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Exact hits

Package ample

Other hits

Package biosyntax-example

Package bolt-lmm-example

Package chromhmm-example

Package dssi-example-plugins

Package example-content

Package fntsample

Package gtkmorph-example

Package ippsample

Package kaptive-example

Package libalgorithm-numerical-sample-perl

Package libavresample-dev

Package libavresample-ffmpeg2

Package libavresample3

Package libavresample4

Package libcanl-c-examples-dbg

Package libofapi-example

Package libopencsg-example

Package libpcl-sample-consensus1.10

Package libpcl-sample-consensus1.11

Package libpcl-sample-consensus1.7

Package libpcl-sample-consensus1.8

Package libresample1

Package libresample1-dev

Package libsamplerate-ocaml

Package libsamplerate-ocaml-dev

Package libsamplerate0

Package libsamplerate0-dev

Package libswresample-dev

Package libswresample-ffmpeg1

Package libswresample2

Package libswresample3

Package libvanessa-logger-sample

Package libzita-resampler-dev

Package libzita-resampler-doc

Package libzita-resampler1

Package liquidsoap-plugin-samplerate

Package multimedia-samplers

Package pd-xsample

Package plast-example

Package python-pyresample

Package python-pyresample-doc

Package python-pyresample-test

Package python3-pyresample

Package qsampler

Package qtbase5-examples-dbg

Package qtltools-example

Package qttools5-examples-dbg

Package qtwebkit5-examples-dbg

Package qtwebkit5-examples-doc

Package qtwebkit5-examples-doc-html

Package r-cran-raschsampler

Package r-cran-rsample

Package rampler

Package rapmap-example-data

Package resample

Package resfinder-example

Package samplerate-programs

Package shapeit4-example

Package velvet-example

Package yample

Package zita-resampler

Package zita-resampler-dbg