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Software Packages in "quantal-updates", Subsection math

analitza-dev (4:4.9.4-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
algebraic library from KDE, gui components
bliss (0.72-3ubuntu0.1) [universe]
tool to compute graph automorphisms and labelings
calgebra (4:4.9.4-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
algebraic calculator
cantor (4:4.9.5-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
interface for mathematical applications
cantor-backend-kalgebra (4:4.9.5-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
KAlgebra backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-maxima (4:4.9.5-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Maxima backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-octave (4:4.9.5-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Octave backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-qalculate (4:4.9.5-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Qalculate backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-r (4:4.9.5-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
R backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-sage (4:4.9.5-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Sage backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-scilab (4:4.9.5-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Scilab backend for Cantor
kalgebra-common (4:4.9.5-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
contains files common for kalgebra and kalgebramobile
kalgebramobile (4:4.9.5-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
algebraic graphing calculator for KDE mobile
kbruch (4:4.9.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
fraction learning aid for KDE
kig (4:4.9.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
interactive geometry tool for KDE
kmplot (4:4.9.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
mathematical function plotter for KDE