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You have searched for packages that names contain ss-dev in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 29 matching packages.

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Package ss-dev

Other hits

Package golang-github-klauspost-compress-dev

Package grass-dev

Package grass-dev-doc

Package kross-dev

Package libass-dev

Package libbliss-dev

Package libccss-dev

Package libcurl4-nss-dev

Package libghc-bytestring-progress-dev

Package libghc-data-default-class-dev

Package libghc-gloss-dev

Package libghc-hourglass-dev

Package libghc-prettyclass-dev

Package libghc-shakespeare-css-dev

Package libghc-syb-with-class-dev

Package libghc6-syb-with-class-dev

Package libgmenuharness-dev

Package libgrooveloudness-dev

Package libgrss-dev

Package libgss-dev

Package libguess-dev

Package libhmat-oss-dev

Package libmadness-dev

Package libpciaccess-dev

Package librpcsecgss-dev

Package libsass-dev

Package libscope-harness-dev

Package libxss-dev