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You have searched for packages that names contain octave in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 90 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package octave

Other hits

Package cantor-backend-octave

Package dh-octave

Package dh-octave-autopkgtest

Package liboctave-dev

Package liboctave2

Package liboctave3

Package liboctave4

Package libsbml5-octave

Package octave-audio

Package octave-autopkgtest

Package octave-bart

Package octave-benchmark

Package octave-bim

Package octave-biosig

Package octave-common

Package octave-communications

Package octave-communications-common

Package octave-control

Package octave-data-smoothing

Package octave-dataframe

Package octave-dbg

Package octave-divand

Package octave-doc

Package octave-econometrics

Package octave-epstk

Package octave-financial

Package octave-fpl

Package octave-ga

Package octave-gdf

Package octave-general

Package octave-geometry

Package octave-gmt

Package octave-gsl

Package octave-htmldoc

Package octave-image

Package octave-info

Package octave-interval

Package octave-interval-doc

Package octave-io

Package octave-lhapdf

Package octave-linear-algebra

Package octave-ltfat

Package octave-ltfat-common

Package octave-mapping

Package octave-miscellaneous

Package octave-missing-functions

Package octave-mpi

Package octave-msh

Package octave-nan

Package octave-netcdf

Package octave-nlopt

Package octave-nnet

Package octave-nurbs

Package octave-ocs

Package octave-octcdf

Package octave-octclip

Package octave-octgpr

Package octave-octproj

Package octave-odepkg

Package octave-openmpi-ext

Package octave-optim

Package octave-optiminterp

Package octave-parallel

Package octave-pfstools

Package octave-pkg-dev

Package octave-plot

Package octave-plplot

Package octave-psychtoolbox-3

Package octave-quaternion

Package octave-secs1d

Package octave-secs2d

Package octave-signal

Package octave-sockets

Package octave-sparsersb

Package octave-specfun

Package octave-splines

Package octave-statistics

Package octave-stk

Package octave-strings

Package octave-struct

Package octave-sundials

Package octave-symbolic

Package octave-tisean

Package octave-tsa

Package octave-vlfeat

Package octave-vrml

Package octave-zenity

Package octave-zeromq

Package qtoctave