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You have searched for packages that names contain grep in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 44 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package grep

Other hits

Package ack-grep

Package agrep

Package cmigrep

Package ext3grep

Package grepcidr

Package grepmail

Package libagrep-ocaml

Package libagrep-ocaml-dev

Package libfile-grep-perl

Package libmygui.ogreplatform0debian1v5

Package libmygui.ogreplatform0debian1v5-dbg

Package librust-grep+avx-accel-dev

Package librust-grep+grep-pcre2-dev

Package librust-grep+pcre2-dev

Package librust-grep+simd-accel-dev

Package librust-grep-cli-dev

Package librust-grep-dev

Package librust-grep-matcher-dev

Package librust-grep-pcre2-dev

Package librust-grep-printer+base64-dev

Package librust-grep-printer+serde-derive-dev

Package librust-grep-printer+serde-dev

Package librust-grep-printer+serde-json-dev

Package librust-grep-printer+serde1-dev

Package librust-grep-printer-dev

Package librust-grep-regex-dev

Package librust-grep-searcher+default-dev

Package librust-grep-searcher+simd-accel-dev

Package librust-grep-searcher-dev

Package mboxgrep

Package ngrep

Package pcregrep

Package pdfgrep

Package pgreplay

Package r-cran-ggrepel

Package ripgrep

Package sgrep

Package sipgrep

Package sngrep

Package taggrepper

Package tre-agrep

Package vizigrep

Package xgrep