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You have searched for curses in packages names and descriptions in all suites, all sections, and all architectures (including subword matching). Found 96 matching packages.

Package chroma-curses

Package fizmo-ncursesw

Package gambas3-gb-ncurses

Package lib32ncurses-dev

Package lib32ncurses6

Package lib32ncursesw6

Package lib64ncurses-dev

Package lib64ncurses6

Package lib64ncursesw6

Package libcunit1-ncurses

Package libcunit1-ncurses-dev

Package libcurses-ocaml

Package libcurses-ocaml-dev

Package libghc-ncurses-dev

Package libghc-ncurses-doc

Package libghc-ncurses-prof

Package libncurses-dev

Package libncurses-gst

Package libncurses5

Package libncurses5-dev

Package libncurses6

Package libncursesada-dev

Package libncursesada-doc

Package libncursesada11-dev

Package libncursesada6.2.20180127.1

Package libncursesada6.2.3

Package libncursesada6.2.4

Package libncursesada7-dev

Package libncursesada9-dev

Package libncursesw5

Package libncursesw5-dev

Package libncursesw6

Package libnotcurses++-dev

Package libnotcurses++3

Package libnotcurses-core-dev

Package libnotcurses-core3

Package libnotcurses-dev

Package libnotcurses3

Package librust-libnotcurses-sys-dev

Package librust-ncurses-dev

Package ncurses-base

Package ncurses-bin

Package ncurses-doc

Package ncurses-examples

Package ncurses-hexedit

Package ncurses-term

Package notcurses-bin

Package notcurses-data

Package python3-notcurses

Package ruby-ncurses

Package vfu-ncurses

Package weechat-curses

Package wordgrinder-ncurses

Package ruby-curses

Package cplay-ng

Package libcdk5nc6

Package libcdk5t64

Package cataclysm-dda-curses

Package python-urwid-doc

Package toxic

Package python3-urwid

Package cmake-curses-gui

Package libcdk-perl

Package libcdk5-dev

Package lua-curses

Package lua-curses-dev

Package smbc

Package wulfstat

Package libbemenu-curses

Package cgdb

Package libcdk5-doc

Package libcurses-ui-perl

Package libperlmenu-perl

Package nn

Package saidar

Package libyascreen-dev

Package hledger-ui

Package libconfig-model-cursesui-perl

Package pulsemixer

Package sntop

Package pinentry-curses

Package barnowl

Package greed

Package yorick-curses

Package ceni

Package glances

Package libcurses-perl

Package ripasso-cursive

Package libcurses-widgets-perl

Package smenu

Package swirc

Package cpm

Package glances-doc

Package libglktermw-dev

Package c3270

Package stymulator