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Balíky softvéru v „precise“, Subsekcia video

abby (0.4.7-1) [universe]
front-end for cclive and clive
arista (0.9.7-3ubuntu1) [universe]
multimedia transcoder for the GNOME Desktop
bino (1.2.1-2) [universe]
3D video player
browser-plugin-gnash (0.8.10-5ubuntu1) [universe]
GNU Shockwave Flash (SWF) player - Plugin for Mozilla and derivatives
browser-plugin-vlc (2.0.0-1) [universe]
multimedia plugin for web browsers based on VLC
cclive (0.7.8-0.1) [universe]
lightweight command line video extraction tool
crtmpserver (0.0~dfsg+svn611.1-2) [universe]
High performance RTMP/RTSP streaming server
crtmpserver-apps (0.0~dfsg+svn611.1-2) [universe]
base applications for the crtmpserver platform
crtmpserver-dev (0.0~dfsg+svn611.1-2) [universe]
Development files for the crtmpserver platform
crtmpserver-libs (0.0~dfsg+svn611.1-2) [universe]
shared libraries for the crtmpserver platform
dmedia (0.6.0~repack-1build1) [universe]
Distributed media library (transitional package)
dmedia-gtk (0.6.0~repack-1build1) [universe]
Distributed media library (GTK+ interface)
dmedia-importer (0.6.0~repack-1build1) [universe]
Distributed media library (Media Importer)
dmedia-service (0.6.0~repack-1build1) [universe]
Distributed media library (DBus service)
dmedia-webui (0.6.0~repack-1build1) [universe]
Distributed media library (HTML5 Web interface)
dumphd (0.61-0.4ubuntu1) [universe]
HD-DVD/Blu-Ray decrypter
dvblast (2.1.0-1) [universe]
Simple and powerful dvb-streaming application
dvbstreamer (2.1.0-2.3) [universe]
a console based streamer for DVB/ATSC service(s)
dvdrip-utils (1:0.98.11-0ubuntu3) [universe]
perl front end for transcode and ffmpeg (tools)
dvsink ( [universe]
programs to sink streams from dvswitch
dvsource ( [universe]
programs to provide source streams for dvswitch
dvswitch ( [universe]
basic video mixer for live DV streams
enna (0.4.1~r3557-2ubuntu2) [universe]
a powerful MediaCenter application based on EFL
enna-theme (0.4.1~r3557-2ubuntu2) [universe]
data files for Enna, a MediaCenter application
flvmeta (1.0.11-1) [universe]
Metadata injector for FLV video files
frei0r-plugins (1.1.22git20091109-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
minimalistic plugin API for video effects, plugins collection
get-flash-videos (1.25~git2011.09.26-2) [universe]
video downloader for various Flash-based video hosting sites
get-iplayer (2.80-1) [universe]
download/stream available BBC iPlayer TV and radio programmes
gmlive (0.22.3-1) [universe]
live video frontend for mplayer
gnash-common-opengl (0.8.10-5ubuntu1) [universe]
dummy package for gnash-common-opengl removal
gnash-ext-fileio (0.8.10-5ubuntu1) [universe]
GNU Shockwave Flash (SWF) player - Fileio extension
gnash-ext-lirc (0.8.10-5ubuntu1) [universe]
GNU Shockwave Flash (SWF) player - LIRC extension
gnash-ext-mysql (0.8.10-5ubuntu1) [universe]
GNU Shockwave Flash (SWF) player - MySQL extension
gnash-opengl (0.8.10-5ubuntu1) [universe]
dummy package for gnash-opengl removal
gnome-dvb-client (1:0.2.7-2) [universe]
client for gnome-dvb-daemon
gnome-dvb-daemon (1:0.2.7-2) [universe]
daemon to setup your DVB devices, record and watch TV shows and browse EPG
gnome-media-player (0.1.3-0ubuntu4) [universe]
A simple media player for GNOME
growisofs (7.1-10)
DVD+-RW/R recorder
gst123 (0.2.2-1) [universe]
GStreamer based command line media player
gstreamer0.10-crystalhd (1:0.0~git20110715.fdd2f19-4) [universe]
Crystal HD Video Decoder (GStreamer plugin)
h264enc (9.3.7~dfsg-0ubuntu1) [multiverse]
encode video or DVD in H.264/AVC/MPEG-4 Part 10
imagination (3.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
DVD slide show maker
imagination-common (3.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
DVD slide show maker - common files
kazam (1.0.6-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Easy to use application for recording on-screen action
klash-opengl (0.8.10-5ubuntu1) [universe]
dummy package for klash-opengl removal
landell (0.92.1-1.1) [universe]
audio and video streams manager
libaacs0 (0.3.0-4) [universe]
free-and-libre implementation of AACS
libav-tools (4:0.8.17-0ubuntu0.12.04.2 [amd64, i386], 4:0.8.1-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Multimedia player, server, encoder and transcoder
libffmpegthumbnailer4 (2.0.7-2) [universe]
shared library for ffmpegthumbnailer
libtotem0 (3.0.1-0ubuntu21)
Main library for the Totem media player
lombard (0.1.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
video editor
mediathekview (2.4.0-4) [universe]
View streams from German public television stations
minitube (1.6-1) [universe]
Native YouTube client
moovida (1.0.9+bzr1614-1.1build1) [universe]
The Moovida media center application
moovida-plugins-bad (1.0.9+bzr1614-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Moovida plugins from the "bad" set
moovida-plugins-good (1.0.9+bzr1614-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Moovida plugins from the "good" set
moovida-plugins-ugly (1.0.9+bzr1614-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Moovida plugins from the "ugly" set
mplayer-gui (2:1.0~rc4.dfsg1+svn34540-1+deb7u2build0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 2:1.0~rc4.dfsg1+svn34540-1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
movie player for Unix-like systems
mplayer2 (2.0-426-gc32b3ed-2) [universe]
next generation movie player for Unix-like systems
multicat (1.0-1) [universe]
Set of tools for multicast and transport stream manipulation
oggvideotools (0.8-1) [universe]
A toolbox for manipulating and creating Ogg video files
ogmrip-dirac (0.1-0.2build1) [multiverse]
dirac support for OGMRip
ogmrip-oggz (0.2-0.0) [multiverse]
OGG container support for OGMRip
ogmrip-profiles (0.2-0.0) [multiverse]
a collection of profiles for OGMRip
openshot (1.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Create and edit videos and movies
photofilmstrip (1.4.0-1) [universe]
Slideshow creator with Ken Burns effect
snappy (0.2-1) [universe]
Powerful media player with a minimalistic interface
swfdec-gnome (1:0.8.10-5ubuntu1) [universe]
dummy package for transition to Gnash
swfdec-mozilla (0.8.10-5ubuntu1) [universe]
dummy package for transition to browser-plugin-gnash
tablet-encode (2.30-0.1ubuntu1) [universe]
video converter for Nokia Internet Tablets
toonloop (2.1.18-3ubuntu3) [universe]
live animation editor
totem-plugin-arte (3.0.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Totem plugin to watch streams from arte.tv
totem-plugins-dvb-daemon (1:0.2.7-2) [universe]
totem plugin for gnome-dvb-daemon
transcode-utils (3:1.1.5-0ubuntu10) [multiverse]
Transcode utility programs
transmageddon (0.20-1) [universe]
video transcoder for Linux and Unix systems built using GStreamer
vdr-plugin-dvbhddevice (1.7.22-1) [universe]
Plugin that adds support for full featured HD-DVB cards to VDR
vdr-plugin-dvbsddevice (1.7.22-1) [universe]
Plugin that adds support for full featured SD-DVB cards to VDR
vdr-plugin-infosatepg (0.0.11-5) [universe]
include TechniSat EPG data via satelite in vdr
vdr-plugin-svdrpext (0.1.1-4) [universe]
Transitional dummy package
virtuálny balík poskytovaný balíkom vdr-plugin-svdrposd
vdr-plugin-svdrposd (0.1.1-4) [universe]
VDR plugin that extends the SVDRP command set of VDR
vlc-plugin-fluidsynth (2.0.8-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 2.0.1-4 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
FluidSynth plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-notify (2.0.8-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 2.0.1-4 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
LibNotify plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-svg (2.0.8-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 2.0.1-4 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
SVG plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-zvbi (2.0.8-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 [amd64, i386], 2.0.1-4 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
VBI teletext plugin for VLC
xbmc (2:11.0~git20120423.cd20772-1) [universe]
XBMC Media Center (arch-independent data package)
xbmc-bin (2:11.0~git20120423.cd20772-1) [universe]
XBMC Media Center (binary data package)
xbmc-eventclients-common (2:11.0~git20120423.cd20772-1) [universe]
XBMC Media Center (Event Client Common package)
xbmc-eventclients-j2me (2:11.0~git20120423.cd20772-1) [universe]
XBMC Media Center (Event Client J2ME package)
xbmc-eventclients-ps3 (2:11.0~git20120423.cd20772-1) [universe]
XBMC Media Center (Event Client PS3 package)
xbmc-eventclients-wiiremote (2:11.0~git20120423.cd20772-1) [universe]
XBMC Media Center (Event Client WII Remote support package)
xbmc-eventclients-xbmc-send (2:11.0~git20120423.cd20772-1) [universe]
XBMC Media Center (Event Client XBMC-SEND package)
xbmc-live (2:11.0~git20120423.cd20772-1) [universe]
XBMC Media Center (XBMC Live package)
xvidenc (8.4.3~dfsg-0ubuntu1) [multiverse]
shell script to encode DVDs to Xvid