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Software Packages in "bionic-updates", Subsection misc

apt-config-icons (0.12.0-3ubuntu1)
APT configuration snippet to enable icon downloads
apt-config-icons-hidpi (0.12.0-3ubuntu1)
APT configuration snippet to enable HiDPI icon downloads
apt-config-icons-large (0.12.0-3ubuntu1)
APT configuration snippet to enable large icon downloads
apt-config-icons-large-hidpi (0.12.0-3ubuntu1)
APT configuration snippet to enable large HiDPI icon downloads
augeas-lenses (1.10.1-2ubuntu1)
Set of lenses needed by libaugeas0 to parse config files
boinc-virtualbox (7.9.3+dfsg-5ubuntu2) [multiverse]
metapackage for virtualbox-savvy projects
budgie-clockworks-applet (0.4.4-0ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Applet to display clock across multiple time zones
budgie-countdown-applet (0.4.4-0ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Applet providing a countdown capability on the Budgie Desktop
budgie-desktop-common (0.9.9ubuntu1) [universe]
Common Ubuntu Budgie desktop components customisation
budgie-dropby-applet (0.4.4-0ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Applet to popup when a USB device is connected
budgie-hotcorners-applet (0.4.4-0ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Applet providing hotcorners capabilities for the Budgie Desktop
budgie-keyboard-autoswitch-applet (0.4.4-0ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Applet adding the ability to set a different keyboard layout per application
budgie-previews-applet (0.4.4-0ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Applet providing window previews capabilities for the Budgie Desktop
budgie-quicknote-applet (0.4.4-0ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Applet providing simple notes capability for the Budgie Desktop
budgie-rotation-lock-applet (0.4.4-0ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Applet to lock or unlock the screen rotation
budgie-showtime-applet (0.4.4-0ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Applet displaying date and time on the Budgie Desktop
budgie-window-mover-applet (0.4.4-0ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Applet allows moving windows between workspaces for the Budgie Desktop
budgie-workspace-overview-applet (0.4.4-0ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Applet providing quick access to workspaces for the Budgie Desktop
budgie-workspace-wallpaper-applet (0.4.4-0ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Applet providing per workspace wallpaper
ca-certificates (20210119~18.04.2)
Common CA certificates
ca-certificates-java (20180516ubuntu1~18.04.1)
Common CA certificates (JKS keystore)
cachefilesd (0.10.10-0.1ubuntu0.18.04.1) [universe]
support fscache on already mounted filesystem
cairo-perf-utils (1.15.10-2ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Cairo 2D vector graphics library performance utilities
casper (1.394.3)
Run a "live" preinstalled system from read-only media
chkrootkit (0.52-1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
rootkit detector
cvise (2.3.0-0ubuntu1~18.04) [universe]
super-parallel Python port of the C-Reduce project
daxctl (61.2-0ubuntu1~18.04.1) [universe]
Utility for managing the device DAX subsystem
dbus-tests (1.12.2-1ubuntu1.3) [universe]
simple interprocess messaging system (test infrastructure)
dehydrated (0.6.2-2ubuntu0.18.04.1) [universe]
ACME client implemented in Bash
dehydrated-apache2 (0.6.2-2ubuntu0.18.04.1) [universe]
dehydrated challenge response support for Apache2
flatpak-builder-tests (0.10.9-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Application deployment framework for desktop apps (tests)
flatpak-tests (1.0.9-0ubuntu0.4) [universe]
Application deployment framework for desktop apps (tests)
fscrypt (0.2.2-0ubuntu2.1) [universe]
Tool for managing Linux filesystem encryption
fswatch (1.11.2+repack-10ubuntu0.1) [universe]
file change monitor based on inotify
fuseext2 (0.4-1.1ubuntu0.18.04.1) [universe]
File System in User Space - Module for ext2
glib-networking-tests (2.56.0-1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
network-related giomodules for GLib - installed tests
golang-github-google-fscrypt-dev (0.2.2-0ubuntu2.1) [universe]
Linux filesystem encryption source code
gtk-update-icon-cache (3.22.30-1ubuntu4)
icon theme caching utility
hwdata (0.290-1ubuntu0.18.04.1)
hardware identification / configuration data
idn (1.33-2.1ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Command line and Emacs interface to GNU Libidn
java-common (0.68ubuntu1~18.04.1)
Base package for Java runtimes
keyutils (1.5.9-9.2ubuntu2.1)
Linux Key Management Utilities
libcuda1-331 (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [multiverse]
Transitional package for libcuda1-340
libcuda1-331-updates (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [multiverse]
Transitional package for libcuda1-340
libcuda1-340 (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
NVIDIA CUDA runtime library
libcuda1-340-updates (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [multiverse]
Transitional package for libcuda1-340
libcuda1-384 (390.151-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-headless-390
libglib2.0-bin (2.56.4-0ubuntu0.18.04.9)
Programs for the GLib library
libglib2.0-data (2.56.4-0ubuntu0.18.04.9)
Common files for GLib library
libgtk-3-bin (3.22.30-1ubuntu4)
programs for the GTK+ graphical user interface library
libgtk-3-common (3.22.30-1ubuntu4)
common files for the GTK+ graphical user interface library
libkeyutils-dev (1.5.9-9.2ubuntu2.1)
Linux Key Management Utilities (development)
libkeyutils1 (1.5.9-9.2ubuntu2.1)
Linux Key Management Utilities (library)
libpam-fscrypt (0.2.2-0ubuntu2.1) [universe]
PAM module for Linux filesystem encryption
libpostproc-dev (7:3.4.8-0ubuntu0.2) [universe]
FFmpeg library for post processing - development files
libreoffice-avmedia-backend-gstreamer (1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.11)
GStreamer backend for LibreOffice
(1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.11) [universe]
Logo-like progamming language for LibreOffice
libreoffice-mysql-connector (1.0.2+LibO6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.11) [universe]
MariaDB/MySQL Connector extension for LibreOffice
libreoffice-pdfimport (1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.11)
transitional package for PDF Import component for LibreOffice
libreoffice-report-builder (1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.11) [universe]
LibreOffice component for building database reports
libreoffice-report-builder-bin (1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.11) [universe]
LibreOffice component for building database reports -- libraries
libreoffice-sdbc-postgresql (1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.11) [universe]
PostgreSQL SDBC driver for LibreOffice
libreoffice-systray (1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.11) [universe]
LibreOffice "Quickstarter" for the desktop notification area
libreoffice-wiki-publisher (1.2.0+LibO6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.11) [universe]
LibreOffice extension for working with MediaWiki articles
libvaladoc-data (0.40.23-0ubuntu1) [universe]
API documentation generator for vala (data)
linux-firmware (1.173.21)
Firmware for Linux kernel drivers
linux-firmware-raspi2 (4-0ubuntu0~18.04.1) [multiverse] [ports]
Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 GPU firmware and bootloaders
live-build (3.0~a57-1ubuntu34.1)
Debian Live - System build scripts
live-build-cgi (3.0~a57-1ubuntu34.1) [universe]
Debian Live - System build scripts (CGI frontend)
lsvpd (1.7.8-2ubuntu1.1) [ports]
Utility to List Device Vital Product Data (VPD)
lttng-modules-dkms (2.10.8-1ubuntu2~18.04.3) [universe]
Linux Trace Toolkit (LTTng) kernel modules (DKMS)
metacity-common (1:3.28.0-1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
shared files for the Metacity window manager
mutter-common (3.28.4+git20200505-0ubuntu18.04.2)
shared files for the Mutter window manager
ncurses-examples (6.1-1ubuntu1.18.04)
test programs and examples for ncurses
ndctl (61.2-0ubuntu1~18.04.1) [universe]
Utility for managing the nvdimm subsystem
ndiswrapper (1.60-6ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Userspace utilities for the ndiswrapper Linux kernel module
nemo (3.6.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
File manager and graphical shell for Cinnamon
nemo-data (3.6.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
File manager and graphical shell for Cinnamon (data files)
nettle-bin (3.4.1-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [universe]
low level cryptographic library (binary tools)
nvidia-331 (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-331
nvidia-331-dev (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-340-dev
nvidia-331-updates (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-340
nvidia-331-updates-dev (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-340-dev
nvidia-331-updates-uvm (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-340
nvidia-331-uvm (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-340
nvidia-340 (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
NVIDIA binary driver - version 340.108
nvidia-340-dev (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
NVIDIA binary Xorg driver development files
nvidia-340-updates (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-340
nvidia-340-updates-dev (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-340-dev
nvidia-340-uvm (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-340
nvidia-384 (390.151-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-driver-390
virtual package provided by nvidia-headless-no-dkms-390, nvidia-headless-no-dkms-510, nvidia-headless-no-dkms-510-server, nvidia-headless-no-dkms-470, nvidia-headless-no-dkms-418-server, nvidia-headless-no-dkms-450-server, nvidia-headless-no-dkms-470-server
nvidia-384-dev (390.151-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-driver-390
nvidia-driver-390 (390.151-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
NVIDIA driver metapackage
nvidia-libopencl1-331 (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [multiverse]
Transitional package for nvidia-libopencl1-340
nvidia-libopencl1-331-updates (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [multiverse]
Transitional package for nvidia-libopencl1-340
nvidia-libopencl1-340 (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [multiverse]
NVIDIA OpenCL Driver and ICD Loader library
nvidia-libopencl1-340-updates (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [multiverse]
Transitional package for nvidia-libopencl1-340
nvidia-libopencl1-384 (390.151-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-headless-390
nvidia-opencl-icd-331 (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [multiverse]
Transitional package for nvidia-opencl-icd-340
nvidia-opencl-icd-331-updates (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [multiverse]
Transitional package for nvidia-opencl-icd-340
nvidia-opencl-icd-340 (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
nvidia-opencl-icd-340-updates (340.108-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [multiverse]
Transitional package for nvidia-opencl-icd-340
nvidia-opencl-icd-384 (390.151-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-headless-390
ovmf (0~20180205.c0d9813c-2ubuntu0.3) [universe]
UEFI firmware for 64-bit x86 virtual machines
p11-kit (0.23.9-2ubuntu0.1)
p11-glue utilities
p11-kit-modules (0.23.9-2ubuntu0.1)
p11-glue proxy and trust modules
packagekit-command-not-found (1.1.9-1ubuntu2.18.04.6) [universe]
Offer to install missing programs automatically
plymouth-themes (0.9.3-1ubuntu7.18.04.2) [universe]
boot animation, logger and I/O multiplexer - themes
pmdk-tools (1.4.1-0ubuntu1~18.04.1) [universe]
Persistent Memory management tools
postgresql-client-common (190ubuntu0.1)
manager for multiple PostgreSQL client versions
postgresql-common (190ubuntu0.1)
PostgreSQL database-cluster manager
qemu-efi (0~20180205.c0d9813c-2ubuntu0.3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
qemu-efi-aarch64 (0~20180205.c0d9813c-2ubuntu0.3) [universe]
UEFI firmware for 64-bit ARM virtual machines
qemu-efi-arm (0~20180205.c0d9813c-2ubuntu0.3) [universe]
UEFI firmware for 32-bit ARM virtual machines
qemu-guest-agent (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.39) [universe]
Guest-side qemu-system agent
qemu-kvm (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.39)
QEMU Full virtualization on x86 hardware
qemu-system (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.39) [universe]
QEMU full system emulation binaries
qemu-system-arm (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.39)
QEMU full system emulation binaries (arm)
qemu-system-common (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.39)
QEMU full system emulation binaries (common files)
qemu-system-mips (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.39) [universe]
QEMU full system emulation binaries (mips)
qemu-system-misc (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.39) [universe]
QEMU full system emulation binaries (miscellaneous)
qemu-system-ppc (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.39)
QEMU full system emulation binaries (ppc)
qemu-system-sparc (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.39) [universe]
QEMU full system emulation binaries (sparc)
qemu-system-x86 (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.39)
QEMU full system emulation binaries (x86)
qemu-user (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.39) [universe]
QEMU user mode emulation binaries
qemu-utils (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.39)
QEMU utilities
redis-server (5:4.0.9-1ubuntu0.2) [universe]
Persistent key-value database with network interface
sbuild-launchpad-chroot (0.17ubuntu0.20.10.1~18.04.1) [universe]
Launchpad integration for sbuild
screen (4.6.2-1ubuntu1.1)
terminal multiplexer with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation
sepol-utils (2.7-1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Security Enhanced Linux policy utility programs
sqlite3 (3.22.0-1ubuntu0.5)
Command line interface for SQLite 3
ssh-import-id (5.7-0ubuntu1.1)
securely retrieve an SSH public key and install it locally
thunderbird-testsuite (1:60.5.1+build2-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) [universe]
Email, RSS and newsgroup client - testsuite
ubiquity-casper (1.394.3)
Configuration hooks for live installer
ubuntu-advantage-pro (27.8~18.04.1)
utilities and services for Ubuntu Pro images
ubuntu-advantage-tools (27.8~18.04.1)
management tools for Ubuntu Advantage
ubuntu-cloud-keyring (2018.09.18.1~18.04.2)
GnuPG keys of the Ubuntu Cloud Archive
ubuntu-cloudimage-keyring (2018.09.18.1~18.04.2) [universe]
dummy transitional package for GnuPG keys of cloudimage keyring
ubuntu-dbgsym-keyring (2018.09.18.1~18.04.2) [universe]
GnuPG keys of the Ubuntu Debug Symbols Archive
ubuntu-keyring (2018.09.18.1~18.04.2)
GnuPG keys of the Ubuntu archive
umview-mod-umfuseext2 (0.4-1.1ubuntu0.18.04.1) [universe]
View-OS in user space - ext2 module for UMFUSE
virtualbox (5.2.42-dfsg-0~ubuntu1.18.04.1) [multiverse]
x86 virtualization solution - base binaries
virtualbox-ext-pack (5.2.42-1~ubuntu1.18.04.1) [multiverse]
extra capabilities for VirtualBox, downloader.
virtualbox-guest-additions-iso (5.2.42-1~ubuntu1.18.04.1) [multiverse]
guest additions iso image for VirtualBox
virtualbox-guest-utils (5.2.42-dfsg-0~ubuntu1.18.04.1) [multiverse]
x86 virtualization solution - non-X11 guest utilities
virtual package provided by virtualbox-guest-utils-hwe
virtualbox-guest-utils-hwe (5.2.42-dfsg-0~ubuntu1.18.04.1) [multiverse]
x86 virtualization solution - non-X11 guest utilities
virtualbox-qt (5.2.42-dfsg-0~ubuntu1.18.04.1) [multiverse]
x86 virtualization solution - Qt based user interface
vlan (1.9-3.2ubuntu6)
user mode programs to enable VLANs on your ethernet devices