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Software Packages in "yakkety-updates", Subsection admin

apparmor (2.10.95-4ubuntu5.3)
user-space parser utility for AppArmor
apparmor-easyprof (2.10.95-4ubuntu5.3)
AppArmor easyprof profiling tool
apparmor-notify (2.10.95-4ubuntu5.3)
AppArmor notification system
apparmor-profiles (2.10.95-4ubuntu5.3)
profiles for AppArmor Security policies
apparmor-utils (2.10.95-4ubuntu5.3)
utilities for controlling AppArmor
apt (1.3.4)
commandline package manager
apt-transport-https (1.3.4)
https download transport for APT
apt-utils (1.3.4)
package management related utility programs
awscli (1.11.13-1ubuntu1~16.10.0) [universe]
Universal Command Line Environment for AWS
bubblewrap (0.1.7-0ubuntu0.16.10.1) [universe]
setuid wrapper for unprivileged chroot and namespace manipulation
ceph (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1)
distributed storage and file system
ceph-base (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1)
common ceph daemon libraries and management tools
ceph-common (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1)
common utilities to mount and interact with a ceph storage cluster
ceph-fs-common (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1) [universe]
common utilities to mount and interact with a ceph file system
ceph-fuse (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1) [universe]
FUSE-based client for the Ceph distributed file system
ceph-mds (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1) [universe]
metadata server for the ceph distributed file system
ceph-mon (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1)
monitor server for the ceph storage system
ceph-osd (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1)
OSD server for the ceph storage system
ceph-resource-agents (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1) [universe]
OCF-compliant resource agents for Ceph
ceph-test (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1) [universe]
Ceph test and benchmarking tools
cloud-init (0.7.9-48-g1c795b9-0ubuntu1~16.10.1)
Init scripts for cloud instances
cloud-initramfs-copymods (0.30ubuntu1.1)
copy initramfs modules into root filesystem for later use
cloud-initramfs-dyn-netconf (0.30ubuntu1.1)
write a network interface file in /run for BOOTIF
cloud-initramfs-growroot (0.30ubuntu1.1) [universe]
automatically resize the root partition on first boot
cloud-initramfs-rescuevol (0.30ubuntu1.1) [universe]
boot off a rescue volume rather than root filesystem
containerd (0.2.5-0ubuntu1~16.10.1) [universe]
daemon to control runC
curtin (0.1.0~bzr470-0ubuntu1~16.10.1) [universe]
Library and tools for the curtin installer
curtin-common (0.1.0~bzr470-0ubuntu1~16.10.1)
Library and tools for curtin installer
dbus-user-session (1.10.10-1ubuntu1.1)
simple interprocess messaging system (systemd --user integration)
debootstrap (1.0.81ubuntu2.1)
Bootstrap a basic Debian system
docker.io (1.12.6-0ubuntu1~16.10.1) [universe]
Linux container runtime
flatpak (0.6.11-1ubuntu0.16.10.0) [universe]
Application deployment framework for desktop apps
freeipmi (1.4.11-1.1ubuntu3~0.16.10) [universe]
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol
freeipmi-bmc-watchdog (1.4.11-1.1ubuntu3~0.16.10) [universe]
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol - BMC watchdog
freeipmi-common (1.4.11-1.1ubuntu3~0.16.10)
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol - common files
freeipmi-ipmidetect (1.4.11-1.1ubuntu3~0.16.10) [universe]
GNU IPMI - IPMI node detection tool
freeipmi-ipmiseld (1.4.11-1.1ubuntu3~0.16.10) [universe]
GNU IPMI - IPMI node detection tool
freeipmi-tools (1.4.11-1.1ubuntu3~0.16.10)
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol - tools
gce-compute-image-packages (20160930-0ubuntu6~16.10.0) [universe]
GCE's compute-image-packages for use in their guest environment
golang-docker-dev (1.12.6-0ubuntu1~16.10.1) [universe]
Transitional package for golang-github-docker-docker-dev
virtual package provided by golang-github-docker-docker-dev
golang-github-docker-containerd-dev (0.2.5-0ubuntu1~16.10.1) [universe]
runC develpoment files
golang-github-docker-docker-dev (1.12.6-0ubuntu1~16.10.1) [universe]
Externally reusable Go packages included with Docker
golang-github-lxc-lxd-dev (2.4.1-0ubuntu1.1)
Container hypervisor based on LXC - go source
grub-legacy-ec2 (0.7.9-48-g1c795b9-0ubuntu1~16.10.1)
Handles update-grub for ec2 instances
ifupdown (0.8.13ubuntu3)
high level tools to configure network interfaces
keepalived (1:1.2.23-1ubuntu0.1)
Failover and monitoring daemon for LVS clusters
kpartx (0.5.0+git1.656f8865-5ubuntu7.2)
create device mappings for partitions
kpartx-boot (0.5.0+git1.656f8865-5ubuntu7.2)
Provides kpartx during boot
liblxc1 (2.0.7-0ubuntu1~16.10.2)
Linux Containers userspace tools (library)
libnss-myhostname (231-9ubuntu3)
nss module providing fallback resolution for the current hostname
libnss-mymachines (231-9ubuntu3) [universe]
nss module to resolve hostnames for local container instances
libnss-resolve (231-9ubuntu3)
nss module to resolve names via systemd-resolved
libnss3-tools (2:3.26.2-0ubuntu0.16.10.1) [universe]
Network Security Service tools
libpam-cgfs (2.0.6-0ubuntu1~16.10.1)
PAM module for managing cgroups for LXC
libpam-systemd (231-9ubuntu3)
system and service manager - PAM module
libudev-dev (231-9ubuntu3)
libudev development files
libvirt-clients (2.1.0-1ubuntu9.1)
Programs for the libvirt library
libvirt-daemon (2.1.0-1ubuntu9.1)
Virtualization daemon
libvirt-daemon-system (2.1.0-1ubuntu9.1)
Libvirt daemon configuration files
lxc (2.0.7-0ubuntu1~16.10.2)
Transitional package for lxc1
lxc-common (2.0.7-0ubuntu1~16.10.2)
Linux Containers userspace tools (common tools)
lxc-templates (2.0.7-0ubuntu1~16.10.2)
Linux Containers userspace tools (templates)
lxc-tests (2.0.7-0ubuntu1~16.10.2)
Linux Containers userspace tools (test binaries)
lxc1 (2.0.7-0ubuntu1~16.10.2)
Linux Containers userspace tools
lxcfs (2.0.6-0ubuntu1~16.10.1)
FUSE based filesystem for LXC
lxd (2.4.1-0ubuntu1.1)
Container hypervisor based on LXC - daemon
lxd-client (2.4.1-0ubuntu1.1)
Container hypervisor based on LXC - client
lxd-tools (2.4.1-0ubuntu1.1)
Container hypervisor based on LXC - extra tools
mate-optimus (16.10.1-1) [universe]
MATE Desktop applet for controlling NVIDIA Optimus graphics cards
mount (2.28.2-1ubuntu1.1)
tools for mounting and manipulating filesystems
multipath-tools (0.5.0+git1.656f8865-5ubuntu7.2)
maintain multipath block device access
multipath-tools-boot (0.5.0+git1.656f8865-5ubuntu7.2)
Support booting from multipath devices
nscd (2.24-3ubuntu2) [universe]
GNU C Library: Name Service Cache Daemon
overlayroot (0.30ubuntu1.1)
use an overlayfs on top of a read-only root filesystem
pcs (0.9.153-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Pacemaker Configuration System
puppet (4.5.2-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
configuration management system
puppet-agent (4.5.2-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
configuration management system, agent
puppet-common (4.5.2-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
transitional dummy package
puppet-master (4.5.2-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
configuration management system, master service
puppet-master-passenger (4.5.2-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
configuration management system, scalable master service
radosgw (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1)
REST gateway for RADOS distributed object store
rbd-fuse (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1) [universe]
FUSE-based rbd client for the Ceph distributed file system
rbd-mirror (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1) [universe]
Ceph daemon for mirroring RBD images
rbd-nbd (10.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.10.1) [universe]
NBD-based rbd client for the Ceph distributed file system
setpriv (2.28.2-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
tool to run a program with different Linux privilege settings
snapd-login-service (1.2-0ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Daemon to allow non-root access to snapd
systemd (231-9ubuntu3)
system and service manager
systemd-container (231-9ubuntu3) [universe]
systemd container/nspawn tools
systemd-coredump (231-9ubuntu3) [universe]
tools for storing and retrieving coredumps
systemd-journal-remote (231-9ubuntu3) [universe]
tools for sending and receiving remote journal logs
systemd-sysv (231-9ubuntu3)
system and service manager - SysV links
thermald (1.5.3-4ubuntu1)
Thermal monitoring and controlling daemon
u-boot (2016.03+dfsg1-6ubuntu2~1.2) [universe] [ports]
A boot loader for embedded systems
u-boot-exynos (2016.03+dfsg1-6ubuntu2~1.2) [universe] [ports]
A boot loader for exynos systems
u-boot-imx (2016.03+dfsg1-6ubuntu2~1.2) [universe] [ports]
A boot loader for imx systems
u-boot-omap (2016.03+dfsg1-6ubuntu2~1.2) [universe] [ports]
A boot loader for omap systems
u-boot-rockchip (2016.03+dfsg1-6ubuntu2~1.2) [universe] [ports]
A boot loader for rockchip systems
u-boot-rpi (2016.03+dfsg1-6ubuntu2~1.2) [universe] [ports]
A boot loader for Raspberry PI systems
u-boot-sunxi (2016.03+dfsg1-6ubuntu2~1.2) [universe] [ports]
A boot loader for sunxi systems
u-boot-tegra (2016.03+dfsg1-6ubuntu2~1.2) [universe] [ports]
A boot loader for NVIDIA Tegra systems
u-boot-tools (2016.03+dfsg1-6ubuntu2~1.2)
companion tools for Das U-Boot bootloader
ubuntu-fan (
Ubuntu FAN network support enablement
ubuntu-release-upgrader-core (1:16.10.10)
manage release upgrades
ubuntu-release-upgrader-gtk (1:16.10.10)
manage release upgrades
ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt (1:16.10.10) [universe]
manage release upgrades
udev (231-9ubuntu3)
/dev/ and hotplug management daemon
unattended-upgrades (0.92ubuntu1.2)
automatic installation of security upgrades
update-manager-core (1:16.10.8)
manage release upgrades
vim-syntax-docker (1.12.6-0ubuntu1~16.10.1) [universe]
Docker container engine - Vim highlighting syntax files
virt-manager (1:1.3.2-3ubuntu3.1) [universe]
desktop application for managing virtual machines
virtinst (1:1.3.2-3ubuntu3.1) [universe]
Programs to create and clone virtual machines
xenstore-utils (4.7.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Xenstore command line utilities for Xen
zfs-zed (
OpenZFS Event Daemon (zed)
zfsutils-linux (
Native OpenZFS management utilities for Linux