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属于 "precise" 发行版 gnome 子版面的软件包

abiword (2.9.2+svn20120213-1) [universe]
efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration
accerciser (3.4.1-1) [universe]
interactive Python accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop
accountsservice (0.6.15-2ubuntu9.6.1 [amd64, i386], 0.6.15-2ubuntu9 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
query and manipulate user account information
adium-theme-ubuntu (0.3.2-0ubuntu1)
Adium message style for Ubuntu
agave (0.4.7-2ubuntu1) [universe]
colorscheme designer for the GNOME desktop
alarm-clock-applet (0.3.2-3ubuntu1) [universe]
Alarm Clock applet
almanah (0.8.0-6) [universe]
Application to ease management of a personal diary
anjuta (2:3.4.0-1) [universe]
GNOME development IDE, for C/C++
anjuta-extras (3.4.0-1) [universe]
plugins and extras for anjuta
app-install-data (
Ubuntu applications (data files)
apport-gtk (2.0.1-0ubuntu17.15) [security]
GTK+ frontend for the apport crash report system
apwal (0.4.5-1build1) [universe]
icon-based floating application launcher with transparency
at-spi (2.4.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
at-spi2-atk - at-spi transitional package
本虚包由这些包填实: libatk-adaptor
autokey (0.71.2-1) [universe]
dummy transitional package for autokey-qt
autokey-gtk (0.71.2-1) [universe]
desktop automation utility - GTK+ version
avant-window-navigator (0.4.1~bzr830-2ubuntu1) [universe]
MacOS X like panel for GNOME
avant-window-navigator-data (0.4.1~bzr830-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Common files for avant-window-navigator
awn-applet-animal-farm (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Various animals tell your fortune for Awn
awn-applet-awn-notification-daemon (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Libnotify notification daemon implementation for Awn
awn-applet-awn-system-monitor (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display CPU activity and system stats on click in Awn
awn-applet-awnterm (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A pop-up terminal that lives in Awn
awn-applet-bandwidth-monitor (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display information from network
awn-applet-battery-applet (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display your computers current power status for Awn
awn-applet-cairo-clock (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display an analog clock for Awn
awn-applet-cairo-main-menu (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Displays a menu in an Awn applet
awn-applet-calendar (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display a clock and calendar on Awn
awn-applet-comics (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
View your favourite comics on your desktop for Awn
awn-applet-common-folder (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Launcher for common folders and bookmarks for Awn
awn-applet-cpufreq (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Monitors and controls the CPU frequency for Awn
awn-applet-dialect (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Manages keyboard layouts for Awn
awn-applet-digital-clock (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A digital clock and calendar applet for Awn
awn-applet-feeds (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A Python feed launcher for Awn
awn-applet-file-browser-launcher (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Launches the user's file manager or opens bookmarks for Awn
awn-applet-garbage (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A trash applet for Awn, like the one from gnome-panel
awn-applet-hardware-sensors (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Displays information from sensors for Awn
awn-applet-indicator (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display indicator applets in Awn
awn-applet-mail (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Check your mail from Awn
awn-applet-main-menu (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display a list of all the applications on your computer
awn-applet-media-control (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display album art and control your favorite media players for Awn
awn-applet-media-icon-applet (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Allow you to add media icons for Awn
awn-applet-media-player (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Play any media files you drop on it for Awn
awn-applet-notification-area (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Notification area for Awn
awn-applet-pandora (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Play Pandora internet radio for Awn
awn-applet-places (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Displays shortcuts in buttons for Awn
awn-applet-quit-applet (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A simple gnome-quit launcher for Awn
awn-applet-related (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display information from zeitgeist
awn-applet-shinyswitcher (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A workspace switcher supporting compiz and other WMs for Awn
awn-applet-showdesktop (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
An applet for Awn, similar to the showdesktop icon of gnome-panel
awn-applet-slickswitcher (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A visual workspace switcher for Awn
awn-applet-stack (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Provide a convenient location to place commonly used files for Awn
awn-applet-sysmon (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display CPU activity and system stats on click for Awn
awn-applet-thinkhdaps (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display the status of HDAPS for Awn
awn-applet-todo (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Manage a simple To-Do list for Awn
awn-applet-tomboy-applet (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Control Tomboy with D-Bus
awn-applet-volume-control (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A fancy volume changing applet for Awn
awn-applet-weather (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A applet to display weather information for Awn
awn-applet-webapplet (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Display a web page for Awn
awn-applet-yama (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Yet another menu applet for Awn
awn-applets-all (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Metapackage to install all applets for Awn
awn-applets-common (0.4.1~bzr1507-0ubuntu7) [universe]
A collection of applets for avant-window-navigator - common files
awn-settings (0.4.1~bzr830-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Preferences manager for avant-window-navigator
balsa (2.4.11-1) [universe]
e-mail client for GNOME
balsa-dbg (2.4.11-1) [universe]
e-mail client for GNOME - debugging symbols
banshee-community-extensions (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
set of community contributed extensions for Banshee
banshee-extension-awn (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
AWN integration extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-lcd (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
LCD display integration extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-lirc (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
LIRC integration extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-liveradio (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
LiveRadio extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-magnatune (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Magnatune for Banshee
banshee-extension-radiostationfetcher (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
radio station fetcher extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-soundmenu (2.4.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Media Management and Playback application - sound menu extension
banshee-extension-streamrecorder (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
StreamRecorder extension for Banshee
banshee-extension-telepathy (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Telepathy extension for Banshee
banshee-extensions-common (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
common files for banshee-community-extensions
baobab (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
GNOME disk usage analyzer
bareftp (0.3.9-1) [universe]
FTP client for GNOME
basenji (0.9.0-1) [universe]
Cross-platform media indexing/search tool
beast (0.7.4-4) [universe]
music synthesis and composition framework
bibledit (4.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package to bibledit-gtk
bibledit-bibletime (1.1.1-1) [universe]
Glue between bibledit and bibletime
bibledit-data (4.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package to bibledit-gtk-data
bibledit-gtk (4.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Bible translation tool
bibledit-gtk-data (4.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
documentation and data for bibledit-gtk, a Bible translation tool
bibledit-xiphos (1.1.1-1) [universe]
Glue between bibledit and xiphos
bibshelf (1.6.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
book organizer for GNOME
blam (1.8.9-2ubuntu1) [universe]
simple RSS aggregator for GNOME
brasero (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
CD/DVD burning application for GNOME
brasero-cdrkit (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
cdrkit extensions for the Brasero burning application
brasero-common (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
Common files for the Brasero CD burning application and library
brightside (1.4.0-4.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Add reactivity to the corners and edges of your GNOME desktop
cameramonitor (0.2-2.1) [universe]
Webcam monitoring in system tray
camorama (0.19-2.2) [universe]
gnome utility to view and save images from a webcam
caribou (0.4.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Configurable on screen keyboard with scanning mode
caribou-antler (0.4.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Configurable on screen keyboard with scanning mode
celestia-gnome (1.6.0+dfsg-4ubuntu1) [universe]
real-time visual space simulation (GNOME frontend)
cellwriter (1.3.4-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
grid-entry handwriting input panel
checkbox-gtk (0.13.7)
GTK interface for checkbox
cheese (3.4.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam
cheese-common (3.4.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Common files for the Cheese tool to take pictures and videos
command-runner-applet (0.2-2) [universe]
panel applet which periodically displays a command output
contacts (0.9-2build1) [universe]
lightweight addressbook
coriander (2.0.1-1) [universe]
control IEEE1394 digital camera
cortina (0.7.3-1) [universe]
Wallpaper changer for gnome
cups-pk-helper ( [universe]
PolicyKit helper to configure cups with fine-grained privileges
dates (0.4.8-3) [universe]
calendar optimised for embedded devices
dbus-test-runner (0.0.5-0ubuntu1)
Runs tests under a new DBus session
devilspie (0.22-2) [universe]
find windows and perform actions on them
devilspie2 (0.15-1) [universe]
LUA-based window matching utility
dia-gnome (0.97.2-5)
Diagram editor (GNOME version)
dmz-cursor-theme (0.4.3)
Style neutral, scalable cursor theme
dots (0.0.20100108-3) [universe]
Braille typesetting program for GNOME
edubuntu-artwork (12.04.1) [universe]
edubuntu themes and artwork
edubuntu-wallpapers (12.04.1) [universe]
wallpapers included in edubuntu
eiciel ( [universe]
graphical editor for POSIX ACLs and extended user attributes
ekiga (3.3.2-0ubuntu3) [universe]
H.323 and SIP compatible VoIP client
ekiga-dbg (3.3.2-0ubuntu3) [universe]
H.323 and SIP compatible VoIP client - debug symbols
elementary-icon-theme (2.7.1-0ubuntu6) [universe]
simple and appealing Tango-styled icon theme
elisa (1.0.9+bzr1614-1.1build1) [universe]
The Elisa media center application (transitional package)
emma (0.6-4) [universe]
extendable MySQL managing assistant
empathy (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client
empathy-call (3.4.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client (call handler)
empathy-common (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client (common files)
eog (3.4.2-0ubuntu1.3 [amd64, i386], 3.4.1-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program
eog-dbg (3.4.2-0ubuntu1.3 [amd64, i386], 3.4.1-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program - debugging symbols
eog-dev (3.4.2-0ubuntu1.3) [security]
Development files for the Eye of GNOME
eog-plugins (3.4.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
set of plugins for eog
epiphany-browser ( [universe]
Intuitive GNOME web browser
epiphany-browser-data ( [universe]
Data files for the GNOME web browser
epiphany-browser-dbg ( [universe]
Debugging symbols for the GNOME web browser
epiphany-extensions (3.4.0-1) [universe]
Extensions for Epiphany web browser
etherape (0.9.12-1) [universe]
graphical network monitor
evince (3.4.0-0ubuntu1)
Document (PostScript, PDF) viewer
evince-common (3.4.0-0ubuntu1)
Document (PostScript, PDF) viewer - common files
evince-dbg (3.4.0-0ubuntu1)
Document (PostScript, PDF) viewer - debugging symbols
evolution (3.2.3-0ubuntu6)
groupware suite with mail client and organizer
evolution-common (3.2.3-0ubuntu6)
architecture independent files for Evolution
evolution-couchdb (0.5.91-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Evolution support for CouchDB databases
evolution-couchdb-backend (0.5.91-0ubuntu7) [universe]
Evolution support for CouchDB databases (backend)
evolution-data-server (3.2.3-0ubuntu7.1 [amd64, i386], 3.2.3-0ubuntu6 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
evolution database backend server
evolution-data-server-common (3.2.3-0ubuntu7.1) [security]
architecture independent files for Evolution Data Server
evolution-data-server-dbg (3.2.3-0ubuntu7.1 [amd64, i386], 3.2.3-0ubuntu6 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
evolution database backend server with debugging symbols
evolution-data-server-dev (3.2.3-0ubuntu7.1 [amd64, i386], 3.2.3-0ubuntu6 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Development files for evolution-data-server (metapackage)
evolution-dbg (3.2.3-0ubuntu6)
debugging symbols for Evolution
evolution-exchange (3.2.1-2ubuntu3)
Exchange plugin for the Evolution groupware suite
evolution-exchange-dbg (3.2.1-2ubuntu3)
Exchange plugin for Evolution with debugging symbols
evolution-indicator (0.2.20-0ubuntu7)
GNOME panel indicator applet for Evolution
evolution-mapi (3.2.2-1) [universe]
Exchange support for the Evolution groupware suite
evolution-plugins (3.2.3-0ubuntu6)
standard plugins for Evolution
evolution-plugins-experimental (3.2.3-0ubuntu6) [universe]
experimental plugins for Evolution
evolution-rss (0.2.90~20111111-3build1) [universe]
Evolution RSS Reader Plugin
evolution-webcal (2.32.0-2ubuntu2)
webcal: URL handler for GNOME and Evolution
f-spot (0.8.2-4) [universe]
personal photo management application
file-roller (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
archive manager for GNOME
firefox-gnome-support (22.0+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.2 [amd64, i386], 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - GNOME support
flegita (0.6.2-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Easy to use scanning interface for GNOME
flegita-gimp (0.6.2-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Scanner plugin for the GNU image manipulation program (Meta-package)
foomatic-gui ( [universe]
GNOME interface for configuring the Foomatic printer filter system
freespeak (0.3.0-5) [universe]
GNOME frontend to online translator engines
fuss-launcher (0.5-1) [universe]
a simple application launcher
g2ipmsg (0.9.6+dfsg-1.1) [universe]
IP messenger clone for GNOME2 environments
ganyremote (5.12-1) [universe]
GTK+ frontend for anyRemote
gaupol (0.19.2-1) [universe]
subtitle editor for text-based subtitle files
gbackground (1.3-1) [universe]
interval-based gnome background changer
gbatnav (1.0.4cvs20051004-5) [universe]
networked BattleShip game
gbirthday (0.6.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
birthday reminder applet
gbonds (2.0.3-2.1) [universe]
U.S. savings bond inventory program for GNOME
gbonds-data (2.0.3-2.1) [universe]
GBonds data files
gco (0.5.0-6ubuntu1) [universe]
comics organizer
gcolor2 (0.4-2ubuntu2) [universe]
Simple GTK2 color selector and picker
gconf-cleaner (0.0.3-5) [universe]
GConf database cleaner
gconjugue (0.7.2-1) [universe]
gtk program to conjugate Brazilian verbs
gcursor (0.061-ubuntu5) [universe]
gnome cursor theme managing software
gdesklets (0.36.1-5) [universe]
Architecture for desktop applets
gdevilspie (1:0.5-2) [universe]
User friendly interface for devilspie
gdm (3.0.4-0ubuntu15) [universe]
GNOME Display Manager
gedit (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment
gedit-common (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment (support files)
gedit-developer-plugins (0.5.14-0ubuntu1) [universe]
A set of gedit plugins for developers
gedit-latex-plugin (3.4.0-1) [universe]
gedit plugin for composing and compiling LaTeX documents
gedit-plugins (3.3.4-0ubuntu1) [universe]
set of plugins for gedit
gedit-r-plugin ( [universe]
Gedit plugin for R statistical computing language
genius (1.0.14-1) [universe]
advanced general purpose calculator program (CLI frontend)
genius-common (1.0.14-1) [universe]
advanced general purpose calculator program (common files)
geoclue-ubuntu-geoip (0.0.2-0ubuntu6)
Provide positioning for GeoClue via Ubuntu GeoIP services
gfax (0.7.7+ds-1build1) [universe]
GNOME frontend for fax programs
ghemical (3.0.0-1) [universe]
GNOME molecular modelling environment
ghex (3.4.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
GNOME Hex editor for files
ghextris (0.9.0-3) [universe]
A Tetris-like game on a hexagonal grid
gip (1.7.0-1-3) [universe]
IP calculator for GNOME desktop environment
gir1.2-anjuta-3.0 (2:3.4.0-1) [universe]
GObject introspection data for the Anjuta libraries
gir1.2-gdesktopenums-3.0 (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
GObject introspection for GSettings desktop-wide schemas
gir1.2-gnomebluetooth-1.0 (3.2.2-0ubuntu5)
Introspection data for GnomeBluetooth
gir1.2-gnomedesktop-3.0 (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
Introspection data for GnomeDesktop
gir1.2-goa-1.0 (3.4.0-0ubuntu1.1 [amd64, i386], 3.4.0-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Introspection data for GNOME Online Accounts
gisomount (1.0.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
A utility for mounting and managing .iso images
gjots2 (2.3.15-1) [universe]
Simple jotter (outline processor) for X11/gtk-gnome
glabels (2.2.8-3build1) [universe]
label, business card and media cover creation program for GNOME
glabels-data (2.2.8-3build1) [universe]
data files for gLabels
glade-gnome (3.8.0-0ubuntu4) [universe]
GTK+ 2 User Interface Builder (with GNOME 2 support)
glom (1.20.10-0ubuntu1) [universe]
database designer and user interface
glom-utils (1.20.10-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Command-line utilities for Glom
glotski (0.2-7) [universe]
Slide blocks to reach a goal
gmanedit (0.4.2-5) [universe]
GTK+ man pages editor
gniall (0.7.1-7) [universe]
program that tries to learn a human language
gnoemoe (2.2.0+dfsg-2.2ubuntu1) [universe]
gnome (1:3.0+6ubuntu3) [universe]
The GNOME Desktop Environment, with extra components
gnome-accessibility-themes (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
accessibility themes for the GNOME desktop
gnome-activity-journal (0.9.is.really.0.8.0-0ubuntu2) [universe]
graphical user interface for Zeitgeist
gnome-applets (3.4.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Various applets for the GNOME panel - binary files
gnome-applets-data (3.4.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Various applets for the GNOME panel - data files
gnome-applets-dbg (3.4.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Various applets for the GNOME panel - binary files with debugging symbols
gnome-audio (2.22.2-1) [universe]
Audio files for GNOME
gnome-backgrounds (3.4.1-1) [universe]
Set of backgrounds packaged with the GNOME desktop
gnome-blog (0.9.1-5ubuntu1) [universe]
GNOME application to post to weblog entries
gnome-bluetooth (3.2.2-0ubuntu5)
GNOME Bluetooth tools
gnome-brave-icon-theme (5.5.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
blue variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
gnome-codec-install (0.4.7+nmu1ubuntu3) [universe]
GStreamer codec installer
本虚包由这些包填实: sessioninstaller
gnome-color-chooser (0.2.5-1) [universe]
GTK+/GNOME desktop appearance customization tool
gnome-color-manager (3.4.0-1) [universe]
Color management integration for the GNOME desktop environment
gnome-colors (5.5.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
set of GNOME icon themes
gnome-colors-common (5.5.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
common icons for all GNOME-Colors icon themes
gnome-commander ( [universe]
nice and fast file manager for the GNOME desktop
gnome-commander-data ( [universe]
Data files for GNOME Commander
gnome-common (3.1.0-0ubuntu1)
common scripts and macros to develop with GNOME
gnome-contacts (3.4.0-1) [universe]
Contacts manager for GNOME
gnome-control-center (1:3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
utilities to configure the GNOME desktop
gnome-control-center-data (1:3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
configuration applets for GNOME - data files
gnome-core (1:3.0+6ubuntu3) [universe]
The GNOME Desktop Environment -- essential components
gnome-desktop-data (1:2.32.1-0ubuntu9) [universe]
Common files for GNOME desktop apps
gnome-desktop-environment (1:3.0+6ubuntu3) [universe]
The GNOME Desktop Environment - transitional package
gnome-desktop3-data (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
Common files for GNOME desktop apps
gnome-devel-docs (3.4.1-1) [universe]
GNOME developer documentation
gnome-dictionary (3.4.0-1) [universe]
GNOME dictionary application
gnome-do (0.8.5-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Quickly perform actions on your desktop
gnome-do-plugins (0.8.4-3build1) [universe]
Extra functionality for GNOME Do
gnome-doc-utils (0.20.10-1)
collection of documentation utilities for the GNOME project
gnome-documents (0.4.1-1) [universe]
Document manager for GNOME
gnome-dust-icon-theme (5.5.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
chocolate variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
gnome-exe-thumbnailer (0.9-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Wine .exe and other executable thumbnailer for Gnome
gnome-extra-icons (1.1-2) [universe]
Optional GNOME icons
gnome-font-viewer (3.4.0-1)
font viewer for GNOME
gnome-format (0.1.1-0ubuntu12) [universe]
tool for formatting external memory media
gnome-games (1:3.4.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
games for the GNOME desktop
gnome-games-data (1:3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
data files for the GNOME games
gnome-games-extra-data (3.2.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
games for the GNOME desktop (extra artwork)
gnome-genius (1.0.14-1) [universe]
advanced general purpose calculator program (Gnome frontend)
gnome-gmail (1.8.2-1) [universe]
support for Gmail as the preferred email application in GNOME
gnome-gmail-notifier (0.10.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
A Gmail Inbox Notifier for the GNOME Desktop
gnome-human-icon-theme (5.5.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
orange variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
gnome-humility-icon-theme (0.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
humility icon theme for gnome
gnome-icon-theme (3.4.0-0ubuntu1)
GNOME Desktop icon theme (small subset)
gnome-icon-theme-extras (3.4.0-1) [universe]
GNOME Desktop icon theme (additional icons)
gnome-icon-theme-full (3.4.0-0ubuntu1)
GNOME Desktop icon theme
gnome-icon-theme-gartoon (0.5-4ubuntu2) [universe]
Gartoon icon theme for GTK+ 2.x
gnome-icon-theme-gartoon-redux (1.10-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Cartoon-style SVG icon theme based on Gartoon
gnome-icon-theme-gperfection2 (2.3-0ubuntu3) [universe]
icon theme for GTK+ 2.x
gnome-icon-theme-nuovo (0.5-4.1) [universe]
Dropline Nuovo icon theme for GTK+ 2.x
gnome-icon-theme-suede (0.2.5-1) [universe]
Suede icon theme for GTK+ 2.x
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic (3.4.0-1)
GNOME desktop icon theme (symbolic icons)
gnome-icon-theme-yasis (0.4.2-1) [universe]
YASIS (Yet Another Scalable Icon Set)
gnome-illustrious-icon-theme (5.5.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
pink variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
gnome-keyring (3.2.2-2ubuntu4)
GNOME keyring services (daemon and tools)
gnome-lirc-properties (0.5.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Control panel to configure remote controls
gnome-media (3.4.0-0ubuntu2)
GNOME media utilities
gnome-media-profiles (3.0.0-1) [universe]
GNOME Media Profiles library
gnome-menus (3.4.0-0ubuntu1)
GNOME implementation of the freedesktop menu specification
gnome-mime-data (2.18.0-1)
base MIME and Application database for GNOME.
gnome-mousetrap (0.4-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Head tracked mouse control
gnome-mud (0.11.2-1) [universe]
The GNOME MUD client
gnome-nds-thumbnailer (3.0.0-1) [universe]
Nintendo DS roms thumbnailer for GNOME
gnome-nettool (3.2.0-0ubuntu1)
network information tool for GNOME
gnome-network-admin (3.0.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
GNOME Network Administration Tool
gnome-noble-icon-theme (5.5.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
purple variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
gnome-online-accounts (3.4.0-0ubuntu1.1 [amd64, i386], 3.4.0-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
GNOME Online Accounts
gnome-orca (3.4.0-0ubuntu2)
Scriptable screen reader
gnome-osd (0.12.2-1.1) [universe]
OSD message framework for GNOME
gnome-packagekit (3.4.0-2) [universe]
Graphical distribution neutral software management tools
gnome-packagekit-data (3.4.0-2) [universe]
Data files for graphical distribution neutral software management tools
gnome-panel (1:3.4.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
launcher and docking facility for GNOME
gnome-panel-data (1:3.4.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
common files for the GNOME Panel
gnome-phone-manager (0.68-1ubuntu1) [universe]
control aspects of your mobile phone from your GNOME 2 desktop
gnome-photo-printer (0.7.0-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
tool for Gnome to print several photos on one page
gnome-pie (0.4.0-1) [universe]
visual application launcher for GNOME
gnome-power-manager (3.4.0-0ubuntu1)
power management tool for the GNOME desktop
gnome-schedule (2.1.1-4) [universe]
GNOME scheduler for automatic tasks
gnome-screensaver (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
GNOME screen saver and locker
gnome-screensaver-flags (0.1-1) [universe]
Screensaver for GNOME with flags of the world.
gnome-screenshot (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
screenshot application for GNOME
gnome-search-tool (3.4.0-1) [universe]
GNOME tool to search files
gnome-session (3.2.1-0ubuntu8)
GNOME Session Manager - GNOME 3 session
gnome-session-bin (3.2.1-0ubuntu8)
GNOME Session Manager - Minimal runtime
gnome-session-common (3.2.1-0ubuntu8)
GNOME Session Manager - common files
gnome-session-fallback (3.2.1-0ubuntu8) [universe]
GNOME Session Manager - GNOME fallback session
gnome-settings-daemon (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
daemon handling the GNOME session settings
gnome-settings-daemon-dev (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
Headers for building applications communicating with gnome-settings-daemon
gnome-shell (3.4.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
graphical shell for the GNOME desktop
gnome-shell-common (3.4.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
common files for the GNOME graphical shell
gnome-shell-timer (0.0.20110906+git52b8067-1) [universe]
GNOME Shell extension providing a countdown timer in the top panel
gnome-specimen (0.4-8) [universe]
Simple font preview and compare application for GNOME
gnome-split (1.1-1) [universe]
GNOME Split - File splitter for GNOME desktop
gnome-subtitles (1.2-4) [universe]
Subtitle editor for the GNOME Desktop environment
gnome-sushi (0.4.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
sushi is a quick previewer for nautilus
gnome-system-log (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
system log viewer for GNOME
gnome-system-monitor (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
Process viewer and system resource monitor for GNOME
gnome-system-tools (3.0.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Cross-platform configuration utilities for GNOME
gnome-terminal (
GNOME terminal emulator application
gnome-terminal-data (
Data files for the GNOME terminal emulator
gnome-theme-gilouche (11.1.2-2) [universe]
openSUSE Gilouche Theme
gnome-themes-extras (2.22.0-3) [universe]
extra themes for the GNOME desktop
gnome-themes-standard (3.4.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Standard gnome themes
gnome-themes-ubuntu (0.6.1) [universe]
Ubuntu community themes
gnome-time-admin (3.0.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
GNOME Time Administration Tool
gnome-translate (0.99-0ubuntu6) [universe]
GNOME interface to libtranslate
gnome-tweak-tool (3.3.4-0ubuntu1) [universe]
tool to adjust advanced configuration settings for GNOME
gnome-user-guide (3.4.1-1)
GNOME user's guide
gnome-user-share (3.0.2-0ubuntu1)
User level public file sharing via WebDAV or ObexFTP
gnome-utils (3.2.1-0ubuntu6) [universe]
GNOME desktop utilities - transitional package
gnome-video-arcade (0.8.2-1) [multiverse]
Simple MAME frontend
gnome-video-effects (0.4.0-1) [universe]
GNOME Video Effects
gnome-video-effects-frei0r (0.4.0-1) [universe]
GNOME Video Effects - frei0r plugins
gnome-web-photo (0.10.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Create snapshot images and print web pages from the command line
gnome-wine-icon-theme (5.5.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
red variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
gnome-wise-icon-theme (5.5.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
green variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
gnome-xcf-thumbnailer (1.0-1.1) [universe]
GNOME thumbnailer for GIMP XCF files.
gnomecatalog ( [universe]
catalog CD, DVD and hard disk files
gnomekiss (2.0-4) [universe]
A KiSS paper doll viewer for GNOME
gnomint (1.2.1-3) [universe]
x509 Certification Authority management tool for GNOME
gnote (0.8.2-1ubuntu2) [universe]
desktop note taking program using Wiki style links
gnotime (2.3.1~snapshot20091119-5) [universe]
utility for tracking and invoicing time spent on projects
gnucash (1:2.4.10-1) [universe]
personal and small-business financial-accounting software
gnucash-common (1:2.4.10-1) [universe]
personal and small-business financial-accounting software
goobox (3.0.0-2) [universe]
CD player and ripper with GNOME 3 integration
gourmet (0.15.9-1ubuntu1) [universe]
A gtk-based recipe organizer and shopping list generator
gpaint (0.3.3-6) [universe]
GNU Paint - a small, easy to use paint program for GNOME
gparted (0.11.0-2ubuntu0.1 [amd64, i386], 0.11.0-2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
GNOME partition editor
gphpedit (0.9.98-2) [universe]
development environment for PHP/HTML/CSS
gpppon (0.3-2ubuntu1) [universe]
graphical wrapper around pon and poff
gpr (0.15deb-2) [universe]
GUI for lpr: print files and configure printer-specific options
gquilt (0.25-2build1) [universe]
graphical wrapper for quilt and/or mercurial queues
gramps (3.3.1-1) [universe]
Genealogical research program
greenwich (0.8.2-5) [universe]
graphical whois client for GNOME
griffith (0.13-1) [universe]
film collection manager
grisbi (0.8.8-1) [universe]
personal finance management program
groundcontrol (1.6.6-1) [universe]
Launchpad integration for Nautilus
gshare (0.94-11) [universe]
Easy user-level file sharing for GNOME
gshutdown (0.2-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Graphical shutdown utility and shutdown timer
gsql (0.2.2-1.2build1) [universe]
Integrated database development tool for GNOME
gsql-mysql-engine (0.2.2-1.2build1) [universe]
MySQL engine for GSQL
gsql-plugins (0.2.2-1.2build1) [universe]
Plugins for GSQL
gsql-postgresql-engine (0.2.2-1.2build1) [universe]
PostgreSQL engine for GSQL
gstm (1.2-7ubuntu2) [universe]
SSH tunnel manager for GNOME
gstreamer0.10-gnonlin (0.10.17-2)
non-linear editing module for GStreamer
gtetrinet (0.7.11-3) [universe]
multiplayer tetris-like game
gtg (0.2.4-6) [universe]
organizer for the GNOME desktop environment
gthumb (3:2.14.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
image viewer and browser
gthumb-data (3:2.14.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
image viewer and browser - arch-independent files
gtk-clearlooks-gperfection2-theme (1.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
gtk theme for the clearlooks engine
gtk-doc-tools (1.18-2ubuntu1)
GTK+ documentation tools
gtk-vector-screenshot (0.3.2-1) [universe]
takes screenshots of applications as PDF or SVG files
gtk2-engines (1:2.20.2-1ubuntu1)
theme engines for GTK+ 2.x
gtk2-engines-nodoka (0.7.2-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Nodoka theme engine for GTK+ 2.x
gtk2-engines-qtcurve (1.8.14-1) [universe]
This is a set of widget styles for Gtk2 based apps
gtk3-engines-oxygen (1.0.2-0ubuntu3 [amd64, i386], 1.0.2-0ubuntu2 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Oxygen widget theme for GTK3-based applications
gwaei (3.2.0b1-1) [universe]
Japanese-English Dictionary for GNOME
gxmessage (2.12.4-1) [universe]
an xmessage clone based on GTK+
hamster-applet (2.91.3+git20110714.9aefd7-2ubuntu3) [universe]
time tracking applet for GNOME
hamster-indicator (0.1+037dd2e-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Hamster Appindicator
homebank (4.4-1) [universe]
Manage your personal accounts at home
homebank-data (4.4-1) [universe]
Data files for homebank
hotssh (0.2.6-2) [universe]
graphical interface to secure shell
hotwire (0.721-2) [universe]
Extensible graphical command execution shell
humanity-icon-theme (
Humanity Icon theme
icewm-gnome-support (1.3.7-1ubuntu1) [universe]
GNOME support files for IceWM
icon-naming-utils (0.8.90-2)
script for maintaining backwards compatibility of Tango Project
indicator-applet (0.5.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
GNOME panel indicator applet
indicator-applet-appmenu (0.5.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Clone of the GNOME panel indicator applet
indicator-applet-complete (0.5.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Clone of the GNOME panel indicator applet
indicator-applet-session (0.5.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Clone of the GNOME panel indicator applet
indicator-application (0.5.0-0ubuntu1)
Application Indicators
indicator-application-gtk2 (0.5.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Application Indicators
indicator-appmenu (0.3.97-0ubuntu1)
Indicator for application menus.
indicator-appmenu-gtk2 (0.3.97-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Indicator for application menus.
indicator-appmenu-tools (0.3.97-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Tools for debuging application menus.
indicator-messages (0.6.0-0ubuntu1)
indicator that collects messages that need a response
indicator-messages-gtk2 (0.6.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
indicator that collects messages that need a response
indicator-network (0.3.8-0ubuntu6) [universe]
A system network indicator.
indicator-power (2.0-0ubuntu1)
Indicator showing power state.
indicator-printers (0.1.6-0ubuntu1)
indicator showing active print jobs
indicator-session (0.3.96-0ubuntu1)
indicator showing session management, status and user switching
indicator-session-gtk2 (0.3.96-0ubuntu1) [universe]
indicator showing session management, status and user switching
indicator-status-provider-emesene (0.6.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
indicator-messages status provider for emesene
indicator-status-provider-mc5 (0.6.0-0ubuntu1)
indicator-messages status provider for telepathy mission-control-5
indicator-status-provider-pidgin (0.6.0-0ubuntu1)
indicator-messages status provider for pidgin
indicator-status-provider-telepathy (0.6.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
indicator-messages status provider for telepathy (pre-mc5)
ipwatchd-gnotify (1.0.1-1) [universe]
Gnome notification tool for IPwatchD
istanbul (0.2.2-8.1ubuntu2) [universe]
Desktop session recorder producing Ogg Theora video
itstool (1.1.2-1)
tool for translating XML documents with PO files
jokosher (0.11.5-5) [universe]
simple and easy to use audio multi-tracker
keyboardcast (0.1.1-0ubuntu3) [universe]
A keyboard multiplexer for the gnome desktop
krb5-auth-dialog (3.2.1-1) [universe]
tray applet for reauthenticating kerberos tickets
labyrinth (0.4.1-0ubuntu6) [universe]
lightweight mind-mapping tool
langdrill (0.3-7) [universe]
language drills to test vocabulary
libbonobo2-bin (2.32.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Bonobo CORBA interfaces library -- support binaries
libevolution (3.2.3-0ubuntu6)
evolution libraries
libgdl-3-common (3.3.91-1) [universe]
GNOME DevTool libraries - common files
libgnome-menu-3-0 (3.4.0-0ubuntu1)
GNOME implementation of the freedesktop menu specification
libgnome-menu-dev (3.0.1-0ubuntu7)
GNOME implementation of the freedesktop menu specification
libgnome-menu2 (3.0.1-0ubuntu7)
GNOME implementation of the freedesktop menu specification
libgsf-bin (1.14.21-2) [universe]
Structured File Library - programs
libgsql0 (0.2.2-1.2build1) [universe]
Integrated database development tool for GNOME
libgtkhtml-editor-common (1:3.32.2-0ubuntu3) [universe]
HTML rendering/editing library - editor widget data
libnm-gtk-common ( [security]
network management framework (common files for wifi and mobile)
libreoffice-evolution (1:3.5.7-0ubuntu13) [security]
office productivity suite -- Evolution addressbook support
libreoffice-gnome (1:3.5.7-0ubuntu13 [amd64, i386], 1:3.5.2-2ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
office productivity suite -- GNOME integration
libreoffice-gtk (1:3.5.7-0ubuntu13 [amd64, i386], 1:3.5.2-2ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
office productivity suite -- GTK+ integration
libreoffice-gtk3 (1:3.5.7-0ubuntu13 [amd64, i386], 1:3.5.2-2ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
office productivity suite -- GTK+ 3.0 integration
libsubtitleeditor0 (0.39.0-2) [universe]
subtitleeditor lib - runtime files
libwaei2 (3.2.0b1-1) [universe]
Japanese-English Dictionary for GNOME
lifeograph (0.8.1.dfsg-1) [universe]
Private digital diary
liferea (1.8.3-0.1ubuntu2)
feed aggregator for GNOME
liferea-dbg (1.8.3-0.1ubuntu2)
liferea debug symbols
light-themes (
Light Themes (Ambiance and Radiance)
longomatch (0.16.8+git20110626-1build1) [universe]
video analysis tool for coaches
mail-notification (5.4.dfsg.1-5ubuntu1) [universe]
mail notification in system tray
mail-notification-evolution (5.4.dfsg.1-5ubuntu1) [universe]
evolution support for mail notification
mathwar (0.2.5-2) [universe]
A flash card game designed to teach simple maths
maximus (0.4.14-2) [universe]
Automaximizing window management tool
mdbtools-gmdb (0.7~rc1-4)
JET / MS Access database (MDB) file viewer
meld (1.5.3-1ubuntu1) [universe]
graphical tool to diff and merge files
moserial (3.0.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
A clean, friendly gtk-based serial terminal for the GNOME desktop
mousetweaks (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
mouse accessibility enhancements for the GNOME desktop
nautilus (1:3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
file manager and graphical shell for GNOME
nautilus-actions (3.1.4-1build1) [universe]
nautilus extension to configure programs to launch
nautilus-compare (0.0.4-1) [universe]
Context menu comparison extension for Nautilus file manager
nautilus-data (1:3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
data files for nautilus
nautilus-dbg (1:3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
file manager and graphical shell for GNOME - debugging version
nautilus-dropbox (0.7.1-2) [multiverse]
Dropbox integration for Nautilus
nautilus-filename-repairer (0.1.1-2build1) [universe]
Nautilus extension for filename encoding repair
nautilus-ideviceinfo (0.1.0-0ubuntu5) [universe]
utility showing information of idevices on nautilus
nautilus-image-converter (0.3.1~git20110416-1) [universe]
nautilus extension to mass resize or rotate images
nautilus-image-manipulator (0.5-2) [universe]
Resize and send images from Nautilus
nautilus-open-terminal (0.19-2build1) [universe]
nautilus plugin for opening terminals in arbitrary paths
nautilus-pastebin (0.7.1-1) [universe]
Nautilus extension to send files to a pastebin
nautilus-script-debug (0.9.2-0ubuntu3) [universe]
Simple nautilus debugging script
nautilus-script-manager (0.0.5-0ubuntu5) [universe]
A simple management tool for nautilus scripts
nautilus-scripts-manager (1.6-1) [universe]
simple tool for nautilus scripts management
nautilus-sendto (3.0.1-2ubuntu2)
integrates Evolution and Pidgin into the Nautilus file manager
nautilus-sendto-empathy (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client (nautilus-sendto plugin)
nautilus-share (0.7.3-1ubuntu2)
Nautilus extension to share folder using Samba
nautilus-wallpaper (0.1-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Nautilus extension. Add a "set as wallpaper" entry in context menu
nemiver (0.9.1-1) [universe]
Standalone graphical debugger for GNOME
netapplet (1.0.8-3.1) [universe]
User-friendly network interface control applet
netspeed (0.16-3) [universe]
Traffic monitor applet for GNOME
onboard (0.97.0-0ubuntu3)
Simple On-screen Keyboard
ontv (3.2.0-1) [universe]
GNOME Applet for monitoring current and upcoming TV programs
ooo-thumbnailer (0.2-5ubuntu1) [universe]
thumbnailer for OpenOffice.org documents
openoffice.org-gnome (1:3.3.0-7ubuntu7)
office productivity suite -- GNOME integration
openoffice.org-gtk (1:3.3.0-7ubuntu7)
office productivity suite -- GTK+ integration
oregano (0.69.1-3) [universe]
tool for schematical capture of electronic circuits
passepartout (0.7.1-1ubuntu1) [universe]
XML-based Desktop Publishing Application
pdfmod (0.9.1-5ubuntu1) [universe]
simple tool for modifying PDF documents
penguintv (4.2.0-0ubuntu2) [universe]
podcasts and video blogs for Linux
pithos (0.3.14-1) [universe]
Pandora Radio client for the GNOME desktop
pitivi (0.15.1-0ubuntu1)
non-linear audio/video editor using GStreamer
planner (0.14.5-1ubuntu3) [universe]
project management application
planner-data (0.14.5-1ubuntu3) [universe]
Data files for planner
playitslowly (1.3.1-2) [universe]
Plays back audio files at a different speed or pitch
plymouth-theme-edubuntu (12.04.1) [universe]
Plymouth is an application that runs very early
policykit-1-gnome (0.105-1ubuntu3)
GNOME authentication agent for PolicyKit-1
prefixsuffix (0.5.0+cvs.2005.06.18-0ubuntu11) [universe]
gui application that renames batches of files
pybackpack (0.5.8-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
user friendly file backup tool for GNOME
pybliographer (1.2.14-3) [universe]
tool for manipulating bibliographic databases
pypar2 (1.4-6) [universe]
graphical frontend for the par2 utility
pyrenamer (0.6.0-1.1) [universe]
mass file renamer written in PyGTK
python-gmenu (3.0.1-0ubuntu7)
GNOME implementation of the freedesktop menu specification
python-nautilus (1.1-3) [universe]
Python binding for Nautilus components
python-software-properties ( [security]
manage the repositories that you install software from
qalculate (0.9.7-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - transitional
referencer (1.1.6-2build1) [universe]
GNOME Document Organiser
remmina (1.0.0-1ubuntu5)
remote desktop client for GNOME desktop environment
remmina-common (1.0.0-1ubuntu5)
common files for remmina remote desktop client
remmina-plugin-gnome (1.0.0-1ubuntu5) [universe]
GNOME plugin for remmina remote desktop client
remmina-plugin-nx (1.0.0-1ubuntu5) [universe]
NX plugin for remmina remote desktop client
remmina-plugin-rdp (1.0.0-1ubuntu5)
RDP plugin for remmina remote desktop client
remmina-plugin-telepathy (1.0.0-1ubuntu5) [universe]
Telepathy plugin for remmina remote desktop client
remmina-plugin-vnc (1.0.0-1ubuntu5)
VNC plugin for remmina remote desktop client
remmina-plugin-xdmcp (1.0.0-1ubuntu5) [universe]
XDMCP plugin for remmina remote desktop client
resapplet (0.0.7+cvs2005.09.30-0ubuntu5) [universe]
A small applet to change your screen resolution
revelation (0.4.11-10ubuntu1) [universe]
GNOME2 Password manager
rhythmbox (2.96-0ubuntu4.1 [amd64, i386], 2.96-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
music player and organizer for GNOME
rhythmbox-data (2.96-0ubuntu4.1) [security]
data files for rhythmbox
rhythmbox-plugin-cdrecorder (2.96-0ubuntu4.1 [amd64, i386], 2.96-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
burning plugin for rhythmbox music player
rhythmbox-plugin-magnatune (2.96-0ubuntu4.1 [amd64, i386], 2.96-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
Magnatune plugin for rhythmbox music player
rhythmbox-plugin-zeitgeist (2.96-0ubuntu4.1) [security]
zeitgeist plugin for rhythmbox music player
rhythmbox-plugins (2.96-0ubuntu4.1 [amd64, i386], 2.96-0ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
plugins for rhythmbox music player
rhythmbox-ubuntuone (3.0.0-0ubuntu1)
Ubuntu One Rhythmbox plugin
routeplanner-gnome (0.19) [universe]
A highway trip planner (GNOME interface)
sanduhr (1.93-4) [universe]
An alarm clock designed as an hourglass
screenlets (0.1.6-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Widget-like mini-applications for GNOME
screenlets-pack-all (0.1.6-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Widget-like mini-applications for GNOME
screenlets-pack-basic (0.1.6-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Widget-like mini-applications for GNOME
screenruler (0.960+bzr41-1) [universe]
measure objects on screen with a variety of metrics
screensaver-default-images (0.2-1) [universe]
Wallpapers for image processing screensavers
seahorse (3.2.2-0ubuntu2)
GNOME front end for GnuPG
seahorse-daemon (3.2.2-1) [universe]
Seahorse pass phrase caching agent
seahorse-nautilus (3.3.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
seahorse plugins and utilities for encryption in GNOME
sessioninstaller (0.20+bzr123-0ubuntu2)
APT based installer using PackageKit's session DBus API
sflphone-daemon (1.0.2-1ubuntu2) [universe]
SIP and IAX2 compatible VoIP phone - core daemon
sflphone-data (1.0.2-1ubuntu2) [universe]
SIP and IAX2 compatible VoIP phone - common data
sflphone-evolution (1.0.2-1ubuntu2) [universe]
SIP and IAX2 compatible VoIP phone - Evolution plugin
sflphone-gnome (1.0.2-1ubuntu2) [universe]
SIP and IAX2 compatible VoIP phone - GNOME client
shiki-brave-theme (4.6-1ubuntu2) [universe]
blue variation of the Shiki-Colors theme
shiki-colors (4.6-1ubuntu2) [universe]
set of Metacity/GTK-2+ themes
shiki-colors-metacity-theme (4.6-1ubuntu2) [universe]
set of Metacity themes
shiki-dust-theme (4.6-1ubuntu2) [universe]
chocolate variation of the Shiki-Colors theme
shiki-human-theme (4.6-1ubuntu2) [universe]
orange variation of the Shiki-Colors theme
shiki-illustrious-theme (4.6-1ubuntu2) [universe]
pink variation of the Shiki-Colors theme
shiki-noble-theme (4.6-1ubuntu2) [universe]
purple variation of the Shiki-Colors theme
shiki-wine-theme (4.6-1ubuntu2) [universe]
red variation of the Shiki-Colors theme
shiki-wise-theme (4.6-1ubuntu2) [universe]
green variation of the Shiki-Colors theme
shotwell (0.12.2-0ubuntu2)
digital photo organizer
simple-scan (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
Simple Scanning Utility
smuxi ( [universe]
graphical IRC client
smuxi-engine ( [universe]
Engine library for Smuxi
smuxi-engine-irc ( [universe]
IRC engine for Smuxi
smuxi-engine-twitter ( [universe]
Twitter engine for Smuxi
smuxi-engine-xmpp ( [universe]
XMPP / Jabber / GTalk / Facebook Chat engine for Smuxi
smuxi-frontend ( [universe]
Frontend library for Smuxi
smuxi-frontend-gnome ( [universe]
GNOME frontend for Smuxi
smuxi-frontend-gnome-irc ( [universe]
IRC support for GNOME frontend for Smuxi
smuxi-frontend-stfl ( [universe]
STFL frontend for Smuxi (experimental)
smuxi-server ( [universe]
Server application for Smuxi
software-center (5.2)
Utility for browsing, installing, and removing software
software-center-aptdaemon-plugins (0.1.2)
The aptdaemon plugins for software-center
software-properties-gtk ( [security]
manage the repositories that you install software from (gtk)
software-properties-kde ( [security]
manage the repositories that you install software from (kde)
solfege (3.20.3-4) [universe]
Ear training software
solfege-oss (3.20.3-4) [universe]
OSS module for GNU Solfege
sound-juicer (3.4.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
ssh-askpass-gnome (1:5.9p1-5ubuntu1.10 [amd64, i386], 1:5.9p1-5ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
interactive X program to prompt users for a passphrase for ssh-add
stackapplet (1.4.0-2) [universe]
panel applet to track reputation on StackExchange sites
system-config-date (1.9.60-0ubuntu2) [universe]
graphical interface for changing system time and date
system-tools-backends (2.10.2-1ubuntu1) [universe]
System Tools to manage computer configuration -- scripts
tamil-gtk2im (2.2-4.4build1) [universe]
Tamil input method for GTK-2
tangerine (0.3.4-3) [universe]
music server using DAAP
tango-icon-theme (0.8.90-5) [universe]
Tango icon theme
tasque (0.1.9-1build1) [universe]
simple task management application
taxbird (0.16-0.2) [universe]
Free Elster client (German Tax Declarations)
tcos-configurator (1.22) [universe]
PyGTK tool to configure some needed services to get a TCOS server
tcosconfig (0.3.30) [universe]
Small Python GUI to configure and create TCOS boot images
tcosmonitor (0.2.43) [universe]
Thin client monitor for TCOS
tcosmonitor-common (0.2.43) [universe]
Thin client monitor for TCOS (common files)
teg (0.11.2+debian-3) [universe]
Turn based strategy game
telegnome (0.1.1-5) [universe]
graphical teletext viewer
telepathy-gnome (26) [universe]
Telepathy GNOME components
telepathy-indicator (0.2.1-0ubuntu1)
Desktop service to integrate Telepathy with the messaging menu.
thewidgetfactory (0.2.1-2) [universe]
a showcase for GTK+ widgets
timer-applet (2.1.2-4) [universe]
timer applet - a countdown timer applet for the GNOME panel
tinyeartrainer (0.1.0-2fakesync2) [universe]
A tool to learn recognizing musical intervals
tomboy-latex (0.5-2build1) [universe]
LaTeX plugin for Tomboy
totem (3.0.1-0ubuntu21)
Simple media player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer
totem-common (3.0.1-0ubuntu21)
Data files for the Totem media player
totem-plugins (3.0.1-0ubuntu21)
Plugins for the Totem media player
totem-plugins-extra (3.0.1-0ubuntu21) [universe]
Extra plugins for the Totem media player
tracker-explorer (0.14.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
metadata database, indexer and search tool - developer tool
tracker-gui (0.14.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
metadata database, indexer and search tool - GNOME frontends
ttb (1.0.1-3) [universe]
Browse teletekst (Dutch) on your computer
ubuntu-artwork (57)
Ubuntu themes and artwork
ubuntu-mono (0.0.40)
Ubuntu Mono Icon theme
ubuntu-sounds (0.13)
Ubuntu's GNOME audio theme
ubuntuone-client-gnome (3.0.0-0ubuntu1)
Ubuntu One client GNOME integration
ubuntustudio-screensaver (0.4) [universe]
Ubuntu Studio screensaver
ubuntustudio-sounds (0.10) [universe]
Ubuntu Studio's GNOME audio theme
uim-applet-gnome (1:1.7.1-3ubuntu1) [universe]
Universal Input Method - GNOME applet
unity (5.10.0-0ubuntu6)
Interface designed for efficiency of space and interaction.
unity-asset-pool (0.8.23-0ubuntu1)
Unity Assets Pool
unity-common (5.10.0-0ubuntu6)
Common files for the Unity interface.
unity-lens-applications (5.10.0-0ubuntu1)
Application lens for unity
unity-lens-files (5.10.0-0ubuntu1)
File lens for unity
unity-lens-music (5.10.0-0ubuntu1)
Music lens for unity
unity-lens-video (0.3.5-0ubuntu1)
Unity Video lens
unity-place-applications (5.10.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional package
unity-place-files (5.10.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional package
unity-scope-musicstores (5.10.0-0ubuntu1)
Store music lens for unity
unity-scope-video-remote (0.3.5-0ubuntu2)
Remote videos engine
unity-services (5.10.0-0ubuntu6)
Services for the Unity interface
update-manager (1: [security]
GNOME application that manages apt updates
update-notifier (0.119ubuntu8.1)
Daemon which notifies about package updates
update-notifier-common (0.119ubuntu8.1)
Files shared between update-notifier and other packages
vinagre (3.4.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
remote desktop client for the GNOME Desktop
vino (3.4.2-0ubuntu1.3 [amd64, i386], 3.4.1-0ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
VNC server for GNOME
widemargin (1.0.11-2) [universe]
bible reading and study application
winwrangler (0.2.4-3) [universe]
Small desktop daemon to perform advanced window
workrave (1.9.4-3) [universe]
Repetitive Strain Injury prevention tool
workrave-data (1.9.4-3) [universe]
Repetitive Strain Injury prevention tool (data files)
wxbanker (0.8.2-0ubuntu2) [universe]
simple personal finance
xchat-gnome (1:0.30.0~git20110821.e2a400-0.2ubuntu4.3 [amd64, i386], 1:0.30.0~git20110821.e2a400-0.2ubuntu4 [armhf, powerpc]) [security]
simple and featureful IRC client for GNOME
xchat-gnome-common (1:0.30.0~git20110821.e2a400-0.2ubuntu4.3) [security]
data files for XChat-GNOME
xemacs21-gnome-mule (21.4.22-3.2ubuntu1) [universe]
highly customizable text editor -- transitional package
xemacs21-gnome-mule-canna-wnn (21.4.22-3.2ubuntu1) [universe]
highly customizable text editor -- transitional package
xemacs21-gnome-nomule (21.4.22-3.2ubuntu1) [universe]
highly customizable text editor -- transitional package
xiphos (3.1.5+dfsg-1) [universe]
environment for Bible reading, study, and research
xiphos-data (3.1.5+dfsg-1) [universe]
data files for Xiphos Bible study software
xournal (0.4.6~pre20110721-1build1) [universe]
GTK+ Application for note taking
yelp (3.4.1-0ubuntu1)
Help browser for GNOME
yelp-tools (3.4.1-1)
Yelp documentation tools
yelp-xsl (3.4.1-1)
XSL stylesheets for the yelp help browser
zapping (0.10~cvs6-7) [universe]
television viewer for the GNOME environment
zenity (3.4.0-0ubuntu2)
Display graphical dialog boxes from shell scripts
zenity-common (3.4.0-0ubuntu2)
Display graphical dialog boxes from shell scripts (common files)