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You have searched for packages that names contain php8.1 in suite(s) jammy, all sections, and architecture(s) ppc64el. Found 68 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package php8.1

Other hits

Package libapache2-mod-php8.1

Package libphp8.1-embed

Package php8.1-amqp

Package php8.1-apcu

Package php8.1-ast

Package php8.1-bcmath

Package php8.1-bz2

Package php8.1-cgi

Package php8.1-cli

Package php8.1-common

Package php8.1-curl

Package php8.1-dba

Package php8.1-dev

Package php8.1-ds

Package php8.1-enchant

Package php8.1-fpm

Package php8.1-gd

Package php8.1-gearman

Package php8.1-gmagick

Package php8.1-gmp

Package php8.1-gnupg

Package php8.1-http

Package php8.1-igbinary

Package php8.1-imagick

Package php8.1-imap

Package php8.1-interbase

Package php8.1-intl

Package php8.1-ldap

Package php8.1-mailparse

Package php8.1-mbstring

Package php8.1-memcache

Package php8.1-memcached

Package php8.1-mongodb

Package php8.1-msgpack

Package php8.1-mysql

Package php8.1-oauth

Package php8.1-odbc

Package php8.1-opcache

Package php8.1-pcov

Package php8.1-pgsql

Package php8.1-phpdbg

Package php8.1-ps

Package php8.1-pspell

Package php8.1-psr

Package php8.1-raphf

Package php8.1-readline

Package php8.1-redis

Package php8.1-rrd

Package php8.1-smbclient

Package php8.1-snmp

Package php8.1-soap

Package php8.1-solr

Package php8.1-sqlite3

Package php8.1-ssh2

Package php8.1-sybase

Package php8.1-tidy

Package php8.1-uopz

Package php8.1-uploadprogress

Package php8.1-uuid

Package php8.1-xdebug

Package php8.1-xml

Package php8.1-xmlrpc

Package php8.1-xsl

Package php8.1-yac

Package php8.1-yaml

Package php8.1-zip

Package php8.1-zmq