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You have searched for packages that names contain gcompris in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 45 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package gcompris

Other hits

Package gcompris-data

Package gcompris-dbg

Package gcompris-qt

Package gcompris-qt-data

Package gcompris-sound-af

Package gcompris-sound-ar

Package gcompris-sound-ast

Package gcompris-sound-bg

Package gcompris-sound-br

Package gcompris-sound-cs

Package gcompris-sound-da

Package gcompris-sound-de

Package gcompris-sound-el

Package gcompris-sound-en

Package gcompris-sound-eo

Package gcompris-sound-es

Package gcompris-sound-eu

Package gcompris-sound-fi

Package gcompris-sound-fr

Package gcompris-sound-gd

Package gcompris-sound-he

Package gcompris-sound-hi

Package gcompris-sound-hu

Package gcompris-sound-id

Package gcompris-sound-it

Package gcompris-sound-kn

Package gcompris-sound-lt

Package gcompris-sound-mr

Package gcompris-sound-nb

Package gcompris-sound-nl

Package gcompris-sound-nn

Package gcompris-sound-pa

Package gcompris-sound-pt

Package gcompris-sound-ptbr

Package gcompris-sound-ru

Package gcompris-sound-sk

Package gcompris-sound-sl

Package gcompris-sound-so

Package gcompris-sound-sr

Package gcompris-sound-sv

Package gcompris-sound-th

Package gcompris-sound-tr

Package gcompris-sound-ur

Package gcompris-sound-zhcn