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Package lua-ansicolors

Package lua-ansicolors-dev

Package lua-any

Package lua-apr

Package lua-apr-dev

Package lua-apr-doc

Package lua-argparse

Package lua-augeas

Package lua-axtlsl

Package lua-basexx

Package lua-bit32

Package lua-bit32-dev

Package lua-bitop

Package lua-bitop-dev

Package lua-busted

Package lua-cgi

Package lua-check

Package lua-cjson

Package lua-cjson-dev

Package lua-cliargs

Package lua-cliargs-dev

Package lua-clod

Package lua-clod-doc

Package lua-compat53

Package lua-compat53-dev

Package lua-copas

Package lua-cosmo

Package lua-coxpcall

Package lua-cqueues

Package lua-cqueues-dev

Package lua-curl

Package lua-curl-dev

Package lua-curses

Package lua-curses-dev

Package lua-cyrussasl

Package lua-cyrussasl-dev

Package lua-dbi-common

Package lua-dbi-mysql

Package lua-dbi-mysql-dbg

Package lua-dbi-mysql-dev

Package lua-dbi-postgresql

Package lua-dbi-postgresql-dbg

Package lua-dbi-postgresql-dev

Package lua-dbi-sqlite3

Package lua-dbi-sqlite3-dbg

Package lua-dbi-sqlite3-dev

Package lua-discount

Package lua-discount-dev

Package lua-dkjson

Package lua-dkjson-dev

Package lua-doc

Package lua-elektra

Package lua-event

Package lua-event-dbg

Package lua-event-dev

Package lua-expat

Package lua-expat-dev

Package lua-fifo

Package lua-filesystem

Package lua-filesystem-dev

Package lua-gall

Package lua-gall-doc

Package lua-geoip

Package lua-geoip-dev

Package lua-guestfs

Package lua-hamlib2

Package lua-http

Package lua-iconv

Package lua-iconv-dev

Package lua-inifile

Package lua-inotify

Package lua-inotify-dev

Package lua-inspect

Package lua-json

Package lua-lace

Package lua-lace-doc

Package lua-ldap

Package lua-ldap-dev

Package lua-ldoc

Package lua-leg

Package lua-leg-dev

Package lua-lemock

Package lua-lemock-dev

Package lua-lgi

Package lua-lgi-dbg

Package lua-lgi-dev

Package lua-ljsyscall

Package lua-logging

Package lua-lpeg

Package lua-lpeg-dev

Package lua-lpeg-patterns

Package lua-lpty

Package lua-lpty-dev

Package lua-luaossl

Package lua-luaossl-dev

Package lua-luassert

Package lua-luassert-dev

Package lua-luv

Package lua-luv-dev

Package lua-luxio