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Källkodspaket i "raring", Undersektion text

a2ps (1:4.14-1.1) [universe]
GNU a2ps - 'Anything to PostScript' converter and pretty-printer
abcm2ps (6.6.17-1) [universe]
Translates ABC music description files to PostScript (or SVG)
acheck (0.5.1) [universe]
Check common localisation mistakes
acheck-rules (0.3.1) [universe]
Basic rules for acheck
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av acheck-rules-fr
acheck-rules-fr (0.6) [universe]
French rules for acheck
ack (1.39-12) [universe]
Kanji code converter
aephea (12-248-2) [universe]
text-based authoring tool for HTML
aewan (1.0.01-3) [universe]
ASCII-art Editor Without A Name
aft (2:5.098-2) [universe]
"free form" document preparation system
agrep (4.17-9) [multiverse]
text search tool with support for approximate patterns
aiksaurus (1.2.1+dev-0.12-6.1) [universe]
an English-language thesaurus (utility)
antiword (0.37-8) [universe]
Converts MS Word files to text, PS and PDF
apsfilter (7.2.6-1.3) [universe]
Magic print filter with automatic file type recognition
apvlv (0.1.1-1.2) [universe]
PDF viewer with Vim-like behaviour
asciidoc (8.6.7-1)
Highly configurable text format for writing documentation
aspell (0.60.7~20110707-1build1)
GNU Aspell spell-checker
aspell-af (20070203-3) [universe]
The Africaans dictionary for aspell
aspell-am (0.03-1-4) [universe]
Amharic dictionary for aspell
aspell-ar (0.0.20060329-4) [universe]
Arabic dictionary for aspell
aspell-ar-large (1.2-0-2) [universe]
Large Arabic dictionary for aspell
aspell-bg (4.1-3ubuntu1) [universe]
Bulgarian dictionary for aspell
aspell-bn (1:0.01.1-1-2) [universe]
Bengali (bn) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-br (0.50-2-6) [universe]
Breton dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-ca (0.20111230b-4) [universe]
Catalan dictionary for aspell
aspell-cs (0.51.0-1) [universe]
Czech dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-cy (0.50-3-6) [universe]
Welsh dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-da (1.6.25-1.1) [universe]
The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary (DSDO) - aspell
aspell-de (20120607-1) [universe]
German dictionary for aspell
aspell-de-alt (1:2-28) [universe]
German dictionary for aspell (old spelling)
aspell-el (0.50-3-6) [universe]
Greek dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-en (7.1-0-1)
English dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-eo (2.1.2000.02.25-45) [universe]
Esperanto dictionary for aspell
aspell-eo-cx7 (2.1.2000.02.25-45) [universe]
Esperanto dictionary for aspell, "cx" 7bit encoding
aspell-es (1.11-4) [universe]
Spanish dictionary for aspell
aspell-et (1:20030606-20) [universe]
Estonian dictionary for Aspell
aspell-eu-es (0.4.20081029-6) [universe]
Basque (Euskera) dictionary for aspell
aspell-fa (0.11-0-2) [universe]
Persian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-fi (0.7-18) [universe]
The Finnish dictionary for aspell
aspell-fo (0.4.1-1) [universe]
Faroese dictionary for aspell
aspell-fr (0.50-3-7) [universe]
French dictionary for aspell
aspell-ga (0.50-4-4) [universe]
Irish (Gaeilge) dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-gl-minimos (0.5-35) [universe]
Aspell dictionary for Galician (minimos)
aspell-gu (0.03-0-7) [universe]
Gujarati (gu) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-he (1.0-0-5) [universe]
Hebrew dictionary for aspell
aspell-hi (0.02-5) [universe]
Hindi (hi) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-hr (0.51-4) [universe]
The Croatian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-hsb (0.02.0-1) [universe]
Upper Sorbian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-hu ( [universe]
Hungarian dictionary for aspell
aspell-hy (0.10.0-0-2) [universe]
Armenian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-id (1.2-0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Indonesian (id) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-is (0.51-0-4) [universe]
Icelandic dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-it (2.4-20070901-0-2) [universe]
The Italian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-kk (0.2-1) [universe]
Kazakh dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-kn (0.01-2-2) [universe]
Kannada (kn) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-ku (0.20-0-5) [universe]
Kurdish dictionary for aspell
aspell-lt (1.2.1-3.1ubuntu1) [universe]
aspell dictionary for Lithuanian (LT)
aspell-lv (0.9.4-5) [universe]
Latvian dictionary for Aspell
aspell-ml (0.04-1-5) [universe]
Malayalam (ml) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-mr (0.10-8) [universe]
Marathi (mr) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-nl (1:2.10-1) [universe]
Dutch dictionary for Aspell
aspell-no (2.0.10-5.1) [universe]
Norwegian dictionary for aspell
aspell-nr (20070206-4ubuntu1) [universe]
The Ndebele dictionary for aspell
aspell-ns (20070206-4ubuntu1) [universe]
The Northern Sotho dictionary for aspell
aspell-or (0.03-1-5) [universe]
Oriya (or) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-pa (0.01-1-4) [universe]
Punjabi (pa) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-pl (20110901-1) [universe]
Polish dictionary for aspell
aspell-pt (1.5) [universe]
Portuguese dictionaries for GNU Aspell (old package)
aspell-pt-br (20110527-2) [universe]
Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-pt-pt (20091013-4) [universe]
European Portuguese dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-ro (3.3.7-1) [universe]
Romanian dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-ru (0.99g5-18) [universe]
Russian dictionary for Aspell
aspell-sk (2.01-2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Slovak dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-sl (0.60-3) [universe]
The Slovenian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-ss (20070206-4ubuntu1) [universe]
The Swazi dictionary for aspell
aspell-st (20070206-4) [universe]
The Southern Sotho dictionary for aspell
aspell-sv (0.51-0-3) [universe]
Swedish dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-ta (20040424-1-1) [universe]
Tamil (ta) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-te (0.01-2-5) [universe]
Telugu (te) dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-tl (0.4-0-10) [universe]
Tagalog dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-tn (20070206-4ubuntu1) [universe]
The Tswana dictionary for aspell
aspell-ts (20070207-4ubuntu1) [universe]
The Tsonga dictionary for aspell
aspell-uk (1.6.5-2) [universe]
Ukrainian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-uz (0.6.0-1) [universe]
The Uzbek dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-xh (20070206-4ubuntu1) [universe]
The Xhosa dictionary for aspell
aspell-zu (20070207-5ubuntu1) [universe]
The Zulu dictionary for aspell
atp (1.2-11ubuntu1) [universe]
text to PostScript converter with some C syntax highlighting
bgoffice-computer-terms (0.0.200909080118-1ubuntu1) [universe]
English-Bulgarian dictionary of computer terms
bgoffice-dict-downloader (0.09) [multiverse]
download dictionaries for gbgoffice
bibutils (4.12-5) [universe]
interconvert various bibliographic data formats
bidiv (1.5-4) [universe]
BiDi viewer - command-line tool displaying logical Hebrew/Arabic
binclock (1.5-6) [universe]
binary clock for console with color support
blahtexml (0.9-1.1) [universe]
Converts TeX equations into MathML
bomstrip (9-6) [universe]
tool to strip Byte-Order Marks from UTF-8 text files
bookview (3.2.1-1) [universe]
Tcl/Tk based NDTP(Network Dictionary Transfer Protocol) client
boxes (1.0.1a-2.3) [universe]
Textmode box- and comment drawing filter
brazilian-conjugate (3.0~beta4-15) [universe]
Brazilian Portuguese verb conjugator
brother-cups-wrapper-ac (1.0.3-1-0ubuntu2) [multiverse]
Cups Wrapper drivers for ac brother printers
brother-cups-wrapper-bh7 (1.0.0-10-0ubuntu6) [multiverse]
Cups Wrapper drivers for bh7 brother printers
brother-cups-wrapper-common (1.0.0-10-0ubuntu6) [multiverse]
Common files for Brother cups wrapper packages
brother-cups-wrapper-extra (1.2.1-0ubuntu4) [multiverse]
Cups Wrapper drivers for extra brother printers
brother-cups-wrapper-laser (2.0.1-2-0ubuntu6) [multiverse]
Cups Wrapper drivers for laser brother printers
brother-cups-wrapper-laser1 (1.0.2-1-0ubuntu8) [multiverse]
Cups Wrapper drivers for laser1 brother printers
brother-cups-wrapper-mfc9420cn (1.0.0-1-0ubuntu6) [multiverse]
Cups Wrapper drivers for mfc9420cn brother printers
brother-lpr-drivers-ac (1.0.3-1-0ubuntu4) [multiverse]
LPR drivers for ac brother printers
brother-lpr-drivers-bh7 (1.0.1-1-0ubuntu6) [multiverse]
LPR drivers for bh7 brother printers
brother-lpr-drivers-common (1.0.0-4-0ubuntu3) [multiverse]
Common files for brother-lpr-drivers packages
brother-lpr-drivers-extra (1.2.0-2-0ubuntu5) [multiverse]
LPR drivers for extra brother printers
brother-lpr-drivers-laser (2.0.1-3-0ubuntu5) [multiverse]
LPR drivers for laser brother printers
brother-lpr-drivers-laser1 (1.0.0-3-0ubuntu6) [multiverse]
LPR drivers for laser1 brother printers
brother-lpr-drivers-mfc9420cn (1.0.0-3-0ubuntu4) [multiverse]
LPR driver for mfc9420cn brother printer
buthead (1.1-3) [universe]
copy all but the first few lines
c2esp (26-1ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package for c2esp printer driver
calibre (0.9.18+dfsg1-1bzr) [universe]
e-book converter and library management
calibre-bin (0.9.18+dfsg1-1bzr) [universe]
e-book converter and library management
calligrawords (1:2.6.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
word processor for the Calligra Suite
calligrawords-data (1:2.6.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
data files for Words word processor
catdoc (0.94.4-1.1) [universe]
MS-Word to TeX or plain text converter
cb2bib (1.4.9-1ubuntu1) [universe]
extract bibliographic references from various sources
cbedic (4.0-3) [multiverse]
Text-mode Bulgarian/English Dictionary
cconv (0.6.2-1) [universe]
simplified-traditional chinese conversion tool
cd-circleprint (0.7.0-3) [universe]
prints round cd-labels
cdcover (0.9.1-10) [universe]
Creating Data-CD Covers
chm2pdf (0.9.1-1.1ubuntu5) [universe]
A Python script that converts CHM files into PDF files
chmsee (1.3.0-2ubuntu2) [universe]
A chm file viewer written in GTK+
chordii (4.3+repack-2) [universe]
Text file (chordpro format) to music sheet converter
cjet (0.8.9-3) [universe]
transitional dummy package for cjet printer driver
codegroup (19981025-6) [universe]
Convert any file, including binary, into 5 letter code
collatinus (10.0-4) [universe]
lemmatisation of latin text
colordiff (1.0.13-1) [universe]
tool to colorize 'diff' output
confget (1.03-1) [universe]
read variables from INI-style configuration files
cstocs (1:3.42-3) [universe]
Recoding utility and Czech sorter
cups-backend-bjnp (1.2-1) [universe]
printer backend for Canon BJNP protocol
dacco-common (0.9+20071227-5) [universe]
Catalan/English dictionary (xml files)
dadadodo (1.04-4) [universe]
Exterminates all rational thought
dancer-xml ( [universe]
non-conformant docbook-xml to html/latex conversion
darnwdl (0.5-2) [universe]
WDL document format viewer
datapm (0.10-1.1) [universe]
Data packaging system and utilities
dav-text (0.8.5-5ubuntu1) [universe]
A minimalist ncurses-based text editor
dawgdic-tools (0.4.3-1) [universe]
command line tools for DAWG dictionaries
dbacl (1.12-2.1) [universe]
digramic Bayesian text classifier
dbar (0.0.20100524-3) [universe]
general purpose ASCII graphic percentage meter/progressbar
dblatex (0.3.4-3)
Produces DVI, PostScript, PDF documents from DocBook sources
dbtoepub (0+svn9150-2) [universe]
DocBook XML to .epub converter
ddtc (0.17.1) [universe]
Deal with ddts mails
debiandoc-sgml (1.2.27)
DebianDoc SGML DTD and formatting tools
diakonos (0.9.0-1) [universe]
Customizable, usable console-based text editor
dico (2.2-3) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant dictionary client
dico-module-guile (2.2-3) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (Guile module)
dico-module-mediawiki (2.2-3) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (mediawiki module)
dico-module-python (2.2-3) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (Python module)
dico-module-wordnet (2.2-3) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (WordNet module)
dicod (2.2-3) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server
dicoweb (2.2-3) [universe]
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (web interface)
dict (1.12.0+dfsg-5)
dictionary client
dict-bouvier (6.revised-3.2) [universe]
John Bouvier's Law Dictionary for the USA
dict-de-en (1.7-2ubuntu1) [universe]
German-English translation dictionary for dictd
dict-devil (1.0-12) [universe]
"The Devil's Dictionary" by Ambrose Bierce
dict-elements (20001107-a-6) [universe]
Data regarding the Elements
dict-foldoc (20120518-1)
FOLDOC dictionary database
dict-freedict-afr-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Afrikaans-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-ara-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Arabic-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-cro-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Croatian-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-cze-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Czech-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-dan-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Danish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for German-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-fra (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for German-French Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-ita (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for German-Italian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-nld (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for German-Dutch Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-por (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for German-Portuguese Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-ara (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Arabic Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-cro (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Croatian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-cze (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Czech Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-fra (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-French Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-hin (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Hindi Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-hun (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Hungarian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-iri (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Irish Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-ita (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Italian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-lat (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Latin Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-nld (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Dutch Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-por (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Portuguese Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-rom (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Romanian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-rus (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Russian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-scr (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Serbo-Croat Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-spa (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Spanish Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-swa (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Swahili Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-swe (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Swedish Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-tur (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Turkish Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-wel (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for English-Welsh Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-fra-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for French-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-fra-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for French-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-fra-nld (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for French-Dutch Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-gla-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Scottish Gaelic-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-hin-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Hindi-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-hun-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Hungarian-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-iri-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Irish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-ita-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Italian-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-ita-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Italian-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-jpn-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Japanese-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-lat-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Latin-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-lat-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Latin-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-nld-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Dutch-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-nld-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Dutch-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-nld-fra (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Dutch-French Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-por-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Portuguese-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-por-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Portuguese-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-scr-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Serbo-Croat-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-slo-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Slovak-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-spa-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Spanish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-swa-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Swahili-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-swe-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Swedish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-tur-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Turkish-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-tur-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Turkish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-wel-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Dict package for Welsh-English Freedict dictionary
dict-gazetteer2k (1.0.0-5.2) [universe]
Placeholder package to install entire Gazetteer 2000
dict-gazetteer2k-counties (1.0.0-5.2) [universe]
Counties Database for the 2000 US Gazetteer
dict-gazetteer2k-places (1.0.0-5.2) [universe]
Places Database for the 2000 US Gazetteer
dict-gazetteer2k-zips (1.0.0-5.2) [universe]
ZIP and ZCTA database for the 2000 US Gazetteer
dict-gcide (0.48.1)
Comprehensive English Dictionary
dict-jargon (4.4.7-2ubuntu1)
dict package for The Jargon Lexicon
dict-moby-thesaurus (1.0-6.2)
Largest and most comprehensive thesaurus
dict-stardic (1.3.1-4) [universe]
An English to Chinese Dictionary
dict-vera (1:1.17-6)
Dictionary of computer related acronyms -- dict format
dict-wn (1:3.0-29ubuntu1) [universe]
electronic lexical database of English language for dict
dict-xdict (0.1-4.2) [universe]
An English to Chinese Dictionary
dictd (1.12.0+dfsg-5)
dictionary server
dictem (1.0.2-1) [universe]
Dict client for emacs
diction (1.10~rc4-1) [universe]
Utilities to help with style and diction (English and German)
dictionaries-common (1.12.11)
Common utilities for spelling dictionary tools
dictionaries-common-dev (1.12.11)
Developer tools and Policy for spelling dictionary tools
dictionary-el (1.8.7-15) [universe]
dictionary client for Emacs
dictzip (1.12.0+dfsg-5)
compression utility for dictionary databases
ding (1.7-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Graphical dictionary lookup program for Unix (Tk)
discount (2.1.5a-1) [universe]
Implementation of Markdown markup language in C
djtools (1.2.7) [universe]
tools for HP DeskJet printer
djvusmooth (0.2.11-1) [universe]
graphical editor for DjVu
dl10n (3.00) [universe]
Debian infrastructure and tools for localization
docbook (4.5-5.1ubuntu1)
standard SGML representation system for technical documents
docbook-dsssl (1.79-7ubuntu1)
modular DocBook DSSSL stylesheets, for print and HTML
docbook-ebnf (1.2~cr1-5.1) [universe]
EBNF module for the XML version of the DocBook DTD
docbook-html-forms (1.1.0-4.1) [universe]
Extension to DocBook XML for generating html forms
docbook-mathml (1.1CR1-2) [universe]
Extension to DocBook XML for using MathML markup
docbook-simple (1.1-4.1) [universe]
simplified DocBook XML Doctype and css stylesheets
docbook-slides (3.4.0-5) [universe]
XML Slides DTD and XSL Stylesheets
docbook-to-man (1:2.0.0-31)
converter from DocBook SGML into roff man macros
docbook-utils (0.6.14-3ubuntu1)
Convert DocBook files to other formats (HTML, RTF, PS, man, PDF)
docbook-website ( [universe]
XML Website DTD and XSL Stylesheets
docbook-xml (4.5-7.1)
standard XML documentation system for software and systems
docbook-xsl (1.76.1+dfsg-1ubuntu1)
stylesheets for processing DocBook XML to various output formats
docbook-xsl-ns (1.76.1+dfsg-1ubuntu1)
stylesheets for processing DocBook 5 XML to various output formats
docbook-xsl-saxon (1.00.dfsg.1-5) [universe]
Java extensions for use with DocBook XML stylesheets (Saxon)
docbook-xsl-saxon-gcj (1.00.dfsg.1-5) [universe]
Java extensions for use with DocBook XML stylesheets (native code)
docbook2odf (0.244-1.1) [universe]
XSLT based conversions from docbook to Oasis Open Document (openoffice.org)
docbook2x (0.8.8-8build2)
Converts DocBook/XML documents into man pages and TeXinfo
docbook5-xml (5.0-2)
standard XML documentation system for software and systems
docdiff (0.4.0-2) [universe]
Compares two files word by word / char by char
doconce (0.7.3-1) [universe]
document once, include anywhere
docx2txt (1.2-1) [universe]
Convert Microsoft OOXML files to plain text
dos2unix (6.0.3-1) [universe]
convert text file line endings between CRLF and LF
dtdinst (20091111-5) [universe]
XML DTD to XML instance format converter
e2ps (4.34-4) [universe]
Convert plain text into PostScript
ebhttpd (1:1.0.dfsg.1-4.3) [universe]
specialized HTTP server to access CD-ROM books
eblook (1:1.6.1-12) [universe]
electronic dictionary search command using EB Library
ebnetd (1:1.0.dfsg.1-4.3) [universe]
the server of EBNET protocol
ebnetd-common (1:1.0.dfsg.1-4.3) [universe]
Common files for the EBNETD suite
ebview ( [universe]
EPWING dictionary viewer
edict (2012.05.09-1) [universe]
English / Japanese dictionary
editmoin (1.17-1) [universe]
edit MoinMoin wiki pages with your favourite editor
edubuntu-docs (11.03.2) [universe]
The Ubuntu Documentation Project - Edubuntu Documentation
elyxer (1.2.3-1) [universe]
standalone LyX to HTML converter
enamdict (2012.05.09-1) [universe]
Dictionary of Japanese proper names
enca (1.14-2) [universe]
Extremely Naive Charset Analyser - binaries
enchant (1.6.0-7build1)
Wrapper for various spell checker engines (binary programs)
enscript ( [universe]
converts text to Postscript, HTML or RTF with syntax highlighting
epdfview (0.1.8-3ubuntu1) [universe]
Lightweight pdf viewer based on poppler libs
epson-escpr (1.1.1-2) [universe]
transitional dummy package for epson-escpr printer driver
epubcheck (1.2-2) [universe]
ePub book format validator
expat (2.1.0-2) [universe]
XML parsing C library - example application
fbreader (0.12.10dfsg-8) [universe]
e-book reader
ffe (0.2.8-1) [universe]
Tool for parsing flat and CSV files and converting them to different formats
figlet (2.2.5-2) [universe]
Make large character ASCII banners out of ordinary text
fldiff (1.1+0-2) [universe]
A graphical diff program
flip (1.20-2) [universe]
convert text file line endings between Unix and DOS formats
fntsample (3.2-3) [universe]
program for making font samples
fonttools (2.3-1build1) [universe]
Converts OpenType and TrueType fonts to and from XML
fonttools-eexecop (2.3-1build1) [universe]
python extension to speed up fonttools
foo2zjs (20130306dfsg0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package for foo2zjs printer driver
foomatic-db (20130308-0ubuntu2) [universe]
OpenPrinting printer support - database
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av foomatic-db-compressed-ppds
foomatic-db-compressed-ppds (20130308-0ubuntu2)
OpenPrinting printer support - Compressed PPDs derived from the database
foomatic-db-engine (4.0.9-0ubuntu1)
OpenPrinting printer support - programs
foomatic-db-gutenprint (5.2.9-1ubuntu1) [universe]
OpenPrinting printer support - database for Gutenprint printer drivers
foomatic-filters (4.0.17-1ubuntu1)
OpenPrinting printer support - filters
fop (1:1.0.dfsg2-6ubuntu1)
XML formatter driven by XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO.)
freemind (0.9.0+dfsg-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Java Program for creating and viewing Mindmaps
g2p-sk (0.4.2-1) [universe]
Phonetic transcription for Slovak language
gaiksaurus (1.2.1+dev-0.12-6.1) [universe]
graphical interface to the Aiksaurus toolkit (GTK+ frontend)
galax (1.1-10build1) [universe]
XQuery implementation with static typing - command line front-ends
galax-extra (1.1-10build1) [universe]
XQuery implementation with static typing - utilities
gbgoffice (1.4-8) [universe]
bgoffice dictionary frontend (GTK2)
ghostscript (9.07~dfsg2-0ubuntu3.1) [security]
interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF
ghostscript-cups (9.07~dfsg2-0ubuntu3.1) [security]
interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF - CUPS filters
ghostscript-doc (9.07~dfsg2-0ubuntu3.1) [security]
interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF - Documentation
ghostscript-x (9.07~dfsg2-0ubuntu3.1) [security]
interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF - X11 support
gnome-u2ps (0.0.4-4.2) [universe]
tool to convert UTF-8 text to PostScript
gnuhtml2latex (0.4-2) [universe]
Convert HTML files to LaTeX
gnuvd (1.0.12-1) [multiverse]
Query the online Dutch Van Dale dictionary
gnuvd-gnome (1.0.12-1) [multiverse]
Query the online Dutch Van Dale dictionary - GNOME frontend
goldendict-wordnet (1:3.0-29ubuntu1) [universe]
electronic lexical database of English language for dict
grap (1.43-2) [universe]
program for typesetting graphs
grc (1.4) [universe]
generic colouriser for everything
groff (1.22.1-3)
GNU troff text-formatting system
groff-base (1.22.1-3)
GNU troff text-formatting system (base system components)
gsfonts (1:8.11+urwcyr1.0.7~pre44-4.2ubuntu1)
Fonts for the Ghostscript interpreter(s)
gsfonts-other (6.0-4ubuntu1) [multiverse]
Additional fonts for the ghostscript interpreter
gtranslator (2.91.6-0ubuntu1) [universe]
PO-file editor for the GNOME Desktop
gv (1:3.7.3-1) [universe]
PostScript and PDF viewer for X
halibut (1.0+svn20090906-7) [universe]
yet another free document preparation system
hannah-foo2zjs (1:1) [multiverse]
Graphical firmware downloader for the foo2zjs package
hlins (0.39-19build1) [universe]
Insert URLs into html documents
hpijs (3.13.3-1ubuntu0.1) [universe] [security]
transitional dummy package for hpijs printer driver
hpijs-ppds (3.13.3-1ubuntu0.1) [universe] [security]
HP Linux Printing and Imaging - HPIJS PPD files
hplip-cups (3.13.3-1ubuntu0.1) [universe] [security]
transitional dummy package for hpcups printer driver
hspell (1.2-2)
Hebrew spell checker and morphological analyzer
html-xml-utils (6.1-1) [universe]
HTML and XML manipulation utilities
html2ps (1.0b7-1) [universe]
HTML to PostScript converter
hunspell (1.3.2-4ubuntu1)
spell checker and morphological analyzer (program)
hunspell-an (0.2-1)
Aragonese dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-ar (3.2-1)
Arabic dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-be (0.53-3)
Belarusian dictionary for hunspell and academic orthography
hunspell-da (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Danish dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-de-at (20120607-1)
Austrian (German) dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-de-at-frami (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3) [universe]
Austrian (German) dictionary for hunspell ("frami" version)
hunspell-de-ch (20120607-1)
Swiss (German) dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-de-ch-frami (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3) [universe]
Swiss (German) dictionary for hunspell ("frami" version)
hunspell-de-de (20120607-1)
German dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-de-de-frami (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3) [universe]
German dictionary for hunspell ("frami" version)
hunspell-de-med (20110608-1) [universe]
German medical dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-en-ca (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
English_canadian dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-en-us (20070829-4ubuntu3)
English_american dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-eu-es (0.4.20081029-6)
Basque (Euskera) dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-fr (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
French dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-gl-es (2.2a-10)
Galician dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-hu (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Hungarian dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-kk (1.1-2)
Kazakh dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-ko (0.5.6-1)
Korean dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-ml (0.1-2)
Malayalam dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-ne (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Nepali dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-ro (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Romanian dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-ru (20120501-1)
Russian dictionary for hunspell
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av myspell-ru
hunspell-se (1.0~beta6.20081222-1.2)
North Sámi Hunspell dictionary
hunspell-sh (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Serbian (Latin) dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-sr (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Serbian (Cyrillic) dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-sv-se (1.51-1)
Swedish (SE) dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-tools (1.3.2-4ubuntu1)
tools for hunspell
hunspell-uz (0.6-3.2ubuntu1)
The Uzbek dictionary for Hunspell
hunspell-vi (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Vietnamese dictionary for hunspell
hyperestraier (1.4.13-9ubuntu1) [universe]
full-text search system for communities
hyphen-af (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Afrikaans hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
hyphen-as (0.7.0-1)
Assamese hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice
hyphen-bn (0.7.0-2)
Bengali hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice
hyphen-ca (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Catalan hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
hyphen-de (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
German hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
hyphen-en-us (2.8.3-2)
US English hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
hyphen-fr (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
French hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
hyphen-gu (0.7.0-2)
Gujarati hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice
hyphen-hi (0.7.0-3)
Hindi hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice
hyphen-hr (20060617-2.3ubuntu1)
Croatian hyphenation pattern for OpenOffice.org
hyphen-hu (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Hungarian hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
hyphen-it (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Italian hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
hyphen-kn (0.7.0-2)
Kannada hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice
hyphen-mr (0.7.0-1)
Marathi hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice
hyphen-pa (0.7.0-1)
Punjabi hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice
hyphen-pl (1:3.0a-4)
Polish hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
hyphen-ro (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Romanian hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
hyphen-sh (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Serbian (Latin) hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
hyphen-sl (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Slovenian hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
hyphen-sr (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Serbian (Cyrillic) hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
hyphen-ta (0.7.0-1)
Tamil hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice
hyphen-te (0.7.0-1)
Telugu hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice
hyphen-zu (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Zulu hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
iamerican (3.3.02-6)
American English dictionary for ispell (standard version)
iamerican-huge (3.3.02-6) [universe]
American English dictionary for ispell (huge)
iamerican-insane (3.3.02-6) [universe]
American English dictionary for ispell (insane version)
iamerican-large (3.3.02-6) [universe]
American English dictionary for ispell (large)
iamerican-small (3.3.02-6) [universe]
American English dictionary for ispell (small)
ibrazilian (3.0~beta4-15) [universe]
Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for ispell
ibritish (3.3.02-6) [universe]
British English dictionary for ispell (standard version)
ibritish-huge (3.3.02-6) [universe]
British English dictionary for ispell (huge)
ibritish-insane (3.3.02-6) [universe]
British English dictionary for ispell (insane version)
ibritish-large (3.3.02-6) [universe]
British English dictionary for ispell (large)
ibritish-small (3.3.02-6) [universe]
British English dictionary for ispell (small)
ibulgarian (4.1-3ubuntu1) [universe]
Bulgarian dictionary for ispell
icatalan (0.20111230b-4) [universe]
Catalan dictionary for ispell
iczech (20040229-5.1) [universe]
The Czech dictionary for ispell
idanish (1.6.25-1.1) [universe]
The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary (DSDO) - ispell
idutch (1:2.10-1) [universe]
Dutch dictionary for Ispell
idzebra-2.0 (2.0.44-3) [universe]
IDZebra metapackage (the works)
idzebra-2.0-common (2.0.44-3) [universe]
IDZebra common files
idzebra-2.0-examples (2.0.44-3) [universe]
IDZebra example configurations
idzebra-2.0-utils (2.0.44-3) [universe]
IDZebra utility programs
ienglish-common (3.3.02-6)
Common files for British and American ispell dictionaries
iesperanto (2.1.2000.02.25-45) [universe]
Esperanto dictionary for ispell
iestonian (1:20030606-20) [universe]
Estonian dictionary for Ispell
ifaroese (0.4.1-1) [universe]
Faroese dictionary for ispell
ifinnish (0.7-18) [universe]
A medium-size Finnish dictionary for Ispell
ifinnish-large (0.7-18) [universe]
A large Finnish dictionary for Ispell
ifinnish-small (0.7-18) [universe]
A small Finnish dictionary for Ispell
ifrench (1.4-26) [universe]
French dictionary for ispell (Hydro-Quebec version)
ifrench-gut (1:1.0-30) [universe]
French dictionary for ispell (GUTenberg version)
igaelic (0.50-8) [universe]
A Scots Gaelic dictionary for ispell
igalician-minimos (0.5-35) [universe]
Ispell dictionary for Galician (minimos)
ihungarian (1.2+repack-2) [universe]
Hungarian dictionary for ispell
iirish (2.0-21) [universe]
An Irish (Gaeilge) dictionary for ispell
iitalian (1:2.3-3) [universe]
Italian dictionary for ispell
ijsgutenprint (5.2.9-1ubuntu1) [universe]
inkjet server - Ghostscript driver for Gutenprint
ijsgutenprint-ppds (5.2.9-1ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package for gutenprint printer driver
ilithuanian (1.2.1-3.1ubuntu1) [universe]
ispell dictionary for Lithuanian (LT)
imanx (0.50-9.1) [universe]
A Manx Gaelic dictionary for ispell
imediff2 (1.1.2-1) [universe]
interactive full screen 2-way merge tool
impose+ (0.2-12) [universe]
Postscript utilities for two-up printing, bbox, etc
ingerman (20120607-1) [universe]
New German orthography dictionary for ispell
inorwegian (2.0.10-5.1) [universe]
Norwegian dictionary for ispell
iogerman (1:2-28) [universe]
Old German orthography dictionary for ispell
ipolish (20120520-1) [universe]
Polish dictionary for ispell
iportuguese (20120604-1) [universe]
European Portuguese dictionary for ispell
irussian (0.99g5-18) [universe]
Russian dictionary for Ispell
ispanish (1.11-4) [universe]
Spanish dictionary for ispell
ispell (3.3.02-6)
International Ispell (an interactive spelling corrector)
iswedish (1.4.5-2.1) [universe]
Swedish dictionary for ispell
iswiss (20120607-1) [universe]
Swiss (German) orthography dictionary for ispell
itagalog (0.3.1-3) [universe]
Tagalog dictionary for Ispell
itrans (5.3-10) [universe]
Converts romanized Indic texts to LaTeX, HTML & Postscript
itrans-fonts (5.3-10) [universe]
Extra fonts used in the ITRANS Indic text processing system
iukrainian (1.6.5-2) [universe]
Ukrainian dictionary for ispell
jade (1.2.1-47.1ubuntu2)
James Clark's DSSSL Engine
jing (20091111-5) [universe]
RELAX NG validator
jless (382-iso262-3) [universe]
A file pager program, similar to more(1) supporting ISO2022
kakasi (2.3.5~pre1+cvs20071101-1) [universe]
KAnji KAna Simple Inverter
kakasi-dic (2.3.5~pre1+cvs20071101-1) [universe]
KAKASI dictionary files
kanadic (6.5deb2-9) [universe]
katakana and hiragana drill files for KDrill
kanjidic (2012.05.09-1) [universe]
Kanji Dictionary
kanjidic-xml (2012.05.09-1) [universe]
Kanji Dictionary in XML format
katoob ( [universe]
A Gtk2 light weight multilingual BiDi aware text editor
kcc (2.3-12) [universe]
Kanji code filter
kdrill (6.5deb2-9) [universe]
kanji drill and dictionary program
khmerconverter (1.4-1) [universe]
converts between legacy Khmer encodings and Unicode
kindleclip (0.4-1) [universe]
User interface for managing Amazon Kindle's "My Clippings" file
konwert (1.8-11.2build2)
Charset conversion for files or terminal I/O
konwert-dev (1.8-11.2build2)
Tools to define new charset conversion for konwert
konwert-filters (1.8-11.2build2)
Filters used by konwert for charset conversion
kwalify (0.7.2-2) [universe]
parser, schema validator, and data-binding tool for YAML and JSON.
latrine (0.10.2-1) [universe]
curses-based LAnguage TRaINEr
lcdf-typetools (2.92+dfsg1-0.1) [universe]
Programs to manipulate OpenType, multiple-master, and Type 1
ldapvi (1.7-9) [universe]
perform an LDAP search and update results using a text editor
ldp-docbook-dsssl (0.0.20040321-2build1) [universe]
The Linux Documentation Project's DSSSL stylesheets
ldp-docbook-xsl (0.0.20040321-2build1)
The Linux Documentation Project's XSL stylesheets
le-dico-de-rene-cougnenc (1.3-2.1) [universe]
the "Dico" by Rene Cougnenc
less (456-1ubuntu1)
pager program similar to more
lhs2tex (1.17-1) [universe]
Generates LaTeX code from literate Haskell sources
libaa-bin (1.4p5-40) [universe]
sample programs using aalib
libestraier-dev (1.4.13-9ubuntu1) [universe]
full-text search system Libraries [development]
libestraier-ruby1.8 (1.4.13-9ubuntu1) [universe]
Hyper Estraier Node API Libraries for Ruby 1.8 (transitional package)
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av ruby-hyperestraier
libestraier8 (1.4.13-9ubuntu1) [universe]
full-text search system Libraries [runtime]
libexttextcat-data (3.4.0-2)
Language detection library - data files
libgs-dev (9.07~dfsg2-0ubuntu3.1) [security]
interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF - Development Files
libkakasi-ruby1.8 (2002.09.28-3) [universe]
KAKASI interface for Ruby (transitional package)
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av ruby-kakasi
liblinebreak2 (2.1-1) [universe]
line breaking library for Unicode (shared library)
liblouis-bin (2.4.1-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Braille translation library - utilities
liblouis-data (2.4.1-1ubuntu2)
Braille translation library - data
liblouisutdml-bin (2.2.0-1) [universe]
Braille UTDML translation utilities
liblouisutdml-data (2.2.0-1) [universe]
Braille UTDML translation library - data
liblouisxml-bin (2.4.0-3) [universe]
Braille XML translation utilities
liblouisxml-data (2.4.0-3) [universe]
Braille XML translation library - data
liblucene2-java (2.9.4+ds1-4) [universe]
Full-text search engine library for Java(TM)
libnmz7 (2.0.21-8) [universe]
full text search engine - shared library
libnmz7-dev (2.0.21-8) [universe]
full text search engine - header files and static libraries
libpdfrenderer-java (0.9.0-1) [universe]
Java PDF renderer and viewer
libqdaccolib0.7 (0.8.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
library for facilitate access to dacco dictionary (runtime)
librd-ruby1.8 (0.6.34-4) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-rd
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av ruby-rd
libreoffice-lightproof-en (0.4.2+1.5~b3-3) [universe]
Lightproof grammar checker for LibreOffice (English)
libreoffice-lightproof-hu (1.4.3+1.5~b3-3) [universe]
Lightproof grammar checker for LibreOffice (Hungarian)
libreoffice-lightproof-ru-ru (0.3.1+1.5~b3-3) [universe]
Lightproof grammar checker for LibreOffice (Russian)
libreoffice-voikko (3.3-3)
Finnish language tools for LibreOffice
libreoffice-writer2latex (1.0.2-9ubuntu1) [universe]
Writer/Calc to LaTeX converter extension for LibreOffice
libreoffice-writer2xhtml (1.0.2-9ubuntu1) [universe]
Writer/Calc to XHTML converter extension for LibreOffice
libreoffice-zemberek (1.0~rc2-10.4) [universe]
Turkish spell checker extension for LibreOffice
libsary-ruby1.8 (1.2.0-3.1) [universe]
A ruby binding of sary
libstemmer-tools (0+svn546-2) [universe]
Simple word stemming utility using Snowball
libsuikyo-ruby1.8 (2.1.0-3) [universe]
Romaji Hiragana conversion library (ruby-binding)
libwbxml2-utils (0.10.7-1) [universe]
Binary XML utilities
libwriter2latex-java (1.0.2-9ubuntu1) [universe]
OpenOffice.org Writer/Calc to LaTeX/XHTML converter -- library
libxml2-utils (2.9.0+dfsg1-4ubuntu4.3) [security]
XML utilities
lincredits (0.7) [universe]
Generate nicely-formatted versions of the Linux CREDITS file
link-grammar (4.7.4-2) [universe]
Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser
link-grammar-dictionaries-en (4.7.4-2) [universe]
Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser (English dictionary)
link-grammar-dictionaries-lt (4.7.4-2) [universe]
Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser (Lithuanian dictionary)
linuxdoc-tools (0.9.68)
convert LinuxDoc SGML source into other formats
linuxdoc-tools-info (0.9.68) [universe]
Info output facility of LinuxDoc-Tools
linuxdoc-tools-latex (0.9.68)
LaTeX/PS/PDF output facility of LinuxDoc-Tools
linuxdoc-tools-text (0.9.68)
Text output facility of LinuxDoc-Tools
logidee-tools (1.2.12) [universe]
Tools to write courses in XML and export them to various formats
lookup (1.08b-11) [universe]
interactive utility to search text files quickly
lookup-el (1.4.1-9) [universe]
emacsen interface to electronic dictionaries
lout (3.39-1) [universe]
Typesetting system, an alternative to (La)TeX
lout-common (3.39-1) [universe]
Common files for the Lout typesetting system
ludevit (7) [universe]
converter from standard Slovak into the L. Štúr version
lv (4.51-2) [universe]
Powerful Multilingual File Viewer
m17n-contrib (1.1.14-1)
multilingual text processing library - contributed database
m17n-db (1.6.4-1)
multilingual text processing library - database
m17n-docs (1.6.2-2) [universe]
multilingual text processing library - documents
m2300w (0.51-7ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package for m2300w printer driver
magicfilter (1.2-64) [universe]
automatic printer filter
makedic (6.5deb2-9) [universe]
dictionary compiler for KDrill
mgdiff (1.0-29) [universe]
xdiff clone
miscfiles (1.4.2.dfsg.1-9)
Dictionaries and other interesting files
misery (0.2-1) [universe]
Simple accounting package for groups, clubs, holidays
mknfonts.tool (0.5-11build3) [universe]
Create nfont packages for GNUstep
morsegen (0.2.1-1) [universe]
convert text file to ASCII morse code
most (5.0.0a-2.1) [universe]
Pager program similar to more and less
mova (4.0-4.2) [universe]
Scripts for Mova-format dictionary
mp (3.7.1-11) [universe]
pretty-printer for email messages and other text files
mpage (2.5.6-1) [universe]
print multiple pages per sheet on PostScript printer
mueller7-dict (2002.02.27-8) [universe]
Mueller English/Russian dictionary in dict format
mueller7accent-dict (2002.02.27-8) [universe]
Mueller English/Russian dictionary with accents in dict format
mupdf (0.9-2ubuntu1) [universe]
lightweight PDF viewer
mupdf-tools (0.9-2ubuntu1) [universe]
commmand line tools for the MuPDF viewer
myspell-af (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Afrikaans dictionary for myspell
myspell-bg (4.1-3ubuntu1)
Bulgarian dictionary for myspell
myspell-ca (0.20111230b-4)
Catalan dictionary for myspell
myspell-cs (20040229-5.1)
Czech dictionary for myspell
myspell-da (1.6.25-1.1) [universe]
The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary (DSDO) - myspell
myspell-de-at (20120607-1) [universe]
Austrian (German) dictionary for myspell
myspell-de-ch (20120607-1) [universe]
Swiss (German) dictionary for myspell
myspell-de-de (20120607-1) [universe]
German dictionary for myspell
myspell-de-de-oldspell (1:2-28) [universe]
German dictionary for myspell (old orthography)
myspell-el-gr (0.8-2)
Greek (el_GR) dictionary for myspell
myspell-en-au (2.1-5.3ubuntu1)
English_australian dictionary for myspell
myspell-en-gb (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
English_british dictionary for myspell
myspell-en-us (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3) [universe]
English_american dictionary for myspell
myspell-en-za (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
English_southafrican dictionary for myspell
myspell-eo (2.1.2000.02.25-45)
Esperanto dictionary for myspell
myspell-es (1.11-4)
Spanish dictionary for myspell
myspell-et (1:20030606-20)
Estonian dictionary for MySpell
myspell-fa (0.20070816-3)
Persian (Farsi) dictionary for myspell
myspell-fi (0.7-18) [universe]
The Finnish dictionary for myspell
myspell-fo (0.4.1-1)
Faroese dictionary for myspell
myspell-fr (1.4-26) [universe]
French dictionary for myspell (Hydro-Quebec version)
myspell-fr-gut (1:1.0-30) [universe]
French dictionary for myspell (GUTenberg version)
myspell-ga (2.0-21)
An Irish (Gaeilge) dictionary for OpenOffice and Mozilla
myspell-gd (0.50-8)
Scots Gaelic dictionary for myspell
myspell-gv (0.50-9.1)
Manx Gaelic dictionary for myspell
myspell-he (1.2-2)
Hebrew dictionary for myspell
myspell-hr (20060617-2.3ubuntu1)
Croatian dictionary for myspell
myspell-hu (1.2+repack-2) [universe]
Hungarian dictionary for myspell
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av hunspell-hu
myspell-hy (0.20.0-2)
Armenian dictionary for myspell
myspell-it (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Italian dictionary for myspell
myspell-ku (0.20.0-2build1)
Kurdish (Kurmanji) dictionary for myspell
myspell-lt (1.2.1-3.1ubuntu1)
myspell dictionary for Lithuanian (LT)
myspell-lv (0.9.4-5)
Latvian dictionary for Myspell
myspell-nb (2.0.10-5.1)
Norwegian Bokmål dictionary for myspell
myspell-nl (1:2.10-1)
Dutch dictionary for Hunspell
myspell-nn (2.0.10-5.1)
Norwegian Nynorsk dictionary for myspell
myspell-nr (20070206-4ubuntu1)
The Ndebele dictionary for myspell
myspell-ns (20070206-4ubuntu1)
Northern Sotho dictionary for myspell
myspell-pl (20120520-1)
Polish dictionary for myspell
myspell-pt (20091013-4)
Portuguese dictionaries for myspell
myspell-pt-br (20110527-2)
Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for myspell
myspell-pt-pt (20091013-4)
European Portuguese dictionary for myspell
myspell-ru (0.99g5-18) [universe]
Russian dictionary for MySpell
myspell-sk (0.5.5a-2.3fakesync1)
Slovak dictionary for myspell
myspell-sl (1.0-5)
Slovenian dictionary for myspell
myspell-ss (20070206-4ubuntu1)
The Swazi dictionary for myspell
myspell-st (20070206-4)
The Southern Sotho dictionary for myspell
myspell-sv-se (1.51-1)
transitional dummy package
myspell-sw (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Swahili dictionary for myspell
myspell-th (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Thai dictionary for myspell
myspell-tl (0.4-0-10) [universe]
Tagalog dictionary for myspell/hunspell
myspell-tn (20070206-4ubuntu1)
The Tswana dictionary for myspell
myspell-ts (20070207-4ubuntu1)
The Tsonga dictionary for myspell
myspell-uk (1.6.5-2)
Ukrainian dictionary for myspell
myspell-ve (20070206-3ubuntu1)
The Venda dictionary for myspell
myspell-xh (20070206-4ubuntu1)
The Xhosa dictionary for myspell
myspell-zu (20070207-5ubuntu1)
The Zulu dictionary for myspell
mythes-ca (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Catalan Thesaurus for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
mythes-cs (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Czech Thesaurus for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
mythes-de (20120516-2)
German Thesaurus for OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice
mythes-de-ch (20120516-2)
German Thesaurus for OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice (Swiss Version)
mythes-en-au (2.1-5.3ubuntu1)
Australian English Thesaurus for OpenOffice.org
mythes-en-us (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
English Thesaurus for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
mythes-fr (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
French Thesaurus for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
mythes-hu (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Hungarian Thesaurus for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
mythes-it (2.0.7.gh.deb1-4.1)
Italian Thesaurus for OpenOffice.org 2
mythes-ne (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Nepali Thesaurus for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
mythes-pl (1.5-4ubuntu1)
Polish thesaurus for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
mythes-ro (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Romanian Thesaurus for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
mythes-ru (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Russian Thesaurus for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
mythes-sk (1:3.3.0-2ubuntu3)
Slovak Thesaurus for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org
namazu2 (2.0.21-8) [universe]
full text search engine - binary and CGI script
namazu2-common (2.0.21-8) [universe]
full text search engine - documentation
namazu2-index-tools (2.0.21-8) [universe]
full text search engine - index handling tools
ndtpd (1:1.0.dfsg.1-4.3) [universe]
the Network Dictionary Transfer Protocol server
nkf (2.12-1) [universe]
Network Kanji code conversion Filter
ocrodjvu (0.7.9-1ubuntu1) [universe]
tool to perform OCR on DjVu documents
odt2txt (0.4+git20100620-1build1) [universe]
simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text
ooo2dbk (2.1.0-1) [universe]
converts OpenOffice.org SXW documents to DocBook XML
opendict (0.6.3-3.1ubuntu1) [universe]
computer dictionary for several dictionary formats
opendict-plugins-lingvosoft (0.8-2) [multiverse]
plugins for OpenDict - LingvoSoft Online Dictionaries
openjade (1.4devel1-20.1)
Implementation of the DSSSL language
openjade1.3 (1.3.2-11.1) [universe]
Implementation of the DSSSL language
openoffice.org-dtd-officedocument1.0 (2:1.0+LibO4.0.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
office productivity suite -- legacy 1.0 XML DTD
openoffice.org-hyphenation (0.6)
Hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av openoffice.org-hyphenation-lt, hyphen-hr, hyphen-en-us
openoffice.org-hyphenation-lt (1.2.1-3.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Lithuanian hyphenation pattern for OpenOffice.org
openprinting-ppds (20130308-0ubuntu2)
OpenPrinting printer support - PostScript PPD files
openprinting-ppds-extra (20130308-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Transitional package
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av openprinting-ppds
opensaml2-schemas (2.4.3-4) [universe]
Security Assertion Markup Language library (XML schemas)
opensaml2-tools (2.4.3-4) [universe]
Security Assertion Markup Language command-line tools
opensp (1.5.2-10build1)
OpenJade group's SGML parsing tools
openthesaurus-de-text (20120516-2) [universe]
German Text Thesaurus for e.g. ding
page-crunch (1.0.1-3) [universe]
PDF and PS manipulation for printing needs
pandoc (1.10.1-1) [universe]
general markup converter
paps (0.6.8-6) [universe]
UTF-8 to PostScript converter using Pango
par (1.52-3) [universe]
Paragraph reformatter
parsewiki (0.4.3-1) [universe]
Documentation System Based on ASCII Text
patchutils (0.3.2-1.1build1)
Utilities to work with patches
pdf2djvu (0.7.12-2ubuntu6) [universe]
PDF to DjVu converter
pdfchain (1:0.3.3-2) [universe]
graphical user interface for the PDF Tool Kit
pdfcube (0.0.4-2) [universe]
PDF document viewer with 3D effects
pdfjam (2012.20120611-2) [universe]
TeX Live: transitional dummy package
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av texlive-extra-utils
pdfresurrect (0.11-1) [universe]
tool for extracting/scrubbing versioning data from PDF documents
pdfsam (1.1.4-2) [universe]
PDF Split and Merge
pdftk (1.44-7) [universe]
tool for manipulating PDF documents
php-elisp (1.5.0-1.1) [universe]
Emacs support for php files
plywood (0.5.11+nmu2) [universe]
Playwriting typing and typesetting help
pnm2ppa (1.13+nondbs-0ubuntu2)
transitional dummy package for pnm2ppa printer driver
po4a (0.42-1)
tools for helping translation of documentation
poedit (1.5.4-1) [universe]
gettext catalog editor
poster (1:20050907-1) [universe]
Create large posters out of PostScript pages
pptview (8.0-7) [multiverse]
view PowerPoint presentations
prime ( [universe]
Japanese PRedictive Input Method Editor
prime-dict (1.0.0-2) [universe]
Japanese PRedictive Input Method Editor (dictionary)
printer-driver-all (0.20120416) [universe]
printer drivers metapackage
printer-driver-all-enforce (0.20120416) [universe]
printer drivers metapackage - enforcing version
printer-driver-c2050 (0.3b-4) [universe]
printer driver for Lexmark 2050 Color Jetprinter
printer-driver-c2esp (26-1ubuntu1)
printer driver for Kodak ESP AiO color inkjet Series
printer-driver-cjet (0.8.9-3) [universe]
printer driver for Canon LBP laser printers
printer-driver-escpr (1.1.1-2) [universe]
printer driver for Epson Inkjet that use ESC/P-R
printer-driver-foo2zjs (20130306dfsg0-1ubuntu1)
printer driver for ZjStream-based printers
printer-driver-hpcups (3.13.3-1ubuntu0.1) [security]
HP Linux Printing and Imaging - CUPS Raster driver (hpcups)
printer-driver-hpijs (3.13.3-1ubuntu0.1) [security]
HP Linux Printing and Imaging - gs IJS driver (hpijs)
printer-driver-m2300w (0.51-7ubuntu1)
printer driver for Minolta magicolor 2300W/2400W color laser printers
printer-driver-min12xxw (0.0.9-6ubuntu2)
printer driver for KonicaMinolta PagePro 1[234]xxW
printer-driver-pnm2ppa (1.13+nondbs-0ubuntu2)
printer driver for HP-GDI printers
printer-driver-ptouch (1.3-4ubuntu1)
printer driver Brother P-touch label printers
printer-driver-pxljr (1.3+repack0-2build1)
printer driver for HP Color LaserJet 35xx/36xx
printer-driver-sag-gdi (0.1-3)
printer driver for Ricoh Aficio SP 1000s/SP 1100s
printer-driver-splix (2.0.0+svn308-0ubuntu1)
Driver for Samsung and Xerox SPL2 and SPLc laser printers
printfilters-ppd (2.13-11.1) [universe]
filters from the GNUlpr printing system
ps2eps (1.68-1build1)
convert PostScript to EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files
psgml (1.3.2-14) [universe]
Emacs major mode for editing SGML documents
psrip (1.3-7) [universe]
Extract images from PostScript files
pstotext (1.9-6) [universe]
Extract text from PostScript and PDF files
psutils (1.17.dfsg-1)
PostScript document handling utilities
ptex2tex (0.4-1) [universe]
easy generation of (possibly complex) LaTeX environments
ptouch-driver (1.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package for ptouch printer driver
publican-debian (0.2) [universe]
Debian brand for Publican
pxljr (1.3+repack0-2build1) [universe]
transitional dummy package for pxljr printer driver
pylucene (3.5.0-1.1) [universe]
Python extension for accessing Java Lucene (transitional dummy package)
python-cheetah (2.4.4-3ubuntu1)
text-based template engine and Python code generator
qdacco (0.8.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
offline Dacco Catalan <-> English dictionary frontend (qt)
qpdf (4.0.1-2)
tools for and transforming and inspecting PDF files
raptor-utils (1.4.21-7.1)
Raptor RDF parser and serializer utilities
raptor2-utils (2.0.8-2)
Raptor 2 RDF parser and serializer utilities
rasqal-utils (0.9.29-1)
Rasqal RDF Query utilities
rastertosag-gdi (0.1-3) [universe]
transitional dummy package for rastertosag-gdi printer driver
rdtool (0.6.34-4) [universe]
RD document formatter
rdtool-elisp (0.6.34-4) [universe]
Emacs-lisp rd-mode for writing RD document
re (0.1-5build2) [universe]
Russian Anywhere -- Russian text converter
recode (3.6-20)
Character set conversion utility
redland-utils (1.0.16-1)
Redland Resource Description Framework (RDF) Utility programs
rednotebook (1.4.0-1) [universe]
daily journal with calendar, templates and keyword searching
refdb-clients (0.9.9-3) [universe]
Reference database and bibliography tool - clients
refdb-server (0.9.9-3) [universe]
Reference database and bibliography tool - sql server
refdb-www (0.9.9-3) [universe]
Reference database and bibliography tool - www server
reformat (20040319-1) [universe]
simple tool for re-formatting plain ascii texts
rman (3.2-6) [universe]
PolyglotMan - Reverse compile man pages
rmligs-german (20120607-1) [universe]
remove incorrectly used ligatures from LaTeX documents
roffit (0.7~20120815+gitbbf62e6-1) [universe]
convert nroff manual pages into HTML
rotix (0.83-4) [universe]
A program to generate rotational obfuscations
rsstail (1.8-1) [universe]
console RSS reader that monitors a feed and outputs new entries
rttool ( [universe]
RT table formatter
rxp (1.5.0-1) [universe]
A validating XML parser
s5 (1.1.dfsg.2-5) [universe]
simple HTML-based presentation system
sary (1:1.2.0-2.1) [universe]
A suffix array library (program)
scowl (7.1-1) [universe]
Spell-Checker Oriented Word Lists
screader (1.8-7) [universe]
Screen reader using software or hardware speech synthesizer
sdf (2.001+1-2) [universe]
Simple Document Parser
sdic (2.1.3-22) [multiverse]
Emacs interface for Japanese dictionaries
sdic-edict (2.1.3-22) [multiverse]
installer for EDICT dictionaries for sdic
sdic-eijiro (2.1.3-22) [multiverse]
installer for EIJIRO dictionaries for sdic
sdic-gene95 (2.1.3-22) [multiverse]
installer for GENE95 dictionaries for sdic
sdop (0.71-1) [universe]
Simplified DocBook Processor
seetxt (0.72-4) [universe]
lightweight text file and man page viewer
serdi (0.18.2~dfsg0-1) [universe]
lightweight RDF syntax library - serdi tool
sgml-base (1.26+nmu4ubuntu1)
SGML infrastructure and SGML catalog file support
sgml-data (2.0.8)
common SGML and XML data
sgml-spell-checker (0.0.20040919-3) [universe]
spell checker for SGML documents
sgml2x (1.0.0-11.3) [universe]
generic formatter for SGML/XML documents using DSSSL stylesheets
sgmlspl (1.03ii-32)
SGMLS-based example Perl script for processing SGML parser output
sgmltools-lite (
convert DocBook SGML source into HTML using DSSSL
sgrep (1.94a-4) [universe]
tool to search a file for structured pattern
shibboleth-sp2-schemas (2.4.3+dfsg-5) [universe]
Federated web single sign-on system (schemas)
since (1.1-2) [universe]
tail(1) work-alike that saves and uses state information
sisu (3.3.2-1) [universe]
documents - structuring, publishing in multiple formats and search
sisu-complete (3.3.2-1) [universe]
installs all SiSU related packages
sisu-markup-samples (4.0.0-1) [multiverse]
document markup examples for sisu, publish and search framework
sisu-pdf (3.3.2-1) [universe]
dependencies to convert SiSU LaTeX output to pdf
sisu-postgresql (3.3.2-1) [universe]
SiSU dependencies for use with PostgreSQL database
sisu-sqlite (3.3.2-1) [universe]
SiSU dependencies for use with SQLite database
slice (1.3.8-11)
Extract out pre-defined slices of an ASCII file
smartdoc (1.0-5) [universe]
the tool to create documents based on XML
smartdoc-doc (1.0-5) [universe]
Documentation for smartdoc
smartdoc-elisp (1.0-5) [universe]
emacs mode for smartdoc
smartdoc-src (1.0-5) [universe]
java sources for smartdoc
sordi (0.10.4~dfsg0-1) [universe]
library for storing RDF data in memory - utilities
sp (1.3.4-1.2.1-47.1ubuntu2)
James Clark's SGML parsing tools
spell (1.0-24) [universe]
GNU Spell, a clone of Unix `spell'
spellutils (0.7-5ubuntu1) [universe]
Utilities to spell-check selectively
splix (2.0.0+svn308-0ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package for splix printer driver
stardict-czech (20110701-1) [universe]
Stardict package for Czech dictionary of foreign words
stardict-english-czech (20121001-1) [multiverse]
Stardict package for English-Czech dictionary
stardict-german-czech (20120201-1) [multiverse]
Stardict package for German-Czech dictionary
stardict-xmlittre (1:1.0-1) [universe]
French Littré dictionary for stardict
stx2any (1.56-2) [universe]
Converter from structured plain text to other formats
suikyo-elisp (2.1.0-3) [universe]
Romaji Hiragana conversion library (elisp binding)
suikyo-table (2.1.0-3) [universe]
Romaji Hiragana conversion library (conversion table)
swath (0.4.3-3) [universe]
Thai word segmentation program
sword-comm-mhcc (1.1-4) [universe]
Matthew Henry Concise Commentary for SWORD
sword-comm-pers (1.0-5) [universe]
Personal Commentary for SWORD
sword-comm-scofield (1.0-3) [universe]
Scofield Reference Notes, 1917 edition for SWORD
sword-comm-tdavid (1.1-3) [universe]
C. H. Spurgeon's Treasury of David for SWORD
sword-dict-naves (1.1-3) [universe]
Naves Topical Bible for SWORD
sword-dict-strongs-greek (1.2-3) [universe]
Strong's Greek Bible Dictionary for SWORD
sword-dict-strongs-hebrew (1.2-3) [universe]
Strong's Hebrew Bible Dictionary for SWORD
sword-language-pack-ar (0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Sword modules for the Arabic language
sword-language-pack-de (0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Sword modules for the German language
sword-language-pack-el (0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Sword modules for the Greek language
sword-language-pack-en (0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Sword modules for the English language
sword-language-pack-es (0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Sword modules for the Spanish language
sword-language-pack-fr (0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Sword modules for the French language
sword-language-pack-he (0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Sword modules for the Hebrew language
sword-language-pack-it (0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Sword modules for the Italian language
sword-language-pack-nl (0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Sword modules for the Dutch language
sword-language-pack-ru (0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Sword modules for the Russian language
sword-language-pack-sw (0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Sword modules for the Swahili language
sword-language-pack-tl (0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Sword modules for the Tagalog language
sword-language-pack-vi (0.3ubuntu1) [universe]
Sword modules for the Vietnamese language
sword-text-arasvd (1.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
SWORD module of the Smith & Van Dyke 1865 Arabic Bible
sword-text-dutsvv (1.4-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Dutch Statenvertaling Sword module
sword-text-gerlut1545 (1.2-0ubuntu2) [universe]
SWORD module of Martin Luther's 1545 German Bible
sword-text-kjv (2.3-2) [universe]
King James Version with Strongs Numbers for SWORD
sword-text-sparv (1.5-1) [universe]
Spanish Reina-Valera Bible (1909) for SWORD
sword-text-swahili (1.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Swahili New Testament Sword module
sword-text-tr (1.2-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Textus Receptus (1550/1894) Greek New Testament SWORD module
sword-text-web (1.4-3) [universe]
World English Bible (WEB) for SWORD
sword-text-wlc (1.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Westminster Leningrad Codex Version with Strong Numbers for SWORD
sylseg-sk (0.7.1-1) [universe]
Syllabic segmentation for Slovak language
t1-oldslavic (4.16) [universe]
OldSlavic -- a Cyrillic Type1 font with medieval design
t1utils (1.37-2)
Collection of simple Type 1 font manipulation programs
t2html (2010.0302+gitbec03e2-2) [universe]
text to HTML converter implemented in Perl
tcs (1-11) [universe]
character set translator
texi2html (1.82-1ubuntu1)
Convert Texinfo files to HTML
texinfo (4.13a.dfsg.1-10ubuntu4)
Documentation system for on-line information and printed output
tmexpand ( [universe]
text-macro processing script to create HTML and SGML documents
tmispell-voikko (0.7.1-3)
Ispell wrapper which uses Voikko for spell-checking
tnef (1.4.9-1) [universe]
Tool to unpack MIME application/ms-tnef attachments
toilet (0.3-1) [universe]
display large colourful characters in text mode
toilet-fonts (0.3-1) [universe]
collection of TOIlet fonts
trang (20091111-5) [universe]
XML schema converter
trans-de-en (1.7-2ubuntu1) [universe]
German-English translation dictionary
translate (0.6-11) [universe]
translates words from English into German or viceversa
translate-docformat (0.6-5) [universe]
any-to-any document translation system
tre-agrep (0.8.0-3) [universe]
approximate grep utility based on the tre library
troffcvt (1.04-21) [universe]
Converts troff source to HTML, RTF, and plain text
trueprint (5.3-4) [universe]
pretty printing of source code
tuxcards (2.2.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
hierarchical notebook for note and idea management
txt2html (2.51-1) [universe]
Text to HTML converter
txt2man (1.5.5-4ubuntu0.13.04.1) [security]
Converts flat ASCII text to man page format
txt2tags (2.6-3build1) [universe]
conversion tool to generating several file formats
txtreader (0.6.5-1) [universe]
text viewer, mainly used for reading novels
ubuntu-docs (13.04.3)
Ubuntu Desktop Guide
udo (6.4.1-1) [universe]
universal document - text processing utility
uim (1:1.8.1-4) [universe]
Universal Input Method - metapackage
uim-common (1:1.8.1-4) [universe]
Universal Input Method - common files
uim-fep (1:1.8.1-4) [universe]
Universal Input Method - front end processor
unhtml (2.3.9-3) [universe]
Remove the markup tags from an HTML file
uni2ascii (4.18-2) [universe]
UTF-8 to 7-bit ASCII and vice versa converter
unoconv (0.5-1) [universe]
converter between LibreOffice document formats
unrtf (0.19.3-1.1) [universe]
RTF to other formats converter
unsort (1.1.2-1) [universe]
reorders lines in a file in semirandom ways
vera (1.17-6) [universe]
Dictionary of computer related acronyms -- info format
verbiste (0.1.34-1) [universe]
French and Italian conjugator
verbiste-el (0.1.34-1) [universe]
French and Italian conjugator - emacs extension
verbiste-gnome (0.1.34-1) [universe]
French and Italian conjugator - GNOME interface
viewpdf.app (1:0.2dfsg1-4build1) [universe]
Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer for GNUstep
vilistextum (2.6.9-1.1) [universe]
a HTML to text converter
voikko-fi (1.12-1)
Description of Finnish morphology written in Malaga
vtprint (2.0.2-12) [universe]
Prints to term emulator via ANSI codes
w3-dtd-mathml ( [universe]
Mathematical Markup Language V2.0 DTD
w3c-dtd-xhtml (1.2-4) [universe]
W3C eXtensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) DTD
w3c-sgml-lib (1.2-3) [universe]
w3.org DTD and catalog files
w3m (0.5.3-8build1)
WWW browsable pager with excellent tables/frames support
w3m-img (0.5.3-8build1) [universe]
inline image extension support utilities for w3m
wamerican (7.1-1)
American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wamerican-huge (7.1-1)
American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wamerican-insane (7.1-1)
American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wamerican-large (7.1-1)
American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wamerican-small (7.1-1)
American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbrazilian (3.0~beta4-15)
Brazilian Portuguese wordlist
wbritish (7.1-1)
British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbritish-huge (7.1-1)
British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbritish-insane (7.1-1)
British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbritish-large (7.1-1)
British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbritish-small (7.1-1)
British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbulgarian (4.1-3ubuntu1)
Bulgarian dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcanadian (7.1-1) [universe]
Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcanadian-huge (7.1-1) [universe]
Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcanadian-insane (7.1-1) [universe]
Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcanadian-large (7.1-1) [universe]
Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcanadian-small (7.1-1) [universe]
Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcatalan (0.20111230b-4)
Catalan dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wdanish (1.6.25-1.1)
The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary (DSDO) - wordlist
wdiff (1.1.2-1)
Compares two files word by word
wdutch (1:2.10-1)
list of Dutch words
wfaroese (0.4.1-1)
Faroese dictionary / wordlist
wfinnish (0.7-18) [universe]
A small Finnish dictionary for /usr/share/dict
wfrench (1.2.3-10)
French dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wgaelic (0.50-8) [universe]
A Scots Gaelic word list
wgalician-minimos (0.5-35)
Wordlist for Galician (minimos)
wgerman-medical (20110608-1) [universe]
German medical dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
whyteboard (0.41.1-4build1) [universe]
overlay painting and annotation application
wiki2beamer (0.9.4-1) [universe]
Tool to create LaTeX beamer presentations in wiki syntax
wikipedia2text (0.11-2) [universe]
displays Wikipedia articles on the command line
wirish (2.0-21)
Irish (Gaeilge) dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
witalian (1.7.5)
Italian dictionary words for /usr/share/dict/
wmanx (0.50-9.1)
Manx Gaelic dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wngerman (20120607-1)
New German orthography wordlist
wnorwegian (2.0.10-5.1)
Norwegian word list
wogerman (1:2-28)
Old German dictionary for /usr/share/dict
wordnet (1:3.0-29ubuntu1) [universe]
electronic lexical database of English language
wordnet-base (1:3.0-29ubuntu1) [universe]
electronic lexical database of English language (base data)
wordnet-grind (1:3.0-29ubuntu1) [universe]
WordNet lexicographer files processor
wordnet-gui (1:3.0-29ubuntu1) [universe]
electronic lexical database of English language
wordnet-sense-index (1:3.0-29ubuntu1) [universe]
electronic lexical database of English language (index.sense)
wp2x (2.5-mhi-10.1) [universe]
WordPerfect 5.x documents to whatever converter
wpolish (20120520-1)
Polish dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wportuguese (20120604-1)
European Portuguese wordlist
wpp ( [universe]
The Web Preprocessor - a Perl script to preprocess HTML files
writer2latex (1.0.2-9ubuntu1) [universe]
OpenOffice.org Writer/Calc to LaTeX/XHTML converter
wspanish (1.0.26)
Spanish dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wswedish (1.4.5-2.1)
Swedish dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wswiss (20120607-1)
Swiss (German) orthography wordlist
wukrainian (1.6.5-2)
Ukrainian dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wv (1.2.9-3) [universe]
Programs for accessing Microsoft Word documents
wysihtml-el (0.13-5.1ubuntu2) [universe]
Almost real-time previewing system for HTML and DocBook
xalan (1.10-6) [universe]
XSLT processor
xfpt (0.09-1)
generate XML from plain text
xgridfit (2.2a-2) [universe]
a program for gridfitting, or "hinting," TrueType fonts
xhtml2ps (1.0b7-1) [universe]
HTML to PostScript converter (Tcl/Tk GUI frontend)
xindy (2.4-1.1) [universe]
index generator for structured documents like LaTeX or SGML
xindy-rules (2.4-1.1) [universe]
rule files for xindy
xjdic (24-8) [universe]
Japanese-English dictionary search program
xless (1.7-14.1ubuntu1) [universe]
file browsing tool for the X Window System
xml-core (0.13+nmu2)
XML infrastructure and XML catalog file support
xml2rfc (1.36-5) [multiverse]
XML-based formatting tool for RFCs
xmlroff (0.6.2-1.1ubuntu2) [universe]
XSL formatter mainly for DocBook
xmlsec1 (1.2.18-2) [universe]
XML security command line processor
xmlstarlet (1.3.1-3) [universe]
command line XML toolkit
xmlto (0.0.25-2)
XML-to-any converter
xmltooling-schemas (1.4.2-5) [universe]
XML schemas for XMLTooling
xpdf (3.03-10ubuntu1) [universe]
Portable Document Format (PDF) reader
xqilla (2.3.0-1) [universe]
XQuery and XPath 2.0 command line interpreter
xsltproc (1.1.27-1ubuntu2)
XSLT 1.0 command line processor
xubuntu-docs (13.04.0) [universe]
xubuntu documentation
ydpdict (1.0.0-2) [multiverse]
interface for Collins and Langenscheidt dictionaries
yiyantang (0.7.0-3.1) [universe]
Terminal-based Chinese automatic encoding converter
yodl (3.00.0-9) [universe]
Your Own Document Language (Yodl) is a pre-document language
zathura (0.1.2-4) [universe]
PDF viewer with a minimalistic interface
zathura-djvu (0.1-1) [universe]
DjVu support for zathura
zathura-ps (0.1-1) [universe]
PostScript support for zathura
zemberek-server (0.7.1-12.1) [universe]
Turkish spellcheck server
zh-autoconvert (0.3.16-3) [universe]
Chinese HZ/GB/BIG5/UNI/UTF7/UTF8 encodings auto-converter
zoem (11-166-1ubuntu1) [universe]
general-purpose macro/programming language for transforming text
zpspell (0.4.3-4.1) [universe]
Command line interface for zemberek-server