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Software Packages in "zesty-updates", Subsection x11

budgie-core (10.2.9-3ubuntu4.1) [universe]
Core package for Budgie-Desktop
budgie-desktop (10.2.9-3ubuntu4.1) [universe]
Desktop package for budgie-desktop
evince-gtk (3.24.0-0ubuntu1.1) [universe]
dummy package for the transition from evince-gtk to evince
freerdp-x11 (1.1.0~git20140921.1.440916e+dfsg1-10ubuntu1.1)
RDP client for Windows Terminal Services (X11 client)
gtk2.0-examples (2.24.31-1ubuntu1.1)
example files for GTK+ 2.0
libfreerdp-plugins-standard (1.1.0~git20140921.1.440916e+dfsg1-10ubuntu1.1)
RDP client for Windows Terminal Services (plugins)
liblightdm-gobject-1-0 (1.22.0-0ubuntu2.1)
LightDM GObject client library
liblightdm-qt-3-0 (1.22.0-0ubuntu2.1)
LightDM Qt client library
liblightdm-qt5-3-0 (1.22.0-0ubuntu2.1)
LightDM Qt 5 client library
lightdm (1.22.0-0ubuntu2.1)
Display Manager
lxterminal (0.3.0-1ubuntu0.2) [universe]
LXDE terminal emulator
mir-android-diagnostics (0.26.3+17.04.20170605-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Display Server for Ubuntu - android platform diagnostics utility
mir-demos (0.26.3+17.04.20170605-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Display server for Ubuntu - demonstration programs
mir-test-tools (0.26.3+17.04.20170605-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Display Server for Ubuntu - stress tests and other test tools
mir-utils (0.26.3+17.04.20170605-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Display server for Ubuntu - utility programs
mutter (3.24.2-0ubuntu0.1) [universe]
lightweight GTK+ window manager
mythtv-theme-mythbuntu (2:0.28.0+fixes.20170206.03f4403-0ubuntu3.1) [multiverse]
MythTV Theme used in the Mythbuntu distribution
qtbase5-examples (5.7.1+dfsg-2ubuntu4~
Qt 5 base examples
thunar (1.6.11-1ubuntu0.17.04.1) [universe]
File Manager for Xfce
thunar-data (1.6.11-1ubuntu0.17.04.1) [universe]
Provides thunar documentation, icons and translations
thunar-dbg (1.6.11-1ubuntu0.17.04.1) [universe]
debugging information for thunar
ubuntu-mate-welcome (17.04.12) [universe]
Welcome screen for Ubuntu MATE
virtualbox-guest-x11 (5.1.22-dfsg-0ubuntu1.17.04.1) [multiverse]
x86 virtualization solution - X11 guest utilities
xdmx (2:1.19.3-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
distributed multihead X server
xdmx-tools (2:1.19.3-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Distributed Multihead X tools
xmir (2:1.19.3-1ubuntu1.1)
Xmir X server
xnest (2:1.19.3-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Nested X server
xorg-server-source (2:1.19.3-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Xorg X server - source files
xserver-common (2:1.19.3-1ubuntu1.1)
common files used by various X servers
xserver-xephyr (2:1.19.3-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
nested X server
xserver-xorg-core (2:1.19.3-1ubuntu1.1)
Xorg X server - core server
xserver-xorg-dev (2:1.19.3-1ubuntu1.1)
Xorg X server - development files
xserver-xorg-legacy (2:1.19.3-1ubuntu1.1)
setuid root Xorg server wrapper
xserver-xorg-xmir (2:1.19.3-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Xmir X server (transitional package)
xvfb (2:1.19.3-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Virtual Framebuffer 'fake' X server
xwayland (2:1.19.3-1ubuntu1.1) [universe]
Xwayland X server