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You have searched for packages that names contain ntp in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 46 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package ntp

Other hits

Package antpm

Package antpm-dbg

Package chntpw

Package cyrus-nntpd

Package gntp-send

Package golang-github-brentp-bix-dev

Package golang-github-brentp-goluaez-dev

Package golang-github-brentp-gsort-dev

Package golang-github-brentp-irelate-dev

Package golang-github-brentp-vcfgo-dev

Package jamnntpd

Package libghc-mountpoints-dev

Package libghc-mountpoints-doc

Package libghc-mountpoints-prof

Package libnet-ntp-perl

Package libnews-nntpclient-perl

Package libwsman-clientpp-dev

Package libwsman-clientpp1

Package mountpy

Package node-sntp

Package ntp-doc

Package ntpdate

Package ntpsec

Package ntpsec-doc

Package ntpsec-ntpdate

Package ntpsec-ntpviz

Package ntpstat

Package openntpd

Package php-net-nntp

Package php-raintpl

Package puppet-module-puppetlabs-ntp

Package python-fontparts-doc

Package python-ntplib

Package python-zope.contentprovider

Package python3-elementpath

Package python3-fontparts

Package python3-fontpens

Package python3-gntp

Package python3-ntp

Package python3-ntplib

Package python3-pprintpp

Package raintpl

Package ruby-net-ntp

Package sinntp

Package sntp