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You have searched for packages that names contain cpu in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 63 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package cpu

Other hits

Package caffe-cpu

Package caffe-tools-cpu

Package cpu-checker

Package cpu-x

Package cpuburn

Package cpuburn-udeb

Package cpufreqd

Package cpufrequtils

Package cpuid

Package cpuidtool

Package cpuinfo

Package cpulimit

Package cpupower-gui

Package cpuset

Package cpustat

Package cputool

Package escputil

Package gkrellm-cpufreq

Package golang-github-cpuguy83-go-md2man-dev

Package golang-github-klauspost-cpuid-dev

Package golang-github-templexxx-cpufeat-dev

Package indicator-cpufreq

Package libarrayfire-cpu-dev

Package libarrayfire-cpu3

Package libarrayfire-cpu3-dbg

Package libcaffe-cpu-dev

Package libcaffe-cpu1

Package libcpufreq-dev

Package libcpufreq0

Package libcpuid-dev

Package libcpuid14

Package libcpuid15

Package libcpuinfo-dev

Package libcpuinfo0

Package libcpuset-dev

Package libcpuset1

Package libghc-cpu-dev

Package libghc-cpu-doc

Package libghc-cpu-prof

Package libosdcpu3.4.0

Package libosdcpu3.4.3

Package librust-futures-cpupool+with-deprecated-dev

Package librust-futures-cpupool-dev

Package librust-hyper+futures-cpupool-dev

Package librust-num-cpus-dev

Package librust-tokio+num-cpus-dev

Package libsys-cpu-perl

Package libsys-cpuaffinity-perl

Package libsys-cpuload-perl

Package opendrim-lmp-cpu

Package plasma-widget-cpuload

Package py-cpuinfo

Package python-cpuinfo

Package python3-caffe-cpu

Package python3-cpuinfo

Package python3-cpuset

Package s390-tools-cpuplugd

Package tcputils

Package wmcpu

Package wmcpuload

Package xfce4-cpufreq-plugin

Package xfce4-cpugraph-plugin