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Software Packages in "yakkety-updates", Subsection gnome

accerciser (3.22.0-1ubuntu1) [universe]
interactive Python accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop
anjuta-extras (3.10.0-4build0.1) [universe]
plugins and extras for anjuta
apport-gtk (2.20.3-0ubuntu8.3)
GTK+ frontend for the apport crash report system
chrome-gnome-shell (9-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10.1) [universe]
GNOME Shell extensions integration for web browsers
epiphany-browser (3.22.7-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Intuitive GNOME web browser
epiphany-browser-data (3.22.7-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Data files for the GNOME web browser
evolution (3.22.6-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
groupware suite with mail client and organizer
evolution-common (3.22.6-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
architecture independent files for Evolution
evolution-data-server (3.22.7-0ubuntu0.1)
evolution database backend server
evolution-data-server-common (3.22.7-0ubuntu0.1)
architecture independent files for Evolution Data Server
evolution-data-server-dev (3.22.7-0ubuntu0.1)
Development files for evolution-data-server (metapackage)
evolution-data-server-online-accounts (3.22.7-0ubuntu0.1)
evolution data server integration with Ubuntu Online Accounts
evolution-ews (3.22.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Exchange Web Services integration for Evolution
evolution-plugins (3.22.6-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
standard plugins for Evolution
evolution-plugins-experimental (3.22.6-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
experimental plugins for Evolution
file-roller (3.22.1-0ubuntu1)
archive manager for GNOME
gdm (3.20.1-1ubuntu2.1) [universe]
GNOME Display Manager (transitional package)
gdm3 (3.20.1-1ubuntu2.1) [universe]
GNOME Display Manager
gir1.2-goa-1.0 (3.20.5-0ubuntu0.1)
Introspection data for GNOME Online Accounts
gnome-control-center (1:3.20.2-0ubuntu2) [universe]
utilities to configure the GNOME desktop
gnome-control-center-data (1:3.20.2-0ubuntu2) [universe]
configuration applets for GNOME - data files
gnome-online-accounts (3.20.5-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
service to manage online accounts for the GNOME desktop
gnome-settings-daemon (3.22.1-0ubuntu1) [universe]
daemon handling the GNOME session settings
gnome-settings-daemon-dev (3.22.1-0ubuntu1)
Headers for building applications communicating with gnome-settings-daemon
gnome-settings-daemon-schemas (3.22.1-0ubuntu1)
gnome-settings-daemon schemas
gnome-shell (3.20.4-0ubuntu3) [universe]
graphical shell for the GNOME desktop
gnome-shell-common (3.20.4-0ubuntu3) [universe]
common files for the GNOME graphical shell
gnome-software (3.20.1+git20170509.0.8292905-0ubuntu1)
Software Center for GNOME
gnome-software-common (3.20.1+git20170509.0.8292905-0ubuntu1)
Software Center for GNOME (common files)
humanity-icon-theme (
Humanity Icon theme
indicator-application (12.10.1+16.10.20170120-0ubuntu1)
Application Indicators
libevolution (3.22.6-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
evolution libraries
liblibreofficekitgtk (1:5.2.2-0ubuntu2.1)
GTK3 widget wrapping LibreOffice functionality
libnm-gtk-common (1.2.6-0ubuntu1.1)
library for wireless and mobile dialogs - common files
libreoffice-gnome (1:5.2.2-0ubuntu2.1)
office productivity suite -- GNOME integration
libreoffice-gtk (1:5.2.2-0ubuntu2.1) [universe]
transitional package for LibreOffice gtk2 backend
virtual package provided by libreoffice-gtk2
libreoffice-gtk2 (1:5.2.2-0ubuntu2.1) [universe]
office productivity suite -- GTK+ 2 integration
libreoffice-gtk3 (1:5.2.2-0ubuntu2.1)
office productivity suite -- GTK+ 3 integration
light-themes (16.10+16.10.20161024-0ubuntu1)
Light Themes (Ambiance and Radiance)
nautilus (1:3.20.3-1ubuntu3.1)
file manager and graphical shell for GNOME
nautilus-data (1:3.20.3-1ubuntu3.1)
data files for nautilus
nautilus-owncloud (2.2.2+dfsg-1ubuntu0.2) [universe]
ownCloud integration for Nautilus
python-software-properties ( [universe]
manage the repositories that you install software from
software-properties-gtk (
manage the repositories that you install software from (gtk)
software-properties-kde ( [universe]
manage the repositories that you install software from (qt)
ssh-askpass-gnome (1:7.3p1-1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
interactive X program to prompt users for a passphrase for ssh-add
suru-icon-theme (16.10+16.10.20161024-0ubuntu1)
Ubuntu Suru Icon theme
ubuntu-artwork (1:16.10+16.10.20161024-0ubuntu1)
Ubuntu themes and artwork
ubuntu-mobile-icons (16.10+16.10.20161024-0ubuntu1)
Ubuntu Mobile Icon theme
ubuntu-mono (16.10+16.10.20161024-0ubuntu1)
Ubuntu Mono Icon theme
ubuntu-software (3.20.1+git20170509.0.8292905-0ubuntu1)
Utility for browsing, installing, and removing software
unity (7.5.0+16.10.20161112-0ubuntu1)
Interface designed for efficiency of space and interaction.
unity-schemas (7.5.0+16.10.20161112-0ubuntu1)
Interface designed for efficiency of space and interaction.
unity-services (7.5.0+16.10.20161112-0ubuntu1)
Services for the Unity interface
update-manager (1:16.10.10)
GNOME application that manages apt updates
update-manager-kde (1:16.10.10) [universe]
Support modules for Muon Notifier and Apper
update-manager-text (1:16.10.10) [universe]
Text application that manages apt updates
update-notifier (3.175.2)
Daemon which notifies about package updates
update-notifier-common (3.175.2)
Files shared between update-notifier and other packages