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屬於 "trusty" 發行版 lisp 子區域的套件

anything-el (1.287-2) [universe]
open anything / QuickSilver-like candidate-selection framework
auto-complete-el (1.3.1-2) [universe]
intelligent auto-completion extension for GNU Emacs
auto-install-el (1.53-1) [universe]
Auto install elisp file
buildapp (1.5-1) [universe]
application to create common lisp images
cl-alexandria (0.0.20130703-1) [universe]
A collection of portable Common Lisp utilities
cl-babel (0.3.0+20091229-1) [universe]
A charset encoding/decoding library, not unlike GNU libiconv
cl-fftw3 (1.0-1) [universe]
Common Lisp package for using the FFTW3 library
cl-memstore (1.1.0-1) [universe]
Memstore library for Common Lisp Programs
cl-quicklisp (1.0-1) [universe]
library manager for Common Lisp
cl-trivial-features (0.6-1) [universe]
An abstraction layer for the *features* that implementations use
clisp-module-berkeley-db (1:2.49-9ubuntu1) [universe]
clisp module that adds an interface to Berkeley DB
clisp-module-bindings-glibc (1:2.49-9ubuntu1) [universe]
clisp module that adds the glibc bindings
clisp-module-clx (1:2.49-9ubuntu1) [universe]
clisp module that adds X11 bindings
clisp-module-dbus (1:2.49-9ubuntu1) [universe]
clisp module that adds an interface to D-Bus
clisp-module-gdbm (1:2.49-9ubuntu1) [universe]
clisp module that adds an interface to GNU DBM
clisp-module-pcre (1:2.49-9ubuntu1) [universe]
clisp module that adds libpcre support
clisp-module-postgresql (1:2.49-9ubuntu1) [universe]
clisp module that adds a PostgreSQL interface
clisp-module-rawsock (1:2.49-9ubuntu1) [universe]
clisp module that adds a low level socket interface
clisp-module-wildcard (1:2.49-9ubuntu1) [universe]
clisp module that adds wildcard matching
clisp-module-zlib (1:2.49-9ubuntu1) [universe]
clisp module that adds zlib support for vectors
darcsum (1.10+20120116-1) [universe]
pcl-cvs like interface for managing darcs patches
e2wm (1.3-1) [universe]
simple window manager for emacs
emacs-calfw (1.3+git20111208-1) [universe]
calendar framework for Emacs
emacs-calfw-howm (1.3+git20111208-1) [universe]
calendar framework for Emacs (howm add-on)
emacs-window-layout (1.2-1) [universe]
window layout manager for emacs
evernote-mode (0.41-3) [universe]
Emacs major mode for editing Evernote directly
gauche-gtk (0.6~pre1+git20121223-1) [universe]
Gauche bindings for GTK+ GUI Toolkit
gauche-zlib ( [universe]
zlib binding for Gauche
geiser (0.5-1) [universe]
enhanced Scheme interaction mode for Emacs
gettext-el ( [security]
Emacs po-mode for editing gettext .po files
gnu-smalltalk-el (3.2.4-2) [universe]
GNU Smalltalk Emacs front-end
guile-2.0 (2.0.9+1-1ubuntu1)
GNU extension language and Scheme interpreter
guile-2.0-dev (2.0.9+1-1ubuntu1)
Development files for Guile 2.0
guile-2.0-libs (2.0.9+1-1ubuntu1)
Core Guile libraries
guile-gnome2-canvas (2.16.2-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Guile bindings for libgnomecanvas
guile-gnome2-gconf (2.16.2-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Guile bindings for GConf
guile-gnome2-glib (2.16.2-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Guile bindings for GLib
guile-gnome2-gnome (2.16.2-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Guile bindings for libgnome
guile-gnome2-gnome-ui (2.16.2-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Guile bindings for libgnome
guile-gnome2-gtk (2.16.2-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Guile bindings for GTK+, libglade, Pango and ATK
guile-gnome2-vfs (2.16.2-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Guile bindings for GnomeVFS
guile-gnutls (3.2.11-2ubuntu1.1 [amd64, i386], 3.2.11-2ubuntu1 [arm64, armhf, powerpc, ppc64el]) [universe] [security]
GNU TLS library - GNU Guile bindings
howm (1.4.1-2) [universe]
Note-taking tool on Emacs
ibus-el (0.3.2-2) [universe]
IBus client for GNU Emacs
mu4e ( [universe]
e-mail client for Emacs based on mu (maildir-utils)
navi2ch (2.0.0~git20120331-1) [universe]
2channel Navigator for Emacs
oaklisp (1.3.3-5) [universe]
An object-oriented dialect of Scheme
picolisp ( [universe]
Lisp interpreter and application server framework
racket (5.3.6+dfsg1-1) [universe]
extensible programming language in the Scheme family
racket-common (5.3.6+dfsg1-1) [universe]
extensible programming language in the Scheme family (shared files)
rail (1.2.11-2) [universe]
Replace Agent-string Internal Library
rep (0.90.2-1.4ubuntu3) [universe]
lisp command interpreter
sass-elisp (3.0.15-4) [universe]
Emacs Lisp mode for the Sass markup language
scheme9 (2013.11.26-1) [universe]
Scheme 9 from Empty Space R4RS Scheme interpreter
sigscheme-runtime (0.8.5-4ubuntu2) [universe]
Runtime for sigscheme Scheme interpreter
silversearcher-ag-el (0.33-1) [universe]
Emacs frontend to ag
tiarra-conf-el (20100212-3) [universe]
edit mode for tiarra.conf
twittering-mode (3.0.0-1) [universe]
Twitter client for Emacs