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You have searched for clang in packages names and descriptions in suite(s) focal, all sections, and all architectures (including subword matching). Found 67 matching packages.

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Exact hits

Package clang

Other hits

Package clang-10-doc

Package clang-7

Package clang-8-doc

Package clang-9-doc

Package clang-format

Package clang-format-10

Package clang-format-6.0

Package clang-format-7

Package clang-format-8

Package clang-format-9

Package clangd

Package clangd-10

Package clangd-8

Package clangd-9

Package clang-tools

Package libclang-6.0-dev

Package libclang-dev

Package libclang-7-dev

Package libopencl-clang10

Package arcanist-clang-format-linter

Package clang-tidy

Package clang-tidy-6.0

Package libclang-common-6.0-dev

Package clang-tidy-10

Package clang-tidy-8

Package clang-tidy-9

Package clang-tidy-7

Package libclang-common-7-dev

Package python-clang

Package python-clang-8

Package python-clang-9

Package libclang1-6.0

Package clang-tools-6.0

Package clang-tools-10

Package clang-tools-8

Package clang-tools-9

Package libclang1-7

Package clang-tools-7

Package libopencl-clang-dev

Package afl++-clang

Package clang-6.0-examples

Package clang-10-examples

Package clang-8-examples

Package clang-9-examples

Package clang-7-examples

Package python-clang-6.0

Package python3-clang-10

Package python-clang-7

Package python3-clang

Package python3-clang-8

Package python3-clang-9

Package libclang-10-dev

Package libclang-8-dev

Package libclang-9-dev

Package libclang-common-10-dev

Package libclang-common-8-dev

Package libclang-common-9-dev

Package clazy

Package bear

Package clang-6.0

Package clang-10

Package clang-8

Package clang-9

Package libclang-cpp10

Package libclang-cpp10-dev

Package libclang-cpp9