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Software Packages in "yakkety-updates", Subsection perl

libapparmor-perl (2.10.95-4ubuntu5.3)
AppArmor library Perl bindings
libcairo-perl (1.106-1build1)
Perl interface to the Cairo graphics library
libdbd-mysql-perl (4.035-1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Perl5 database interface to the MySQL database
libdpkg-perl (1.18.10ubuntu1.1)
Dpkg perl modules
libglib-perl (3:1.321-1)
interface to the GLib and GObject libraries
libgtk2-perl (2:1.2498-3)
Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gimp Toolkit library
libgtk2-perl-doc (2:1.2498-3)
Perl interface to the Gtk 2.x series (documentation files)
libgv-perl (2.38.0-15ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Perl bindings for graphviz
libimage-magick-perl (8:
Perl interface to the ImageMagick graphics routines
libimage-magick-q16-perl (8:
Perl interface to the ImageMagick graphics routines -- Q16 version
libmapscript-perl (7.0.1-3ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Perl MapServer module
libpango-perl (1.227-1)
Perl module to layout and render international text
libparse-pidl-perl (2:4.4.5+dfsg-2ubuntu5.6)
IDL compiler written in Perl
perlmagick (8: [universe]
Perl interface to ImageMagick -- transition package
virtual package provided by libimage-magick-perl
rt4-extension-authenexternalauth (0.25-1+deb8u1build0.16.10.1) [universe]
External authentication module for request tracker 4