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You have searched for packages that names contain cloc in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 47 matching packages.

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Package cloc

Other hits

Package aclock.app

Package alarm-clock-applet

Package asclock

Package asclock-themes

Package binclock

Package budgie-clockworks-applet

Package budgie-fuzzyclock-applet

Package buici-clock

Package cairo-clock

Package cairo-dock-clock-plug-in

Package clock-setup

Package dclock

Package fake-hwclock

Package fdclock

Package gameclock

Package gnome-clocks

Package gnome-shell-extension-move-clock

Package golang-clockwork-dev

Package golang-github-facebookgo-clock-dev

Package golang-github-jedisct1-go-clocksmith-dev

Package golang-github-jmhodges-clock-dev

Package golang-github-jonboulle-clockwork-dev

Package golang-github-pivotal-golang-clock-dev

Package gworldclock

Package iputils-clockdiff

Package jack-midi-clock

Package libdbix-class-optimisticlocking-perl

Package libghc-clock-dev

Package libghc-clock-doc

Package libghc-clock-prof

Package librust-chrono+clock-dev

Package libtime-clock-perl

Package osdclock

Package rovclock

Package ruby-clockwork

Package sunclock

Package sunclock-maps

Package tty-clock

Package twclock

Package wmcalclock

Package wmclock

Package wmclockmon

Package wmmoonclock

Package xarclock

Package xdaliclock

Package ztclocalagent