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Paket: science-mathematics-dev (1.4ubuntu7) [universe]

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Please consider filing a bug or asking a question via Launchpad before contacting the maintainer directly.

Original Maintainers (usually from Debian):

  • Debian Science Team (Posta Arşivi)
  • Frederic Daniel Luc Lehobey
  • Andreas Tille
  • Sylvestre Ledru

It should generally not be necessary for users to contact the original maintainer.

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Debian Science Mathematics-dev packages

science-mathematics-dev ile İlgili Diğer Paketler

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  • dep: science-config (= 1.4ubuntu7)
    Debian Science Project config package
  • dep: science-tasks (= 1.4ubuntu7)
    Debian Science tasks for tasksel
  • rec: code-saturne-bin
    General purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software - binaries
  • rec: code-saturne-include
    General purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software - includes
  • rec: fflas-ffpack
    Finite field linear algebra subroutines/package
  • rec: fftw-dev
    library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms
  • rec: gap-dev
    GAP computer algebra system, compiler and development files
  • rec: libalglib-dev
    Development files for the alglib library
  • rec: libann-dev
    Approximate Nearest Neighbor Searching library (development files)
  • rec: libarmadillo-dev
    streamlined C++ linear algebra library - Headers
  • rec: libarpack++2-dev
    Object-oriented version of the ARPACK package (development)
  • rec: libarpack2-dev
    Fortran77 subroutines to solve large scale eigenvalue problems (development)
  • rec: libatlas-base-dev
    Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software, generic static
  • rec: libblas-dev
    Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines 3, static library
  • rec: libblitz0-dev
    C++ template class library for scientific computing
  • rec: libcdd-dev
    Library for finding vertices of convex polytopes, development
  • rec: libcgal-dev
    C++ library for computational geometry (development files)
  • rec: libcminpack-dev
    Nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares problems - development
  • rec: libcneartree-dev
    Library and headers for solving the Nearest Neighbor Problem
  • rec: libcqrlib2-dev
    Library and headers for quaternion arithmetic and rotation math
  • rec: libcvector2-dev
    ANSI C implementation of dynamic arrays (development files)
  • rec: libdogleg-dev
    Powell's dog-leg nonlinear least squares solver for sparse matrices
  • rec: libdouble-conversion-dev
    routines to convert IEEE floats to and from strings (development files)
  • rec: libdune-grid-dev
    toolbox for solving PDEs -- grid interface (development files)
  • rec: libeigen3-dev
    lightweight C++ template library for linear algebra
  • rec: libeinspline-dev
    library for interpolating cubic basis splines (static library and doc)
  • rec: libfftw3-dev
    Library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms - development
  • rec: libflann-dev
    Fast Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors - development
  • rec: libfreefem++-dev
    Provides the development files of the FreeFem++ FE suite
  • rec: libfreefem-dev
    Development library, header files and manpages
  • rec: libgivaro-dev
    arithmetic and algebraic computations - development files
  • rec: libglpk-dev
    linear programming kit - development files
  • rec: libglpk-java
    Java binding to the GNU Linear Programming Kit
  • rec: libgnuplot-iostream-dev
    C++ programming interface for gnuplot. Headers
  • rec: libgsl-dev
    GNU Scientific Library (GSL) -- development package
  • rec: libhypre-dev
    High Performance Matrix Preconditioners - Development Files
  • rec: libigraph0-dev
    library for creating and manipulating graphs - development files
  • rec: libitsol-dev
    ITerative SOLvers - devel
  • rec: libjama-dev
    C++ Linear Algebra Package
  • rec: liblapack-dev
    Library of linear algebra routines 3 - static version
  • rec: liblbfgs-dev
    L-BFGS solver for unconstrained nonlinear optimization problems
  • rec: liblip-dev
    reliable interpolation of multivariate scattered data
  • rec: libmadlib-dev
    mesh adaptation library
  • rec: libmatheval-dev
    GNU library for evaluating symbolic mathematical expressions (development)
  • rec: libmatio-dev
    MAT File I/O Library - development files
  • rec: libmpfrc++-dev
    multi-precision floating point number class for C++
  • rec: libmuparser-dev
    fast mathematical expressions parse library (development)
  • rec: libnewmat10-dev
    matrix manipulations library (C++ headers files)
  • rec: libnfft3-dev
    development files for the NFFT library
  • rec: libnglib-dev
    Automatic 3d tetrahedral mesh generator development files
  • rec: libopenblas-dev
    Optimized BLAS (linear algebra) library (development files)
  • rec: libopenturns-dev
    headers and development libraries for OpenTURNS
  • rec: libpolybori-dev
    polynomials over Boolean Rings, core development files
  • rec: libpolybori-groebner-dev
    development files for libpolybori-groebner
  • rec: libqcustomplot-dev
    Qt C++ widget for plotting. Header
  • rec: libqd-dev
    Double-double and quad double types in C++ and F90
  • rec: libqhull-dev
    calculate convex hulls and related structures (development files)
  • rec: libquadrule-dev
    Development files for quadrule
  • rec: libranlip-dev
    generates random variates with multivariate Lipschitz density
  • rec: libscscp1-dev
    IMCCE SCSCP C Library -- development package
  • rec: libscythestat-dev
    header files for Scythe statistics library.
  • rec: libslepc3.6.1-dev
    Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations
  • rec: libsparskit-dev
    A basic tool-kit for sparse matrix computations - devel
  • rec: libspooles-dev
    SPOOLES SParse Object Oriented Linear Equations Solver development files
  • rec: libstxxl-dev
    Development libraries for STXXL
  • rec: libsuitesparse-dev
    libraries for sparse matrices computations (development files)
  • rec: libsuperlu-dev
    Direct solution of large, sparse systems of linear equations
  • rec: libtnt-dev
    interface for scientific computing in C++
  • rec: libug-dev
    software framework for finite element methods (development files)
  • rec: libviennacl-dev
    Scientific computing library written in C++ based on OpenCL
  • rec: minpack-dev
    nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares static library
  • rec: petsc-dev
    Virtual package depending on latest PETSc development package
  • rec: python-dolfin
    Paket mevcut değil
  • rec: python-ferari
    optimizations for evaluation of variational forms
  • rec: python-ffc
    compiler for finite element variational forms
  • rec: python-glpk
    Python bindings to the GNU Linear Programming Kit
  • rec: python-linop
    Linear mathematical operators in Python (Python 2)
    ya da python3-linop
    Linear mathematical operators in Python (Python 3)
  • rec: python-numexpr
    Fast numerical array expression evaluator for Python and NumPy
    ya da python3-numexpr
    Fast numerical array expression evaluator for Python 3 and NumPy
  • rec: python-numpy
    Numerical Python adds a fast array facility to the Python language
  • rec: python-openopt
    Python module for numerical optimization
  • rec: python-openturns
    Python front-end of OpenTURNS (aka TUI)
  • rec: python-polybori
    polynomials over Boolean Rings, Python module
  • rec: python-pynfft
    Python bindings for the NFFT3 library - Python 2
    ya da python3-pynfft
    Python bindings for the NFFT3 library - Python 3
  • rec: python-pyoperators
    Operators and solvers for high-performance computing (Python 2)
    ya da python3-pyoperators
    Operators and solvers for high-performance computing (Python 3)
  • rec: python-pyviennacl
    Python bindings for ViennaCL linear algebra library (for Python 2)
  • rec: python-ufc
    Python utilities (templates) for generating UFC code
    ayrıca şunun tarafından sağlanan bir sanal paket python-ffc
  • rec: python-ufl
    unified language for form-compilers
  • rec: python3-pyviennacl
    Python bindings for ViennaCL linear algebra library (for Python 3)
  • rec: sfftw-dev
    library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms
  • rec: ufc
    unified code generation interface for form-compilers
    ayrıca şunun tarafından sağlanan bir sanal paket python-ffc
  • sug: cfortran
    Header file permitting Fortran routines to be called in C/C++
  • sug: dolfin-dev
    Paket mevcut değil
  • sug: fflas-ffpack-dev-doc
    FFLAS-FFPACK Developer Documentation
  • sug: fflas-ffpack-user-doc
    FFLAS-FFPACK User Documentation
  • sug: givaro-dev-doc
    Developer Documentation for Givaro (obsolete)
  • sug: givaro-user-doc
    User Documentation for Givaro (obsolete)
  • sug: libcliquer-dev
    clique searching library (development headers)
  • sug: libdune-istl-dev
    toolbox for solving PDEs -- iterative solvers (development files)
  • sug: libdune-localfunctions-dev
    toolbox for solving PDEs -- local basis (development files)
  • sug: libfeel++-dev
    Paket mevcut değil
  • sug: libitpp-dev
    C++ library of signal processing and communication routines: Headers
  • sug: libjlapack-java
    LAPACK numerical subroutines translated from their Fortran 77 source
  • sug: liblevmar-dev
    Paket mevcut değil
  • sug: liblrs-dev
    Paket mevcut değil
  • sug: libmesh-dev
    Paket mevcut değil
  • sug: libmtj-java
    Java library for developing numerical applications
  • sug: libnauty-dev
    sanal paketi sağlayan libnauty2-dev
  • sug: libnetlib-java
    collection of mission-critical software components for linear algebra systems
  • sug: libntl-dev
    Number Theory Library, development files
  • sug: libparmetis-dev
    Parallel Graph Partitioning and Sparse Matrix Ordering Libs: Devel
  • sug: libqrupdate-dev
    Fast updates of QR and Cholesky decompositions -- static library
  • sug: libsuitesparse-metis-dev
    Paket mevcut değil
  • sug: libtet1.4-dev
    Paket mevcut değil
  • sug: libtet1.4.2-dev
    Paket mevcut değil
  • sug: libtrilinos-dev
    Paket mevcut değil
  • sug: openturns-examples
    examples of OpenTURNS functionalities
  • sug: python-fftw3
    sanal paketi sağlayan python-pyfftw
  • sug: python3-fftw3
    sanal paketi sağlayan python3-pyfftw

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