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You have searched for packages that names contain aspell in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 79 matching packages.

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Package aspell

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Package aspell-af

Package aspell-am

Package aspell-ar

Package aspell-ar-large

Package aspell-bg

Package aspell-bn

Package aspell-br

Package aspell-ca

Package aspell-cs

Package aspell-cy

Package aspell-da

Package aspell-de

Package aspell-de-1901

Package aspell-de-alt

Package aspell-doc

Package aspell-el

Package aspell-en

Package aspell-eo

Package aspell-eo-cx7

Package aspell-es

Package aspell-et

Package aspell-eu

Package aspell-eu-es

Package aspell-fa

Package aspell-fo

Package aspell-fr

Package aspell-ga

Package aspell-gl-minimos

Package aspell-gu

Package aspell-he

Package aspell-hi

Package aspell-hr

Package aspell-hsb

Package aspell-hu

Package aspell-hy

Package aspell-id

Package aspell-is

Package aspell-it

Package aspell-kk

Package aspell-kn

Package aspell-ku

Package aspell-lt

Package aspell-lv

Package aspell-ml

Package aspell-mr

Package aspell-nl

Package aspell-no

Package aspell-nr

Package aspell-ns

Package aspell-or

Package aspell-pa

Package aspell-pl

Package aspell-pt

Package aspell-pt-br

Package aspell-pt-pt

Package aspell-ro

Package aspell-ru

Package aspell-sk

Package aspell-sl

Package aspell-ss

Package aspell-st

Package aspell-sv

Package aspell-ta

Package aspell-te

Package aspell-tl

Package aspell-tn

Package aspell-ts

Package aspell-uk

Package aspell-uz

Package aspell-xh

Package aspell-zu

Package libaspell-dev

Package libaspell15

Package libraspell-ruby

Package libraspell-ruby1.8

Package libraspell-ruby1.9.1

Package libtext-aspell-perl

Package raspell