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Software Packages in "saucy-backports"

ansible (1.4.4+dfsg-1~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
Configuration management, deployment, and task execution system
ansible-doc (1.4.4+dfsg-1~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
Ansible documentation and examples
ansible-fireball (1.4.4+dfsg-1~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
Ansible fireball transport support
ansible-node-fireball (1.4.4+dfsg-1~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
Ansible fireball transport support for nodes
clamav (0.98.4+dfsg-2~ubuntu13.10.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface
clamav-base (0.98.4+dfsg-2~ubuntu13.10.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - base package
clamav-daemon (0.98.4+dfsg-2~ubuntu13.10.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - scanner daemon
virtual package provided by clamav-freshclam
clamav-dbg (0.98.4+dfsg-2~ubuntu13.10.1)
debug symbols for ClamAV
clamav-docs (0.98.4+dfsg-2~ubuntu13.10.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - documentation
clamav-freshclam (0.98.4+dfsg-2~ubuntu13.10.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - virus database update utility
clamav-milter (0.98.4+dfsg-2~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
anti-virus utility for Unix - sendmail integration
clamav-testfiles (0.98.4+dfsg-2~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
anti-virus utility for Unix - test files
hedgewars ( [universe]
Funny turn-based artillery game, featuring fighting Hedgehogs!
hedgewars-data ( [universe]
Data files for hedgewars
ipmitool (1.8.13-1~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
utility for IPMI control with kernel driver or LAN interface
libclamav-dev (0.98.4+dfsg-2~ubuntu13.10.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - development files
libclamav6 (0.98.4+dfsg-2~ubuntu13.10.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - library
libopendmarc-dev (1.2.0+dfsg-1~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
Headers and development libraries for the OpenDMARC library
libopendmarc1 (1.2.0+dfsg-1~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
Library for DMARC validation and reporting
nagios-plugins-contrib (9.20140106~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems
opendmarc (1.2.0+dfsg-1~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
Milter implementation of DMARC
rddmarc (1.2.0+dfsg-1~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
DMARC report processing scripts collection
steam (1: [multiverse]
Valve's Steam digital software delivery system
supertuxkart (0.8.1-2~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
3D kart racing game
supertuxkart-data (0.8.1-2~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
3D kart racing game (data)
supertuxkart-dbg (0.8.1-2~ubuntu13.10.1) [universe]
3D kart racing game (debug)