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akonadiconsole (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
management and debugging console for akonadi
apport-kde (2.14.1-0ubuntu3.29) [universe]
KDE frontend for the apport crash report system
audiocd-kio (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
transitional package for kio-audiocd
baloo (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
framework for searching and managing metadata.
dolphin (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
file manager
dragonplayer (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
simple video player
ffmpegthumbs (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
video thumbnail generator using ffmpeg
filelight (4:4.13.1-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
show where your diskspace is being used
freespacenotifier (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
free space notification module for KDE
gstreamer0.10-qapt (2.1.70-0ubuntu4.2) [universe]
GStreamer plugin to install codecs using QApt
juk (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
music jukebox / music player
kalarm (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
alarm message, command and email scheduler
kalgebra (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
algebraic graphing calculator
kate-data (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
shared data files for kate
katepart (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
kate KPart
kde-baseapps (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
base applications from the official KDE release (meta-package)
kde-baseapps-bin (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
core binaries for the KDE base applications
kde-baseapps-data (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
shared data files for the KDE base applications
kde-config-cddb (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
CDDB retrieval configuration
kde-config-pimactivity (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Activity configuration module for KDE PIM
kde-config-telepathy-accounts (0.8.1-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
KDE Control Module for managing Telepathy Accounts
kde-icons-mono (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
monochromatic icons theme
kde-icons-nuvola (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
transitional package for Nuvola icon theme
kde-l10n-de (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
German (de) localization for KDE
kde-runtime (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
runtime components from the official KDE release
kde-runtime-data (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
shared data files for the KDE base runtime module
kde-style-oxygen (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Oxygen widget style
kde-telepathy-approver (0.8.1-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
KDED module for approving incoming conversations
kde-telepathy-auth-handler (0.8.1-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
KDE Telepathy authentication handler
kde-telepathy-call-ui (0.8.1-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
KDE Telepathy UI for audio/video calls
kde-telepathy-contact-list (0.8.1-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Telepathy contact list for the KDE Plasma Desktop
kde-telepathy-data (0.8.1-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Shared data for all the KDE Telepathy components
kde-telepathy-desktop-applets (0.8.1-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
KDE Telepathy desktop widgets
kde-telepathy-filetransfer-handler (0.8.1-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
KDE Telepathy file transfer handler
kde-telepathy-integration-module (0.8.1-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Telepathy integration module for the KDE Workspace
kde-telepathy-send-file (0.8.1-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
KDE Telepathy dolphin/konqueror integration plugin
kde-telepathy-text-ui (0.8.1-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Telepathy text chat UI for the KDE Plasma Desktop
kde-thumbnailer-deb (2.1.70-0ubuntu4.2) [universe]
KDE plugin to show thumbnails of Debian package files
kde-wallpapers (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
set of wallpapers for the KDE Plasma Workspaces
kde-wallpapers-default (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
default wallpaper for the Plasma workspace
kde-workspace (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
KDE Plasma Workspace components
kde-workspace-bin (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
core binaries for the KDE Plasma Workspace
kde-workspace-data (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
shared data files for the KDE Plasma Workspace
kde-workspace-data-extras (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
transitional package for kde-workspace-data
kde-workspace-dev (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
development files for the KDE Plasma Workspace
kde-workspace-randr (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
randr tools from kde-workspace
kdeartwork (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
themes, styles and other artwork from the official KDE release
kdeartwork-emoticons (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
emoticon collections for chat clients
kdeartwork-style (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
widget styles for applications using Qt or KDE Development Platform
kdeartwork-theme-icon (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
additional icon themes
kdeartwork-theme-window (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
window decoration for the K Window manager (KWin)
kdebase-apps (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Transitional package for kde-baseapps
kdebase-bin (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Transitional package for new kde-baseapps
kdebase-runtime (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Transitional package for the KDE runtime components
kdebase-workspace (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
transitional package for kde-workspace
kdebase-workspace-bin (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
transitional package for kde-workspace-bin
kdebase-workspace-dev (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
transitional package for kde-workspace-dev
kdeconnect ( [universe]
connect smartphones to your KDE Plasma Workspace
kdegames-card-data-extra (4:4.13.1-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
extra card decks for KDE games
kdemultimedia-kio-plugins (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
transitional package for kio-audiocd
kdepim (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Personal Information Management apps from the official KDE release
kdepim-kresources (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
KDE PIM resource plugins
kdepim-runtime (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
runtime components for Akonadi KDE
kdepim-themeeditors (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Theme Editors for KDE PIM applications
kdeplasma-addons (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
addons for Plasma
kdewallpapers (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
extra KDE artwork wallpapers for the KDE Plasma Workspaces
kdm (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
KDE Display Manager for X11
kgpg (4:4.13.2-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
graphical front end for GNU Privacy Guard
khelpcenter4 (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
help center
kio-audiocd (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
transparent audio CD access for applications using the KDE Platform
kiten (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Japanese reference and study aid for KDE
klipper (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
clipboard manager
kmenuedit (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
XDG menu editor
knotes (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
sticky notes application
konq-plugins (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
plugins for Konqueror, the KDE file/web/document browser
konsole (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
X terminal emulator
konsolekalendar (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
konsole personal organizer
kontact (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
integrated application for personal information management
konversation (1.5-1ubuntu1.14.04.2) [universe]
user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE
kopete (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
instant messaging and chat application
korganizer (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
calendar and personal organizer
korganizer-mobile (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
calendar and personal organizer for mobile environments
kscreensaver (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Additional screensavers for KScreenSaver
kscreensaver-xsavers (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
xscreensaver support for KScreenSaver
kscreensaver-xsavers-webcollage (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
webcollage screensaver support for KScreenSaver
ktnef (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Viewer for mail attachments using TNEF format
ktouch (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
touch typing tutor for KDE
ktouch-data (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
data files for ktouch
kubuntu-active-default-settings (1:14.04ubuntu15.1) [universe]
transitional dummy package
kubuntu-default-settings (1:14.04ubuntu15.1) [universe]
transitional dummy package
kubuntu-driver-manager (14.04ubuntu10) [universe]
Driver Manager for Kubuntu
kubuntu-netbook-default-settings (1:14.04ubuntu15.1) [universe]
transitional dummy package
kubuntu-settings-active (1:14.04ubuntu15.1) [universe]
Settings and artwork for the Kubuntu (Active)
kubuntu-settings-desktop (1:14.04ubuntu15.1) [universe]
Settings and artwork for the Kubuntu (Desktop)
kubuntu-settings-netbook (1:14.04ubuntu15.1) [universe]
Settings and artwork for the Kubuntu (Netbook)
libkactivities-bin (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
executables for the KDE Activities
libkactivities6 (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Activities library
libkatepartinterfaces4 (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
kate part library
libkonq5-templates (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
data files for the Konqueror libraries
libmuonprivate2 (2.2.0-0ubuntu3.2) [universe]
Runtime files for the Muon package management suite
libplasmamediacenter1.3 (1.3.0-0ubuntu3~ubuntu14.04.1) [universe]
multimedia center for KDE desktop - library files
libqapt-dev (2.1.70-0ubuntu4.2) [universe]
Development headers for the QApt library
libqapt2 (2.1.70-0ubuntu4.2) [universe]
QApt library package
libqapt2-runtime (2.1.70-0ubuntu4.2) [universe]
Runtime components for the QApt library
libreoffice-kde (1:4.2.8-0ubuntu5.5) [universe]
office productivity suite -- KDE integration
mplayerthumbs (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
video thumbnail generator using mplayer
muon (2.2.0-0ubuntu3.2) [universe]
package manager for KDE
muon-discover (2.2.0-0ubuntu3.2) [universe]
Utility for browsing, installing, and removing applications
muon-installer (2.2.0-0ubuntu3.2) [universe]
Utility for browsing, installing, and removing applications
muon-notifier (2.2.0-0ubuntu3.2) [universe]
update notifier for KDE
muon-updater (2.2.0-0ubuntu3.2) [universe]
update manager for KDE
nepomuk-core-data (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Nepomuk Semantik Desktop core libraries -- shared data files
nepomuk-core-ffmpegextractor (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Nepomuk Semantik Desktop core libraries -- Video Tag reader
notes-mobile (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
notes application for mobile environments
okteta (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
hexadecimal editor for binary files
okular-dbg (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
debugging symbols for okular
okular-extra-backends (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
additional document format support for Okular
pairs (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
memory and pairs game
pam-kwallet (0.0~git20140410-0ubuntu2.1) [universe]
KWallet integration with PAM
parley (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
vocabulary trainer
parley-data (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
data files for the Parley vocabulary trainer
plasma-containments-addons (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
additional containment plugins for Plasma
plasma-dataengines-addons (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
additional data engines for Plasma
plasma-dataengines-workspace (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
KDE Plasma data engines
plasma-desktop (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
KDE Plasma workspace for desktop and laptop computers
plasma-desktopthemes-artwork (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
desktop themes for KDE Plasma Workspaces
plasma-mediacenter (1.3.0-0ubuntu3~ubuntu14.04.1) [universe]
multimedia center for KDE desktop
plasma-mediacenter-dev (1.3.0-0ubuntu3~ubuntu14.04.1) [universe]
multimedia center for KDE desktop - development files
plasma-netbook (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
KDE Plasma workspace for netbook computers
plasma-runner-installer (2.1.70-0ubuntu4.2) [universe]
KRunner plugin for installing packages
plasma-runner-telepathy-contact (0.8.1-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Telepathy Contact KRunner plugin
plasma-runners-addons (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
additional runners for Plasma and Krunner
plasma-scriptengine-javascript (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
JavaScript script engine for Plasma
plasma-scriptengine-python (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Python script engine for Plasma
plasma-scriptengine-ruby (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Ruby script engine for Plasma
plasma-scriptengine-webkit (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Web and Mac OS X dashboard widget support for Plasma
plasma-scriptengines (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
metapackage to install all Plasma script engines
plasma-wallpapers-addons (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
additional wallpaper plugins for Plasma
plasma-widget-folderview (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
plasma widget showing the content of a folder
plasma-widget-homerun (1.2.4-0ubuntu0.14.04.1) [universe]
application launcher for KDE Plasma desktop - development files
plasma-widget-homerun-kicker (1.2.4-0ubuntu0.14.04.1) [universe]
application launcher for KDE Plasma desktop - development files
plasma-widget-kdeobservatory (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
KDE development tracking widget for Plasma
plasma-widget-kimpanel (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
KIMPanel widget for Plasma
plasma-widget-lancelot (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
lancelot widget for Plasma
plasma-widgets-addons (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
additional widgets for Plasma
plasma-widgets-workspace (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
plasma widgets and containments for the KDE Plasma Workspace
(1:14.04ubuntu15.1) [universe]
graphical boot animation and logger - kubuntu-logo theme
print-manager (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
printer configutation and monitoring tools
qapt-batch (2.1.70-0ubuntu4.2) [universe]
Batch package manager for KDE
qapt-deb-installer (2.1.70-0ubuntu4.2) [universe]
tool for installing deb files
qapt-utils (2.1.70-0ubuntu4.2) [universe]
complete collection of QApt package management utilities
sflphone-kde (1.3.0-1ubuntu1.2) [universe]
SIP and IAX2 compatible VoIP phone - KDE client
step (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
interactive physical simulator for KDE
storageservicemanager (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
KDE PIM storage servicce
systemsettings (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
System Settings
tasks-mobile (4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
task management application for mobile environments