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Software Packages in "yakkety", Subsection oldlibs

autofs5 (5.1.1-1ubuntu3)
transitional dummy package for 'autofs'
virtual package provided by autofs
autofs5-hesiod (5.1.1-1ubuntu3) [universe]
transitional dummy package for 'autofs-hesiod'
virtual package provided by autofs-hesiod
autofs5-ldap (5.1.1-1ubuntu3) [universe]
transitional dummy package for 'autofs-ldap'
virtual package provided by autofs-ldap
checkbox-converged (1.2.4-0ubuntu1)
testing tool for all Ubuntu devices
checkbox-qt (1.2.4-0ubuntu1) [universe]
QT4 interface for checkbox (transitional package)
condor (8.4.2~dfsg.1-1build2) [universe]
transitional dummy package
condor-dbg (8.4.2~dfsg.1-1build2) [universe]
transitional dummy package
condor-dev (8.4.2~dfsg.1-1build2) [universe]
transitional dummy package
condor-doc (8.4.2~dfsg.1-1build2) [universe]
transitional dummy package
django-xmlrpc (0.1.5-6) [universe]
XMLRPC library for Django (transitional package)
etm-qt (3.2.27-1) [universe]
Manage events and tasks using simple text files (dummy package)
ffgtk (1.8.14-2build1) [universe]
transitional dummy package - ffgtk to roger
gforge-common (6.0.4+20160504-1) [universe]
Dummy upgrade package for FusionForge
gforge-db-postgresql (6.0.4+20160504-1) [universe]
Dummy upgrade package for FusionForge
gforge-db-remote (6.0.4+20160504-1) [universe]
Dummy upgrade package for FusionForge
gforge-lists-mailman (6.0.4+20160504-1) [universe]
Dummy upgrade package for FusionForge
gforge-mta-exim4 (6.0.4+20160504-1) [universe]
Dummy upgrade package for FusionForge
gforge-mta-postfix (6.0.4+20160504-1) [universe]
Dummy upgrade package for FusionForge
gforge-shell-postgresql (6.0.4+20160504-1) [universe]
Dummy upgrade package for FusionForge
gforge-web-apache2 (6.0.4+20160504-1) [universe]
Dummy upgrade package for FusionForge
grilo-plugins-0.3 (0.3.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional package
gtk2-engines-sugar (0.106.0-1) [universe]
Sugar Learning Platform - GTK+ 2.x theme engine
i965-va-driver (1.7.1-1) [universe]
VAAPI driver for Intel G45 & HD Graphics family
kbattleship (4:16.04.3-0ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package
kde-style-oxygen (4:5.7.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package
kdegames-mahjongg-data (4:14.12.3-3) [universe]
tilesets and backgrounds for Mahjongg games
kdemultimedia-dev (4:16.04.3-0ubuntu4) [universe]
transitional package for KDE multimedia development packages
libav-tools (7:3.0.7-0ubuntu0.16.10.1) [universe] [security]
Compatibility links for libav-tools (transitional package)
libdb1-compat (2.1.3-19) [universe]
Berkeley database routines [glibc 2.0/2.1 compatibility]
libfilesystem-ruby (0.5-5.1build5) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-filesystem
virtual package provided by ruby-filesystem
libfilesystem-ruby1.9 (0.5-5.1build5) [universe]
Transitional package for ruby-filesystem
virtual package provided by ruby-filesystem
libfusioninventory-agent-task-netinventory-perl (1:2.3.16-1) [universe]
transitional dummy package
libfusioninventory-agent-task-network-perl (1:2.3.16-1) [universe]
transitional dummy package
libglademm-2.4-1v5 (2.6.7-5) [universe]
C++ wrappers for libglade2 (shared library)
libgnome-2-0 (2.32.1-5ubuntu1)
The GNOME library - runtime files
libgnomecanvasmm-2.6-1v5 (2.26.0-2) [universe]
C++ wrappers for libgnomecanvas2 (shared library)
libgsystem0 (2015.2+deb-4) [universe]
GIO-based library targeted at operating system components
liblua5.1-rrd-dev (1.6.0-1)
Transitional package to lua-rrd-dev
virtual package provided by lua-rrd-dev
liblua5.1-rrd0 (1.6.0-1) [universe]
Transitional package to lua-rrd
virtual package provided by lua-rrd
libnfft3-2 (3.3.2~rc2-2) [universe]
library for computing non-uniform Fourier transforms
libpangox-1.0-0 (0.0.2-5) [universe]
pango library X backend
libparse-keyword-perl (0.08-2build1) [universe]
write syntax extensions in perl (with only limited use)
libpeas-1.0-python2loader (1.20.0-1) [universe]
Application plugin library (Python 2 support)
libplatform-api-headers (3.0.1+16.10.20160818-0ubuntu1) [universe]
dummy transitional package for libplatform-api-headers
libplatform-api1-dev (3.0.1+16.10.20160818-0ubuntu1)
dummy transitional package for libplatform-api1-dev
libplatform-api1-hybris-tests (3.0.1+16.10.20160818-0ubuntu1) [universe]
dummy transitional package for libplatform-api1-hybris-tests
libplatform-hardware-api-headers (3.0.1+16.10.20160818-0ubuntu1) [universe]
dummy transitional package for libplatform-hardware-api-headers
libplatform-hardware-api1-dev (3.0.1+16.10.20160818-0ubuntu1)
dummy transitional package for libplatform-hardware-api1-dev
libwebkitgtk2.0-cil (2.0.0+git20151221-3) [universe]
CLI bindings for WebKitGTK+ 3.0 (transitional package)
libwebkitgtk2.0-cil-dev (2.0.0+git20151221-3) [universe]
CLI bindings for WebKitGTK+ 3.0 (transitional development package)
linux-hwe-generic-trusty ( [amd64, i386], [arm64, armhf, ppc64el]) [security]
Depends on the generic hardware enablement kernel image and headers (dummy transitional packages)
linux-hwe-virtual-trusty ( [amd64, i386], [ppc64el]) [security]
Depends on the virtual hardware enablement kernel image and headers (dummy transitional package)
linux-image-hwe-generic-trusty ( [amd64, i386], [arm64, armhf, ppc64el]) [security]
Depends on the generic hardware enablement kernel image (dummy transitional package)
linux-image-hwe-virtual-trusty ( [amd64, i386], [ppc64el]) [security]
Depends on the virtual hardware enablement kernel image (dummy transitional package)
lldb-3.7-dev (1:3.7.1-3ubuntu4) [universe]
transitional dummy package to liblldb-3.7-dev
lldb-3.8-dev (1:3.8.1-12ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional dummy package to liblldb-3.8-dev
monodoc-webkitgtk2.0-manual (2.0.0+git20151221-3) [universe]
compiled XML documentation for WebKit# (transitional package)
mplayer2 (2:1.3.0-3) [universe]
transitional dummy package for mplayer
myspell-tools (1:3.1-24.2) [universe]
tools for myspell
php-symfony-locale (2.8.7+dfsg-1ubuntu1) [universe]
deprecated replacement layer for the PHP extension intl
python-clientform (1:0.2.5-3) [universe]
transitional dummy package
virtual package provided by python-mechanize
python-gobject-2 (2.28.6-12ubuntu1)
deprecated static Python bindings for the GObject library
python-gobject-2-dev (2.28.6-12ubuntu1)
development headers for the static GObject Python bindings
python-sphinx-issuetracker (0.11-1) [universe]
Sphinx integration with different issue trackers (transitional package)
python-sugar (0.98.0-5) [universe]
Sugar Learning Platform - legacy core functionality
virtual package provided by python-sugar-0.88
python-sugar-toolkit (0.98.1-7) [universe]
Sugar Learning Platform - legacy core widgets
virtual package provided by python-sugar-toolkit-0.88
qemulator (1.0.2-1) [universe]
transitional dummy package to virtualbriks
virtual package provided by virtualbricks
qtdeclarative5-kf5declarative (5.26.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
transitional package for new QML module packages
qtpositioning5-dbg (5.6.1-2ubuntu1~1)
transitional dummy package for qtlocation5-dbg
qtpositioning5-doc (5.6.1-2ubuntu1~1)
transitional dummy package for qtlocation5-doc
qtpositioning5-doc-html (5.6.1-2ubuntu1~1) [universe]
transitional dummy package for qtlocation5-doc-html
qtpositioning5-examples (5.6.1-2ubuntu1~1)
transitional dummy package for qtlocation5-examples
ssh-krb5 (1:7.3p1-1) [universe]
secure shell client and server (transitional package)
sugar-presence-service (0.90.2-5) [universe]
Sugar Learning Platform - legacy presence service
virtual package provided by sugar-presence-service-0.88
systemd-gui (1:3-4) [universe]
transitional package for systemd-ui
tesseract-ocr-dev (3.04.01-4build1) [universe]
transitional dummy package
ttf-liberation (1:1.07.4-2) [universe]
transitional dummy package
xbmc (2:13.2+dfsg1-6) [universe]
transitional dummy package
xbmc-addons-dev (2:13.2+dfsg1-6) [universe]
transitional dummy package
xbmc-bin (2:13.2+dfsg1-6) [universe]
transitional dummy package
xbmc-eventclients-common (2:13.2+dfsg1-6) [universe]
transitional dummy package
xbmc-eventclients-dev (2:13.2+dfsg1-6) [universe]
transitional dummy package
xbmc-eventclients-j2me (2:13.2+dfsg1-6) [universe]
transitional dummy package
xbmc-eventclients-ps3 (2:13.2+dfsg1-6) [universe]
transitional dummy package
xbmc-eventclients-wiiremote (2:13.2+dfsg1-6) [universe]
transitional dummy package
xbmc-eventclients-xbmc-send (2:13.2+dfsg1-6) [universe]
transitional dummy package
xtrabackup (2.2.3-2.1build2) [universe]
Transitional package for percona-xtrabackup
virtual package provided by percona-xtrabackup