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You have searched for packages that names contain dialog in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 21 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package dialog

Other hits

Package cairo-dock-dialog-rendering-plug-in

Package gambas3-gb-form-dialog

Package kdialog

Package krb5-auth-dialog

Package liballegro-dialog5-dev

Package liballegro-dialog5.0

Package liballegro-dialog5.2

Package libeclipse-e4-ui-dialogs-java

Package libgtk2-ex-printdialog-perl

Package libtk-filedialog-perl

Package libtk-fontdialog-perl

Package libui-dialog-perl

Package mate-accountsdialog

Package mate-accountsdialog-common

Package nxdialog

Package python-dialog

Package python3-dialog

Package qml-module-qtquick-dialogs

Package qtdeclarative5-dialogs-plugin

Package tk-fsdialog