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python-zc.buildout (1.4.3-1) [universe]
system for managing development buildouts
python-zope.annotation (3.5.0-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Object annotation mechanism
python-zope.broken (3.5.0-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Zope Broken Object Interfaces
python-zope.catalog (3.8.1-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Cataloging and Indexing Framework for the Zope Toolkit
python-zope.container (3.10.1-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Zope Container
python-zope.contenttype (3.5.0-1) [universe]
Utility module for content-type handling
python-zope.copy (3.5.0-4) [universe]
Pluggable object copying mechanism
python-zope.datetime (3.4.0-2ubuntu2) [universe]
Zope datetime
python-zope.filerepresentation (3.6.0-0ubuntu2) [universe]
File-system Representation Interfaces
python-zope.i18n (3.7.0-6) [universe]
Zope3 Internationalization Support
python-zope.index (3.6.0-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Indices for using with catalog like text, field, etc.
python-zope.intid (3.7.1-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Integer Id Utility
python-zope.keyreference (3.6.2-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Key References for Zope 3
python-zope.lifecycleevent (3.6.0-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Object life-cycle events
python-zope.sendmail (3.6.0-1) [universe]
Mail sending library for zope
python-zope.size (3.4.1-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Interfaces and simple adapter that give the size of an object