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属于 "lucid" 发行版 java 子版面的软件包

ant (1.7.1-4ubuntu1.1) [security]
Java based build tool like make
本虚包由这些包填实: ant1.8
ant-contrib (1.0~b3+svn177-1) [universe]
collection of tasks, types and other tools for Apache Ant
ant-gcj (1.7.1-4ubuntu1.1) [security]
Java based build tool like make
ant-optional (1.7.1-4ubuntu1.1) [security]
Java based build tool like make - optional libraries
本虚包由这些包填实: ant1.8-optional
ant-optional-gcj (1.7.1-4ubuntu1.1) [security]
Java based build tool like make - API documentation and manual
ant1.8 (1.8.0-4ubuntu1)
Java based build tool like make (v1.8)
ant1.8-optional (1.8.0-4ubuntu1)
Java based build tool like make - optional libraries (v1.8)
bnd (0.0.384-1) [universe]
A tool to create and diagnose OSGi R4 bundles
ca-certificates-java (20110426ubuntu0.10.04.2) [security]
Common CA certificates (JKS keystore)
clirr (0.6-2) [universe]
Checks Java libraries for compatibility with older releases
eclipse-platform-data (3.5.2-2ubuntu4) [universe]
Eclipse platform without plug-ins to develop any language (data)
eclipse-plugin-cvs (3.5.2-2ubuntu4) [universe]
Eclipse Team Integration (CVS support)
gcj-4.4-jdk (4.4.3-1ubuntu4.1) [security]
gcj and classpath development tools for Java(TM)
gcj-4.4-jre (4.4.3-1ubuntu4.1) [security]
Java runtime environment using GIJ/classpath
gcj-4.4-jre-headless (4.4.3-1ubuntu4.1) [security]
Java runtime environment using GIJ/classpath (headless version)
gcj-4.4-jre-lib (4.4.3-1ubuntu4.1) [security]
Java runtime library for use with gcj (jar files)
gcj-4.4-source (4.4.3-1ubuntu4.1) [security]
GCJ java sources for use in IDEs like eclipse and netbeans
gcj-jdk (4:4.4.3-1ubuntu1)
gcj and classpath development tools for Java(TM)
gcj-jre (4:4.4.3-1ubuntu1)
Java runtime environment using GIJ/classpath
gcj-jre-headless (4:4.4.3-1ubuntu1)
Java runtime environment using GIJ/classpath (headless version)
icedtea-6-jre-cacao (6b35-1.13.7-1ubuntu0.10.04.2) [security]
Alternative JVM for OpenJDK, using Cacao
icedtea-netx (1.2.3-0ubuntu0.10.04.1) [security]
NetX - implementation of the Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP)
jaminid (0.99a-1) [universe]
Small and fast daemon for Java applications
java-propose-classpath (0.28) [universe]
Helper scripts for packaging Java programs
java3ds-fileloader (1.2-1) [universe]
Java3D 3DS FileLoader
jetty (6.1.22-1ubuntu1.1) [universe] [security]
Java servlet engine and webserver
libaxiom-java (1.2.8-1fakesync1)
Apache AXIOM Java library (AXIs Object Model)
libaxis-java (1.4-6ubuntu1)
A SOAP implementation in Java
libcglib-java (2.2+dfsg-1)
code generation library for Java
libclirr-maven-plugin-java (2.2.2-2build1) [universe]
Clirr Maven Plugin
libcobertura-java (1.9-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Cobertura is a Java tool for test coverage calculation
libcommons-javaflow-java (0.0~svn20060411-4) [universe]
Java implementation of Continuations concept
libcommons-jci-eclipse-java (1.0-3) [universe]
common Java interface for various compilers - Eclipse JDT
libcommons-jci-groovy-java (1.0-3) [universe]
common Java interface for various compilers - Groovy
libcommons-jci-janino-java (1.0-3) [universe]
common Java interface for various compilers - Janino
libcommons-jci-java (1.0-3) [universe]
common Java interface for various compilers - Core and FAM
libcommons-jci-rhino-java (1.0-3) [universe]
common Java interface for various compilers - Javascript
libcommons-math-java (2.0-3) [universe]
Java lightweight mathematics and statistics components
libcommons-net2-java (2.0-2) [universe]
internet protocol suite Java library
libconstantine-java (0.4-1) [universe]
platform constants for Java
libcvc3-2-java (2.2-7) [universe]
Java bindings for CVC3 (bytecode library)
libcvc3-2-jni (2.2-7) [universe]
Java bindings for CVC3 (native library)
libdb4.8-java (4.8.24-1ubuntu1)
Berkeley v4.8 Database Libraries for Java
libdb4.8-java-gcj (4.8.24-1ubuntu1)
Berkeley v4.8 Database Libraries for Java (native code)
libdnsjava-java (2.0.8-1)
Implementation of DNS in Java
libdoxia-maven-plugin-java (1.1.1-2build1) [universe]
A Maven plugin for Doxia
libdrmaa-java (6.2u4-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Distributed resource management Application API library - Java bindings
libdrools-core-java (4.0.7-0ubuntu1)
Drools business logic integration core libraries
libdrools-extras-java (4.0.7-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Drools business logic integration extra libraries
libdtdinst-java (20091111-1) [universe]
XML DTD to XML instance format converter - Java library
libequinox-osgi-java (3.5.2-2ubuntu4) [universe]
Equinox OSGi framework
libeucalyptus-commons-ext-java (0.5.0-0ubuntu2)
Eucalyptus commons external Java library
libexcalibur-logkit-java (2.0-2ubuntu2)
Lightweight and fast designed logging toolkit for Java
libfast-md5-java (2.6.2-1) [universe]
fast implementation of the MD5 algorithm written in Java
libfreehep-chartableconverter-plugin-java (2.0-3) [universe]
FreeHEP Character Table Converter
libfreehep-export-java (2.1.1-1) [universe]
FreeHEP Export and Save As Library
libfreehep-graphics2d-java (2.1.1-1) [universe]
FreeHEP 2D Graphics Library
libfreehep-io-java (2.0.2-2) [universe]
FreeHEP I/O library
libfreehep-swing-java (2.0.3-1) [universe]
FreeHEP swing extensions
libfreehep-util-java (2.0.2-2) [universe]
FreeHEP utility library
libgdcm-java (2.0.14-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Grassroots DICOM Java bindings
libgeronimo-ejb-3.0-spec-java (1.0.1-0ubuntu1)
Geronimo API implementation of the EJB 3.0 spec
libgeronimo-interceptor-3.0-spec-java (1.0.1-0ubuntu1)
Geronimo API implementation of the Interceptor 3.0 spec
libgeronimo-jacc-1.1-spec-java (1.0.1-0ubuntu2)
Geronimo API implementation of the JACC 1.1 spec
libgeronimo-jpa-3.0-spec-java (1.1.1-0ubuntu1)
Geronimo API implementation of the JPA 3.0 spec
libglpk-java (1.0.1-1.1) [universe]
Java binding to the GNU Linear Programming Kit
libgwt-dev-java (1.6.4-0ubuntu5)
Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
libgwt-user-java (1.6.4-0ubuntu5)
Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
libidn11-java (1.15-2) [universe]
Java port of the GNU Libidn library, an IDN implementation
libisnativec-5.2-java (5.2.20091102-1) [universe]
helper routines to access native code from Java
libisnativec-java (5.2.20091102-1) [universe]
helper routines to access native code from Java
libisorelax-java (20041111-3) [universe]
Interface for applications to support RELAX Core
libitext-java-gcj (2.1.7-1) [universe]
Java Library to create and manipulate PDF on the fly
libitext-rups-java (2.1.7-1) [universe]
graphical tool for Reading and Updating PDF Syntax (RUPS)
libitext1-java (1.4-3) [universe]
Java Library to generate PDF on the Fly
libjakarta-poi-java (3.6+dfsg-1+squeeze1build0.10.04.1) [universe] [security]
Poor Obfuscation Implementation
libjasper-java (5.5.26-5) [universe]
Implementation of the JSP Container
libjasperreports-java (3.7.0+dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Java reporting generator library
libjaxe-java (3.3-1) [universe]
JAva Xml Editor - library
libjboss-marshalling-java (1.1.3.GA-2) [universe]
alternative serialization API
libjboss-xnio-base-java (1.2.1.GA-1) [universe]
simplified low-level I/O layer
libjetty-extra-java (6.1.22-1ubuntu1.1) [universe] [security]
Java servlet engine and webserver -- extra libraries
libjetty-java (6.1.22-1ubuntu1.1) [security]
Java servlet engine and webserver -- core libraries
libjgraphx-java ( [universe]
Java Swing Diagramming Library
libjgroups2.6-java (2.6.13.GA-1) [universe]
Toolkit for Reliable Multicast Communication
libjhdf4-java (2.6-1) [universe]
Java HDF4 Object Package
libjhdf5-java (2.6-1) [universe]
Java HDF5 Object Package
libjhlabs-filters-java (2.0.235-1) [universe]
Java Image Processing Filters
libjing-java (20091111-1) [universe]
RELAX NG validator - library
libjiu-java (0.14.2+3-2) [universe]
library to load, analyze, process and save pixel images
libjlatexmath-java (0.8.2-1) [universe]
Implementation of LaTeX math mode wrote in Java
libjlibeps-java (0.1+2-1) [universe]
Java library to create EPS images
libjmdns-java (2.1-1) [universe]
Java implementation of multi-cast DNS (Apple Rendezvous)
libjna-posix-java (1.0.1-1) [universe]
basic POSIX-like functions for Java
libjodconverter-java (2.2.2-3) [universe]
Office formats converter - Library
libjoptsimple-java (3.1-2) [universe]
Command line parsing java library
libjpedal-jbig2-java (20100117-1) [universe]
library for accession of large images
libjpf-java (1.5.1+dfsg-1) [universe]
Java Plugin Framework: plug-in infrastructure library for Java projects
libjpfcodegen-java (0.4+dfsg-1) [universe]
tool for generating classes from JPF plug-ins
libjug-java (2.0.0-1)
Pure java UUID generator
libjwordsplitter-java (3.0-1) [universe]
Java library for splitting words into atoms
libjxp-java (1.6.1-1) [universe]
Java template engine/script processor
libkml-java (1.1.0-1) [universe]
A library to manipulate KML 2.2 OGC standard files - Java package
liblastfm-java (7.3-1) [universe]
last.fm API bindings for Java
liblogback-java (0.9.18-1) [universe]
flexible logging library for Java
libmaven-antrun-plugin-java (1.3-1build1) [universe]
Maven AntRun Plugin
libmaven-assembly-plugin-java (2.2~beta4-2) [universe]
Maven Assembly Plugin
libmaven-clean-plugin-java (2.3-3) [universe]
Maven clean plugin
libmaven-common-artifact-filters-java (1.1-2) [universe]
Maven Common Artifact Filters
libmaven-compiler-plugin-java (2.0.2-4) [universe]
Maven compiler plugin
libmaven-dependency-analyzer-java (1.1-2) [universe]
Maven Dependency Analyzer
libmaven-dependency-plugin-java (2.1-2) [universe]
Maven Dependency plugin
libmaven-dependency-tree-java (1.2-2) [universe]
Maven Dependency Tree
libmaven-docck-plugin-java (1.0-3) [universe]
Maven Documentation Checker Plugin
libmaven-doxia-tools-java (1.0.2-2) [universe]
utilities for integrating Doxia in Maven
libmaven-ear-plugin-java (2.3.2-1build1) [universe]
Maven EAR Plugin
libmaven-ejb-plugin-java (2.2-1build1) [universe]
Maven EJB Plugin
libmaven-exec-plugin-java (1.1.1+dfsg-1) [universe]
Exec Maven Plugin
libmaven-install-plugin-java (2.3-2) [universe]
Maven install plugin
libmaven-invoker-java (2.0.10-2) [universe]
Maven Invoker
libmaven-invoker-plugin-java (1.3-2build1) [universe]
Maven Invoker Plugin
libmaven-jar-plugin-java (2.2-4) [universe]
Maven Jar plugin
libmaven-javadoc-plugin-java (2.5-2build1) [universe]
Maven Javadoc Plugin
libmaven-plugin-testing-java (1.2-2) [universe]
Maven Plugin Testing
libmaven-plugin-tools-java (2.5-2) [universe]
Maven Plugin Tools Base POM
libmaven-repository-builder-java (1.0~alpha2-1build1) [universe]
Maven Repository Builder
libmaven-resources-plugin-java (2.3-5) [universe]
Maven resources plugin
libmaven-scm-java (1.2-2) [universe]
Maven SCM provides a common API for doing SCM operations
libmaven-shade-plugin-java (1.2.1-2) [universe]
Maven shade plugin
libmaven-site-plugin-java (2.0-2) [universe]
Maven Site Plugin for generating a site
libmaven-verifier-java (1.0-1) [universe]
Maven Verifier Component
libmaven-war-plugin-java (2.1~beta1-1build1) [universe]
Maven WAR Plugin
libmaven2-core-java (2.2.1-1) [universe]
Core libraries for Maven2
libmecab-java (0.98-5) [universe]
mecab binding for Java - java classes
libmecab-jni (0.98-5) [universe]
mecab binding for Java - native interface
libmiglayout-java (3.7.2-1) [universe]
The Java Layout Manager
libmodello-maven-plugin-java (1.1-1) [universe]
Modello Maven Plugin enables the use of Modello in Maven builds
libmorfologik-stemming-java (1.2.2-1) [universe]
Finite state automaton and stemming engine library
libmvel-java (1.3.14-0ubuntu2)
Powerful expression language for Java-based applications
libnb-ide12-java (6.8-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Common Integrated Development Environment Libraries for NetBeans
libnb-java3-java (6.8-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Common Java Related Libraries for NetBeans
libnb-platform11-java (6.8-0ubuntu2) [universe]
NetBeans Platform for building rich desktop applications in Java
libnetbeans-cvsclient-java (6.5-1) [universe]
NetBeans CVS Client library
libnetty-java (1:3.1.0.CR1-1)
Java NIO client/server socket framework
libnetx-java (0.5-2) [universe]
An open-source JNLP client
libognl-java (2.7.3-2) [universe]
Java expression language
libolap4j-java (0.9.8~svn293-1) [universe]
unified Java API to access an OLAP server
libonemind-commons-invoke-java (1.1.0+cvs20090227-2) [universe]
Java invocation framework library
libonemind-commons-java-java (1.5.5-2) [universe]
common java library used to support other developments
libopenide-util-java (6.7.1-2) [universe]
OpenIde utility library
libplexus-active-collections-java (1.0~beta2-1build1) [universe]
Plexus Container-Backed Active Collections
libplexus-ant-factory-java (1.0~alpha2.1-2) [universe]
Plexus Ant Factory
libplexus-bsh-factory-java (1.0~alpha7-2) [universe]
Plexus Beanshell Factory
libplexus-build-api-java (0.0.4-3) [universe]
Incremental build API for Plexus components.
libplexus-cdc-java (1.0~alpha14-4ubuntu2) [universe]
Plexus Component Descriptor Creator
libplexus-cipher-java (1.5-1) [universe]
Plexus Cipher Component used by Maven
libplexus-cli-java (1.2-2) [universe]
Easily create CLIs with Plexus components
libplexus-component-metadata-java (1.0~beta3.0.7-3) [universe]
Component Metadata Maven plugin for Plexus
libplexus-digest-java (1.1-2) [universe]
Digest utilities for the Plexus system
libplexus-maven-plugin-java (1.3.8-5) [universe]
Maven plugin for the Plexus Component Descriptor Creator
libplexus-sec-dispatcher-java (1.3.1-4) [universe]
Plexus Security Dispatcher Component used by Maven
libplplot9-java (5.9.5-3) [universe]
Scientific plotting library (Java bindings)
libregexp-java-doc (1.5-2)
Documentation for the Regular expression library
libsegment-java (1.3.5~svn57+dfsg-1) [universe]
Rule based text splitting library
libservlet2.5-java (6.0.24-2ubuntu1.16) [security]
Servlet 2.5 and JSP 2.1 Java API classes
libstax-java (1.2.0-1)
StAX Reference Implementation (RI)
libsurefire-java (2.4.3-3) [universe]
Surefire test framework for Java
libsvn-java (1.6.6dfsg-2ubuntu1.3) [universe] [security]
Java bindings for Subversion
libswt-gtk-3.5-java (3.5.1+versionbump-2ubuntu2)
Standard Widget Toolkit for GTK+ Java library
libswt-gtk-3.5-jni (3.5.1+versionbump-2ubuntu2)
Standard Widget Toolkit for GTK+ JNI library
libtggraphlayout-java (122-1) [universe]
Graph visualization library for Java
libtomcat6-java (6.0.24-2ubuntu1.16) [security]
Servlet and JSP engine -- core libraries
libtrang-java (20091111-1) [universe]
XML schema converter - Java library
libvelocity-tools-java (1.4-3) [universe]
collection of useful tools for Velocity template engine
libvomsjapi-java ( [universe]
Virtual Organization Membership Service Java API
libvtkgdcm-java (2.0.14-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Grassroots DICOM VTK Java bindings
libwss4j-java (1.5.7-0ubuntu1)
Apache WSS4J WS-Security implementation
libxmlenc-java (0.52+dfsg-2) [universe]
Fast stream-based XML output library for java
libxmlunit-java (1.3-1) [universe]
A library that enables unit testing of XML
libzeroc-ice3.3-java (3.3.1-12) [universe]
Ice for Java libraries
libzookeeper-java (3.2.2+dfsg3-3) [universe]
Information management inside a cluster. Part of the hadoop family.
mathpiper (0.0.svn2556-2) [universe]
A Java Computer Algebra System
maven-debian-helper (0.9) [universe]
Helper tools for building Debian packages with Maven
maven-repo-helper (1.0.4)
Helper tools for including Maven metatada in Debian packages
openjdk-6-demo (6b35-1.13.7-1ubuntu0.10.04.2) [security]
Java runtime based on OpenJDK (demos and examples)
openjdk-6-jdk (6b35-1.13.7-1ubuntu0.10.04.2) [security]
OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK)
openjdk-6-jre (6b35-1.13.7-1ubuntu0.10.04.2) [security]
OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT
openjdk-6-jre-headless (6b35-1.13.7-1ubuntu0.10.04.2) [security]
OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT (headless)
openjdk-6-jre-lib (6b35-1.13.7-1ubuntu0.10.04.2) [security]
OpenJDK Java runtime (architecture independent libraries)
openjdk-6-jre-zero (6b35-1.13.7-1ubuntu0.10.04.2) [universe] [security]
Alternative JVM for OpenJDK, using Zero/Shark
openjdk-6-source (6b35-1.13.7-1ubuntu0.10.04.2) [security]
OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) source files
openoffice.org-officebean (1:3.2.0-7ubuntu4.4) [security]
office productivity suite -- Java bean
pixelmed-java (20091114-1) [universe]
DICOM implementation containing Image Viewer and a ECG Viewer
remotetea (1.0.7-1) [universe]
Sun ONC/RPC support for Java
solr-tomcat (1.4.0+ds1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
enterprise search server based on Lucene - Tomcat integration
tomcat6 (6.0.24-2ubuntu1.16) [security]
Servlet and JSP engine
tomcat6-admin (6.0.24-2ubuntu1.16) [security]
Servlet and JSP engine -- admin web applications
tomcat6-common (6.0.24-2ubuntu1.16) [security]
Servlet and JSP engine -- common files
tomcat6-examples (6.0.24-2ubuntu1.16) [security]
Servlet and JSP engine -- example web applications
tomcat6-user (6.0.24-2ubuntu1.16) [security]
Servlet and JSP engine -- tools to create user instances
yui-compressor (2.4.2-2) [universe]
JavaScript/CSS minifier
zookeeper (3.2.2+dfsg3-3) [universe]
Information management inside a cluster. Part of the hadoop family.
zookeeperd (3.2.2+dfsg3-3) [universe]
Information management inside a cluster. Part of the hadoop family.