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You have searched for packages that names contain ipa font in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 20 matching packages.

Package fonts-ipaexfont

Package fonts-ipaexfont-gothic

Package fonts-ipaexfont-mincho

Package fonts-ipafont

Package fonts-ipafont-gothic

Package fonts-ipafont-mincho

Package fonts-ipafont-nonfree-jisx0208

Package fonts-ipafont-nonfree-uigothic

Package fonts-ipamj-mincho

Package fonts-sipa-arundina

Package latex-fonts-sipa-arundina

Package otf-ipaexfont

Package otf-ipaexfont-gothic

Package otf-ipaexfont-mincho

Package otf-ipafont

Package otf-ipafont-gothic

Package otf-ipafont-mincho

Package ttf-ipafont-jisx0208

Package ttf-ipafont-uigothic

Package xfonts-tipa