntu3) [universe]
H.323 and SIP compatible VoIP client - debug symbols
el-get (3.1-1) [universe]
install and manage elisp code for Emacs
elastichosts-utils (20090817-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Utilities for interacting with ElasticHosts
elastix (4.5-1) [universe]
toolbox for rigid and nonrigid registration of images
elastix-doc (4.5-1) [universe]
toolbox for rigid and nonrigid registration of images - docs
eldav (0.8.1-4) [universe]
interface to the WebDAV servers for Emacs.
electric (8.10-2) [universe]
electrical CAD system
electric-fence (2.1.19) [universe]
A malloc(3) debugger
electricsheep (2.7~b12+svn20091224-1ubuntu3) [universe]
screensaver showing collective dream of sleeping computers
eleeye (0.29.6-2) [universe]
Chinese chess (Xiangqi) engine
elektra-bin (0.7.1-1) [universe]
elektra configuration store, binaries
elektra-doc (0.7.1-1) [universe]
elektra configuration store, API documentation
elementary-icon-theme (2.7.1-0ubuntu6) [universe]
simple and appealing Tango-styled icon theme
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa binutils
elfrc (0.7-1) [universe]
convert arbitrary files into elf objects
elfspe2 (2.2.80-95-3.1ubuntu6) [ports]
Helper for standalone SPE applications
elfutils (0.152-1ubuntu3.1 [amd64, i386], 0.152-1ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
collection of utilities to handle ELF objects
elib (1.0-11.1) [universe]
Library of commonly-used Emacs functions
elida (0.4+nmu1) [universe]
pbuilder mail interface
elilo (3.12-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Bootloader for systems using EFI-based firmware
elilo-installer (1.19)
Install elilo on a hard disk
elinks (0.12~pre5-7ubuntu1) [universe]
advanced text-mode WWW browser
elinks-data (0.12~pre5-7ubuntu1) [universe]
advanced text-mode WWW browser - data files
elinks-doc (0.12~pre5-7ubuntu1) [universe]
advanced text-mode WWW browser - documentation
elinks-lite (0.12~pre5-7ubuntu1) [universe]
advanced text-mode WWW browser - lightweight version
elisa (1.0.9+bzr1614-1.1build1) [universe]
The Elisa media center application (transitional package)
elk (3.99.8-2) [universe]
scheme interpreter
elkdoc (3.99.8-2) [universe]
documentation for the Extension Language Kit
elki (0.4.0-1ubuntu3) [universe]
Data mining algorithm development framework
elks-libc (0.16.17-3.1ubuntu2)
16-bit x86 C library and include files
elmer (6.1.0.svn.5396.dfsg-2ubuntu1) [universe]
finite element multiphysics suite - binaries
elmer-common (6.1.0.svn.5396.dfsg-2ubuntu1) [universe]
finite element multiphysics suite - architecture-independent files
elmer-dbg (6.1.0.svn.5396.dfsg-2ubuntu1) [universe]
finite element multiphysics suite - debugging symbols
elmer-doc (2011.09.06-1) [multiverse]
Elmer multiphysics FEA package documentation
elmergui-samples (6.1.0.svn.5396.dfsg-2ubuntu1) [universe]
ElmerGUI samples directory
elscreen (1.4.6-5) [universe]
Screen for Emacsen
elserv (0.4.0+0.20011203cvs-17.1) [universe]
HTTP server that runs on Emacsen
elvis (2.2.0-11.1) [universe]
powerful clone of the vi/ex text editor (with X11 support)
elvis-common (2.2.0-11.1) [universe]
common files for elvis, elvis-console and elvis-tools
elvis-console (2.2.0-11.1) [universe]
powerful clone of the vi/ex text editor (without X11 support)
elvis-tiny (1.4-22) [universe]
Tiny vi compatible editor for the base system
elvis-tools (2.2.0-11.1) [universe]
text editing tools for programmers (elvfmt, elvtags, ref)
elyxer (1.2.3-1) [universe]
standalone LyX to HTML converter
elza (1.4.3-15) [universe]
Script language for automating HTTP requests
emacs (23.3+1-1ubuntu9.1) [security]
The GNU Emacs editor (metapackage)
emacs-calfw (1.3-1) [universe]
calendar framework for Emacs
emacs-calfw-howm (1.3-1) [universe]
calendar framework for Emacs (howm add-on)
emacs-chess (2.0b6-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
a client and library for playing Chess from Emacs
emacs-goodies-el (35.2ubuntu1)
Miscellaneous add-ons for Emacs
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa emacs-goodies-el
emacs-intl-fonts (1.2.1-8) [universe]
Fonts to allow multi-lingual PostScript printing from Emacs
emacs-jabber (0.8.0-2) [universe]
Jabber client for Emacsen
emacs-mozc (1.3.975.102-2) [universe]
Mozc for Emacs
emacs-mozc-bin (1.3.975.102-2) [universe]
Helper module for emacs-mozc
emacs-window-layout (1.1-2) [universe]
window layout manager for emacs
emacs23 (23.3+1-1ubuntu9.1 [amd64, i386], 23.3+1-1ubuntu9 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
The GNU Emacs editor (with GTK+ user interface)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa emacs23-nox, emacs23-lucid
emacs23-bin-common (23.3+1-1ubuntu9.1 [amd64, i386], 23.3+1-1ubuntu9 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
The GNU Emacs editor's shared, architecture dependent files
emacs23-common (23.3+1-1ubuntu9.1) [security]
The GNU Emacs editor's shared, architecture independent infrastructure
emacs23-el (23.3+1-1ubuntu9.1) [security]
GNU Emacs LISP (.el) files
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa emacs23
emacs23-lucid (23.3+1-1ubuntu9.1 [amd64, i386], 23.3+1-1ubuntu9 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
The GNU Emacs editor
emacs23-nox (23.3+1-1ubuntu9.1 [amd64, i386], 23.3+1-1ubuntu9 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
The GNU Emacs editor (without X support)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa emacs23-nox, xemacs21-nomule, emacs23-lucid, emacs23, xemacs21-mule-canna-wnn, emacs, xemacs21-mule
emacsen-common (1.4.22ubuntu1)
Common facilities for all emacsen
emacspeak (29.0-8) [universe]
speech output interface to Emacs
emacspeak-ss (1.12.1-1) [universe]
Emacspeak speech servers for several synthesizers
email-reminder (0.7.6-3) [universe]
Send event reminders by email
embassy-domainatrix (0.1.0+20100721-3build1) [universe]
Extra EMBOSS commands to handle domain classification file
embassy-domalign (0.1.0+20100721-3build1) [universe]
Extra EMBOSS commands for protein domain alignment
embassy-domsearch (0.1.0++20100721-3build1) [universe]
Extra EMBOSS commands to search for protein domains
embassy-phylip (3.69+20100721-3build1) [multiverse]
EMBOSS conversions of the programs in the phylip package
emboss (6.3.1-6ubuntu3) [universe]
the european molecular biology open software suite
emboss-data (6.3.1-6ubuntu3) [universe]
data files for the EMBOSS package
emboss-doc (6.3.1-6ubuntu3) [universe]
documentation for EMBOSS
emboss-explorer (2.2.0-7) [universe]
web-based GUI to EMBOSS
emboss-lib (6.3.1-6ubuntu3) [universe]
EMBOSS Libraries
emboss-test (6.3.1-6ubuntu3) [universe]
test files for the EMBOSS package
emdebian-archive-keyring (2.0.1) [universe]
GnuPG archive keys for the emdebian repository
emdebian-archive-keyring-udeb (2.0.1) [universe]
GnuPG keys of the Emdebian archive - udeb
emdebian-crush (2.2.18) [universe]
emdebian crossbuilding helpers
emdebian-grip (3.0.7) [universe]
support for the Grip flavour of Emdebian
emdebian-grip-server (3.0.7) [universe]
server-side support for Emdebian Grip
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa emdebian-crush
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa multistrap
emdebian-tdeb (3.0.7) [universe]
Debian TDeb handling scripts
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa emdebian-crush
emelfm2 (0.4.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
file manager for X/gtk
emelfm2-svg-icons (20100219-1) [universe]
icon SVG files from emelfm2 project
emerillon (0.1.90-1build1) [universe]
map viewer for the GNOME desktop
emerillon-dev (0.1.90-1build1) [universe]
map viewer for the GNOME desktop (development files)
emesene (2.12.3+dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
instant messaging client
emil (2.1.0-beta9.dfsg-1.1) [universe]
Conversion Filter for Internet Messages
emilda-print (0.0.20050628-1) [universe]
Client-side print application for Emilda
emma (0.6-4) [universe]
extendable MySQL managing assistant
emms (3.0+20110425+1.git298e022-1) [universe]
Emacs MultiMedia System
empathy (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client
empathy-call (3.4.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client (call handler)
empathy-common (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client (common files)
empathy-dbg (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client (debug symbols)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa empathy-common
empcommand (0.3+svn6617-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Multitouch 2d touch-and-shoot game
empire (1.7-3) [universe]
the war game of the century
empire-hub ( [universe]
Empire protocol multiplexer
empire-lafe (1.1-1) [universe]
Fast line-mode Empire client
empty-expect (0.6.18b-3ubuntu1) [universe]
Run processes and applications under pseudo-terminal
emu8051 (1.1.0-1) [universe]
Emulator and simulator for 8051 microcontrollers
enamdict (2011.05.25-1) [universe]
Dictionary of Japanese proper names
enblend (4.0+dfsg-4ubuntu1) [universe]
image blending tool
enca (1.13-4) [universe]
Extremely Naive Charset Analyser - binaries
encadre-image (0.7-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A simple program to customize and to manage pictures
encfs (1.7.4-2.4) [universe]
encrypted virtual filesystem
enchant (1.6.0-7)
Wrapper for various spell checker engines (binary programs)
enemies-of-carlotta (1.2.6-4) [universe]
mailing list manager
enemylines3 (1.2-7) [universe]
semi-abstract first person 3d-shooter game
enemylines7 (0.6-3) [universe]
first person 3d-shooter game
enfuse (4.0+dfsg-4ubuntu1) [universe]
image exposure blending tool
engauge-digitizer (4.1-2) [universe]
interactively extracts numbers from bitmap graphs or maps
engauge-digitizer-doc (4.1-2) [universe]
engauge-digitizer user manual and tutorial
enigma (1.10~~pre-alpha+r2210-1.1) [universe]
A game where you control a marble with the mouse
enigma-data (1.10~~pre-alpha+r2210-1.1) [universe]
Data file for the game enigma
enigma-doc (1.10~~pre-alpha+r2210-1.1) [universe]
Documentation for the game enigma
enigma-level-previews (1.01-1) [universe]
Pregenerated level previews for Enigma
enigmail (2:1.8.2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 2:1.4-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
GPG support for Thunderbird and Debian Icedove
enna (0.4.1~r3557-2ubuntu2) [universe]
a powerful MediaCenter application based on EFL
enna-dbg (0.4.1~r3557-2ubuntu2) [universe]
debugging symbols for enna
enna-theme (0.4.1~r3557-2ubuntu2) [universe]
data files for Enna, a MediaCenter application
enscribe (0.1.0-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
convert images into sounds
enscript (
converts text to Postscript, HTML or RTF with syntax highlighting
ensymble (0.28-2) [universe]
developer utilities for Symbian OS
ent (1.1debian-1.1) [universe]
pseudorandom number sequence test program
entagged (0.35-4) [universe]
Java Audio File Tagger
enum (1.0.3-1) [universe]
seq- and jot-like enumerator
env-preseed (1.50ubuntu1)
debconf preseeding via environment variables
envstore (2.0.4-1) [universe]
save and restore environment variables
eog (3.4.2-0ubuntu1.3 [amd64, i386], 3.4.1-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program
eog-dbg (3.4.2-0ubuntu1.3 [amd64, i386], 3.4.1-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program - debugging symbols
eog-dev (3.4.2-0ubuntu1.3) [security]
Development files for the Eye of GNOME
eog-plugins (3.4.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
set of plugins for eog
eot-utils (1.0-1) [universe]
Tools to convert from OTF or TTF to EOT font format
epdfview (0.1.8-1build1) [universe]
Lightweight pdf viewer based on poppler libs
eperl (2.2.14-17)
Embedded Perl 5 Language
epic4 (1:2.10.1-1build2) [universe]
epic irc client, version 4
epic4-help (1:2.0+20050315-2) [universe]
help files for epic4 IRC client
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa epic4-script-lice
epic4-script-lice (1:4.2.5i-1) [universe]
Very functional script for epic
epic5 (1.1.2-2build1) [universe]
epic irc client, version 5
epigrass (2.0.4-3) [universe]
scientific tool for simulations and scenario analysis in network epidemiology
epigrass-doc (2.0.4-3) [universe]
Documentation for EpiGrass, a network epidemiology tool
epiphany (0.7.0-5) [universe]
clone of Boulder Dash game
epiphany-browser ( [universe]
Intuitive GNOME web browser
epiphany-browser-data ( [universe]
Data files for the GNOME web browser
epiphany-browser-dbg ( [universe]
Debugging symbols for the GNOME web browser
epiphany-browser-dev ( [universe]
Development files for the GNOME web browser
epiphany-data (0.7.0-5) [universe]
required data files for epiphany game
epiphany-extensions (3.4.0-1) [universe]
Extensions for Epiphany web browser
episoder (0.6.5-1) [universe]
TV show episode reminder
epix (1.2.9-1) [universe]
Create mathematically accurate line figures, plots and movies
epm (4.2-2) [universe]
Cross-platform package builder by Easy Software Products
epoptes (0.5.3-1) [universe]
Computer lab management tool
epoptes-client (0.5.3-1) [universe]
Computer lab management tool (client)
epsilon-bin (0.9.1-2build1) [universe]
A library for wavelet image compression - tools
epson-escpr (1.1.1-2) [universe]
transitional dummy package for epson-escpr printer driver
epstool (3.08+repack-1) [universe]
edit preview images and fix bounding boxes in EPS files
ept-cache (1.0.6~exp1ubuntu1) [universe]
Obsolete commandline tool to search the package archive
epub-utils (0.2.1-2build1) [universe]
tools to work with the EPub file format
epwutil (1.1-8.1) [universe]
Several utilities for EB(Electric Book)/EPWING
epydoc-doc (3.0.1-11)
tool for documenting Python modules (documentation)
epylog (1.0.3-7) [universe]
New logs analyzer and parser
eq10q (1.2-2) [universe]
LV2 equalizer
eql (1.2.ds1-3) [universe]
load balancing tool for serial network connections
eqonomize (0.6-7) [universe]
personal accounting software for the small household economy
eqonomize-doc (0.6-7) [universe]
documentation for the Eqonomize! accounting software
equivs (2.0.9) [universe]
Circumvent Debian package dependencies
erc (5.3-1ubuntu1) [universe]
an IRC client for Emacs
eric (4.4.18-1) [universe]
full featured Python IDE
eric-api-files (4.4.18-1) [universe]
API description files for use with eric
erlang (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Concurrent, real-time, distributed functional language
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa erlang-base, erlang-base-hipe
erlang-appmon (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP application monitor
erlang-asn1 (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP modules for ASN.1 support
erlang-base (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP virtual machine and base applications
erlang-base-hipe (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP HiPE enabled virtual machine and base applications
erlang-common-test (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP application for automated testing
erlang-corba (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP applications for CORBA support
erlang-crypto (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP cryptographic modules
erlang-debugger (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP application for debugging and testing
erlang-dev (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP development libraries and headers
erlang-dialyzer (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP discrepancy analyzer application
erlang-diameter (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP implementation of RFC 3588 protocol
erlang-doc (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP HTML/PDF documentation
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa erlang-doc
erlang-docbuilder (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP application for building HTML documentation
erlang-edoc (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP module for generating documentation
erlang-erl-docgen (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP documentation stylesheets
erlang-esdl (1.0.1-3) [universe]
Erlang bindings to the Simple Direct Media Library
erlang-esdl-dev (1.0.1-3) [universe]
Erlang bindings to the SDL (development files)
erlang-esdl-doc (1.0.1-3) [universe]
Erlang bindings to the SDL (documentation)
erlang-et (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP event tracer application
erlang-eunit (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP module for unit testing
erlang-examples (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP application examples
erlang-gs (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP graphics system
erlang-guestfs (1:1.14.8-1) [universe]
guest disk image management system - Erlang bindings
erlang-ic (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP IDL compiler
erlang-ic-java (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP IDL compiler (Java classes)
erlang-inets (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP Internet clients and servers
erlang-inviso (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP trace tool
erlang-jinterface (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Java communication tool to Erlang
erlang-manpages (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP manual pages
erlang-megaco (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP implementation of Megaco/H.248 protocol
erlang-mnesia (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP distributed relational/object hybrid database
erlang-mode (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang major editing mode for Emacs
erlang-nox (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP applications that don't require X Window System
erlang-observer (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP application for investigating distributed systems
erlang-odbc (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP interface to SQL databases
erlang-os-mon (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP operating system monitor
erlang-parsetools (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP parsing tools
erlang-percept (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP concurrency profiling tool
erlang-pman (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP process manager
erlang-public-key (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP public key infrastructure
erlang-reltool (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP release management tool
erlang-runtime-tools (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP runtime tracing/debugging tools
erlang-snmp (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP SNMP applications
erlang-src (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP applications sources
erlang-ssh (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP implementation of SSH protocol
erlang-ssl (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP implementation of SSL
erlang-syntax-tools (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP modules for handling abstract Erlang syntax trees
erlang-test-server (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP server for automated application testing
erlang-toolbar (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP graphical toolbar
erlang-tools (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP various tools
erlang-tv (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP table viewer
erlang-typer (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP code type annotator
erlang-webtool (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP helper for web-based tools
erlang-x11 (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Erlang/OTP applications that require X Window System
erlang-xmerl (1:14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1)
Erlang/OTP XML tools
erlang-yaws (1.92-1) [universe]
Erlang application which implements HTTP webserver
errno (1.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
search POSIX error numbers, error names, or error descriptions
erubis (2.7.0-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-erubis
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ruby-erubis
erubis-doc (2.7.0-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-erubis
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ruby-erubis
eruby (1.0.5-2) [universe]
Embedded Ruby Language
escputil (5.2.8~pre1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
maintenance utility for Epson Stylus printers
esekeyd (1.2.7-1) [universe]
multimedia keyboard daemon for Linux
esix (1-2) [multiverse]
PDP-8 Engineering and Scientific Interpreter eXtended
esmtp (1.2-6) [universe]
user configurable relay-only MTA
esmtp-run (1.2-6) [universe]
user configurable relay-only MTA - the regular MTA
esniper (2.27.0-1) [universe]
simple, lightweight tool for sniping ebay auctions
esorex (3.9.0-1) [universe]
Execution Tool for European Southern Observatory pipelines
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa pulseaudio-esound-compat
esound-common (0.2.41-10build3)
Enlightened Sound Daemon - Common files
espctag (0.3-1) [universe]
ID666 tags editor
espeak (1.46.02-0ubuntu1)
Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer
espeak-data (1.46.02-0ubuntu1)
Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer: speech data files
espeak-data-udeb (1.46.02-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer: data for d-i
espeak-dbg (1.46.02-0ubuntu1)
Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer: debugging symbols
espeak-gui (0.4-2) [universe]
graphical user interface for eSpeak
espeakedit (1.46.02-1) [universe]
Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer - editor
espeakup (1:0.71-6) [universe]
Connector between speakup kernel modules and espeak
espeakup-udeb (1:0.71-6) [universe]
Configure the speech synthesizer voice
esperanza (0.4.0+git20091017-2) [universe]
XMMS2 client which aims to be as feature-full and easy-to-use as possible
ess (5.14-1) [universe]
Emacs mode for statistical programming and data analysis
esteid (1) [universe]
Estonian national ID card support (meta-package)
estic (1.61-20) [universe]
Administration program for ISDN PABX ISTEC 1003/1008
esvn (0.6.12+1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
frontend for the Subversion revision system written in Qt
esvn-doc (0.6.12+1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
documentation for esvn
esys-particle (2.1-3) [universe]
Software for particle-based numerical modelling. MPI version.
etckeeper (0.61ubuntu2)
store /etc in git, mercurial, bzr or darcs
eterm (0.9.5-3ubuntu1) [universe]
Enlightened Terminal Emulator
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa eterm
ethdetect (1.88ubuntu2)
Detect network hardware and load kernel drivers for it
etherape (0.9.12-1) [universe]
graphical network monitor
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ethdetect
etherpuppet (0.3-1) [universe]
create a virtual interface from a remote Ethernet interface
etherwake (1.09-3) [universe]
A little tool to send magic Wake-on-LAN packets
ethstats (1.0-5) [universe]
script that quickly measures network device throughput
ethstatus (0.4.3ubuntu1) [universe]
console-based ethernet statistics monitor
ethtool (1:3.1-1)
display or change Ethernet device settings
etktab (3.2-4) [universe]
ASCII guitar tab editor
etoolbox (2.1-1) [universe]
Toolbox for LaTeX class and package authors
etoys (4.0.2340-1) [multiverse]
A media-rich model, simulation construction kit and authoring tool
etoys-doc (4.0.2340-1) [multiverse]
Documentation for etoys
etsf-io (1.0.3-4) [universe]
Binary tools to check, merge and read ETSF files
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa ettercap-text-only, ettercap-graphical
ettercap-common (1: [universe]
Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN
ettercap-graphical (1: [universe]
Ettercap GUI-enabled executable
ettercap-text-only (1: [universe]
Ettercap console-mode executable
etw (3.6+svn140-3) [universe]
arcade-style soccer game
etw-data (3.6+svn140-3) [universe]
graphics and audio data for etw
euca2ools (2.0.0~bzr516-0ubuntu3)
managing cloud instances for Eucalyptus
eukleides (1.5.4-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Euclidean geometry drawing language
euler (1.61.0-8) [universe]
interactive mathematical programming environment
euler-doc (1.61.0-8) [universe]
documentation for the mathematical programming environment Euler
eurephia (1.0.1-3build1) [universe]
flexible OpenVPN authentication module
event-rpc-perl (1.01-0ubuntu1) [universe]
dummy package to install libevent-rpc-perl
evernote-mode (0.41-1) [universe]
Emacs major mode for editing Evernote directly
evilvte (0.5.0-1) [universe]
lightweight terminal emulator based on VTE
evilwm (1.0.0-1) [universe]
a minimalist window manager for X11
evince (3.4.0-0ubuntu1)
Document (PostScript, PDF) viewer
evince-common (3.4.0-0ubuntu1)
Document (PostScript, PDF) viewer - common files
evince-dbg (3.4.0-0ubuntu1)
Document (PostScript, PDF) viewer - debugging symbols
evince-gtk (3.4.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Document (PostScript, PDF) viewer (GTK+ version)
evolution (3.2.3-0ubuntu6)
groupware suite with mail client and organizer
evolution-common (3.2.3-0ubuntu6)
architecture independent files for Evolution
evolution-couchdb (0.5.91-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Evolution support for CouchDB databases
evolution-couchdb-backend (0.5.91-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Evolution support for CouchDB databases (backend)
evolution-data-server (3.2.3-0ubuntu7.1 [amd64, i386], 3.2.3-0ubuntu6 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
evolution database backend server
evolution-data-server-common (3.2.3-0ubuntu7.1) [security]
architecture independent files for Evolution Data Server
evolution-data-server-dbg (3.2.3-0ubuntu7.1 [amd64, i386], 3.2.3-0ubuntu6 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
evolution database backend server with debugging symbols
evolution-data-server-dev (3.2.3-0ubuntu7.1 [amd64, i386], 3.2.3-0ubuntu6 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Development files for evolution-data-server (metapackage)
evolution-dbg (3.2.3-0ubuntu6)
debugging symbols for Evolution
evolution-dev (3.2.3-0ubuntu6)
development library files for Evolution
evolution-exchange (3.2.1-2ubuntu3)
Exchange plugin for the Evolution groupware suite
evolution-exchange-dbg (3.2.1-2ubuntu3)
Exchange plugin for Evolution with debugging symbols
evolution-indicator (0.2.20-0ubuntu7)
GNOME panel indicator applet for Evolution
evolution-mapi (3.2.2-1) [universe]
Exchange support for the Evolution groupware suite
evolution-mapi-dbg (3.2.2-1) [universe]
debugging symbols for the Evolution MAPI provider
evolution-plugins (3.2.3-0ubuntu6)
standard plugins for Evolution
evolution-plugins-experimental (3.2.3-0ubuntu6) [universe]
experimental plugins for Evolution
evolution-rss (0.2.90~20111111-3build1) [universe]
Evolution RSS Reader Plugin
evolution-webcal (2.32.0-2ubuntu2)
webcal: URL handler for GNOME and Evolution
evolver (2.30c.dfsg-3) [universe]
Surface Evolver
evolver-doc (2.30c.dfsg-3) [universe]
Surface Evolver documentation and examples
evolvotron (0.6.1-1) [universe]
Generator of textures through interactive evolution
evtest (1:1.29-1) [universe]
utility to monitor Linux input device events
eweouz (0.6ubuntu4) [universe]
Emacs interface to Evolution Data Server
ewf-tools (20100226-1build2) [universe]
collection of tools for reading and writing EWF files
ewipe (1.2.0-8) [universe]
Yet another presentation tool based on Tcl/Tk
exabgp (1.3.4-2) [universe]
BGP route injector
exactimage (0.8.5-3build2) [universe]
fast image manipulation programs
exactimage-dbg (0.8.5-3build2) [universe]
fast image manipulation library (debug symbols)
exaile ( [universe]
flexible, full-featured audio player
exaile-plugin-contextinfo ( [universe]
Exaile plugin for contextual information
exaile-plugin-ipod ( [universe]
Exaile plugin for iPod support
exaile-plugin-moodbar ( [universe]
Exaile plugin for moodbar
example-content (46)
Ubuntu example content
excellent-bifurcation (0.0.20071015-4) [universe]
abstract vertical shooter with two sides to play on
execstack (0.0.20090925-1)
ELF GNU_STACK program header editing utility
exfalso (2.3.2-1) [universe]
audio tag editor for GTK+
exif (0.6.20-1) [universe]
command-line utility to show EXIF information in JPEG files
exifprobe (2.0.1-1fakesync1) [universe]
Read metadata from digital pictures
exiftags (1.01-5) [universe]
utility to read Exif tags from a digital camera JPEG file
exiftran (2.07-9) [universe]
transform digital camera jpeg images
exim4 (4.76-3ubuntu3.4) [security]
metapackage to ease Exim MTA (v4) installation
exim4-base (4.76-3ubuntu3.4 [amd64, i386], 4.76-3ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
support files for all Exim MTA (v4) packages
exim4-config (4.76-3ubuntu3.4) [security]
configuration for the Exim MTA (v4)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa exim4-config
exim4-daemon-heavy (4.76-3ubuntu3.4 [amd64, i386], 4.76-3ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Exim MTA (v4) daemon with extended features, including exiscan-acl
exim4-daemon-heavy-dbg (4.76-3ubuntu3.4 [amd64, i386], 4.76-3ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
debugging symbols for the Exim MTA "heavy" daemon
exim4-daemon-light (4.76-3ubuntu3.4 [amd64, i386], 4.76-3ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
lightweight Exim MTA (v4) daemon
exim4-daemon-light-dbg (4.76-3ubuntu3.4 [amd64, i386], 4.76-3ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
debugging symbols for the Exim MTA "light" daemon
exim4-dbg (4.76-3ubuntu3.4 [amd64, i386], 4.76-3ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
debugging symbols for the Exim MTA (utilities)
exim4-dev (4.76-3ubuntu3.4 [amd64, i386], 4.76-3ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
header files for the Exim MTA (v4) packages
exim4-doc-html (4.77-1)
documentation for the Exim MTA (v4) in html format
exim4-doc-info (4.77-1) [universe]
documentation for the Exim MTA (v4) in info format
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa exim4-daemon-light, exim4-daemon-heavy
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa exim4-daemon-light, exim4-daemon-heavy
eximon4 (4.76-3ubuntu3.4 [amd64, i386], 4.76-3ubuntu3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
monitor application for the Exim MTA (v4) (X11 interface)
exiv2 (0.22-2) [universe]
EXIF/IPTC metadata manipulation tool
exmh (1:2.7.2-23) [universe]
extensible X user interface for MH mail
exo-utils (0.6.2-4) [universe]
Utility files for libexo
exo-utils-dbg (0.6.2-4) [universe]
debugging informations for exo-utils
exonerate (2.2.0-6) [universe]
generic tool for pairwise sequence comparison
expat (2.0.1-7.2ubuntu1.4 [amd64, i386], 2.0.1-7.2ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
XML parsing C library - example application
expect (5.45-2)
Automates interactive applications
expect-dev (5.45-2)
Automates interactive applications (development)
expect-lite (4.2.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
a quick and easy command line automation tool
expeyes (2.0.0-2) [universe]
hardware & software framework for developing science experiments
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa expeyes-doc-fr, expeyes-doc-en
expeyes-doc-en (2.0.0-2) [universe]
User manual for expeyes library, in English language
expeyes-doc-fr (2.0.0-2) [universe]
User manual for expeyes library, French translation
expeyes-firmware-dev (2.0.0-2) [universe]
hardware & software framework for developing science experiments
explain (0.51.D001-1) [universe]
utility to explain system call errors
exrtools (0.4-1.1ubuntu7) [universe]
A collection of utilities for manipulating OpenEXR images
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa e2fslibs-dev
ext3grep (0.10.1-3.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Tool to help recover deleted files on ext3 filesystems
extace (1.9.9-6build1) [universe]
waveform viewer
extcalc (0.9.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
multifunctional scientific graphic calculator
extlinux (2:4.05+dfsg-2) [universe]
collection of boot loaders (ext2/3/4 and btrfs bootloader)
extplorer (2.1.0b6+dfsg.3-2) [universe]
a web file explorer and manager using Ext JS
extra-xdg-menus (1.0-4) [universe]
Extra menu categories for applications under GNOME and KDE
extract (1:0.5.23+dfsg-7.1build2) [universe]
displays meta-data from files of arbitrary type
extrema (4.4.5.dfsg-3) [universe]
powerful visualization and data analysis tool
extrema-doc (4.4.5.dfsg-3) [universe]
Documentation for extrema
extremetuxracer (0.4-4) [universe]
3D racing game featuring Tux, the Linux penguin
extremetuxracer-data (0.4-4) [universe]
data files for the game Extreme Tux Racer
extremetuxracer-dbg (0.4-4) [universe]
3D racing game featuring Tux, the Linux penguin (debugging symbols)
extremetuxracer-extras (0.6-1) [universe]
Additional courses for Extreme Tux Racer
extremetuxracer-gimp-dev (0.4-4) [universe]
plugins for GIMP for easy development of etracer courses
extundelete (0.2.0-2) [universe]
utility to recover deleted files from ext3/ext4 partition
exuberant-ctags (1:5.9~svn20110310-3ubuntu0.1 [amd64, i386], 1:5.9~svn20110310-3 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
build tag file indexes of source code definitions
exult (1.2-15.2) [multiverse]
engine for Ultima VII (BG, FOV, SI, SS)
exult-studio (1.2-15.2) [multiverse]
tools for editing and viewing exult games
eyed3 (0.6.17-3)
Display and manipulate id3-tags on the command-line
ez-ipupdate (3.0.11b8-13.3) [universe]
client for most dynamic DNS services
ezgo-accessories (0.7.1) [universe]
EzGo Accessories
ezgo-education (0.7.1) [universe]
EzGo Education
ezgo-games (0.7.1) [universe]
EzGo Games
ezgo-imaging (0.7.1) [universe]
EzGo imaging
ezgo-multimedia (0.7.1) [universe]
EzGo multimedia
ezgo-network (0.7.1) [universe]
EzGo network
ezgo-office (0.7.1) [universe]
EzGo Office
ezgo-tasks (0.7.1) [universe]
EzGo tasks for tasksel
ezmlm-browse (0.10-3) [universe]
Web browser for ezmlm-idx archives
ezstream (0.5.6~dfsg-1) [universe]
easy media streaming client over icecast servers
f-spot (0.8.2-4) [universe]
personal photo management application
f2c (20090411-1) [universe]
A FORTRAN 77 to C/C++ translator
faac (1.28-0ubuntu2) [multiverse]
AAC audio encoder (frontend)
faad (2.7-7) [universe]
freeware Advanced Audio Decoder player
faad2-dbg (2.7-7) [universe]
freeware Advanced Audio Decoder - debugging symbols
fabric (1.3.2-5) [universe]
Simple Pythonic remote deployment tool
facter (1.6.5-1ubuntu1)
collect and display facts about the system
facter-customfacts-plugin (1.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
facter plugin to insert custom facts
fadecut (0.1.1-1) [universe]
toolset to rip audiostreams, cut, fade in/out and tag the resulting audiofiles
fai-client (3.4.8ubuntu2) [universe]
Fully Automatic Installation client package
fai-doc (3.4.8ubuntu2) [universe]
Documentation for FAI
fai-nfsroot (3.4.8ubuntu2) [universe]
Fully Automatic Installation nfsroot package
fai-quickstart (3.4.8ubuntu2) [universe]
Fully Automatic Installation quickstart package
fai-server (3.4.8ubuntu2) [universe]
Fully Automatic Installation server package
fai-setup-storage (3.4.8ubuntu2) [universe]
automatically prepare storage devices
faifa (0.2~svn82-1build1) [universe]
manage HomePlug 1.0/AV devices via ethernet frames
fail2ban (0.8.6-3wheezy3build0.12.04.1) [universe] [security]
ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors
failmalloc (1.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Memory allocation failure crash-test tool
fair (0.5.3-1) [universe]
high availability load balancer for TCP connections
fairymax (4.8q-2) [universe]
xboard compatible chess and chess-variant engine
fake (1.1.11-1) [universe]
IP address takeover tool
fakechroot (2.16-1) [universe]
gives a fake chroot environment - utilities
fakepop (11) [universe]
fake pop3 daemon. delivers same messages to all users
fakeroot (1.18.2-1)
tool for simulating superuser privileges
fakeroot-ng (0.16-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Gives a fake root environment
faketime (0.8-1) [universe]
report faked system time to programs
falconpl ( [universe]
The Falcon P. L. - command line tools
falconpl-dbg ( [universe]
The Falcon P. L. - debugging symbols
falconpl-dev ( [universe]
The Falcon PL - development files
falselogin (0.3-4) [universe]
false login shell
fam (2.7.0-17) [universe]
File Alteration Monitor
famfamfam-flag-gif (0.1-2) [universe]
Free collection of countries' flags
famfamfam-flag-png (0.1-2) [universe]
Free collection of countries' flags
famfamfam-silk (1.3-0ubuntu4) [universe]
a smooth, free icon set
fancontrol (1:3.3.1-2ubuntu1) [universe]
utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors
fapg (0.41-1) [universe]
Fast Audio Playlist Generator
farpd (0.2-10build1) [universe]
Fake ARP user space daemon
fastdep (0.16-13) [universe]
fast dependency generator for C/C++ files
fastdnaml (1.2.2-10) [universe]
Tool for construction of phylogenetic trees of DNA sequences
fastforward (1:0.51-3) [universe]
handles qmail forwarding according to a cdb database
fastjar (2:0.98-3)
Jar creation utility
fastlink (4.1P-fix95-3) [universe]
faster version of pedigree programs of Linkage
fastlink-doc (4.1P-fix95-3) [universe]
Some papers about fastlink
fastx-toolkit ( [universe]
FASTQ/A short nucleotide reads pre-processing tools
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fat-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di, fat-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc64-smp-di, fat-modules-3.2.0-1412-omap4-di, fat-modules-3.2.0-23-virtual-di, fat-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-di, fat-modules-3.2.0-23-omap-di, fat-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc-smp-di
fat-modules-3.2.0-1412-omap4-di (3.2.0-1412.16) [ports]
FAT filesystem support
fat-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-di (3.2.0-23.36)
FAT filesystem support
fat-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di (3.2.0-23.36)
FAT filesystem support
fat-modules-3.2.0-23-omap-di (3.2.0-23.36) [ports]
FAT filesystem support
fat-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc-smp-di (3.2.0-23.36) [ports]
FAT filesystem support
fat-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc64-smp-di (3.2.0-23.36) [ports]
FAT filesystem support
fat-modules-3.2.0-23-virtual-di (3.2.0-23.36)
FAT filesystem support
fatattr (1.0.1-7) [universe]
Utility to control attributes on a FAT filesystem
fatattr-dbg (1.0.1-7) [universe]
Utility to control attributes on a FAT filesystem (debug)
fatrace (0.4-0ubuntu1) [universe]
report system wide file access events
fatrat (1.1.3-3) [universe]
multi-protocol download manager, feature rich and extensible via plugin
fatrat-czshare (1.1.3-1) [universe]
fatrat plugin allowing download and upload to czshare
fatrat-data (1.1.3-3) [universe]
data files for fatrat
fatrat-dev (1.1.3-3) [universe]
development files for fatrat
fatrat-opensubtitles (1.1.3-1) [universe]
fatrat plugin allowing easy subtitle download
fatrat-unpack (1.1.3-1build1) [multiverse]
non-free fatrat plugin for unpacking archives inside the application
fatresize (1.0.2-6ubuntu1) [universe]
FAT16/FAT32 filesystem resizer
fatsort ( [universe]
utility for sorting FAT directory structures
faucc (20090220-1build1) [universe]
C compiler generating Intel code for 16bit/32bit CPUs
fauhdlc (20110812-1) [universe]
experimental VHDL compiler and interpreter
faumachine (20110812-1) [universe]
Virtual machine running in user mode
faumachine-data (20110812-1) [universe]
Virtual machine running in user mode -- data files
faust (0.9.24-1) [universe]
functional programming language for realtime audio applications
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fb-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di, fb-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-di, fb-modules-3.2.0-23-virtual-di
fb-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-di (3.2.0-23.36)
Framebuffer modules
fb-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di (3.2.0-23.36)
Framebuffer modules
fb-modules-3.2.0-23-virtual-di (3.2.0-23.36)
Framebuffer modules
fb-music-high (0.1.2) [universe]
High quality, large music files for Frozen-Bubble
fb-music-low (2.2.0-2ubuntu3) [universe]
Lower quality, small music files for Frozen-Bubble
fbautostart (2.718281-1) [universe]
XDG compliant autostarting app for Fluxbox
fbb (7.04j-8.2ubuntu1) [universe]
Packet radio mailbox and utilities
fbbdoc (1:1999-2.1) [universe]
Documentation for fbb, the packet radio mailbox
fbcat (0.2-2) [universe]
framebuffer grabber
fbdesk (1.4.1-6) [universe]
desktop icons for window managers
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fbcat
fbi (2.07-9) [universe]
Linux frame buffer image viewer
fbpager (0.1.5~git20090221.1.8e0927e6-1) [universe]
a pager application for the Fluxbox window manager
fbpanel (6.1-4ubuntu1) [universe]
lightweight X11 desktop panel
fbreader (0.12.10dfsg-6) [universe]
e-book reader
fbset (2.1-25)
framebuffer device maintenance program
fbset-udeb (2.1-25)
framebuffer device maintenance program
fbterm (1.7-2) [universe]
A fast framebuffer based terminal emulator for Linux
fbterm-ucimf (0.2.9-2) [universe]
ucimf input method interface for fbterm
fbtv (3.102-3) [universe]
television viewer - Linux framebuffer application
fbx-playlist (20070531+dfsg.1-3) [universe]
graphical editor for FreeBox playlist
fceu (0.98.12-4) [universe]
FCE Ultra - a nintendo (8-bit) emulator
fceux (2.1.5+repack-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Cross platform, NTSC and PAL Famicom/NES emulator
fcgiwrap (1.0.3-3) [universe]
simple server to run CGI applications over FastCGI
fcheck (2.7.59-17) [universe]
IDS filesystem baseline integrity checker
fcitx (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework
fcitx-bin (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - essential binaries
fcitx-chewing (0.1.0-1) [universe]
Fcitx wrapper for Chewing library
fcitx-config-common (0.4.0-2) [universe]
graphic Fcitx configuration tool - common files
fcitx-config-gtk (0.4.0-2) [universe]
graphic Fcitx configuration tool
fcitx-data (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - essential data files
fcitx-dbg (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - debugging symbols
fcitx-frontend-all (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - frontends metapackage
fcitx-frontend-fbterm (0.1.2-2) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - FbTerm frontend
fcitx-frontend-gtk2 (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - GTK+ 2 IM Module frontend
fcitx-frontend-gtk3 (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - GTK+ 3 IM Module frontend
fcitx-frontend-qt4 (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - QT 4 IM Module frontend
fcitx-googlepinyin (0.1.4-2) [universe]
Fcitx wrapper for Google Pinyin IM engine
fcitx-keyboard (0.1.0-1) [universe]
X Keyboard Integration wtih Fcitx
fcitx-libs (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - library files
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fcitx-dbg
fcitx-libs-dev (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - library development files
fcitx-module-cloudpinyin (0.2.0-2) [universe]
Free Chinese Input Toy of X - cloudpinyin module
fcitx-module-dbus (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - D-Bus module and IPC frontend
fcitx-module-x11 (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - X11 module and XIM frontend
fcitx-modules (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - core modules
fcitx-pinyin (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - classic Pinyin engine
fcitx-qw (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - QuWei engine
fcitx-sunpinyin (0.3.3-1) [universe]
fcitx wrapper for Sunpinyin IM engine
fcitx-table (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - table engine
fcitx-table-all (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - tables metapackage
fcitx-table-bingchan (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - Bingchan table
fcitx-table-boshiamy (0.1.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - Boshiamy table
fcitx-table-cangjie (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - Cangjie table
fcitx-table-cangjie-big (0.1.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - Cangjie-Big table
fcitx-table-cangjie3 (0.1.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - Cangjie3 table
fcitx-table-cangjie5 (0.1.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - Cangjie5 table
fcitx-table-dianbaoma (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - Dianbaoma table
fcitx-table-erbi (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - Erbi table
fcitx-table-wanfeng (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - Wanfeng table
fcitx-table-wbpy (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - WubiPinyin table
fcitx-table-wubi (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - Wubi table
fcitx-table-zhengma (0.1.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - Zhengma table
fcitx-table-ziranma (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - Ziranma table
fcitx-tools (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - various tools
fcitx-ui-classic (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - Classic user interface
fcitx-ui-kimpanel (1:4.2.0-1) [universe]
Flexible Input Method Framework - KIMPanel user interface
fcitx-ui-light (0.1.3-2) [universe]
light weight xlibs and xft based UI for Fcitx
fckeditor (1:2.6.6-1squeeze1build0.12.04.1) [universe] [security]
rich text format javascript web editor
fcode-utils (1.0.2-3) [universe]
OpenBIOS FCode utilities
fcoe-utils (1.0.9-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Fibre Channel over Ethernet utilities
fcrackzip (1.0-2) [universe]
password cracker for zip archives
fdclock (0.1.0+git.20060122-0ubuntu1) [universe]
freedesktop.org clock
fdclone (3.00j-2) [universe]
console-base lightweight file manager
fdflush ( [universe]
Flush out-of-date disk buffers
fdisk-udeb (2.20.1-1ubuntu3)
Manually partition a hard drive (fdisk)
fdm (1.6+cvs20111013-2) [universe]
fetching, filtering and delivering emails
fdpowermon (1.1) [universe]
simple battery power monitor for laptops with ACPI
fdupes (1.50-PR2-3)
identifies duplicate files within given directories
fdutils (5.5-20060227-5) [universe]
Linux floppy utilities
febootstrap (3.14-2) [universe]
tool for building supermin appliances.
feed2imap (1.0-2) [universe]
feed aggregator (RSS/Atom) which puts items on a IMAP mail server
feed2omb (0.9.1-1) [universe]
Announces new articles in a feed to an open microblogging service
feel++-apps (0.91.0~svn7215-3build1) [universe]
A library for the finite element method
feel++-doc (0.91.0~svn7215-3build1) [universe]
A library for the finite element method
feh (2.2-1) [universe]
imlib2 based image viewer
feisty-session-splashes (0.14) [universe]
Feisty Session Splashes
feisty-wallpapers (0.15) [universe]
Feisty Wallpapers
felix-latin (2.0-3) [universe]
Latin-French dictionary, by Felix Gaffiot
felix-latin-data (2.0-3) [universe]
Scanned pages of Felix Gaffiot's Latin-French dictionary
felix-main (4.0.1-2) [universe]
Execution environment for OSGi Felix Framework
fence-agents (3.1.5-2ubuntu2)
Fence Agents for Red Hat Cluster
fenics (1:1.0.0-1) [universe]
automation of computational mathematical modeling
fenix (0.92a.dfsg1-9) [universe]
development environment for making 2D games
fenix-dev (0.92a.dfsg1-9) [universe]
development environment for making 2D games - header files
fenix-plugin-mpeg (0.0.20070803-5) [universe]
mpeg plugin for the Fenix Game Development System
fenix-plugins (0.0.20070803-5) [universe]
plugins for the Fenix Game Development System
fenix-plugins-system (0.0.20070803-5) [universe]
system plugins for the Fenix Game Development System
ferm (2.1-1) [universe]
maintain and setup complicated firewall rules
ferret (0.6-3ubuntu1) [universe]
CASE tool for data model editing
ferret-datasets (6.6.2-1) [universe]
Datasets for use with Ferret Visualisation and analysis suite
ferret-vis (6.6.2-1) [universe]
Interactive data visualization and analysis environment,
festival (1:2.1~release-1ubuntu2) [universe]
General multi-lingual speech synthesis system
festival-czech (0.3-2) [universe]
Czech support for Festival speech synthesis system
festival-dev (1:2.1~release-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Development kit for the Festival speech synthesis system
festival-doc (1.4.2-8) [universe]
Documentation for Festival
festival-freebsoft-utils (0.10-3) [universe]
Festival extensions and utilities
festival-hi (0.1-7) [universe]
festival text to speech synthesizer for Hindi language
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa festlex-ifd
festival-mr (0.1-7) [universe]
festival text to speech synthesizer for Marathi language
festival-te (0.3.3-2) [universe]
festival text to speech synthesizer for Telugu (te) language
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa festvox-us3, festvox-mr-nsk, festvox-us2, festvox-kallpc8k, festvox-kdlpc8k, festvox-kallpc16k, festvox-rablpc16k, festvox-hi-nsk, festvox-en1, festvox-te-nsk, festvox-suopuhe-lj, festvox-us1, festvox-itapc16k, festvox-italp16k, festvox-rablpc8k, festvox-suopuhe-mv, festvox-don, festvox-kdlpc16k
festlex-cmu (1.4.0-6) [universe]
CMU dictionary for Festival
festlex-ifd (2.0+debian0-3) [universe]
Italian support for Festival
festlex-oald (1.4.0-3.1) [multiverse]
Festival lexicon from Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary
festlex-poslex (1.4.0-5) [universe]
Part of speech lexicons and ngram from English
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa festvox-rablpc16k
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa festvox-rablpc8k
festvox-czech-dita (1.0.0-2) [universe]
Czech adult female speaker "dita" for Festival
festvox-czech-krb (1.0.0-2) [universe]
Czech child male speaker "krb" for Festival
festvox-czech-machac (1.0.0-2) [universe]
Czech adult male speaker "machac" for Festival
festvox-czech-ph (0.1-3) [universe]
Czech male speaker for Festival
festvox-don (1.4.0-4) [multiverse]
minimal British English male speaker for festival
festvox-ellpc11k (1.4.0-3) [multiverse]
Castilian Spanish male speaker for Festival
festvox-en1 (1.95-1) [multiverse]
mbrola-en1 voice support for festival
festvox-hi-nsk (0.1-7) [universe]
Hindi male speaker for festival
festvox-italp16k (2.0+debian0-3) [universe]
Italian female speaker for Festival
festvox-itapc16k (2.0+debian0-3) [universe]
Italian male speaker for Festival
festvox-kallpc16k (1.4.0-5) [universe]
American English male speaker for festival, 16khz sample rate
festvox-kallpc8k (1.4.0-4) [universe]
American English male speaker for festival, 8khz sample rate
festvox-kdlpc16k (1.4.0-5) [universe]
American English male speaker for festival, 16khz sample rate
festvox-kdlpc8k (1.4.0-5) [universe]
American English male speaker for festival, 8khz sample rate
festvox-mr-nsk (0.1-7) [universe]
Marathi male speaker for festival
festvox-rablpc16k (1.4.0-2) [multiverse]
British English male speaker for festival, 16khz sample rate
festvox-rablpc8k (1.4.0-2) [multiverse]
British English male speaker for festival, 8khz sample rate
festvox-ru (0.5-4) [universe]
Russian male speaker for Festival
festvox-suopuhe-common (1.0g-20051204-3) [universe]
Common files for Festival Finnish speakers
festvox-suopuhe-lj (1.0g-20051204-3) [universe]
Finnish female speaker for Festival
festvox-suopuhe-mv (20041119-1) [universe]
Finnish male speaker for festival
festvox-te-nsk (0.3.3-2) [universe]
Telugu (te) male speaker for festival
festvox-us1 (1.95-1) [multiverse]
mbrola-us1 voice support for festival
festvox-us2 (1.95-1) [multiverse]
mbrola-us2 voice support for festival
festvox-us3 (1.95-1) [multiverse]
mbrola-us3 voice support for festival
fet (5.14.3-1ubuntu1) [universe]
timetable generator
fetch-crl (3.0.8-1) [universe]
Downloads Certificate Revocation Lists
fetchexc (2.0-4) [universe]
Fetches email from Microsoft Exchange servers
fetchmail (6.3.21-2)
SSL enabled POP3, APOP, IMAP mail gatherer/forwarder
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fetchmail
fetchmailconf (6.3.21-2) [universe]
fetchmail configurator
fetchyahoo (2.14.1-1) [universe]
Retrieve mail from Yahoo!'s webmail service
fex (20120215-3) [universe]
web service for transferring very large files
fex-utils (20120215-3) [universe]
web service for transferring very large files (utils)
feynmf (1.08-7) [universe]
set of LaTeX macros for creating Feynman diagrams
ffado-dbus-server (2.0.99+svn2019-1ubuntu1) [universe]
FFADO D-Bus server
ffado-mixer-qt4 (2.0.99+svn2019-1ubuntu1) [universe]
FFADO D-Bus mixer applets (QT4)
ffado-tools (2.0.99+svn2019-1ubuntu1) [universe]
FFADO debugging and firmware tools
ffe (0.2.8-1) [universe]
Tool for parsing flat and CSV files and converting them to different formats
ffmpeg (4:0.8.17-0ubuntu0.12.04.2) [security]
Multimedia player, server, encoder and transcoder (transitional package)
ffmpeg-dbg (4:0.8.17-0ubuntu0.12.04.2 [amd64, i386], 4:0.8.1-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Debug symbols for Libav related packages (transitional package)
ffmpeg-doc (4:0.8.17-0ubuntu0.12.04.2) [security]
Documentation of the Libav API (transitional package)
ffmpeg2theora (0.27-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Theora video encoder using ffmpeg
ffmpegthumbnailer (2.0.7-2) [universe]
fast and lightweight video thumbnailer
ffmpegthumbnailer-dbg (2.0.7-2) [universe]
debugging informations for ffmpegthumbnailer
ffmpegthumbs (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
video thumbnail generator using ffmpeg
ffmsindex (2.17-1) [universe]
Command line tool to create ffms2 index files
ffproxy (1.6-8) [universe]
Light and customizable http(s) proxy server with ipv6 support
fftw-dev (2.1.5-1) [universe]
library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms
fftw-docs (2.1.5-1) [universe]
documentation for fftw
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fftw-dev
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa sfftw-dev
fftw2 (2.1.5-1) [universe]
library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fftw2
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa sfftw2
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libfftw3-3
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libfftw3-dev
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa libfftw3-doc
fgetty (0.6-5build1) [universe]
very small, efficient, console-only getty and login
fgfs-aircraft-base (2.4.0-1) [universe]
Flight Gear Flight Simulator -- standard aircraft
fgfs-atlas (0.3.1+cvs20120214-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Flight Gear Map Viewer
fgfs-base (2.4.0-1) [universe]
Flight Gear Flight Simulator -- base files
fgfs-models-base (2.4.0-1) [universe]
Flight Gear Flight Simulator -- standard models
fgfs-scenery-base (2.4.0-1) [universe]
Flight Gear Flight Simulator -- standard scenery
fglrx (2:8.960-0ubuntu1) [restricted]
Video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators
fglrx-amdcccle (2:8.960-0ubuntu1) [restricted]
Catalyst Control Center for the AMD graphics accelerators
fglrx-amdcccle-updates (2:8.960-0ubuntu1) [restricted]
Catalyst Control Center for the AMD graphics accelerators
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fglrx-amdcccle-updates, fglrx-amdcccle
fglrx-dev (2:8.960-0ubuntu1) [restricted]
Video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators (devel files)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fglrx, fglrx-updates
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fglrx-updates-dev, fglrx-dev
fglrx-updates (2:8.960-0ubuntu1) [restricted]
Video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators
fglrx-updates-dev (2:8.960-0ubuntu1) [restricted]
Video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators (devel files)
fgo (1.3.1-2) [universe]
simple graphical launcher for FlightGear
fgrun (1.6.0-1) [universe]
graphical frontend for running FlightGear
fhist (1.18-1) [universe]
File history, comparison and merge utilities
fiaif (1.22.1-1) [universe]
An easy to use, yet complex firewall
fig2ps (1.5-1) [universe]
Converts xfig files into ps, eps or pdf files using LaTeX for processing text
fig2sxd (0.20-1) [universe]
convert XFig files to OpenOffice.org format
figlet (2.2.2-1ubuntu1) [multiverse]
Frank, Ian & Glenn's Letters
figtoipe (20080517-1) [universe]
convert FIG files to XML files for ipe
figtree (1.3.1-1) [universe]
graphical phylogenetic tree viewer
fil-plugins (0.3.0-2) [universe]
parametric equalizer LADSPA plugin
file (5.09-2ubuntu0.6 [amd64, i386], 5.09-2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Determines file type using "magic" numbers
file-kanji (1.1-15) [universe]
kanji code checker
file-preseed (1.50ubuntu1)
load debconf preseed file
file-roller (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
archive manager for GNOME
filelight (4:4.8.2-0ubuntu2)
show where your disk space is being used
filepp (1.8.0-3) [universe]
A generic perl-based file pre-processor
fileschanged (0.6.5-1.2) [universe]
command-line utility that reports when files have been altered
filetea (0.1.12+dfsg1-2) [universe]
Web-based file sharing system
filetraq (0.2-14) [universe]
Small utility to keep track of changes in config files
filezilla (3.5.3-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Full-featured graphical FTP/FTPS/SFTP client
filezilla-common (3.5.3-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Architecture independent files for filezilla
filler (1.02-6.1) [universe]
simple game where two players try to capture half the board
fillets-ng (1.0.1-1) [universe]
puzzle game about witty fish saving the world sokoban-style
fillets-ng-data (1.0.0-1) [universe]
docs, graphics, music and international sounds for fillets-ng
fillets-ng-data-cs (1.0.0-1) [universe]
add-on sounds for Czech language spoken dialogs for fillets-ng
fillets-ng-data-nl (1.0.0-1) [universe]
add-on sounds for Dutch language spoken dialogs for fillets-ng
fillmore (0.1.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
multitrack audio recorder
filo (1.1+2011020401.2ubuntu1) [universe]
FILe and stream Operations
filter (2.6.3-1) [universe]
A program that filters local email via forward/pipe
filtergen (0.12.4-5ubuntu1) [universe]
packet filter generator for various firewall systems
filters (2.48) [universe]
a collection of filters, including B1FF and the Swedish Chef
fim (0.3-beta-prerelease-1.3) [universe]
a scriptable frame buffer and ascii art image viewer
finch (1:2.10.3-0ubuntu1.8 [amd64, i386], 1:2.10.3-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
text-based multi-protocol instant messaging client
finch-dev (1:2.10.3-0ubuntu1.8) [security]
text-based multi-protocol instant messaging client - development
findimagedupes (2.18-4build2) [universe]
Finds visually similar or duplicate images
findutils (4.4.2-4ubuntu1)
utilities for finding files--find, xargs
finger (0.17-14)
user information lookup program
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cfingerd, xmail
fingerd (0.17-14) [universe]
remote user information server
finish-install (2.34)
Finish the installation and reboot
fio (1.59-1) [universe]
Flexible I/O Tester
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa firebird2.5-super-dbg, firebird2.5-classic-dbg
firebird-dev ( [amd64, i386], [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Development files for Firebird - an RDBMS based on InterBase 6.0 code
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa firebird2.5-super, firebird2.1-classic, firebird2.5-classic, firebird2.1-super, firebird2.5-superclassic
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa firebird2.5-super, firebird2.5-classic-common
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa firebird2.5-super, firebird2.1-classic, firebird2.5-classic-common, firebird2.1-super
firebird2.1-classic ( [universe]
Firebird Classic Server - an RDBMS based on InterBase 6.0 code
firebird2.1-common ( [universe]
common files for firebird 2.1 servers and clients
firebird2.1-common-doc ( [universe]
copyright, licensing and changelogs of firebird2.1
firebird2.1-dev ( [universe]
transitional package for firebird-dev
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa firebird-dev
firebird2.1-doc ( [universe]
Documentation files for firebird database version 2.1
firebird2.1-examples ( [universe]
Examples for Firebird - an RDBMS based on InterBase 6.0 code
firebird2.1-server-common ( [universe]
common files for firebird 2.1 servers
firebird2.1-super ( [universe]
Firebird Super Server - an RDBMS based on InterBase 6.0 code
firebird2.5-classic ( [amd64, i386], [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Firebird Classic Server - an RDBMS based on InterBase 6.0 code
firebird2.5-classic-common ( [amd64, i386], [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
common files for firebird 2.5 "classic" and "superclassic"
firebird2.5-classic-dbg ( [amd64, i386], [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
collected debug symbols for firebird2.5-classic and -superclassic
firebird2.5-common ( [amd64, i386], [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
common files for firebird 2.5 servers and clients
firebird2.5-common-doc ( [universe] [security]
copyright, licnesing and changelogs of firebird2.5
firebird2.5-dev ( [universe] [security]
transitional package for firebird-dev
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa firebird-dev
firebird2.5-doc ( [universe] [security]
Documentation files for firebird database version 2.5
firebird2.5-examples ( [universe] [security]
Examples for Firebird - an RDBMS based on InterBase 6.0 code
firebird2.5-server-common ( [amd64, i386], [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
common files for firebird 2.5 servers
firebird2.5-super ( [amd64, i386], [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Firebird Super Server - an RDBMS based on InterBase 6.0 code
firebird2.5-super-dbg ( [amd64, i386], [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
collected debug symbols for firebird2.5-super
firebird2.5-superclassic ( [amd64, i386], [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Firebird SupecClassic Server - an RDBMS based on InterBase 6.0 code
firedns (0.9.12+dfsg-3) [universe]
Runtime binaries for firedns, an asynch. dns resolver library
firefox (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla
firefox-branding (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - transitional package
firefox-dbg (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - debug symbols
firefox-dev (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - development files
firefox-globalmenu (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla (transitional package)
firefox-gnome-support (22.0+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.2 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - GNOME support
firefox-gnome-support-dbg (22.0+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.2 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - transitional package
firefox-launchpad-plugin (0.4) [universe]
Launchpad firefox integration
firefox-locale-af (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Afrikaans language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-an (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [universe] [security]
Aragonese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ar (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Arabic language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-as (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Assamese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ast (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Asturian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-az (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [security]
Azerbaijani language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-be (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-bg (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Bulgarian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-bn (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Bengali language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-br (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Breton language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-bs (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Bosnian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ca (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Catalan; Valencian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-cak (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [security]
Kaqchikel language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-cs (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Czech language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-csb (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-cy (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Welsh language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-da (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Danish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-de (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
German language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-el (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Greek language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-en (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
English language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-eo (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Esperanto language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-es (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Spanish; Castilian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-et (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Estonian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-eu (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Basque language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-fa (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Persian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-fi (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Finnish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-fr (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
French language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-fy (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Western Frisian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ga (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Irish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-gd (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Gaelic; Scottish Gaelic language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-gl (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Galician language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-gn (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [security]
Guarani language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-gu (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Gujarati language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-he (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Hebrew language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hi (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Hindi language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hr (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Croatian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hsb (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [universe] [security]
Sorbian, Upper language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hu (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Hungarian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hy (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Armenian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-id (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Indonesian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-is (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Icelandic language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-it (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Italian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ja (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Japanese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ka (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Georgian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-kab (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [security]
Kabyle language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-kk (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Kazakh language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-km (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [security]
Central Khmer language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-kn (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Kannada language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ko (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Korean language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ku (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-lg (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-lt (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Lithuanian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-lv (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Latvian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-mai (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Maithili language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-mk (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Macedonian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ml (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Malayalam language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-mn (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-mr (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Marathi language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ms (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [universe] [security]
Malay language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nb (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Bokmål, Norwegian; Norwegian Bokmål language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nl (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Dutch; Flemish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nn (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Norwegian Nynorsk; Nynorsk, Norwegian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nso (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-oc (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-or (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Oriya language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-pa (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Panjabi; Punjabi language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-pl (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Polish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-pt (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Portuguese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ro (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Romanian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ru (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Russian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-si (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Sinhala; Sinhalese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sk (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Slovak language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sl (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Slovenian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sq (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Albanian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sr (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Serbian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sv (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Swedish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sw (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-ta (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Tamil language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-te (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Telugu language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-th (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Thai language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-tr (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Turkish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-uk (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Ukrainian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-uz (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [security]
Uzbek language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-vi (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Vietnamese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-xh (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [universe] [security]
Xhosa language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-zh-hans (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Simplified Chinese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-zh-hant (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Traditional Chinese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-zu (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [all]) [security]
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-mozsymbols (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [universe] [security]
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - Breakpad symbols
firefox-testsuite (52.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) [universe] [security]
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - testsuite
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa xul-ext-ubufox
firehol (1.273-1) [universe]
An easy to use but powerful iptables stateful firewall
firestarter (1.0.3-10) [universe]
GTK program for managing and observing your firewall
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa firewire-core-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di, firewire-core-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-di, firewire-core-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc64-smp-di, firewire-core-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc-smp-di
firewire-core-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-di (3.2.0-23.36)
Firewire (IEEE-1394) Support
firewire-core-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di (3.2.0-23.36)
Firewire (IEEE-1394) Support
firewire-core-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc-smp-di (3.2.0-23.36) [ports]
Firewire (IEEE-1394) Support
firewire-core-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc64-smp-di (3.2.0-23.36) [ports]
Firewire (IEEE-1394) Support
firmware-addon-dell (2.2.9-0ubuntu1) [universe]
A firmware-tools plugin to handle BIOS/Firmware for Dell systems
firmware-b43-installer (1:015-9) [multiverse]
Installer package for firmware for the b43 driver
firmware-b43-lpphy-installer (1:015-9) [multiverse]
Installer package for firmware for the b43 driver (LP-PHY version)
firmware-b43legacy-installer (1:015-9) [multiverse]
Installer package for firmware for the b43legacy driver
firmware-crystalhd (0.0~git20120110.fdd2f19-1) [multiverse]
Crystal HD Video Decoder (firmware)
firmware-extract (2.0.13-0ubuntu1) [universe]
A firmware-tools plugin to extract firmware
firmware-tools (2.1.14-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Scripts and tools to manage firmware and BIOS updates
firmware-tools-cli (2.1.14-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Scripts and tools to manage firmware and BIOS updates
firmware-tools-common (2.1.14-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Scripts and tools to manage firmware and BIOS updates
firmware-tools-gui (2.1.14-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Scripts and tools to manage firmware and BIOS updates
fische (3.2.2-2ubuntu1) [universe]
stand-alone sound visualisation for Linux
fish (1.23.1-2) [universe]
a friendly interactive shell
fish-dbg (1.23.1-2) [universe]
a friendly interactive shell (debugging symbols)
fityk (0.9.8-3) [universe]
general-purpose nonlinear curve fitting and data analysis
fiu-utils (0.14-2) [universe]
userspace fault injection framework (utilities)
fixincludes (1:4.6.3-1ubuntu5) [universe]
Fix non-ANSI header files
fizmo (0.6.10-1) [universe]
Console-based Z-machine interpreter for Infocom/Inform games
fizsh (1.0.2-1) [universe]
Friendly Interactive ZSHell
fl-cow (0.6-4.1) [universe]
copy-on-write utility
flac (1.2.1-6ubuntu0.1 [amd64, i386], 1.2.1-6 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Free Lossless Audio Codec - command line tools
flake (0.11-2) [universe]
Alternative encoder for the Free Lossless Audio Codec
flam3 (3.0.1-2ubuntu1) [universe]
render and animate FLAM3s and manipulate their genomes
flamerobin (0.9.3~svn+2188-3) [universe]
graphical database administration tool for Firebird DBMS
flamethrower (0.1.8-3) [universe]
Multicast file distribution utility
flann-doc (1.7.1-1) [universe]
Fast Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors - documentation
flare (0.15.1-1) [universe]
single-player 2D action role-playing game, binary
flare-data (0.15.1-1) [universe]
single-player 2D action role-playing game, data files
flash-kernel (2.28ubuntu42) [ports]
utility to make certain embedded devices bootable
flash-kernel-installer (2.28ubuntu42) [ports]
Make the system bootable
flashbake (0.26.2-4) [universe]
automated snapshots with git
flashplugin-downloader ( [multiverse] [security]
Adobe Flash Player plugin installer (transitional package)
flashplugin-installer ( [multiverse] [security]
Adobe Flash Player plugin installer
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa flashplugin-installer
flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound (0.0.svn2431-3ubuntu1) [multiverse]
Adobe Flash Player platform support library for Esound and OSS
flashrom ( [universe]
Identify, read, write, erase, and verify BIOS/ROM/flash chips
flashybrid (0.16) [universe]
automates use of a flash disk as the root filesystem
flasm (1.62-6) [universe]
assembler and disassembler for Flash (SWF) bytecode
flatnuke (2.7.2-0ubuntu2) [universe]
flat-file based CMS
flatzinc (3.7.1-3) [universe]
constraint problem modelling language
flawfinder (1.27-3) [universe]
examines source code and looks for security weaknesses
fldiff (1.1+0-2) [universe]
A graphical diff program
fldigi (3.21.38-1) [universe]
digital modem program for hamradio operators
fldigi-dbg (3.21.38-1) [universe]
debugging symbols for fldigi
flegita (0.6.2-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Easy to use scanning interface for GNOME
flegita-gimp (0.6.2-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Scanner plugin for the GNU image manipulation program (Meta-package)
flex (2.5.35-10ubuntu3)
A fast lexical analyzer generator.
flex-doc (2.5.35-10ubuntu3)
Documentation for flex (a fast lexical analyzer generator).
flex-old (2.5.4a-10ubuntu1) [universe]
Old version of the fast lexical analyzer generator
flex-old-doc (2.5.4a-10ubuntu1) [universe]
Documentation for an old flex (a fast lexical analyzer generator)
flexbackup (1.2.1-6) [universe]
Flexible backup tool for small to medium sized installations
flexloader (0.03-2) [universe]
utility to configure SRAM based ALTERA devices
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa obexftp
flexml (1.9.2-1) [universe]
Fast validating XML processors and applications generator
flickcurl-doc (1.21-5) [universe]
utilities to call the Flickr API from command line - documentation
flickcurl-utils (1.21-5) [universe]
utilities to call the Flickr API from command line
flickrbackup (0.2-3) [universe]
Simple tool to perform a backup of your photos in flickr
flickrfs ( [universe]
virtual filesystem for flickr online photosharing service
flight-of-the-amazon-queen (1.0.0-7) [universe]
a fantasy adventure game
flightgear (2.4.0-1) [universe]
Flight Gear Flight Simulator
flim (1:1.14.9+0.20110516-1) [universe]
library about internet message for emacsen
flip (1.20-1) [universe]
convert text file line endings between Unix and DOS formats
flite (1.4-release-4) [universe]
Small run-time speech synthesis engine
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa flite1-dev
flite1-dev (1.4-release-4)
Small run-time speech synthesis engine - development files
floatbg (1.0-28) [universe]
slowly modify the color of the X root window
flobopuyo (0.20-5) [universe]
Clone of the PuyoPuyo game
flog (1.8-3) [universe]
dump STDIN to file and reopen on SIGHUP
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa floppy-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc-smp-di, floppy-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di, floppy-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-di, floppy-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc64-smp-di, floppy-modules-3.2.0-23-virtual-di
floppy-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-di (3.2.0-23.36)
Floppy driver support
floppy-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di (3.2.0-23.36)
Floppy driver support
floppy-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc-smp-di (3.2.0-23.36) [ports]
Floppy driver support
floppy-modules-3.2.0-23-powerpc64-smp-di (3.2.0-23.36) [ports]
Floppy driver support
floppy-modules-3.2.0-23-virtual-di (3.2.0-23.36)
Floppy driver support
floppy-retriever (1.17) [universe]
Fetches modules from a floppy
floppyd (4.0.12-1) [universe]
Daemon for remote access to floppy drives
flow-tools (1:0.68-12.1) [universe]
collects and processes NetFlow data
flow-tools-dev (1:0.68-12.1) [universe]
development files for flow-tools
flowscan (1.006-13.1) [universe]
flow-based IP traffic analysis and visualization tool
flowscan-cuflow (1.7-5) [universe]
Flowscan module combining CampusIO and SubNetIO
flowscan-cugrapher (1.7-5) [universe]
A CGI interface for flowscan-cuflow
flphoto (1.3.1-0ubuntu8) [universe]
Image manager with great printing functionality
flpsed (0.5.2-1) [universe]
a WYSIWYG pseudo PostScript editor
fltk1.1-doc (1.1.10-10)
Fast Light Toolkit - documentation
fltk1.1-games (1.1.10-10) [universe]
Fast Light Toolkit - example games: checkers, sudoku
fltk1.3-doc (1.3.0-5build1) [universe]
Fast Light Toolkit - documentation
fltk1.3-games (1.3.0-5build1) [universe]
Fast Light Toolkit - example games: checkers, sudoku
fluid (1.3.0-5build1) [universe]
Fast Light Toolkit - user interface designer
fluid-soundfont-gm (3.1-5) [universe]
Fluid (R3) General MIDI SoundFont (GM)
fluid-soundfont-gs (3.1-5) [universe]
Fluid (R3) General MIDI SoundFont (GS)
fluidsynth (1.1.5-2) [universe]
Real-time MIDI software synthesizer
fluidsynth-dssi (1.0.0-6ubuntu1) [universe]
DSSI wrapper for the FluidSynth SoundFont-playing synthesizer
flumotion (0.10.0-1) [universe]
Fluendo Streaming Server - manager, worker and admin
flush (0.9.12-1ubuntu1) [universe]
GTK-based BitTorrent client
fluxbox (1.3.2-2) [universe]
Highly configurable and low resource X11 Window manager
flvmeta (1.0.11-1) [universe]
Metadata injector for FLV video files
flvstreamer (2.1c1-1) [universe]
command-line RTMP client
flvtool2 (1.0.6-4) [universe]
a manipulation tool for flash video files
flwm (1.02+cvs20080422-9) [universe]
Fast Light Window Manager
flwm-dbg (1.02+cvs20080422-9) [universe]
Fast Light Window Manager (debugging symbols)
flydraw (4.01e-7) [universe]
Inline drawing tool
fmit (0.99.2-1) [universe]
Free Music Instrument Tuner
fmtools (2.0.5) [universe]
FM radio tuner
fnfx-client (0.3-14ubuntu1) [universe]
Client for customize fnfxd hot-keys
fnfxd (0.3-14ubuntu1) [universe]
ACPI and hotkey daemon for Toshiba laptops
fntsample (3.2-1) [universe]
program for making font samples
focalinux-html (2010-09-3) [universe]
A full GNU/Linux Portuguese guide (html format)
focalinux-text (2010-09-3) [universe]
A full GNU/Linux Portuguese guide (text format)
focuswriter ( [universe]
Fullscreen distraction-free writing program
fofix (3.121-2ubuntu1) [universe]
rhythm game in the style of Rock Band(tm) and Guitar Hero(tm)
foiltex (2.1.4b-1) [multiverse]
a collection of LaTeX files for making foils and slides
folks-common (0.6.8-2)
library to aggregates people into metacontacts (common files)
folks-tools (0.6.8-2) [universe]
Telepathy backend for libfolks - database and import tools
fondu (0.0.20060102-2) [universe]
convert between Mac and UNIX font formats
font-hosny-amiri (0.101-1) [universe]
Arabic Naskh style typographically oriented font (transitional package)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-hosny-amiri
font-manager (0.5.7-3) [universe]
font management application for the GNOME desktop
fontconfig (2.8.0-3ubuntu9.2 [amd64, i386], 2.8.0-3ubuntu9 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
generic font configuration library - support binaries
fontconfig-config (2.8.0-3ubuntu9.2) [security]
generic font configuration library - configuration
fontconfig-udeb (2.8.0-3ubuntu9)
generic font configuration library - minimal runtime
fontforge (0.0.20110222-4ubuntu1)
font editor
fontforge-dbg (0.0.20110222-4ubuntu1)
debugging symbols for fontforge
fontforge-doc (0.0.20100429-1) [universe]
Documentation for FontForge
fontforge-extras (0.3-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Additional data and utilities for FontForge
fontforge-nox (0.0.20110222-4ubuntu1)
font editor - non-X version
fontmatrix (0.6.0+svn20110930-1.1) [universe]
featureful personal font manager
fonts-aoyagi-kouzan-t (20051011-7) [universe]
Brush-style Japanese font
fonts-aoyagi-soseki (20070207-6) [universe]
Brush-style Japanese font, Aoyagi-Soseki
fonts-arabeyes (2.1-3)
Arabeyes GPL TrueType Arabic fonts
fonts-arphic-bkai00mp (2.10-9)
"AR PL KaitiM Big5" Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology
fonts-arphic-bsmi00lp (2.10-10)
"AR PL Mingti2L Big5" Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology
fonts-arphic-gbsn00lp (2.11-10)
"AR PL SungtiL GB" Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology
fonts-arphic-gkai00mp (2.11-10)
"AR PL KaitiM GB" Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology
fonts-arphic-ukai (0.2.20080216.2-3)
"AR PL UKai" Chinese Unicode TrueType font collection Kaiti style
fonts-arphic-uming (0.2.20080216.2-4)
"AR PL UMing" Chinese Unicode TrueType font collection Mingti style
fonts-baekmuk (2.2-4) [universe]
Baekmuk series Korean fonts
fonts-beteckna (0.4-5ubuntu1) [universe]
geometric Futura-like sans-serif TrueType font
fonts-bpg-georgian (0.5a-2ubuntu1) [universe]
BPG Georgian fonts
fonts-breip (1.0-7ubuntu1) [universe]
Informal handwriting font
fonts-cantarell (0.0.8-1) [universe]
sans serif font family designed for on-screen readability
fonts-century-catalogue (001.001-5) [universe]
century-style font revival
fonts-cmu (0.7.0-2) [universe]
sets the computer modern unicode fonts
fonts-comfortaa (1.5-2) [universe]
stylish, modern true type font
fonts-cwtex-docs (1.0-2) [universe]
TrueType Font from cwTeX - example documents
fonts-cwtex-fs (1.0-2) [universe]
TrueType Font from cwTeX - FangSong
fonts-cwtex-heib (1.0-2) [universe]
TrueType Font from cwTeX - HeiBold
fonts-cwtex-kai (1.0-2) [universe]
TrueType Font from cwTeX - Kai
fonts-cwtex-ming (1.0-2) [universe]
TrueType Font from cwTeX - Ming
fonts-cwtex-yen (1.0-2) [universe]
TrueType Font from cwTeX - Yen
fonts-dejima-mincho (227-6) [universe]
antique-looking Japanese TrueType Mincho font
fonts-droid (20101110+git-2) [universe]
handheld device font with extensive style and language support
fonts-dustin (20030517-9)
Various TrueType fonts from dustismo.com
fonts-dzongkha (0.3-7)
TrueType fonts for Dzongkha language
fonts-ecolier-court (1.00-4) [universe]
cursive roman font with small descenders
fonts-ecolier-lignes-court (1.00-5) [universe]
cursive roman font (with réglure Seyès and small descenders)
fonts-evertype-conakry (0.002+source-2) [universe]
smart Graphite font for N'Ko
fonts-f500 (1.0-3ubuntu1) [universe]
Wipeout 3 Font
fonts-fanwood (1.1-2) [universe]
font similar to the Fairfield font
fonts-farsiweb (0.4.dfsg-11)
free TrueType fonts for Persian language
fonts-farsiweb-udeb (0.4.dfsg-11)
Farsiweb TrueType fonts for the graphical installer
fonts-freefarsi (1.0.0~beta1-6) [universe]
FreeFarsi TrueType Persian fonts
fonts-gfs-artemisia (1.1-4) [universe]
greek font (Times Greek-like)
fonts-gfs-baskerville (1.1-4) [universe]
ancient Greek font revival
fonts-gfs-bodoni-classic (1.1-4) [universe]
smart greek typeface revival
fonts-gfs-complutum (1.1-5) [universe]
ancient Greek font revival from the University of Alcalá, Spain
fonts-gfs-didot (1.1-5) [universe]
greek font family (Didot revival)
fonts-gfs-didot-classic (1.1-4) [universe]
greek font family (Classic Didot revival)
fonts-gfs-gazis (1.1-4) [universe]
ancient Greek font (Byzantine cursive hand style)
fonts-gfs-neohellenic (1.1-4) [universe]
new Greek font family with matching Latin
fonts-gfs-olga (1.1-3) [universe]
ancient Greek oblique font revival (companion to GFS Didot)
fonts-gfs-porson (1.1-5) [universe]
Greek font (Porson revival)
fonts-gfs-solomos (1.1-4) [universe]
ancient Greek oblique font
fonts-gfs-theokritos (1.1-4) [universe]
decorative Greek font
fonts-gubbi (1.0-1) [universe]
Gubbi Kannada font
fonts-hanazono (20110516-3) [universe]
Japanese TrueType mincho font by KAGE system and FontForge
fonts-horai-umefont (434-1) [universe]
Japanese TrueType font, Ume-font
fonts-hosny-amiri (0.101-1) [universe]
Arabic Naskh style typographically oriented font
fonts-hosny-thabit (0.02-1) [universe]
fixed width OpenType Arabic fonts
fonts-inconsolata (001.010-4) [universe]
monospace font for pretty code listings and for the terminal
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-khmeros-udeb
fonts-ipaexfont (00103-8) [universe]
Japanese OpenType font, IPAexFont (IPAexGothic/Mincho)
fonts-ipaexfont-gothic (00103-8) [universe]
Japanese OpenType font, IPAexFont (IPAexGothic)
fonts-ipaexfont-mincho (00103-8) [universe]
Japanese OpenType font, IPAexFont (IPAexMincho)
fonts-ipafont (00303-5) [universe]
Japanese OpenType font set, IPAfont
fonts-ipafont-gothic (00303-5)
Japanese OpenType font set, IPA Gothic font
fonts-ipafont-mincho (00303-5)
Japanese OpenType font set, IPA Mincho font
fonts-ipafont-nonfree-jisx0208 (00103-17) [multiverse]
Japanese TrueType font, IPAfont (JISX0208)
fonts-ipafont-nonfree-uigothic (00203-19) [multiverse]
Japanese TrueType font, IPAfont UI Gothic
fonts-ipamj-mincho (001.01-2) [universe]
Japanese OpenType font, IPAmj Mincho font
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-ipafont-gothic, fonts-ipafont-nonfree-jisx0208, fonts-vlgothic, fonts-takao-gothic, fonts-takao-pgothic, fonts-ipaexfont-gothic
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-ipaexfont-mincho, fonts-ipafont-nonfree-jisx0208, fonts-ipafont-mincho, fonts-takao-mincho
fonts-johnsmith-induni (20101012-2) [universe]
OTF fonts with exhaustive set of Roman characters
fonts-junicode (0.6.17+20110915-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Unicode font for medievalists (Latin, IPA and Runic)
fonts-jura (2.6.1-1) [universe]
monospaced, sans-serif font
fonts-kacst (2.01+mry-3)
KACST free TrueType Arabic fonts
fonts-kacst-one (5.0+svn11846-2)
TrueType font designed for Arabic language
fonts-kanjistrokeorders (2.016.dfsg1-3ubuntu1) [universe]
font to view stroke order diagrams for Kanji, Kana and etc
fonts-khmeros (5.0-5ubuntu1)
KhmerOS Unicode fonts for the Khmer language of Cambodia
fonts-khmeros-core (5.0-5ubuntu1)
KhmerOS Unicode fonts for the Khmer language of Cambodia
fonts-khmeros-udeb (5.0-5ubuntu1)
Debian-Installer font for the Khmer language of Cambodia
fonts-kiloji (1:2.1.0-15) [universe]
Japanese Truetype font like longhand made by "kilo"
fonts-komatuna (20101113-3) [universe]
modified Konatu and M+fonts, Komatuna
fonts-konatu (26-6) [universe]
TrueType Font originally for BeOS
fonts-kouzan-mouhitsu (20090806-6) [universe]
Brush-style Japanese font, Kouzan-Mouhitsu
fonts-lao (0.0.20060226-8)
TrueType font for Lao language
fonts-lao-udeb (0.0.20060226-8) [universe]
TrueType font for Lao language
fonts-larabie-deco (1:20011216-4) [multiverse]
Decorative fonts from www.larabiefonts.com
fonts-larabie-straight (1:20011216-4) [multiverse]
Straight fonts from www.larabiefonts.com
fonts-larabie-uncommon (1:20011216-4) [multiverse]
Special decorative fonts from www.larabiefonts.com
fonts-levien-museum (001.002-3) [universe]
metal Centaur fonts revival family
fonts-levien-typoscript (000.001-3) [universe]
classic ATF Typo Script revival font
fonts-lg-aboriginal (1.0-5) [universe]
unicode fonts for North-American Aboriginal languages
fonts-liberation (1.07.0-2)
Fonts with the same metrics as Times, Arial and Courier
fonts-lindenhill (1.2-2) [universe]
Regular and italic serif font
fonts-linex (2.2-6) [universe]
Fonts suitable for education and institutional use
fonts-linuxlibertine (5.1.3-1) [universe]
Linux Libertine family of fonts
fonts-lklug-sinhala (0.5.4-1) [universe]
Unicode Sinhala font by Lanka Linux User Group
fonts-lklug-sinhala-udeb (0.5.4-1) [universe]
Unicode Sinhala font by Lanka Linux User Group
fonts-manchufont (2.007.svn0068-2ubuntu1)
Smart OpenType font for Manchu script
fonts-mgopen (1.1-8)
Magenta MgOpen TrueType fonts
fonts-mikachan (9.1-6) [multiverse]
handwritten Japanese Truetype font
fonts-misaki (11-20080603-11) [universe]
Japanese Gothic and Mincho font from "Misaki" bitmap font
fonts-monapo (20090423-5) [universe]
Japanese TrueType font, Monapo
fonts-motoya-l-cedar (1.00-4) [universe]
Japanese Truetype font, Motoya L Cedar
fonts-motoya-l-maruberi (1.00-3) [universe]
Japanese Truetype font, Motoya L Maruberi
fonts-mph-2b-damase (001.000.dfsg.2+ds1-4) [universe]
font with character ranges from Unicode 4.1
fonts-mplus (045-1ubuntu2) [universe]
M+ sans serif fonts with different weights
fonts-nafees (1.2-4)
nafees free OpenType Urdu fonts
fonts-nanum (3.010-2)
Nanum Korean fonts
fonts-nanum-coding (2.0-4)
Nanum Coding fixed width Korean TrueType font
fonts-nanum-eco (1.000-1) [universe]
Nanum Eco Korean font
fonts-nanum-extra (3.010-2)
Additional Nanum Korean fonts
fonts-nanum-gothic-light (1.000-1) [universe]
Nanum Gothic Light Korean font
fonts-navilu (1.1-1) [universe]
Handwriting font for Kannada
fonts-ocr-a (1.0-4ubuntu1) [universe]
ANSI font readable by the computers of the 1960s
fonts-oflb-asana-math (000.907-4) [universe]
extended smart Unicode Math font
fonts-oflb-euterpe (1.1-4) [universe]
unicode musical font
fonts-okolaks (0.5-5) [universe]
decorative, sans serif font
fonts-oldstandard (2.2really-2) [universe]
smart font with wide range of Latin, Greek and Cyrillic characters
fonts-opendin (0.1-3) [universe]
Open DIN font
fonts-opensymbol (2:102.2+LibO3.5.7-0ubuntu13) [security]
OpenSymbol TrueType font
fonts-pagul (1.0-3) [universe]
Free TrueType font for the Sourashtra language
fonts-pecita (3.2-4) [universe]
OpenType hand-written font whose letters are connected
fonts-play (1.002+20111215.1-1) [universe]
minimalistic sans serif typeface
fonts-prociono (2.3-2) [universe]
font similar to the one used for the Debian logo
fonts-rufscript (010-3) [universe]
handwriting-based font for Latin characters
fonts-sawarabi-gothic (20111215-1) [universe]
gothic font for Japanese
fonts-sawarabi-mincho (20110220-3) [universe]
Japanese mincho font - Sawarabi Mincho font
fonts-senamirmir-washra (4.1-5) [universe]
collection of unicode fonts for the Ethiopic script
fonts-sil-abyssinica (1.200-2)
smart Unicode font for Ethiopian and Erythrean scripts (Amharic et al.)
fonts-sil-abyssinica-udeb (1.200-2)
Debian-Installer font for Ethiopian and Erythrean scripts (Amharic et al.)
fonts-sil-andika (1.002-2) [universe]
extended smart Unicode Latin/Greek font family for literacy
fonts-sil-charis (4.106-5) [universe]
smart Unicode font family for Roman or Cyrillic-based writing systems
fonts-sil-dai-banna (2.1-5) [universe]
smart Unicode font for Dai Banna (Xishuangbanna Dai)
fonts-sil-doulos (4.106-4) [universe]
smart Unicode font for Latin and Cyrillic scripts
fonts-sil-ezra (2.51-7)
smart Unicode font for Hebrew
fonts-sil-galatia (2.1-4) [universe]
font family for Latin-1 and Greek (polytonic support)
fonts-sil-gentium (20081126:1.02-12)
extended Unicode Latin font ("a typeface for the nations")
fonts-sil-gentium-basic (1.1-5)
smart Unicode font families (Basic and Book Basic) based on Gentium
fonts-sil-nuosusil (2.1.1-7) [universe]
Unicode font for Yi (a script used in southwestern China)
fonts-sil-padauk (2.61-4)
smart Unicode font for languages in Myanmar
fonts-sil-padauk-udeb (2.61-4) [universe]
Debian-Installer font for the Burmese language
fonts-sil-scheherazade (1.001-7)
smart Unicode font for Arabic
fonts-sil-sophia-nubian (1.000-5) [universe]
smart Unicode font family for Nubian languages using Coptic
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-sil-nuosusil
fonts-sil-zaghawa-beria (1.000-2) [universe]
font for Zaghawa Beria (script used in western Sudan and eastern Chad)
fonts-sipa-arundina (0.1.3-1) [universe]
Thai DejaVu-compatible fonts
fonts-stix (1.1.0~beta1-2) [universe]
Scientific and Technical Information eXchange fonts
fonts-takao (003.02.01-5ubuntu1) [universe]
Japanese TrueType font set, Takao Fonts
fonts-takao-gothic (003.02.01-5ubuntu1)
Japanese TrueType font set, Takao Gothic Fonts
fonts-takao-mincho (003.02.01-5ubuntu1)
Japanese TrueType font set, Takao Mincho Fonts
fonts-takao-pgothic (003.02.01-5ubuntu1)
Japanese TrueType font set, Takao P Gothic Fonts
fonts-thai-tlwg (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai fonts maintained by TLWG (meta package)
fonts-thai-tlwg-udeb (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai fonts in TrueType format for D-I use
fonts-tibetan-machine (1.901b-3)
font for Tibetan, Dzongkha and Ladakhi (OpenType Unicode)
fonts-tibetan-machine-udeb (1.901b-3)
font for Tibetan, Dzongkha and Ladakhi (OpenType Unicode)
fonts-tlwg-garuda (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai Garuda font
fonts-tlwg-kinnari (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai Kinnari font
fonts-tlwg-loma (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai Loma font
fonts-tlwg-mono (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai TlwgMono font
fonts-tlwg-norasi (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai Norasi font
fonts-tlwg-purisa (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai Purisa font
fonts-tlwg-sawasdee (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai Sawasdee font
fonts-tlwg-typewriter (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai TlwgTypewriter font
fonts-tlwg-typist (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai TlwgTypist font
fonts-tlwg-typo (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai TlwgTypo font
fonts-tlwg-umpush (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai Umpush font
fonts-tlwg-waree (1:0.4.17-1ubuntu1)
Thai Waree font
fonts-tomsontalks (1.1-3ubuntu1) [universe]
comic lettering font
fonts-ubuntu-font-family-console (0.80-0ubuntu2)
Ubuntu Font Family Linux console fonts, sans-serif monospace
fonts-ukij-uyghur (20110217-2) [universe]
fonts for Uyghur language
fonts-ukij-uyghur-udeb (20110217-2) [universe]
uyghur font for the graphical installer (UKIJEkran)
fonts-umeplus (20111125-1) [universe]
Japanese TrueType gothic fonts, based on Umefont and M+Font
fonts-unfonts-core (1.0.3.is.1.0.2-080608-5ubuntu1)
Un series Korean TrueType fonts
fonts-unfonts-extra (1.0.3.is.1.0.2-080608-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Un series Korean TrueType fonts (extra)
fonts-unikurdweb (1.0-4) [universe]
Unikurd Web free Kurdish font
fonts-uralic (0.0.20040829-3) [universe]
Truetype fonts for Cyrillic-based Uralic languages
fonts-vlgothic (20120325-1)
Japanese TrueType font from Vine Linux
fonts-vollkorn (2.1-1) [universe]
serif body text type
fonts-yanone-kaffeesatz (0.20100525-4) [universe]
Font in four weights
fonts-yozvox-yozfont (13.08~beta17-dfsg-1) [universe]
Japanese proportional Handwriting OpenType font
fonts-yozvox-yozfont-antique (13.08~beta17-dfsg-1) [universe]
Japanese proportional Handwriting OpenType font (antique kana)
fonts-yozvox-yozfont-cute (13.08~beta17-dfsg-1) [universe]
Japanese proportional Handwriting OpenType font (cute kana)
fonts-yozvox-yozfont-edu (13.08~beta17-dfsg-1) [universe]
Japanese proportional Handwriting OpenType font (educational cana)
fonts-yozvox-yozfont-new-kana (13.08~beta17-dfsg-1) [universe]
Japanese proportional Handwriting OpenType font (new kana)
fonts-yozvox-yozfont-standard-kana (13.08~beta17-dfsg-1) [universe]
Japanese proportional Handwriting OpenType font (standard kana)
fonttools (2.3-1build1) [universe]
Converts OpenType and TrueType fonts to and from XML
fonttools-eexecop (2.3-1build1) [universe]
python extension to speed up fonttools
fonty-rg (0.5) [universe]
Linux console fonts in various encodings
fontypython ( [universe]
Find, view and manage font files of all kinds
foo-yc20 (1.3.0-1) [universe]
YC-20 organ emulation
foo2zjs (20111202dfsg0-1ubuntu1)
transitional dummy package for foo2zjs printer driver
foobillard (3.0a-5) [universe]
3D billiards game using OpenGL
fookb-plainx (3.0-3ubuntu1) [universe]
An Xkb state indicator -- plain X version.
fookb-wmaker (3.0-3ubuntu1) [universe]
An Xkb state indicator -- WindowMaker version.
fookebox (0.6.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
web-based jukebox frontend to mpd
foomatic-db (20120322-0ubuntu1)
OpenPrinting printer support - database
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa foomatic-db-compressed-ppds
foomatic-db-compressed-ppds (20120322-0ubuntu1)
OpenPrinting printer support - Compressed PPDs derived from the database
foomatic-db-engine (4.0.8-2ubuntu1)
OpenPrinting printer support - programs
foomatic-db-gutenprint (5.2.8~pre1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
OpenPrinting printer support - database for Gutenprint printer drivers
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa foomatic-db
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa foomatic-db
foomatic-filters (4.0.16-0ubuntu0.4 [amd64, i386], 4.0.15-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
OpenPrinting printer support - filters
foomatic-gui ( [universe]
GNOME interface for configuring the Foomatic printer filter system
fop (1:1.0.dfsg2-6)
XML formatter driven by XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO.)
fop-doc (1:1.0.dfsg2-6)
XML formatter driven by XSL Formatting Objects (doc)
foremost (1.5.7-1) [universe]
Forensics application to recover data
forg (0.5.1-7) [universe]
Graphical Gopher Browser
forked-daapd (0.19gcd-2ubuntu1) [universe]
media server with support for RSP, DAAP, DACP and AirTunes
formed (3.3f-1.1) [universe]
formula editor for first-order logic formulae
fort77 (1.15-8) [universe]
Invoke f2c like a real compiler
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gfortran
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fort77
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa gfortran-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabihf, gfortran-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabi, gfortran-4.5, gfortran-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabi, gfortran-4.4, gfortran-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabihf, gfortran-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabihf, gfortran-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabi, gfortran-4.6
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fortune-mod
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fortunes-pl, fortunes-eo, fortunes-bofh-excuses, fortunes-ga, fortunes-cs, fortunes-debian-hints, fortunes-min, fortunes-es-off, fortunes-eo-ascii, fortunes-it-off, fortunes, fortunes-es, fortunes-it, fortunes-ubuntu-server, fortunes-off, fortunes-br, fortunes-fr, fortunes-bg, fortunes-de, fortunes-mario, fortunes-eo-iso3, fortunes-ru
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fortunes-spam
fortune-mod (1:1.99.1-4)
provides fortune cookies on demand
fortune-zh (1.9) [universe]
Chinese Data files for fortune
fortunes (1:1.99.1-4) [universe]
Data files containing fortune cookies
fortunes-bg (1.1) [universe]
Bulgarian data files for fortune
fortunes-bofh-excuses (1.2-2) [universe]
BOFH excuses for fortune
fortunes-br (20080530) [universe]
Data files with fortune cookies in Portuguese
fortunes-cs (2.0-1) [universe]
Czech and Slovak data files for fortune
fortunes-de (0.29-1) [universe]
German data files for fortune
fortunes-debian-hints (1.98) [universe]
Debian Hints for fortune
fortunes-eo (20020729-4) [universe]
Collection of esperanto fortunes.
fortunes-eo-ascii (20020729-4) [universe]
Collection of esperanto fortunes (ascii encoding).
fortunes-eo-iso3 (20020729-4) [universe]
Collection of esperanto fortunes (ISO3 encoding).
fortunes-es (1.32) [universe]
Spanish fortune database
fortunes-es-off (1.32) [universe]
Spanish fortune cookies (Offensive section)
fortunes-fr (0.65+nmu1) [universe]
French fortunes cookies
fortunes-ga (0.8) [universe]
Irish (Gaelige) data files for fortune
fortunes-it (1.99-3) [universe]
Data files containing Italian fortune cookies
fortunes-it-off (1.99-3) [universe]
Data files containing Italian fortune cookies, offensive section
fortunes-mario (0.20-7) [universe]
Fortunes files from Mario
fortunes-min (1:1.99.1-4)
Data files containing fortune cookies
fortunes-off (1:1.99.1-4) [universe]
Data files containing offensive fortune cookies
fortunes-pl (0.0.20100311-1) [universe]
Polish data files for fortune
fortunes-ru (1.52-2) [universe]
Russian data files for fortune
fortunes-spam (1.2-1) [universe]
fortunes taken from SPAM messages
fortunes-ubuntu-server (0.3) [universe]
Ubuntu server tips for fortune
fosfat (0.4.0-3) [universe]
FUSE library to access Smaky formatted disk (ro)
fosfat-dbg (0.4.0-3) [universe]
FUSE library to access Smaky formatted disk, debug symbols
fosfat-dev (0.4.0-3) [universe]
FUSE library to access Smaky formatted disk, development files
fossil (1:1.21-1) [universe]
DSCM with built-in wiki, http interface and server, tickets database
fossology (1.2.0-3.1ubuntu2) [universe]
open and modular architecture for analyzing software
fossology-agents (1.2.0-3.1ubuntu2) [universe]
architecture for analyzing software, analysis agents
fossology-agents-single (1.2.0-3.1ubuntu2) [universe]
architecture for analyzing software, agents (single machine case)
fossology-common (1.2.0-3.1ubuntu2) [universe]
architecture for analyzing software, common files
fossology-db (1.2.0-3.1ubuntu2) [universe]
architecture for analyzing software, database
fossology-dev (1.2.0-3.1ubuntu2) [universe]
architecture for analyzing software, development files
fossology-scheduler (1.2.0-3.1ubuntu2) [universe]
architecture for analyzing software, scheduler
fossology-scheduler-single (1.2.0-3.1ubuntu2) [universe]
architecture for analyzing software, scheduler (single machine case)
fossology-web (1.2.0-3.1ubuntu2) [universe]
architecture for analyzing software, web interface
fossology-web-single (1.2.0-3.1ubuntu2) [universe]
architecture for analyzing software, web interface (single machine case)
fotowall (0.9-7) [universe]
simple application for creating collages and compositions
fotoxx (12.01.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
easy-to-use digital photo editor
foundry (0.0.20100226-1) [universe]
Code generation tools
foxtrotgps (1.0.1-4build1) [universe]
GTK+ mapping and GPS application
foxtrotgps-dbg (1.0.1-4build1) [universe]
GTK+ mapping and GPS application (debug)
fp-compiler (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - Compiler metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-compiler-2.4.4
fp-compiler-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - Compiler
fp-docs (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - Documentation metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-docs-2.4.4
fp-docs-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - Documentation
fp-ide (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - IDE metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-ide-2.4.4
fp-ide-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - IDE
fp-units-base (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - base units metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-base-2.4.4
fp-units-base-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - base units
fp-units-db (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - database libraries units metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-db-2.4.4
fp-units-db-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - database libraries units
fp-units-fcl (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - Free Component Library metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-fcl-2.4.4
fp-units-fcl-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - Free Component Library
fp-units-fv (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - Free Vision units metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-fv-2.4.4
fp-units-fv-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - Free Vision units
fp-units-gfx (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - graphics libraries units metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-gfx-2.4.4
fp-units-gfx-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - graphics libraries units
fp-units-gnome1 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - GNOME 1 units metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-gnome1-2.4.4
fp-units-gnome1-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - GNOME 1 units
fp-units-gtk (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - GTK+ 1.2 units metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-gtk-2.4.4
fp-units-gtk-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - GTK+ 1.2 units
fp-units-gtk2 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - GTK+ 2.x units metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-gtk2-2.4.4
fp-units-gtk2-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - GTK+ 2.x units
fp-units-i386 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - kylix compatibility units metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-i386-2.4.4
fp-units-i386-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - kylix compatibility units
fp-units-math (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - math units metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-math-2.4.4
fp-units-math-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - math units
fp-units-misc (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - miscellaneous units metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-misc-2.4.4
fp-units-misc-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - miscellaneous units
fp-units-multimedia (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - multimedia units metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-multimedia-2.4.4
fp-units-multimedia-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - multimedia units
fp-units-net (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - networking units metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-net-2.4.4
fp-units-net-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - networking units
fp-units-rtl (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - Runtime Library metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-units-rtl-2.4.4
fp-units-rtl-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - Runtime Library
fp-utils (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - Utils metapackage
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fp-utils-2.4.4
fp-utils-2.4.4 (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
Free Pascal - Utils
fpc (2.4.4-3.1) [universe]
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