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Software Packages in "zesty-updates", Subsection misc

augeas-lenses (1.6.0-0ubuntu3.1)
Set of lenses needed by libaugeas0 to parse config files
ca-certificates (20170717~17.04.1)
Common CA certificates
ca-certificates-java (20161107ubuntu1)
Common CA certificates (JKS keystore)
fuseext2 (0.4-1.1ubuntu0.17.04.1) [universe]
File System in User Space - Module for ext2
idn (1.33-1ubuntu0.1) [universe]
Command line and Emacs interface to GNU Libidn
libcuda1-367 (375.66-0ubuntu0.17.04.1) [multiverse]
Transitional package for libcuda1-375
libcuda1-375 (384.90-0ubuntu0.17.04.2) [multiverse]
Transitional package for libcuda1-384
libcuda1-384 (384.90-0ubuntu0.17.04.2) [restricted]
NVIDIA CUDA runtime library
libgtk2.0-bin (2.24.31-1ubuntu1.1)
programs for the GTK+ graphical user interface library
libgtk2.0-common (2.24.31-1ubuntu1.1)
common files for the GTK+ graphical user interface library
linux-firmware (1.164.2)
Firmware for Linux kernel drivers
mutter-common (3.24.2-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
shared files for the Mutter window manager
nvidia-367 (375.66-0ubuntu0.17.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-375
nvidia-367-dev (375.66-0ubuntu0.17.04.1) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-375-dev
nvidia-375 (384.90-0ubuntu0.17.04.2) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-384
nvidia-375-dev (384.90-0ubuntu0.17.04.2) [restricted]
Transitional package for nvidia-384-dev
nvidia-384 (384.90-0ubuntu0.17.04.2) [restricted]
NVIDIA binary driver - version 384.90
nvidia-384-dev (384.90-0ubuntu0.17.04.2) [restricted]
NVIDIA binary Xorg driver development files
nvidia-libopencl1-367 (375.66-0ubuntu0.17.04.1) [multiverse]
Transitional package for nvidia-libopencl1-375
nvidia-libopencl1-375 (384.90-0ubuntu0.17.04.2) [multiverse]
Transitional package for nvidia-libopencl1-384
nvidia-libopencl1-384 (384.90-0ubuntu0.17.04.2) [multiverse]
NVIDIA OpenCL Driver and ICD Loader library
nvidia-opencl-icd-367 (375.66-0ubuntu0.17.04.1) [multiverse]
Transitional package for nvidia-opencl-icd-375
nvidia-opencl-icd-375 (384.90-0ubuntu0.17.04.2) [multiverse]
Transitional package for nvidia-opencl-icd-384
nvidia-opencl-icd-384 (384.90-0ubuntu0.17.04.2) [restricted]
plymouth-themes (0.9.2-3ubuntu15.1)
boot animation, logger and I/O multiplexer - themes
postgresql-client-common (179ubuntu0.1)
manager for multiple PostgreSQL client versions
postgresql-common (179ubuntu0.1)
PostgreSQL database-cluster manager
qemu-guest-agent (1:2.8+dfsg-3ubuntu2.7) [universe]
Guest-side qemu-system agent
qemu-kvm (1:2.8+dfsg-3ubuntu2.7)
QEMU Full virtualization
qemu-slof (20161019+dfsg-1ubuntu0.1)
Slimline Open Firmware -- QEMU PowerPC version
qemu-system (1:2.8+dfsg-3ubuntu2.7) [universe]
QEMU full system emulation binaries
qemu-system-arm (1:2.8+dfsg-3ubuntu2.7)
QEMU full system emulation binaries (arm)
qemu-system-common (1:2.8+dfsg-3ubuntu2.7)
QEMU full system emulation binaries (common files)
qemu-system-mips (1:2.8+dfsg-3ubuntu2.7) [universe]
QEMU full system emulation binaries (mips)
qemu-system-misc (1:2.8+dfsg-3ubuntu2.7) [universe]
QEMU full system emulation binaries (miscellaneous)
qemu-system-ppc (1:2.8+dfsg-3ubuntu2.7)
QEMU full system emulation binaries (ppc)
qemu-system-sparc (1:2.8+dfsg-3ubuntu2.7) [universe]
QEMU full system emulation binaries (sparc)
qemu-system-x86 (1:2.8+dfsg-3ubuntu2.7)
QEMU full system emulation binaries (x86)
qemu-user (1:2.8+dfsg-3ubuntu2.7) [universe]
QEMU user mode emulation binaries
qemu-utils (1:2.8+dfsg-3ubuntu2.7)
QEMU utilities
request-tracker4 (4.4.1-3+deb9u2build0.17.04.1) [universe]
extensible trouble-ticket tracking system
rt4-apache2 (4.4.1-3+deb9u2build0.17.04.1) [universe]
Apache 2 specific files for request-tracker4
rt4-clients (4.4.1-3+deb9u2build0.17.04.1) [universe]
mail gateway and command-line interface to request-tracker4
rt4-db-mysql (4.4.1-3+deb9u2build0.17.04.1) [universe]
MySQL database backend for request-tracker4
rt4-db-postgresql (4.4.1-3+deb9u2build0.17.04.1) [universe]
PostgreSQL database backend for request-tracker4
rt4-db-sqlite (4.4.1-3+deb9u2build0.17.04.1) [universe]
SQLite database backend for request-tracker4
rt4-fcgi (4.4.1-3+deb9u2build0.17.04.1) [universe]
External FastCGI support for request-tracker4
rt4-standalone (4.4.1-3+deb9u2build0.17.04.1) [universe]
Standalone web server support for request-tracker4
thunderbird-testsuite (1:52.5.0+build1-0ubuntu0.17.04.1) [universe]
Email, RSS and newsgroup client - testsuite
ubuntu-advantage-tools (10ubuntu0.17.04.1)
management tools for Ubuntu Advantage
umview-mod-umfuseext2 (0.4-1.1ubuntu0.17.04.1) [universe]
View-OS in user space - ext2 module for UMFUSE
virtualbox (5.1.22-dfsg-0ubuntu1.17.04.1) [multiverse]
x86 virtualization solution - base binaries
virtualbox-ext-pack (5.1.22-2~17.04.1) [multiverse]
extra capabilities for VirtualBox, downloader.
virtualbox-guest-additions-iso (5.1.22-1~17.04.1) [multiverse]
guest additions iso image for VirtualBox
virtualbox-guest-utils (5.1.22-dfsg-0ubuntu1.17.04.1) [multiverse]
x86 virtualization solution - non-X11 guest utilities
virtualbox-qt (5.1.22-dfsg-0ubuntu1.17.04.1) [multiverse]
x86 virtualization solution - Qt based user interface
vlan (1.9-3.2ubuntu2.17.04.3)
user mode programs to enable VLANs on your ethernet devices
vmdk-stream-converter (0.2-1)
raw disk images to stream-optimized VMDK files convert tool