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Пакеты программ в "precise", Подсекция zope

python-hurry.query (1.1.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Higher level query system for the zope.catalog
python-z3c (2.5.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
z3c namespace package
python-z3c.autoinclude (0.3.4-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Automatically include ZCML
python-z3c.form (2.5.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
An advanced form and widget framework for Zope 3
python-z3c.formui (2.2.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
A set of initial UI components for z3c.form
python-z3c.macro (1.4.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Simpler definition of ZPT macros
python-z3c.optionstorage (1.0.7-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Option Storages -- Persistent, Managable Vocabularies
python-z3c.pt (2.1.5-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Fast Zope Page Template engine
python-z3c.ptcompat (1.0.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Zope-compatible page template engine based on Chameleon
python-z3c.rml (1.0.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Alternative implementation of RML
python-z3c.template (1.4.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Pluggable Page Templates
python-zc.buildout (1.5.2-1build1) [universe]
system for managing development buildouts
python-zc.catalog (1.5.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Extensions to the Zope 3 Catalog
python-zc.datetimewidget (0.7.0-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Javascript-based widgets for date and datetime fields
python-zc.i18n (0.7.0-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Additional I18n Support APIs
python-zc.resourcelibrary (1.3.4-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Post-rendering Resource Inclusion
python-zc.table (0.8.0-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Zope table
python-zope.annotation (3.5.0-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Object annotation mechanism
python-zope.app.apidoc (3.7.5-0ubuntu3) [universe]
API Documentation and Component Inspection for Zope 3
python-zope.app.applicationcontrol (3.5.10-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Zope Application Control
python-zope.app.appsetup (3.14.0-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Zope app setup helper
python-zope.app.authentication (3.8.0-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Principals and groups management for pluggable authentication
python-zope.app.basicskin (3.5.1-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Zope ZMI Basic Skin
python-zope.app.broken (3.6.0-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Zope Broken (ZODB) Object Support
python-zope.app.component (3.9.3-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Local Zope Component Support
python-zope.app.container (3.9.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Zope Container
python-zope.app.content (3.5.1-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Zope Content Type
python-zope.app.debug (3.4.1-2ubuntu4) [universe]
Zope Debug Mode
python-zope.app.dependable (3.5.1-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Simple Dependency API
python-zope.app.error (3.5.3-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Error reporting utility management UI for Zope3
python-zope.app.exception (3.6.3-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Zope 3 exception views
python-zope.app.file (3.6.1-0ubuntu4) [universe]
File and Image Content Components
python-zope.app.folder (3.5.2-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Folder Content Type for Zope 3
python-zope.app.form (4.0.2-0ubuntu4) [universe]
The Original Zope 3 Form Framework
python-zope.app.generations (3.6.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Zope Application Schema Generations
python-zope.app.http (3.10.2-0ubuntu2) [universe]
HTTP Behavior for the Zope Publisher
python-zope.app.i18n (3.6.3-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Persistent translation domains and message catalogs
python-zope.app.locales (3.7.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Zope locale extraction and management utilities
python-zope.app.localpermission (3.7.2-0ubuntu6) [universe]
Local Persistent Permissions for zope.security
python-zope.app.onlinehelp (3.5.2-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Framework for Context-Sensitive Help Pages
python-zope.app.preference (3.8.1-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Zope User Preferences Framework
python-zope.app.principalannotation (3.7.0-0ubuntu6) [universe]
Bootstrap subscriber and add menu item for zope.principalannotation
python-zope.app.publication (3.13.2-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Zope publication
python-zope.app.publisher (3.10.2-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Zope 3 views, resources and menus
python-zope.app.renderer (3.5.1-0ubuntu8) [universe]
Zope 3 Text Renderer Framework
python-zope.app.rotterdam (3.5.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Default skin for Zope 3 ZMI
python-zope.app.schema (3.5.0-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Component Architecture based Vocabulary Registry
python-zope.app.security (3.7.5-0ubuntu4) [universe]
ZMI Views For Zope3 Security Components
python-zope.app.securitypolicy (3.6.1-0ubuntu4) [universe]
ZMI-based management views for zope.securitypolicy
python-zope.app.server (3.6.0-0ubuntu3) [universe]
ZServer integration for Zope 3 Applications
python-zope.app.testing (3.10.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Zope Application Testing Support
python-zope.app.tree (3.6.0-0ubuntu6) [universe]
Static Tree Implementation
python-zope.app.wsgi (3.13.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
WSGI application for the Zope Publisher
python-zope.app.zcmlfiles (3.7.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Zope application server ZCML files
python-zope.app.zopeappgenerations (3.5.1-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Zope Application ZODB Update Generations
python-zope.applicationcontrol (3.5.5-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Zope application control
python-zope.broken (3.6.0-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Zope Broken Object Interfaces
python-zope.browsermenu (3.9.1-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Browser menu implementation for Zope
python-zope.catalog (3.8.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Cataloging and Indexing Framework for the Zope Toolkit
python-zope.component-test (3.10.0-2) [universe]
Metapackage for zope.component test extra
python-zope.componentvocabulary (1.0.1-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Zope component vocabularies
python-zope.container (3.12.0-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Zope Container
python-zope.contentprovider (3.7.2-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Content Provider Framework for Zope Templates
python-zope.contenttype (3.5.3-2fakesync1) [universe]
Utility module for content-type handling
python-zope.copy (3.5.0-6) [universe]
Pluggable object copying mechanism
python-zope.copypastemove (3.7.0-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Copy, Paste and Move support for content components.
python-zope.datetime (3.4.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Zope datetime
python-zope.deprecation (3.5.1-1) [universe]
Zope 3 Deprecation Infrastructure
python-zope.error (3.7.2-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Error reporting utility for Zope
python-zope.file (0.6.0-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Efficient File Implementation for Zope
python-zope.filerepresentation (3.6.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
File-system Representation Interfaces
python-zope.formlib (4.0.5-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Form generation and validation library for Zope
python-zope.html (2.2.0-0ubuntu8) [universe]
HTML and XHTML Editing Support for Zope
python-zope.i18n (3.8.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Zope Internationalization Support
python-zope.index (3.6.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Indices for using with catalog like text, field, etc.
python-zope.intid (3.7.2-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Integer Id Utility
python-zope.keyreference (3.6.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Key References for Zope
python-zope.lifecycleevent (3.6.2-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Object life-cycle events
python-zope.login (1.0.0-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Login helpers for Zope
python-zope.mimetype (1.3.1-0ubuntu4) [universe]
A simple package for working with MIME content types
python-zope.minmax (1.1.2-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Min/Max Value Conflict Resolution
python-zope.password (3.6.1-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Password encoding and checking utilities
python-zope.pluggableauth (1.0.3-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Pluggable Authentication Utility
python-zope.preference (3.8.0-0ubuntu4) [universe]
User Preferences Framework for Zope
python-zope.principalannotation (3.6.1-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Annotations for Zope Principals
python-zope.principalregistry (3.7.1-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Global principal registry component for Zope3
python-zope.processlifetime (1.0-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Zope process lifetime events
python-zope.ptresource (3.9.0-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Page template resource plugin for zope.browserresource
python-zope.security-untrustedpython (3.8.3-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Zope Security Framework - Untrusted interpreter support
python-zope.securitypolicy (3.7.0-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Default security policy for Zope3
python-zope.sendmail (3.7.4-2fakesync1) [universe]
Mail sending library for zope
python-zope.server (3.8.6-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Zope Server (Web and FTP)
python-zope.session (3.9.4-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Client identification and sessions for Zope
python-zope.site (3.9.2-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Local registries for zope component architecture
python-zope.size (3.5.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Interfaces and simple adapter that give the size of an object
python-zope.testrunner (4.0.3-3) [universe]
Flexible test runner with layer support for Python
python-zope.viewlet (3.7.2-0ubuntu4) [universe]
Zope Viewlets
python3-zope.exceptions (3.6.1-2fakesync1build1) [universe]
Zope exceptions
python3-zope.fixers (1.0-1)
Fixers for Zope3 and the frameworks built with it
python3-zope.interface (3.6.1-1ubuntu3)
Interfaces for Python3
python3-zope.testrunner (4.0.3-3) [universe]
Flexible test runner with layer support for Python 3