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You have searched for pakketten that names contain ike in suite(s) focal, alle secties, and platform(s) armhf. Found 65 matching packages.

Pakket airstrike

Pakket airstrike-common

Pakket bikeshed

Pakket dirtbike

Pakket fcitx-unikey

Pakket freeradius-yubikey

Pakket golang-github-twstrike-gotk3adapter-dev

Pakket golang-github-twstrike-otr3-dev

Pakket ibus-unikey

Pakket ike-scan

Pakket jikespg

Pakket libapache2-mod-authn-yubikey

Pakket libauth-yubikey-decrypter-perl

Pakket libauth-yubikey-webclient-perl

Pakket libconfig-gitlike-perl

Pakket libghc-listlike-dev

Pakket libghc-listlike-doc

Pakket libghc-listlike-prof

Pakket libjs-jquery-ui-theme-excite-bike

Pakket libmoosex-types-stringlike-perl

Pakket libmoox-types-mooselike-numeric-perl

Pakket libmoox-types-mooselike-perl

Pakket libnucleotidelikelihoodcore0

Pakket libppix-quotelike-perl

Pakket libuniversal-moniker-perl

Pakket libvalidate-yubikey-perl

Pakket libyubikey-dev

Pakket libyubikey-udev

Pakket libyubikey0

Pakket php-mikey179-vfsstream

Pakket pike8.0

Pakket pike8.0-bzip2

Pakket pike8.0-core

Pakket pike8.0-dev

Pakket pike8.0-dnssd

Pakket pike8.0-doc

Pakket pike8.0-full

Pakket pike8.0-fuse

Pakket pike8.0-gdbm

Pakket pike8.0-gl

Pakket pike8.0-image

Pakket pike8.0-kerberos

Pakket pike8.0-manual

Pakket pike8.0-mysql

Pakket pike8.0-odbc

Pakket pike8.0-pcre

Pakket pike8.0-pg

Pakket pike8.0-reference

Pakket pike8.0-sane

Pakket pike8.0-sdl

Pakket pike8.0-sqlite

Pakket pike8.0-svg

Pakket pike8.0-web-sass

Pakket pikepdf-doc

Pakket python3-pikepdf

Pakket python3-readlike

Pakket python3-yubikey-manager

Pakket ruby-hike

Pakket ruby-io-like

Pakket scim-unikey

Pakket yubikey-luks

Pakket yubikey-manager

Pakket yubikey-personalization

Pakket yubikey-personalization-gui

Pakket yubikey-server-c