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You have searched for packages that names contain texlive in suite(s) xenial, all sections, and architecture(s) ppc64el. Found 60 matching packages.

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Exact hits

Package texlive

Other hits

Package texlive-base

Package texlive-bibtex-extra

Package texlive-binaries

Package texlive-extra-utils

Package texlive-font-utils

Package texlive-fonts-extra

Package texlive-fonts-extra-doc

Package texlive-fonts-recommended

Package texlive-fonts-recommended-doc

Package texlive-formats-extra

Package texlive-full

Package texlive-games

Package texlive-generic-extra

Package texlive-generic-recommended

Package texlive-htmlxml

Package texlive-humanities

Package texlive-humanities-doc

Package texlive-lang-african

Package texlive-lang-all

Package texlive-lang-arabic

Package texlive-lang-chinese

Package texlive-lang-cjk

Package texlive-lang-cyrillic

Package texlive-lang-czechslovak

Package texlive-lang-english

Package texlive-lang-european

Package texlive-lang-french

Package texlive-lang-german

Package texlive-lang-greek

Package texlive-lang-indic

Package texlive-lang-italian

Package texlive-lang-japanese

Package texlive-lang-korean

Package texlive-lang-other

Package texlive-lang-polish

Package texlive-lang-portuguese

Package texlive-lang-spanish

Package texlive-latex-base

Package texlive-latex-base-doc

Package texlive-latex-extra

Package texlive-latex-extra-doc

Package texlive-latex-recommended

Package texlive-latex-recommended-doc

Package texlive-latex3

Package texlive-luatex

Package texlive-math-extra

Package texlive-metapost

Package texlive-metapost-doc

Package texlive-music

Package texlive-omega

Package texlive-pictures

Package texlive-pictures-doc

Package texlive-plain-extra

Package texlive-pstricks

Package texlive-pstricks-doc

Package texlive-publishers

Package texlive-publishers-doc

Package texlive-science

Package texlive-science-doc