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Пакет: science-numericalcomputation (1.7ubuntu3) [universe]

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Debian Science Numerical Computation packages

Другие пакеты, относящиеся к science-numericalcomputation

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  • предложения
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  • dep: science-config (= 1.7ubuntu3)
    Debian Science Project config package
  • dep: science-tasks (= 1.7ubuntu3)
    Debian Science tasks for tasksel
  • rec: admesh
    Tool for processing triangulated solid meshes. Binary
  • rec: algotutor
    program for observing the intermediate steps of algorithm
  • rec: calculix-ccx
    Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program
  • rec: calculix-cgx
    Calculix cgx is a 3-dimensional pre- and post-processor for fem
  • rec: coinor-cbc
    Coin-or branch-and-cut mixed integer programming solver
  • rec: coinor-clp
    Coin-or linear programming solver
  • rec: coinor-symphony
    COIN-OR solver for mixed-integer linear programs
  • rec: esys-particle
    Software for particle-based numerical modelling. MPI version.
  • rec: freemat
    mathematics framework (mostly matlab compatible)
  • rec: gnudatalanguage
    Free IDL compatible incremental compiler
  • rec: iep
    transitional dummy package for IEP
  • rec: ipython
    Enhanced interactive Python 2 shell
  • rec: julia
    Пакет недоступен
  • rec: lammps
    Molecular Dynamics Simulator
  • rec: libadolc-dev
    ADOLC development libs and headers
  • rec: libarrayfire-unified-dev
    Development files for ArrayFire (unified backend)
  • rec: libceres-dev
    nonlinear least squares minimizer (development files)
  • rec: libclblas-dev
    development files for clBLAS
  • rec: libclfft-dev
    development files for clFFT
  • rec: libclsparse-dev
    development files for clSPARSE
  • rec: libcolpack-dev
    Specialized graph vertex coloring library, development files
  • rec: libdune-grid-dev
    toolbox for solving PDEs -- grid interface (development files)
  • rec: libopengm-dev
    C++ template library for discrete factor graph models
  • rec: libppl-dev
    Parma Polyhedra Library (development)
  • rec: libqsopt-ex-dev
    Exact linear programming solver -- development files
  • rec: librsb-dev
    recursive sparse blocks matrix computations library (development)
  • rec: libsuitesparse-dev
    libraries for sparse matrices computations (development files)
  • rec: liggghts
    Open Source DEM Particle Simulation Software.
  • rec: metis
    Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering. Binaries
  • rec: octave
    GNU Octave language for numerical computations
  • rec: pdl
    perl data language: Perl extensions for numerics
  • rec: python-csa
    Connection-Set Algebra (CSA) implemented in Python
  • rec: python-demgengeo
    DEMGenGeo is a library for creating geometry files
  • rec: python-escript
    Escript/Finley finite elements Python2 system (with OpenMP)
    или python3-escript
    Escript/Finley finite elements Python3 system (with OpenMP)
    или python-escript-mpi
    Escript/Finley finite elements Python2 system (OpenMP + MPI)
    или python3-escript-mpi
    Escript/Finley finite elements Python3 system (OpenMP + MPI)
  • rec: python-gts
    Python wrapper for the GNU Triangulated Surface library (GTS)
  • rec: python-pysph
    open source framework for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
  • rec: python-sfepy
    Simple Finite Elements in Python
  • rec: python-sparse
    Sparse linear algebra extension for Python
  • rec: python3-arrayfire
    ArrayFire bindings for Python 3
    или python-arrayfire
    ArrayFire bindings for Python 2
  • rec: python3-bitstring
    Python module for manipulation of binary data (Python 3)
    или python-bitstring
    Python module for manipulation of binary data (Python 2)
  • rec: python3-deap
    Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python3
    или python-deap
    Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python
  • rec: python3-guiqwt
    efficient 2D data-plotting library - Python 3
    или python-guiqwt
    efficient 2D data-plotting library - Python 2
  • rec: python3-lmfit
    Least-Squares Minimization with Constraints (Python 3)
    или python-lmfit
    Least-Squares Minimization with Constraints (Python 2)
  • rec: python3-matplotlib
    Python based plotting system in a style similar to Matlab (Python 3)
    или python-matplotlib
    Python based plotting system in a style similar to Matlab
  • rec: python3-numpy
    Fast array facility to the Python 3 language
    или python-numpy
    Numerical Python adds a fast array facility to the Python language
  • rec: python3-scipy
    scientific tools for Python 3
    или python-scipy
    scientific tools for Python
  • rec: python3-tables
    hierarchical database for Python3 based on HDF5
    или python-tables
    hierarchical database for Python based on HDF5
  • rec: python3-theano
    CPU/GPU math expression compiler for Python 3
    или python-theano
    CPU/GPU math expression compiler for Python
  • rec: python3-woo
    Discrete dynamic compuations, esp. granular mechanics (python 3)
    или python-woo
    Discrete dynamic computations, esp. granular mechanics (python 2)
  • rec: pyzo
    interactive editor for scientific Python
  • rec: qsopt-ex
    Exact linear programming solver
  • rec: r-base
    GNU R statistical computation and graphics system
  • rec: scilab
    Scientific software package for numerical computations
  • rec: scilab-ann
    Scilab module for artificial neural networks
  • rec: scilab-plotlib
    "Matlab-like" Plotting library for Scilab
  • rec: spyder
    Python IDE for scientists (Python 2)
  • rec: vitables
    graphical tool to browse and edit PyTables and HDF5 files
  • rec: yade
    Platform for discrete element modeling
  • rec: yorick
    interpreted language and scientific graphics
  • sug: calculix-ccx-doc
    Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program (documentation files)
  • sug: calculix-ccx-test
    Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program (documentation files)
  • sug: calculix-cgx-examples
    Example files for Calculix GraphiX
  • sug: ceres-solver-doc
    documentation for ceres-solver
  • sug: coinor-libcoinmp-dev
    Simple C API for COIN-OR Solvers Clp and Cbc -- development
  • sug: easea
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: evolver-ogl
    Surface Evolver - with OpenGL display
    или evolver-nox
    Surface Evolver - with no X support
  • sug: geneva
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: hpcc
    HPC Challenge benchmark
  • sug: libcblas-dev
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: libcneartree-dev
    Library and headers for solving the Nearest Neighbor Problem
  • sug: libquantum-dev
    library for the simulation of a quantum computer (development files)
  • sug: libscirenderer-java
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: libsuitesparse-metis-dev
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: libsundials-serial-dev
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: lush
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: matlab-support
    distro integration for local MATLAB installations
  • sug: metis-edf
    Family of Multilevel Partitioning Algorithms
  • sug: octave-sundials
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: octavede
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: python-sciscipy
    Python binding of Scilab
  • sug: python-scitools
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: python3-agate
    data analysis library optimized for human readability
  • sug: python3-agate-dbf
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: python3-agate-excel
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: python3-agate-sql
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: python3-bcolz
    high performant compressed data container based on NumPy (Python 3)
  • sug: python3-dbfread
    read DBF Files with Python
  • sug: python3-leather
    charting library for Python
  • sug: python3-sparse
    multidimensional sparse arrays for Python
  • sug: python3-spyder-line-profiler
    line profiling plugin for the Spyder IDE
  • sug: python3-spyder-memory-profiler
    memory profiling plugin for the Spyder IDE
  • sug: python3-spyder-unittest
    plugin to run tests within the Spyder IDE
  • sug: qtoctave
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: scilab-jims
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: scilab-metanet
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: scilab-scimax
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: scilab-sivp
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: scilab-swt
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: theano-doc
    CPU/GPU math expression compiler for Python (docs)
  • sug: toulbar2
    Exact combinatorial optimization for Graphical Models
  • sug: xtensor-dev
    multi-dimensional arrays with broadcasting and lazy computing
  • sug: xtensor-python-dev
    Python bindings for the xtensor library

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