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"lucid-updates" のサブセクション gnome に含まれるソフトウェアパッケージ

abiword (2.8.2-2ubuntu1.1) [universe]
efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration
anjuta (2: [universe]
A GNOME development IDE, for C/C++
apport-gtk (1.13.3-0ubuntu2.2)
GTK+ frontend for the apport crash report system
at-spi (1.30.1-0ubuntu1)
Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
auto-upgrade-tester (1: [universe]
Test release upgrades in a virtual environement
banshee-community-extensions (1.6.1-1ubuntu1~lucid2) [universe]
set of community contributed extensions for Banshee
banshee-extension-appindicator (1.6.1-1ubuntu1~lucid2) [universe]
Application Indicator extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-awn (1.6.1-1ubuntu1~lucid2) [universe]
AWN integration extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-lcd (1.6.1-1ubuntu1~lucid2) [universe]
LCD display integration extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-lirc (1.6.1-1ubuntu1~lucid2) [universe]
LIRC integration extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-liveradio (1.6.1-1ubuntu1~lucid2) [universe]
LiveRadio extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-magnatune (1.6.1-1ubuntu1~lucid2) [universe]
Magnatune for Banshee
banshee-extension-radiostationfetcher (1.6.1-1ubuntu1~lucid2) [universe]
radio station fetcher extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-streamrecorder (1.6.1-1ubuntu1~lucid2) [universe]
StreamRecorder extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-ubuntuonemusicstore (1.6.1-1ubuntu1~lucid2) [universe]
Ubuntu One Music Store extension for Banshee
banshee-extensions-common (1.6.1-1ubuntu1~lucid2) [universe]
common files for banshee-community-extensions
bareftp (0.3.1-1ubuntu1.2) [universe]
FTP client for GNOME
brasero (2.30.2-0ubuntu1.1)
CD/DVD burning application for GNOME
brasero-common (2.30.2-0ubuntu1.1)
Common files for the Brasero CD burning application and library
capplets-data (1:2.30.1-0ubuntu2)
configuration applets for GNOME - data files
checkbox-gtk (0.9.2)
Checkbox GTK Interface
cheese (2.30.1-0ubuntu2)
A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam
cheese-common (2.30.1-0ubuntu2)
Common files for the Cheese tool to take pictures and videos
edubuntu-artwork (0.1.0-71ubuntu0.1) [universe]
edubuntu themes and artwork
empathy (2.30.3-0ubuntu1.1)
GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client
empathy-common (2.30.3-0ubuntu1.1)
GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client (common files)
epiphany-browser (2.30.2-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Intuitive GNOME web browser
epiphany-browser-data (2.30.2-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Data files for the GNOME web browser
epiphany-browser-dbg (2.30.2-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Debugging symbols for the GNOME web browser
epiphany-extension-gwget (1.0.4-1.1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Gwget extension for Epiphany web browser
epiphany-gecko (2.30.2-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Dummy, transitional package
epiphany-webkit (2.30.2-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Dummy, transitional package
evince (2.30.3-0ubuntu1.3)
Document (postscript, pdf) viewer
evince-dbg (2.30.3-0ubuntu1.3)
Document (postscript, pdf) viewer - debugging symbols
evolution (2.28.3-0ubuntu10.3)
groupware suite with mail client and organizer
evolution-common (2.28.3-0ubuntu10.3)
architecture independent files for Evolution
evolution-data-server (
evolution database backend server
evolution-data-server-common (
architecture independent files for Evolution Data Server
evolution-data-server-dbg (
evolution database backend server with debugging symbols
evolution-data-server-dev (
Development files for evolution-data-server (metapackage)
evolution-dbg (2.28.3-0ubuntu10.3)
debugging symbols for Evolution
evolution-plugins (2.28.3-0ubuntu10.3)
standard plugins for Evolution
evolution-plugins-experimental (2.28.3-0ubuntu10.3) [universe]
experimental plugins for Evolution
evolution-rss (0.1.4-6ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Evolution RSS Reader Plugin
f-spot (
personal photo management application
file-roller (
an archive manager for GNOME
firefox-gnome-support (20.0+build1-0ubuntu0.10.04.3)
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - GNOME support
flegita (0.6.2-0ubuntu1+lucid1) [universe]
Gnome scan utility
flegita-gimp (0.6.2-0ubuntu1+lucid1) [universe]
Gnome Gimp scan plugin.
gdm (2.30.2.is.2.30.0-0ubuntu5.2)
GNOME Display Manager
gdm-guest-session (0.15ubuntu0.1)
gdm extension for guest session
gedit (2.30.3-0ubuntu0.1)
official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment
gedit-common (2.30.3-0ubuntu0.1)
official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment (support files)
gjs (0.5-1ubuntu2.3) [universe]
Mozilla-based javascript bindings for the GNOME platform
gnome-about (1:2.30.2-0ubuntu1)
The GNOME about box
gnome-control-center (1:2.30.1-0ubuntu2)
utilities to configure the GNOME desktop
gnome-desktop-data (1:2.30.2-0ubuntu1)
Common files for GNOME desktop apps
gnome-exe-thumbnailer (0.7-0ubuntu1~lucid1) [universe]
Wine .exe and other executable thumbnailer for Gnome
gnome-keyring (2.92.92.is.2.30.3-0ubuntu1.1)
GNOME keyring services (daemon and tools)
gnome-network-admin (2.30.0-0ubuntu3) [universe]
GNOME Network Administration Tool
gnome-orca (2.30.2-0ubuntu1)
Scriptable screen reader
gnome-panel (1:2.30.2-0ubuntu0.2)
launcher and docking facility for GNOME
gnome-panel-data (1:2.30.2-0ubuntu0.2)
common files for the GNOME Panel
gnome-power-manager (2.30.0-0ubuntu1.1)
power management tool for the GNOME desktop
gnome-screensaver (2.30.0-0ubuntu2.1)
GNOME screen saver and locker
gnome-settings-daemon (2.30.1-0ubuntu1.1)
daemon handling the GNOME session settings
gnome-settings-daemon-dev (2.30.1-0ubuntu1.1)
Headers for building applications communicating with gnome-settings-daemon
gnome-shell (2.28.1~git20091125-1ubuntu0.2) [universe]
graphical shell for the GNOME desktop
gnome-system-tools (2.30.0-0ubuntu3)
Cross-platform configuration utilities for GNOME
gnome-terminal (2.30.2-0ubuntu1)
The GNOME terminal emulator application
gnome-terminal-data (2.30.2-0ubuntu1)
Data files for the GNOME terminal emulator
gnome-user-guide (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide
gnome-user-guide-ar (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-ast (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-be (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-bg (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-bn (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-bs (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-ca (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-cs (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-da (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-de (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-dv (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-el (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-en (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-eo (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-es (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-et (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-eu (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-fa (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-fi (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-fr (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-gl (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-gu (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-he (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-hu (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-id (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-ig (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-is (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-it (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-ja (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-km (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-ko (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-lv (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-ml (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-ms (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-nb (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-ne (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-nl (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-nn (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-oc (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-pa (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-pl (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-pt (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-ro (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-ru (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-sk (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-sl (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-sq (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-sr (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-sv (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-tet (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-th (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-tr (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-ug (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-uk (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-vi (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-user-guide-zh (2.30.0+git20100403ubuntu3)
GNOME user's guide ()
gnome-utils (2.30.0-0ubuntu1.1)
GNOME desktop utilities
gnome-web-photo (0.8-0ubuntu3.1) [universe]
tool to generate full-size image files from webpages
gnomescan (0.6.2-0ubuntu1+lucid1) [universe]
Gnome Scan Infrastructure
gparted (0.5.1-1ubuntu3)
GNOME partition editor
gwget (1.0.4-1.1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
GNOME front-end for wget
hamster-applet (2.30.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
time tracking applet for GNOME
humanity-icon-theme (
Humanity Icon theme
hwtest-gtk (0.9.2) [universe]
Transitional package to checkbox-gtk
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: checkbox-gtk
indicator-applet (0.3.7-0ubuntu1)
GNOME panel indicator applet
indicator-applet-complete (0.3.7-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Clone of the GNOME panel indicator applet
indicator-applet-session (0.3.7-0ubuntu1)
Clone of the GNOME panel indicator applet
libgnomescan-common (0.6.2-0ubuntu1+lucid1) [universe]
Gnome scan widgets library (common files)
liferea (1.6.2-1ubuntu6.1)
feed aggregator for GNOME
liferea-dbg (1.6.2-1ubuntu6.1)
liferea debug symbols
light-themes (
Light Themes
nautilus (1:2.30.1-0ubuntu1.2)
file manager and graphical shell for GNOME
nautilus-data (1:2.30.1-0ubuntu1.2)
data files for nautilus
nautilus-dbg (1:2.30.1-0ubuntu1.2)
file manager and graphical shell for GNOME - debugging version
nautilus-sendto-empathy (2.30.3-0ubuntu1.1)
GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client (nautilus-sendto plugin)
netbook-launcher (1:2.1.18-0ubuntu2)
A clutter-based desktop launcher, typically used on netbooks
network-manager-gnome (0.8-0ubuntu3.1)
network management framework (GNOME frontend)
ooo-thumbnailer (0.2-5ubuntu0.10.04.1) [universe]
thumbnailer for OpenOffice.org documents
openoffice.org-evolution (1:3.2.0-7ubuntu4.4)
office productivity suite -- Evolution addressbook support
openoffice.org-gnome (1:3.2.0-7ubuntu4.4)
office productivity suite -- GNOME integration
openoffice.org-gtk (1:3.2.0-7ubuntu4.4)
office productivity suite -- GTK+ integration
oregano (0.69.1-1ubuntu1.10.04.1) [universe]
tool for schematical capture of electronic circuits
planner (0.14.4-1ubuntu2build1) [universe]
project management application
rhythmbox (0.12.8-0ubuntu7)
music player and organizer for GNOME
rhythmbox-dbg (0.12.8-0ubuntu7)
debugging symbols for rhythmbox
rhythmbox-plugin-cdrecorder (0.12.8-0ubuntu7)
burning plugin for rhythmbox music player
rhythmbox-plugin-coherence (0.12.8-0ubuntu7) [universe]
UPnp plugin for rhythmbox music player
rhythmbox-plugins (0.12.8-0ubuntu7)
plugins for rhythmbox music player
simple-scan (1.0.3-0ubuntu1)
Simple Scanning Utility
software-center (2.0.7)
Utility for browsing, installing, and removing applications
sound-juicer (2.28.1-2ubuntu0.1) [universe]
ssh-askpass-gnome (1:5.3p1-3ubuntu7.1)
interactive X program to prompt users for a passphrase for ssh-add
system-tools-backends (2.9.4-0ubuntu1.1)
System Tools to manage computer configuration -- scripts
totem (2.30.2-0ubuntu1)
A simple media player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer
totem-common (2.30.2-0ubuntu1)
Data files for the Totem media player
totem-gstreamer (2.30.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
A simple media player for the GNOME desktop (transitional package)
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: totem
totem-plugins (2.30.2-0ubuntu1)
Plugins for the Totem media player
totem-plugins-extra (2.30.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Extra plugins for the Totem media player
totem-xine (2.30.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
A simple media player for the GNOME desktop (transitional package)
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: totem
ubuntuone-client-gnome (1.2.2-0ubuntu2.3)
Ubuntu One client GNOME integration
update-manager (1:
GNOME application that manages apt updates
update-manager-hildon (1: [universe]
Hildon application that manages apt updates
update-manager-kde (1:
Support modules for Update Notifier KDE
update-manager-text (1: [universe]
Text application that manages apt updates
update-notifier (0.99.3ubuntu0.1)
Daemon which notifies about package updates
update-notifier-common (0.99.3ubuntu0.1)
Files shared between update-notifier and adept
vinagre (2.30.2-0ubuntu1)
remote desktop client for the GNOME Desktop
vinagre-dev (2.30.2-0ubuntu1)
remote desktop client for the GNOME Desktop (devel)
vino (2.28.2-0ubuntu2.2)
VNC server for GNOME