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You have searched for packages that names contain vdr in all suites, all sections, and architecture(s) powerpc. Found 55 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package vdr

Other hits

Package dvdrip

Package dvdrip-doc

Package dvdrip-utils

Package kodi-pvr-vdr-vnsi

Package libdvdread-dbg

Package libdvdread-dev

Package libdvdread4

Package libxine2-vdr

Package libxine2-xvdr

Package libxine2-xvdr-dbg

Package svdrpservice-dev

Package vdr-dbg

Package vdr-dev

Package vdr-genindex

Package vdr-plugin-dvbhddevice

Package vdr-plugin-dvbhddevice-dbg

Package vdr-plugin-dvbsddevice

Package vdr-plugin-dvbsddevice-dbg

Package vdr-plugin-dvd

Package vdr-plugin-epgsearch

Package vdr-plugin-epgsync

Package vdr-plugin-examples

Package vdr-plugin-femon

Package vdr-plugin-fritzbox

Package vdr-plugin-games

Package vdr-plugin-infosatepg

Package vdr-plugin-live

Package vdr-plugin-live-dbg

Package vdr-plugin-mp3

Package vdr-plugin-mplayer

Package vdr-plugin-osdserver

Package vdr-plugin-osdteletext

Package vdr-plugin-remote

Package vdr-plugin-remoteosd

Package vdr-plugin-satip

Package vdr-plugin-skinenigmang

Package vdr-plugin-softhddevice

Package vdr-plugin-spider

Package vdr-plugin-streamdev-client

Package vdr-plugin-streamdev-server

Package vdr-plugin-sudoku

Package vdr-plugin-svdrpext

Package vdr-plugin-svdrposd

Package vdr-plugin-svdrpservice

Package vdr-plugin-vcd

Package vdr-plugin-vnsiserver

Package vdr-plugin-vnsiserver-dbg

Package vdr-plugin-weather

Package vdr-plugin-xine

Package vdr-plugin-xineliboutput

Package vdr-plugin-xineliboutput-dbg

Package vdradmin-am

Package video-dvdrip-doc

Package xbmc-pvr-vdr-vnsi