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"xenial-updates" のサブセクション graphics に含まれるソフトウェアパッケージ

autotrace (0.31.1-16+nmu1.2ubuntu0.1) [universe]
bitmap to vector graphics converter
djview ( [universe]
Transition package, djview3 to djview4
djview3 ( [universe]
Transition package, djview3 to djview4
djvulibre-bin ( [universe]
Utilities for the DjVu image format
exempi (2.2.2-2ubuntu0.1) [universe]
command line tool to manipulate XMP metadata
exiv2 (0.25-2.1ubuntu16.04.5) [universe]
EXIF/IPTC/XMP metadata manipulation tool
fontforge-nox (20120731.b-7.1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
font editor - non-X version
gimp (2.8.16-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
The GNU Image Manipulation Program
gimp-data (2.8.16-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Data files for GIMP
gimp-dbg (2.8.16-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Debugging symbols for GIMP
gpac (0.5.2-426-gc5ad4e4+dfsg5-1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
GPAC Project on Advanced Content - utilities
gpac-modules-base (0.5.2-426-gc5ad4e4+dfsg5-1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
GPAC Project on Advanced Content - modules
graphicsmagick (1.3.23-1ubuntu0.4) [universe]
collection of image processing tools
graphicsmagick-dbg (1.3.23-1ubuntu0.4) [universe]
format-independent image processing - debugging symbols
graphicsmagick-imagemagick-compat (1.3.23-1ubuntu0.4) [universe]
image processing tools providing ImageMagick interface
graphicsmagick-libmagick-dev-compat (1.3.23-1ubuntu0.4) [universe]
image processing libraries providing ImageMagick interface
graphviz (2.38.0-12ubuntu2.1)
rich set of graph drawing tools
gtk2-engines-pixbuf (2.24.30-1ubuntu1.16.04.2) [universe]
pixbuf-based theme for GTK+ 2.x
imagemagick (8:
image manipulation programs -- binaries
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: graphicsmagick-imagemagick-compat
imagemagick-6.q16 (8:
image manipulation programs -- quantum depth Q16
imagemagick-common (8:
image manipulation programs -- infrastructure
jbig2dec (0.12+20150918-1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
JBIG2 decoder library - tools
jhead (1:3.00-4+deb9u1build0.16.04.1) [universe]
manipulate the non-image part of Exif compliant JPEG files
kamera (4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1.1) [universe]
digital camera support for KDE applications
libgd-tools (2.1.1-4ubuntu0.16.04.11) [universe]
GD command line tools and example code
libgpac-dev (0.5.2-426-gc5ad4e4+dfsg5-1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
GPAC Project on Advanced Content - development files
libjasper-runtime (1.900.1-debian1-2.4ubuntu1.2) [universe]
Programs for manipulating JPEG-2000 files
libjpeg-progs (1:9b-1ubuntu1) [universe]
Programs for manipulating JPEG files
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: libjpeg-turbo-progs
libjpeg-turbo-progs (1.4.2-0ubuntu3.3) [universe]
Programs for manipulating JPEG files
libopenjp2-tools (2.1.2-1.1+deb9u3build0.16.04.1) [universe]
command-line tools using the JPEG 2000 library
libopenjp3d-tools (2.1.2-1.1+deb9u3build0.16.04.1) [universe]
command-line tools using the JPEG 2000 - 3D library
libopenjpip-dec-server (2.1.2-1.1+deb9u3build0.16.04.1) [universe]
tool to allow caching of JPEG 2000 files using JPIP protocol
libopenjpip-server (2.1.2-1.1+deb9u3build0.16.04.1) [universe]
JPIP server for JPEG 2000 files
libopenjpip-viewer (2.1.2-1.1+deb9u3build0.16.04.1) [universe]
JPEG 2000 java based viewer for advanced remote JPIP access
libraw-bin (0.17.1-1ubuntu0.5) [universe]
raw image decoder library (tools)
libreoffice-ogltrans (1:5.1.6~rc2-0ubuntu1~xenial10)
LibreOffice Impress extension for slide transitions using OpenGL
libtiff-opengl (4.0.6-1ubuntu0.7) [universe]
TIFF manipulation and conversion tools
libtiff-tools (4.0.6-1ubuntu0.7) [universe]
TIFF manipulation and conversion tools
mytharchive (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
create and burn DVD's from MythTV - binary file
mythbrowser (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
Web browser plugin for MythTV
mythgallery (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
Image gallery/slideshow add-on module for MythTV
mythgame (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
Emulator & PC Game frontend module for MythTV
mythnetvision (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
Internet Video Player plugin for MythTV
mythnews (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
RSS feed news reader module for MythTV
mythplugins (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
Metapackage package for MythTV plugins
mythtv (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
Personal video recorder application (client and server)
mythtv-backend (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
Personal video recorder application (server)
mythtv-common (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
Personal video recorder application (common data)
mythtv-database (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
Personal video recorder application (database)
mythtv-doc (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
Personal video recorder application (documentation)
mythtv-frontend (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
Personal video recorder application (client)
mythtv-transcode-utils (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
Utilities used for transcoding MythTV tasks
mythweather (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
Weather add-on module for MythTV
mythzoneminder (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
view status and display footage recorded with zoneminder
openexr (2.2.0-10ubuntu2.1) [universe]
command-line tools for the OpenEXR image format
optipng (0.7.6-1ubuntu0.16.04.1)
advanced PNG (Portable Network Graphics) optimizer
php-mythtv (2:0.28.0+fixes.20160413.15cf421-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [multiverse]
PHP Bindings for MythTV
sam2p (0.49.2-3+deb8u3build0.16.04.1) [universe]
convert raster images to EPS, PDF, and other formats
sane-utils (1.0.25+git20150528-1ubuntu2.16.04.1)
API library for scanners -- utilities
scribus (1.4.6+dfsg-2ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Open Source Desktop Page Layout - stable branch
scribus-data (1.4.6+dfsg-2ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Open Source Desktop Page Layout - stable branch (data files)
simple-image-reducer (1.0.2-3ubuntu0.16.04.1) [universe]
GTK application to easily reduce and rotate images
smartshine (0.36-0ubuntu2.16.04.1) [universe]
Automatic photo adjusting software
transfig (1:3.2.5.e-5ubuntu0.1)
Utilities for converting XFig figure files
v4l2loopback-dkms (0.9.1-4ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Source for the v4l2loopback driver (DKMS)
v4l2loopback-source (0.9.1-4ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Source for the v4l2loopback driver
v4l2loopback-utils (0.9.1-4ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Commandline utilities for the for the v4l2-loopback module
vlc (2.2.2-5ubuntu0.16.04.4) [universe]
multimedia player and streamer
vlc-data (2.2.2-5ubuntu0.16.04.4) [universe]
Common data for VLC
vlc-plugin-jack (2.2.2-5ubuntu0.16.04.4) [universe]
Jack audio plugins for VLC
vlc-plugin-sdl (2.2.2-5ubuntu0.16.04.4) [universe]
SDL video and audio output plugin for VLC
vulkan-utils ( [universe]
Miscellaneous Vulkan utilities