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You have searched for packages that names contain cuda in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 40 matching packages.

Package bart-cuda

Package boinc-client-nvidia-cuda

Package caffe-cuda

Package caffe-tools-cuda

Package cuda-drivers-fabricmanager-450

Package cuda-drivers-fabricmanager-460

Package cuda-drivers-fabricmanager-470

Package libcaffe-cuda-dev

Package libcaffe-cuda1

Package libcuda1-331

Package libcuda1-331-updates

Package libcuda1-340

Package libcuda1-340-updates

Package libcuda1-346

Package libcuda1-346-updates

Package libcuda1-352

Package libcuda1-352-updates

Package libcuda1-361

Package libcuda1-361-updates

Package libcuda1-367

Package libcuda1-375

Package libcuda1-384

Package libcudart10.1

Package libcudart11.0

Package libcudart9.1

Package nvidia-cuda-dev

Package nvidia-cuda-doc

Package nvidia-cuda-gdb

Package nvidia-cuda-toolkit

Package nvidia-cuda-toolkit-doc

Package nvidia-cuda-toolkit-gcc

Package python-pycuda

Package python-pycuda-dbg

Package python-pycuda-doc

Package python3-caffe-cuda

Package python3-pycuda

Package python3-pycuda-dbg

Package python3-pyhst2-cuda

Package relion-cuda

Package relion-gui-cuda