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Software Packages in "lucid-backports", Subsection admin

backupninja (0.9.7-5~lucid1) [universe]
lightweight, extensible meta-backup system
cciss-vol-status (1.06-1~lucid1) [universe]
HP SmartArray RAID Volume Status Checker
debootstrap (1.0.37ubuntu1~lucid1)
Bootstrap a basic Debian system
ec2-ami-tools (1.3.49953-0ubuntu1~lucid1) [multiverse]
Amazon EC2 AMI tools
ec2-api-tools (1.3.57419-0ubuntu1~lucid1) [multiverse]
Amazon EC2 API tools
hugepages (2.11-0ubuntu1~ubuntu10.04.2) [universe]
A set of tools to configure huge pages of memory
language-selector (0.5.8+langfixes~lucid2)
Language selector for Ubuntu Linux
language-selector-common (0.5.8+langfixes~lucid2)
Language selector for Ubuntu Linux
language-selector-qt (0.5.8+langfixes~lucid2)
Language selector for Kubuntu Linux
pass (1.4-1~ubuntu10.04.1) [universe]
lightweight directory-based password manager
puppet (2.7.1-1ubuntu3.8~ubuntu10.04.1)
Centralized configuration management - agent startup and compatibility scripts
puppet-common (2.7.1-1ubuntu3.8~ubuntu10.04.1)
Centralized configuration management
puppet-el (2.7.1-1ubuntu3.8~ubuntu10.04.1)
syntax highlighting for puppet manifests in emacs
puppet-testsuite (2.7.1-1ubuntu3.8~ubuntu10.04.1)
Centralized configuration management - test suite
puppetmaster (2.7.1-1ubuntu3.8~ubuntu10.04.1)
Centralized configuration management - master startup and compatibility scripts
puppetmaster-common (2.7.1-1ubuntu3.8~ubuntu10.04.1)
Puppet master common scripts
puppetmaster-passenger (2.7.1-1ubuntu3.8~ubuntu10.04.1)
Centralised configuration management - master setup to run under mod passenger
syslog-ng (3.1.2-1~lucid1) [universe]
Next generation logging daemon
tmux (1.5-1~lucid1) [universe]
terminal multiplexer
unattended-upgrades (0.76ubuntu1~ubuntu10.04.1)
automatic installation of security upgrades
unscd (0.47-2~lucid1) [universe]
Micro Name Service Caching Daemon
vim-puppet (2.7.1-1ubuntu3.8~ubuntu10.04.1)
syntax highlighting for puppet manifests in vim