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You have searched for packages that names contain nano in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 57 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package nano

Other hits

Package deepnano

Package deepnano-data

Package kiki-the-nano-bot

Package kiki-the-nano-bot-data

Package libghc-nanospec-dev

Package libghc-nanospec-doc

Package libghc-nanospec-prof

Package libmrpt-nanogui-dev

Package libmrpt-nanogui2.10

Package libmrpt-nanogui2.4

Package libmrpt-nanogui2.5

Package libnanoflann-dev

Package libnanomsg-dev

Package libnanomsg-raw-perl

Package libnanomsg5

Package libnanopb-dev

Package libnanosvg-dev

Package libnanovdb-dev

Package libnanovdb-tools

Package libnanoxml2-java

Package libnanoxml2-java-doc

Package libnewlib-nano-arm-none-eabi

Package librust-nanorand-dev

Package nano-tiny

Package nano-udeb

Package nanoblogger

Package nanoblogger-extra

Package nanoc

Package nanoc-doc

Package nanofilt

Package nanolyse

Package nanomsg-utils

Package nanook

Package nanook-examples

Package nanopb

Package nanopolish

Package nanostat

Package nanosv

Package nanovna-saver

Package plasma-nano

Package python3-nanoget

Package python3-nanoget-examples

Package python3-nanomath

Package python3-nanostat

Package r-bioc-nanostringqcpro

Package r-cran-nanotime

Package r6rs-nanopass-dev

Package ruby-nanoc-checking

Package ruby-nanoc-cli

Package ruby-nanoc-core

Package ruby-nanoc-deploying

Package ruby-nanoc-external

Package ruby-nanoc-live

Package ruby-nanotest

Package science-nanoscale-physics

Package science-nanoscale-physics-dev