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"trusty" のサブセクション interpreters に含まれるソフトウェアパッケージ

afnix (2.2.0-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Compiler and run-time for the AFNIX programming language
aplus-fsf (4.22.1-6) [universe]
A+ programming language run-time environment
brandy (1.20-1) [universe]
BBC BASIC V interpreter
bwbasic (2.20pl2-11) [universe]
Bywater BASIC Interpreter
c-repl (0.0.20071223-1ubuntu1) [universe]
read-eval-print loop for C
cduce (0.6.0-1) [universe]
programming language adapted to the manipulation of XML data
chicken-bin ( [universe]
Practical and portable Scheme system - compiler
clasp (2.1.4-1ubuntu1) [universe]
conflict-driven nogood learning answer set solver
cli-common (0.9)
common files between all CLI packages
cli-common-dev (0.9)
common files for building CLI packages
clif (0.93-9) [universe]
C language interpreter
clips (6.24-3ubuntu1) [universe]
"C" Language Integrated Production System
clips-common (6.24-3ubuntu1) [universe]
CLIPS common files and examples
clisp (1:2.49-9ubuntu1) [universe]
GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation
cmuscheme48-el (1.9-3) [universe]
Emacs mode specialized for Scheme48
coala (1.0.1-5) [universe]
translates action languages into answer set programs
cpp (4:4.8.2-1ubuntu6)
GNU C preprocessor (cpp)
cpp-4.4 (4.4.7-8ubuntu1) [universe]
GNU C preprocessor
cpp-4.6 (4.6.4-6ubuntu2) [universe]
GNU C preprocessor
cpp-4.7 (4.7.3-12ubuntu1)
GNU C preprocessor
cpp-4.8 (4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.3 [amd64, i386], 4.8.2-19ubuntu1 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [security]
GNU C preprocessor
cpp-aarch64-linux-gnu (4:4.8.2-1)
The GNU C preprocessor (cpp) for arm64 architecture
cpp-arm-linux-gnueabi (4:4.7.2-1) [universe]
The GNU C preprocessor (cpp) for armel architecture
cpp-arm-linux-gnueabihf (4:4.8.2-1)
The GNU C preprocessor (cpp) for armhf architecture
cpp-powerpc-linux-gnu (4:4.8.2-1)
The GNU C preprocessor (cpp) for powerpc architecture
cpp-powerpc64le-linux-gnu (4:4.8.2-1)
The GNU C preprocessor (cpp) for ppc64el architecture
critcl (3.1.9-1) [universe]
compiled runtime in Tcl
default-jre (2:1.7-51)
Standard Java or Java compatible Runtime
default-jre-headless (2:1.7-51)
Standard Java or Java compatible Runtime (headless)
depqbf (2.0-1) [universe]
solver for quantified boolean formulae
dh-lua (19) [universe]
helper tools for maintaining Lua-related packages
elk (3.99.8-2.1ubuntu2) [universe]
scheme interpreter
elza (1.4.3-16) [universe]
Script language for automating HTTP requests
empty-expect (0.6.19b-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Run processes and applications under pseudo-terminal
erlang (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Concurrent, real-time, distributed functional language
erlang-appmon (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP application monitor
erlang-asn1 (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP modules for ASN.1 support
erlang-base (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP virtual machine and base applications
erlang-base-hipe (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP HiPE enabled virtual machine and base applications
erlang-common-test (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP application for automated testing
erlang-corba (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP applications for CORBA support
erlang-crypto (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP cryptographic modules
erlang-debugger (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP application for debugging and testing
erlang-dev (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP development libraries and headers
erlang-dialyzer (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP discrepancy analyzer application
erlang-diameter (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP implementation of RFC 6733 protocol
erlang-edoc (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP module for generating documentation
erlang-eldap (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP LDAP library
erlang-erl-docgen (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP documentation stylesheets
erlang-et (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP event tracer application
erlang-eunit (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP module for unit testing
erlang-examples (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP application examples
erlang-gs (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP graphics system
erlang-guestfs (1:1.24.5-1) [universe]
guest disk image management system - Erlang bindings
erlang-ic (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP IDL compiler
erlang-ic-java (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP IDL compiler (Java classes)
erlang-inets (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP Internet clients and servers
erlang-jinterface (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Java communication tool to Erlang
erlang-manpages (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP manual pages
erlang-megaco (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP implementation of Megaco/H.248 protocol
erlang-mnesia (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP distributed relational/object hybrid database
erlang-mode (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang major editing mode for Emacs
erlang-nox (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP applications that don't require X Window System
erlang-observer (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP application for investigating distributed systems
erlang-odbc (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP interface to SQL databases
erlang-os-mon (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP operating system monitor
erlang-parsetools (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP parsing tools
erlang-percept (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP concurrency profiling tool
erlang-pman (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP process manager
erlang-public-key (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP public key infrastructure
erlang-reltool (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP release management tool
erlang-runtime-tools (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP runtime tracing/debugging tools
erlang-snmp (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP SNMP applications
erlang-src (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP applications sources
erlang-ssh (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP implementation of SSH protocol
erlang-ssl (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP implementation of SSL
erlang-syntax-tools (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP modules for handling abstract Erlang syntax trees
erlang-test-server (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP server for automated application testing
erlang-toolbar (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP graphical toolbar
erlang-tools (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP various tools
erlang-tv (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP table viewer
erlang-typer (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP code type annotator
erlang-webtool (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP helper for web-based tools
erlang-x11 (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Erlang/OTP applications that require X Window System
erlang-xmerl (1:16.b.3-dfsg-1ubuntu2)
Erlang/OTP XML tools
expect (5.45-5ubuntu1)
Automates interactive applications
expect-lite (4.6.2-0ubuntu1) [universe]
quick and easy command line automation tool
falconpl ( [universe]
Falcon P.L. - command line tools
filepp (1.8.0-4) [universe]
generic perl-based file pre-processor for text files
g-wrap (1.9.14-2ubuntu1) [universe]
scripting interface generator for C
gadfly (1.0.0-15.1) [universe]
Server and interactive shell for Gadfly SQL database
gauche ( [universe]
Scheme script engine
gauche-c-wrapper (0.6.1-5) [universe]
Foreign function interface for Gauche to C libraries
gauche-gdbm ( [universe]
gdbm binding for Gauche
gauche-gl (0.5.1-1) [universe]
Gauche bindings for OpenGL
gawk (1:4.0.1+dfsg-2.1ubuntu2)
GNU awk, a pattern scanning and processing language
gcl (2.6.10-2) [universe]
GNU Common Lisp compiler
gforth (0.7.0+ds2-0.1) [universe]
GNU Forth Language Environment
gforth-common (0.7.0+ds2-0.1) [universe]
GNU Forth architecture-independent dictionaries
gforth-lib (0.7.0+ds2-0.1) [universe]
GNU Forth Language Environment architecture-dependent files
gjs (1.39.91-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Mozilla-based javascript bindings for the GNOME platform
gjs-tests (1.39.91-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Mozilla-based javascript bindings for the GNOME platform
gnome-js-common (0.1.2-1) [universe]
Common modules for GNOME JavaScript interpreters
gnu-smalltalk (3.2.4-2) [universe]
GNU Smalltalk interpreter and image
gnu-smalltalk-browser (3.2.4-2) [universe]
GNU Smalltalk browser
gnu-smalltalk-common (3.2.4-2) [universe]
GNU Smalltalk class library sources and extras
gnudatalanguage (0.9.4-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Free IDL compatible incremental compiler
gpsmanshp (1.2.3-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Tcl interface to shapelib
grcm (0.1.6-1ubuntu1) [universe]
GNOME application to initiate connections to remote machines
gringo (4.2.1-4) [universe]
grounding tools for (disjunctive) logic programs
guile-1.8 (1.8.8+1-8ubuntu3) [universe]
GNU extension language and Scheme interpreter
guile-cairo (1.4.0-3ubuntu2) [universe]
Guile bindings for Cairo
guile-g-wrap (1.9.14-2ubuntu1) [universe]
scripting interface generator for C - Guile runtime
guile-library (0.2.1-1) [universe]
Library of useful Guile modules
guile-pg (0.45-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Guile bindings for the PostgreSQL client library
haserl (0.9.32-1) [universe]
CGI scripting program for embedded environments
hugs (98.200609.21-5.3ubuntu1) [universe]
A Haskell 98 interpreter
icedtea-6-jre-cacao (6b41-1.13.13-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 [amd64, i386], 6b31-1.13.3-1ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc]) [universe] [security]
Alternative JVM for OpenJDK, using Cacao
intercal (29:0.29-3) [universe]
INTERCAL de-obfuscator
libacme-brainfck-perl (1.1.1) [universe]
Embed Brainf*ck in your perl code
libalgorithm-diff-ruby (0.4-14build1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-algorithm-diff
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-algorithm-diff
libalgorithm-diff-ruby1.8 (0.4-14build1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-algorithm-diff
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-algorithm-diff
libapache2-mod-neko (2.0.0-3) [universe]
Apache module for running server-side Neko programs
libbsearch-ruby (1.5-9) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-bsearch
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-bsearch
libbsearch-ruby1.8 (1.5-9) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-bsearch
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-bsearch
libcmph-dev (0.9-1ubuntu1) [universe]
C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library development files
libcmph0 (0.9-1ubuntu1) [universe]
C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library
libdatetime-event-sunrise-perl (0.0503-1) [universe]
Perl module for calucalating sunrise and sunset for a given time and place
libdb5.1-tcl (5.1.29-7ubuntu1) [universe]
Berkeley v5.1 Database Libraries for Tcl [module]
libdb5.3-tcl (5.3.28-3ubuntu3.1 [amd64, i386], 5.3.28-3ubuntu3 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [universe] [security]
Berkeley v5.3 Database Libraries for Tcl [module]
libdb6.0-tcl (6.0.19-3ubuntu1) [universe]
Berkeley v6.0 Database Libraries for Tcl [module]
libdbd-mysql-ruby (0.4.4+gem2deb-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-dbd-mysql
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-dbd-mysql
libdbd-mysql-ruby1.8 (0.4.4+gem2deb-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-dbd-mysql
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-dbd-mysql
libdbd-odbc-ruby (0.2.5+gem2deb-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-dbd-odbc
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-dbd-odbc
libdbd-odbc-ruby1.8 (0.2.5+gem2deb-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-dbd-odbc
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-dbd-odbc
libdbd-pg-ruby (0.3.9+gem2deb-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-dbd-pg
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-dbd-pg
libdbd-pg-ruby1.8 (0.3.9+gem2deb-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-dbd-pg
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-dbd-pg
libdpkg-ruby1.8 (0.3.8build2) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-debian
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-debian
libescape-ruby (0.2-2) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-escape
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-escape
libevent-loop-ruby (0.3-5) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-event-loop
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-event-loop
libevent-loop-ruby1.8 (0.3-5) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-event-loop
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-event-loop
libexpat-gst (3.2.4-2) [universe]
Expat bindings for GNU Smalltalk
libgdbm-gst (3.2.4-2) [universe]
GDBM bindings for GNU Smalltalk
libgeos-ruby1.8 (3.4.2-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Transitional package from libgeos-ruby1.8 to ruby-geos
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-geos
libgl-gst (3.2.4-2) [universe]
OpenGL bindings for GNU Smalltalk
libgtk2-gst (3.2.4-2) [universe]
GTK+ bindings and environment for GNU Smalltalk
libgv-guile (2.36.0-0ubuntu3.1 [amd64, i386], 2.36.0-0ubuntu3 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [universe] [security]
Guile bindings for graphviz
libgv-lua (2.36.0-0ubuntu3.1 [amd64, i386], 2.36.0-0ubuntu3 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [universe] [security]
Lua bindings for graphviz
libgv-php5 (2.36.0-0ubuntu3.1 [amd64, i386], 2.36.0-0ubuntu3 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [universe] [security]
PHP5 bindings for graphviz
libgv-python (2.36.0-0ubuntu3.1 [amd64, i386], 2.36.0-0ubuntu3 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [universe] [security]
Python bindings for graphviz
libgv-ruby (2.36.0-0ubuntu3.1 [amd64, i386], 2.36.0-0ubuntu3 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [universe] [security]
Ruby bindings for graphviz
libgv-tcl (2.36.0-0ubuntu3.1 [amd64, i386], 2.36.0-0ubuntu3 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [universe] [security]
Tcl bindings for graphviz
libhamlib2-tcl ( [universe]
Run-time library to control radio transceivers and receivers
libhtml-pager-perl (0.03-1) [universe]
Perl module to handle CGI HTML paging of arbitary data
libhtree-ruby1.8 (0.8+dfsg-2) [universe]
Transitional package from libhtree-ruby1.8 to ruby-htree
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-htree
libimage-size-ruby1.8 (1:0.1.1-5) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-imagesize
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-imagesize
libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-bin (2.4.10-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 [amd64, i386], 2.4.0-1ubuntu2 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [universe] [security]
JavaScript engine library from WebKitGTK+ - command-line interpreter
liblocale-po-perl (0.23-1) [universe]
Perl module for manipulating .po entries from GNU gettext
liblua5.1-bitop0 (1.0.2-2) [universe]
Transitional package for lua-bitop
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: lua-bitop
liblua5.1-curl-dev (0.3.0-7) [universe]
Transitional package for lua-curl-dev
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: lua-curl-dev
liblua5.1-curl0 (0.3.0-7) [universe]
Transitional package for lua-curl
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: lua-curl
liblua5.1-iconv0 (7-2) [universe]
Transitional package for lua-iconv
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: lua-iconv
liblua5.1-json (1.3-1) [universe]
Transitional package for lua-json
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: lua-json
liblua5.2-rrd0 (1.4.7-2ubuntu5)
time-series data storage and display system (Lua 5.2 interface)
libluajit-5.1-2 (2.0.2+dfsg-1) [universe]
Just in time compiler for Lua - library version
libluajit-5.1-common (2.0.2+dfsg-1) [universe]
Just in time compiler for Lua - common files
libmaruku-ruby (0.6.0-2) [universe]
Markdown-superset interpreter for Ruby (dummy package)
libmaruku-ruby1.8 (0.6.0-2) [universe]
Markdown-superset interpreter for Ruby (dummy package)
libncurses-gst (3.2.4-2) [universe]
Ncurses bindings for GNU Smalltalk
libpgsql-ruby (0.17.0-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-pg
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-pg
libpgsql-ruby1.8 (0.17.0-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-pg
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-pg
libpostgresql-gst (3.2.4-2) [universe]
PostgreSQL bindings for GNU Smalltalk
libproc-pid-file-perl (1.27-3) [universe]
Perl module for managing process id files
libpuzzle-php (0.9-6) [universe]
quick similar image finder - PHP bindings
libqt4-ruby1.8 (4:4.13.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional package for ruby-qt4
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-qt4
librack-ruby (1.5.2-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-rack
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-rack
librack-ruby1.8 (1.5.2-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-rack
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-rack
libramaze-ruby (2012.12.08-3) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-ramaze
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-ramaze
libramaze-ruby1.8 (2012.12.08-3) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-ramaze
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-ramaze
librdf-ruby ( [universe]
Ruby language bindings for the Redland RDF library
librfilter-ruby1.8 (0.12-2.1) [universe]
A mail filtering library for Ruby
librrd-ruby (1.4.7-2ubuntu5) [universe]
time-series data storage and display system (Ruby interface)
libsamizdat-ruby (0.7.0-1) [universe]
Transitional package for samizdat
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: samizdat
libsamizdat-ruby1.8 (0.7.0-1) [universe]
Transitional package for samizdat
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: samizdat
libsdl-gst (3.2.4-2) [universe]
SDL bindings for GNU Smalltalk
libsdl-image-gst (3.2.4-2) [universe]
SDL_image bindings for GNU Smalltalk
libsdl-mixer-gst (3.2.4-2) [universe]
SDL_mixer bindings for GNU Smalltalk
libsdl-sound-gst (3.2.4-2) [universe]
SDL_sound bindings for GNU Smalltalk
libsdl-ttf-gst (3.2.4-2) [universe]
SDL_ttf bindings for GNU Smalltalk
libsequel-ruby (4.1.1-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-sequel
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-sequel
libsequel-ruby1.8 (4.1.1-1) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-sequel
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-sequel
libsetup-ruby1.8 (3.4.1-7) [universe]
the setup.rb install tool for Ruby - transition package
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-setup
libsqlite-tcl (2.8.17-10ubuntu2) [universe]
SQLite Tcl bindings
libsqlite3-gst (3.2.4-2) [universe]
SQLite bindings for GNU Smalltalk
libsqlite3-tcl (3.8.2-1ubuntu2.1 [amd64, i386], 3.8.2-1ubuntu2 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [universe] [security]
SQLite 3 Tcl bindings
libstfl-ruby (0.22-1.1) [universe]
Ruby bindings for the structured terminal forms language/library
libstfl-ruby1.8 (0.22-1.1) [universe]
Ruby 1.8 bindings for the structured terminal forms language/library
libsvg-graph-ruby (1.0.5-2) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-svg-graph
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-svg-graph
libsvg-graph-ruby1.8 (1.0.5-2) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-svg-graph
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-svg-graph
libtcl-chiark-1 (1.1.1+nmu1) [universe]
Tcl interfaces for adns, cdb, crypto, etc.
libtcltk-ruby (1: [universe]
Tcl/Tk interface for Ruby
libuconv-ruby1.8 (0.6.1-1) [universe]
Unicode/EUC-JP translation module for Ruby (transitional package)
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-uconv
libvalidatable-ruby (1.6.7-9) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-validatable
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-validatable
libvalidatable-ruby1.8 (1.6.7-9) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-validatable
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: ruby-validatable
libvtk-java (5.8.0-14.1ubuntu3) [universe]
Visualization Toolkit - A high level 3D visualization library - java
lua-apr (0.23.2.dfsg-2) [universe]
Apache Portable Runtime library for the Lua language
lua-augeas (0.1.1-3) [universe]
Lua binding to the Augeas C API
lua-bitop (1.0.2-2) [universe]
fast bit manipulation library for the Lua language
lua-cgi (5.2~alpha2-1) [universe]
CGI library for the Lua language
lua-cjson (2.1.0+dfsg-2) [universe]
JSON parser/encoder for Lua
lua-copas (1.2.0-1) [universe]
Copas is a dispatcher of concurrent TCP/IP requests
lua-cosmo (13.01.30-2) [universe]
Template library for the Lua language
lua-coxpcall (1.14.0-2) [universe]
Protected function calls across coroutines for Lua
lua-curl (0.3.0-7) [universe]
libcURL bindings for the Lua language version 5.1
lua-cyrussasl (1.0.0-5) [universe]
Cyrus SASL library for the Lua language
lua-dbi-common (0.5.hg5ba1dd988961-2) [universe]
DBI library for the Lua language, common files
lua-dbi-mysql (0.5.hg5ba1dd988961-2) [universe]
DBI library for the Lua language, MySQL backend
lua-dbi-postgresql (0.5.hg5ba1dd988961-2) [universe]
DBI library for the Lua language, PostgreSQL backend
lua-dbi-sqlite3 (0.5.hg5ba1dd988961-2) [universe]
DBI library for the Lua language, sqlite3 backend
lua-discount-dev ( [universe]
discount development files for the Lua language
lua-doc (3.0.1+gitdb9e868-1) [universe]
Documentation generator for lua
lua-event (0.4.3-1) [universe]
asynchronous event notification library for Lua
lua-expat (1.2.0-6) [universe]
libexpat bindings for the Lua language
lua-filesystem (1.6.2-1) [universe]
luafilesystem library for the Lua language
lua-iconv (7-2) [universe]
iconv bindings for the Lua programming language
lua-iconv-dev (7-2) [universe]
iconv bindings for Lua - development files
lua-json (1.3-1) [universe]
JSON decoder/encoder for Lua
lua-ldap (1.1.0-1-geeac494-5) [universe]
LDAP library for the Lua language
lua-ldoc (1.4.2-1) [universe]
LuaDoc-compatible documentation generation system
lua-leg (0.1.3-1) [universe]
Lua 5.1 grammar, with parsing and manipulation facilities
lua-lemock (0.6-1) [universe]
LeMock (Lua Easy Mock) for unit test
lua-lgi (0.7.2-1) [universe]
Lua bridge to GObject based libraries
lua-logging (1.3.0-1) [universe]
Logging library for the Lua language
lua-lpeg (0.12-1) [universe]
LPeg library for the Lua language
lua-lpty (1.0.1-1) [universe]
PTY library for the Lua language
lua-luxio0 (7-1) [universe]
Posix bindings for Lua
lua-markdown (0.32-5) [universe]
Pure Lua 5.1 implementation of the Markdown text-to-html markup
lua-nginx-memcached (0.10-1) [universe]
Pure Lua memcached client driver for the nginx embedded Lua language
lua-nginx-redis (0.15-1) [universe]
Pure Lua redis client driver for the nginx embedded Lua language
lua-penlight (1.2.1-1) [universe]
Collection of general purpose libraries for the Lua language
lua-posix (29-7ubuntu1) [universe]
posix library for the Lua language
lua-rex-gnu (2.7.2-2) [universe]
GNU regular expressions library for the Lua language
lua-rex-onig (2.7.2-2) [universe]
Onig regular expressions library for the Lua language
lua-rex-pcre (2.7.2-2) [universe]
Perl regular expressions library for the Lua language
lua-rex-posix (2.7.2-2) [universe]
POSIX regular expressions library for the Lua language
lua-rex-tre (2.7.2-2) [universe]
TRE regular expressions library for the Lua language
lua-rings (1.3.0-2) [universe]
Lua state creation and control library for the Lua language
lua-sec (0.5-1) [universe]
SSL socket library for the Lua language
lua-soap (3.0+git91419a7-1) [universe]
SOAP library for the Lua language
lua-socket (3.0~rc1-3) [universe]
TCP/UDP socket library for the Lua language
lua-sql-mysql (2.3.0-3) [universe]
luasql library for the Lua language
lua-sql-postgres (2.3.0-3) [universe]
luasql library for the Lua language
lua-sql-sqlite3 (2.3.0-3) [universe]
luasql library for the Lua language
lua-svn (0.4.0-9) [universe]
Subversion library for the Lua language
lua-unit (1.5+gita58da93-2) [universe]
Lua unit testing framework
lua-wsapi (1.6.0-1) [universe]
Web server API abstraction layer for the Lua language
lua-wsapi-fcgi (1.6.0-1) [universe]
Web server API fastcgi backend
lua-xmlrpc (1.2.1-6) [universe]
xmlrpc library for the Lua language
lua-zip (1.2.3-12) [universe]
zip library for the Lua language
lua-zlib (0.2+git+1+9622739-1) [universe]
zlib library for the Lua language
lua5.1 (5.1.5-5ubuntu0.1 [amd64, i386], 5.1.5-5 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [universe] [security]
Simple, extensible, embeddable programming language
lua5.2 (5.2.3-1)
Simple, extensible, embeddable programming language
lua50 (5.0.3-7) [universe]
Small embeddable language with simple procedural syntax
luadoc (3.0.1+gitdb9e868-1) [universe]
Documentation generation library for the Lua language
luajit (2.0.2+dfsg-1) [universe]
Just in time compiler for Lua programming language version 5.1
luarocks (2.0.9-1) [universe]
deployment and management system for Lua modules
m4 (1.4.17-2ubuntu1)
a macro processing language
mono-runtime (3.2.8+dfsg-4ubuntu1.1 [amd64, i386], 3.2.8+dfsg-4ubuntu1 [armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [security]
Mono runtime - default version
mtpfs (1.1-4.1) [universe]
FUSE filesystem for Media Transfer Protocol devices
neko (2.0.0-3) [universe]
Lightweight virtual machine - compiler and tools
newt-tcl (0.52.15-2ubuntu5) [universe]
NEWT module for Tcl
nickle (2.77-1) [universe]
desk calculator language
nqp (2013.12.1-1) [universe]
Not Quite Perl compiler
openjdk-6-jre (6b41-1.13.13-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 [amd64, i386], 6b31-1.13.3-1ubuntu1 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [universe] [security]
OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT
openjdk-6-jre-headless (6b41-1.13.13-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 [amd64, i386], 6b31-1.13.3-1ubuntu1 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [universe] [security]
OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT (headless)
openjdk-6-jre-lib (6b41-1.13.13-0ubuntu0.14.04.1) [universe] [security]
OpenJDK Java runtime (architecture independent libraries)
openjdk-6-jre-zero (6b41-1.13.13-0ubuntu0.14.04.1) [universe] [security]
Alternative JVM for OpenJDK, using Zero/Shark
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: openjdk-6-jre-headless
original-awk (2012-12-20-1) [universe]
The original awk described in "The AWK Programming Language"
parrot (5.9.0-1build1) [universe]
virtual machine for dynamic languages
parrot-doc (5.9.0-1build1) [universe]
Parrot documentation
parrot-minimal (5.9.0-1build1) [universe]
minimal install of the Parrot VM
pforth (21-12) [universe]
portable Forth interpreter
php5-librdf ( [universe]
PHP5 language bindings for the Redland RDF library
pike7.8 (7.8.700-7) [universe]
Recommended metapackage for Pike 7.8
pike7.8-bzip2 (7.8.700-7) [universe]
Bzip2 module for Pike
pike7.8-core (7.8.700-7) [universe]
Powerful interpreted programming language
pike7.8-dev (7.8.700-7) [universe]
Development files for Pike 7.8
pike7.8-dnssd (7.8.700-7) [universe]
DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD) for Pike
pike7.8-full (7.8.700-7) [universe]
Metapackage for Pike 7.8
pike7.8-fuse (7.8.700-7) [universe]
Filesystem in USErspace support for Pike
pike7.8-gdbm (7.8.700-7) [universe]
Gdbm module for Pike
pike7.8-gl (7.8.700-7) [universe]
Mesa modules for Pike
pike7.8-gtk (7.8.700-7) [universe]
GTK+ 2.0 module for Pike
pike7.8-image (7.8.700-7) [universe]
Image modules for Pike
pike7.8-mysql (7.8.700-7) [universe]
MySQL modules for Pike
pike7.8-odbc (7.8.700-7) [universe]
ODBC modules for Pike
pike7.8-pcre (7.8.700-7) [universe]
PCRE module for Pike
pike7.8-pg (7.8.700-7) [universe]
PostgreSQL modules for Pike
pike7.8-sane (7.8.700-7) [universe]
SANE module for Pike
pike7.8-sdl (7.8.700-7) [universe]
SDL module for Pike
pike7.8-sqlite (7.8.700-7) [universe]
SQLite module for Pike
pike7.8-svg (7.8.700-7) [universe]
SVG format support for Pike
plt-scheme (5.3.6+dfsg1-1) [universe]
Racket Programming Environment (transitional package)
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: racket
polyml (5.2.1-1.1) [universe]
interpreter and interactive compiler for the Standard ML programming language
prolog-el (1.25-1) [universe]
Emacs major mode for editing Prolog code
pyflakes (0.8.1-1)
passive checker of Python 2 and 3 programs
python-dictclient (
Python client library for DICT (RFC2229) protocol
python-dictdlib (
Python library for generating dictd dictionaries
quantlib-ruby (1.3-2) [universe]
Ruby bindings for the Quantlib Quantitative Finance library
rakudo (2013.12-1) [universe]
Perl 6 implementation on top of Parrot virtual machine
regina-rexx (3.6-2) [universe]
Regina REXX interpreter
rep-gtk (1:0.90.0-2.2) [universe]
GTK+ binding for librep
rep-gtk-gnome (1:0.90.0-2.2) [universe]
Dummy package for transition
rhino (1.7R4-2)
JavaScript engine written in Java
rhino-doc (1.7R4-2)
transitional dummy package for new librhino-java-doc
ri (1: [universe]
Ruby Interactive reference
ruby (1:
Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby (default version)
ruby-full (1: [universe]
Ruby full installation (default version)
ruby-gnome2 (2.1.0-1) [universe]
GNOME-related bindings for the Ruby language
rubyfilter-doc (0.12-2.1) [universe]
A mail filtering library for Ruby (documentation)
scheme48 (1.9-3) [universe]
simple, modular, and lightweight Scheme implementation
scheme48-doc (1.9-3) [universe]
Documentation for the Scheme48 implementation of Scheme
scm (5e5-3.3) [universe]
A Scheme language interpreter
scsh ( [universe]
A `scheme' interpreter designed for writing system programs (default version)
scsh-0.6 (0.6.7-8) [universe]
A `scheme' interpreter designed for writing system programs
scsh-common-0.6 (0.6.7-8) [universe]
A `scheme' interpreter designed for writing system programs
sdlbrt (0.0.20070714-5) [universe]
BASIC interpreter for game development - runtime interpreter
seed (3.8.1-1) [universe]
GObject JavaScript bindings for the webkit engine - Interpreter
sigscheme (0.8.5-4ubuntu2) [universe]
Scheme Interpreter to be embedded
sisc (1.16.6-1.1) [universe]
A Java integrated, fully R5RS compliant Scheme system
slang-cfitsio (0.3.8+nosvn-4.1) [universe]
read and write FITS files from S-Lang
slang-curl (0.2.1-4.2) [universe]
transfer files using HTTP and FTP from S-Lang
slang-expat (0.5.0-2) [universe]
S-Lang bindings for the expat XML parser
slang-gdbm (1.7.1-4) [universe]
access to GDBM databases from S-Lang
slang-gsl (0.7.0-5.1) [universe]
GNU Scientific Library binding for S-Lang
slang-histogram (0.3.2a-3.1) [universe]
create and manipulate histograms from S-Lang
slang-pvm (0.1.5-12.1) [universe]
PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) interface for S-Lang
slang-sqlite (0.4.0-3.1) [universe]
S-Lang bindings to the sqlite3 database library
slang-tess (0.3.0-6) [universe]
regression testing system for the S-Lang scripting language
slang-wildcard (0.5.0-2) [universe]
adds a wildcard match function to S-Lang
slsh (2.2.4-15ubuntu1) [universe]
Interpreter for S-Lang language
squeak-vm (1: [universe]
The Squeak Smalltalk System (virtual machine)
swi-prolog (6.6.4-2ubuntu1) [universe]
ISO/Edinburgh-style Prolog interpreter
swi-prolog-java (6.6.4-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Bidirectional interface between SWI-Prolog and Java
swi-prolog-nox (6.6.4-2ubuntu1) [universe]
ISO/Edinburgh-style Prolog interpreter (without X support)
swi-prolog-odbc (6.6.4-2ubuntu1) [universe]
ODBC library for SWI-Prolog
swi-prolog-x (6.6.4-2ubuntu1) [universe]
User interface library for SWI-Prolog (with X support)
swig (2.0.11-1ubuntu2)
Generate scripting interfaces to C/C++ code
swig-examples (2.0.11-1ubuntu2)
Examples for applications of SWIG
swig2.0 (2.0.11-1ubuntu2)
Generate scripting interfaces to C/C++ code
swig2.0-examples (2.0.11-1ubuntu2)
Examples for applications of SWIG
tcl (8.6.0+6ubuntu3)
Tool Command Language (default version) - shell
tcl-combat (0.8.1-1) [universe]
CORBA scripting with Tcl
tcl-sugar (0.1-1) [universe]
Lisp-like macro system for Tcl
tcl-tclex (1.2a1-16) [universe]
Lexical analyzer generator for Tcl
tcl-thread (1:2.7.0-1) [universe]
Tcl extension implementing script level access to Tcl threading capabilities
tcl-vfs (1.3-20080503-4) [universe]
Exposes Tcl's virtual filesystem C API to the Tcl script level
tcl-vtk (5.8.0-14.1ubuntu3) [universe]
Tcl bindings for VTK
tcl-vtk6 (6.0.0-6) [universe]
Tcl bindings for VTK
tcl8.4 (8.4.20-7) [universe]
Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.4 - shell
tcl8.5 (8.5.15-2ubuntu1)
Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.5 - shell
tcl8.5-kwwidgets (1.0.0~cvs20100930-8) [universe]
Cross-Platform GUI Toolkit - TCL/TK
tcl8.6 (8.6.1-4ubuntu1)
Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.6 - shell
tclcurl (7.22.0-1) [universe]
Tcl bindings to libcurl
tclgeoip (0.2-1.1) [universe]
Tcl extension implementing GeoIP lookup functions
tcllib (1.15-dfsg-2) [universe]
Standard Tcl Library
tinyscheme (1.41-1) [universe]
Very small scheme implementation
tk-html3 (3.0~fossil20110109-2) [universe]
Render HTML and CSS content with tk
tkcon (2:2.7~20130123-1) [universe]
Enhanced interactive console for developing in Tcl
tkinspect (5.1.6p10-4) [universe]
Tk application inspector for developing in Tcl
tklib (0.6-1) [universe]
standard Tk Library
vtk6 (6.0.0-6) [universe]
Binaries for VTK6
xmltv (0.5.63-2) [universe]
Functionality related to the XMLTV file format for TV listings
xmltv-gui (0.5.63-2) [universe]
Graphical user interface related to the XMLTV file format
xmltv-util (0.5.63-2) [universe]
Utilities related to the XMLTV file format for TV listings
yforth (0.2.1-1) [universe]
small freeware Forth environment in ANSI C
zlib-gst (3.2.4-2) [universe]
Zlib bindings for GNU Smalltalk